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Swan in una frase (in inglese)

This is the swan.
The swan looked.
Cygnus - The Swan.
Or eaten by a swan.
To help the swan.
Captain Swan said.
refuel the Black Swan.

This is Black Swan.
The swan, he said.
The swan opened its eyes.
Captain Swan is here.
Captain Swan told him.
Is this the swan?.
aptly named the Black Swan.
the Black Swan was missing.
Will told Captain Swan.
Captain Swan told them.
Sung when the swan is dying.
Captain Swan, this is Tim.
"Quack," said the eldest swan.
Then does a swan dive out.
The Swan Pub in Bayswater Road.
The poor swan is probably stuck.
So the dragon ate the white swan.
Swan the whitest, serpent coldest.
Is the only song sung by a swan,.
"The swan, of course," he thought.
He said to me, What are you doing here swanning about?.
Even before the letter he’d been divided: one part of him swanning with Jay Gatsby around an imaginary Gotham; the other part stolid and earthbound, nose to the deep fryer, in the stifling, sizzling South.
He would have loved to criticise her for not doing a better job and swanning off to London when she was needed there, but unfortunately couldn’t because he had authorised the trip, a decision he was now starting to regret.
Swanned in here at seven o'clock, picked up a bottle of Grouse and said he had some business to do.
The clouds looked brighter although still foreboding, as they swanned across the rapidly lightening sky.
Swans don’t eat people.
The Water Swans Ascended.
known as the Sydney Swans.
swans that inhabited the pond.
grassy banks watching the swans.
The father pointed to the swans.
dead swans with dangling throats.
We had a river full of white swans.
memories of fatty thighs of swans,.
even a smal lake with ducks and swans.
I don’t know the psychology of swans.
And then a herd of swans tried to eat me.
The swans that brushed the evening tide.
The swans had not yet reached the brioche.
The swans called out but did not approach.
over the heads of slowly spiralling swans.
window where the swans and ducks were asleep.
`Yes,' said Aragorn, 'and they are black swans.
university cut off the heads of the two swans that.
swans and fearsome pirates with beautiful princesses.
I know the swans are trivial in the face of war and.
Of the broken-winged swans in their struggle to fly.
Just as the swans came up, the stick touched the cake.
Regardless, I’m pretty sure these swans were onto me.
The swans had been sort of mascots to the university,.
For the moment, the swans were swimming, which is their.

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