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Mold in una frase (in inglese)

With the same mold,.
Break me and mold me.
and colored mold green.
Funny how they now mold.
They were liars—a mold.
Not many women in her mold.
our hands to mold as we wish.

Spray mold spots with Tilex.
"Pour it in the iron mold!".
pollens, dust, mold or dander).
fit the mold she has made for me.
Teach me, mold me, and make me.
Pour it in the iron mold!.
He made a mold to hold the gold,.
You had the chance to mold your.
Some khakis were stained with mold.
the mold of a typical New Englander.
world and mold it to his own liking.
A large number of them in his mold.
A towering specter of gigantic mold.
How to Put A Stop to Mold Allergy.
eat it even if it is covered in mold.
mold me into the woman I have become.
Below the eye scan was a metal mold.
The face created from a mold of the.
The sacred words begin to mold.
But how could she make a mold of it?.
They tried to mold humans into birds.
Cast in the same poetic mold with mine.
Or is it the mind’s prejudice mold?.
48 minute molding cycle.
All that was left was molding.
molding, all that pain that holds.
His hands began molding her buttocks.
plastic molding beneath the fabric seat.
around the molding foundation of an old cottage.
saw framed in the cracking gilt molding a stranger.
I'd eat this molding old seed she's put in the cage.
the second-but-best factor molding Gary as a fine ski.
It was just glued to the molding, I said to Hugo.
major role in molding and in structuring of the member.
I thought I was molding you into a respectable 104.
The air is now raising TK’s hair, drying and molding it.
Since music has so much to do with molding the character, it.
Whether you know it or not, you are molding the lives of the.
tend to stifle creativity by drawing up job descriptions and molding.
pushed by some bitter experiences, instead of molding it, through the.
level by molding and effecting the flow and character of future events.
Kirk checked along the elegant molding that adorned the wall of the alcove.
The use of clay in molding pitchers comes form the hollow of its absence;.
Sebastian’s hands moved over the skin of her ribs, molding it with his hands.
At least since the 1920s, women have turned to dieting as a means of molding and.
Yes, Cinder griped, the words in her next statement molding together in her.
already, to graft it, molding it in his memory; maybe he had held the big cat by the.
Dirt was rubbed deep into the fabric and the form molding had lost most of its shape.
Marla’s room was painted in tangy tangerine, with smart white molding and white furniture.
do with the molding of her character, but Lhara Jhordel is a far more complex woman than that.
They were behind from last night's molding but she would easily be caught-up by quitting time.
groundwork for these events by molding Hebrew and the rest of the world’s histories to serve as.
The Administrator of the Martial Academy raised his hands over the pool and uttered a molding spell.
They swayed, molded.
Molded with the hands.
Urry's face molded pride.
the ornately molded ceiling.
be molded into something new.
largely molded by that culture.
molded inside the ignition key.
tracksuit-pants molded to his body.
We think they are molded out of glass.
the attitudes and opinions being molded.
Jivel molded her honoi into thick sword.
Conversely, Christians were molded to be.
all existence, who molded the sun and moon and.
We are molded and fashioned by our surroundings.
more than one occasion,have molded Spanish poetry.
True fear was what had molded the great warriors.
to date has molded his character, his personality.
Your life will be molded by the thoughts you have.
Shawnee Forest and was molded to the hills in the.
be molded by Him according to His plan and purpose.
They each could be molded into a variety of styles.
I began to be consciously aware of how I molded my.
molded features, the very image of an Anglo–Saxon.
He’d molded the bubbles on his head into a Mohawk.
It fitted into the sill and jambs as if molded there.
and molded in the way of all things good and of white.
events and circumstances of your life can be molded by.
Know that I’ve been shaped and molded by your absence.
He molds the.
Creates and molds a statue,.
Who even now, molds and shapes you,.
I tried to use various shaped molds.
Pour the mixture into 4 gelatin molds.
'But Crom! In what molds were they cast?'.
molds around so that the mixture coats the interior.
It molds one’s personality with defects, makes his.
What? He molds his mouth as if to contain a laugh.
Rooms were filled with diverse molds, both cast and frame.
Once the molds had arrived, they were able to try them out.
He almost laughs, but in the end, a smile molds on his face.
Feeling the effects of Miles’ force funnel, TK molds the.
And the more we feed sugar and starch to the yeast, molds,.
Roll into balls, or press into molds to match the celebration.
Ten molds altogether, so four hundred cheesecakes for the event.
The molds were some odd lot off of ebay from some guy in Romania.
Put the molds over a deep pan with water (double boiler or bain.
The four molds were filled almost to the top then put to one side.
"He who has a firm will," says Goethe, "molds the world to himself.
When we feed sugar and starch to yeast, molds, and bacteria, they.
God uses no molds, though all are patterned after the image of the Father.
All of the advances on record seem to have been cast from just a few molds.
mental mathematical molds? Is there another, more universal way of looking at the.
They completely finished melting down and casting the smaller golden fillet into molds.
Now a days, there are ice pop molds with handles that make it easier to old this treat.
They had now poured more than $300,000 worth of virtually pure gold into various molds.
He explained that it took several calls later before he managed to find just the right molds.
Now that he had the molds, he could give further thought as to how to best display his creations.
They had other molds that Glau and the others pressed into gauges, gears, engine parts and wheels.

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