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    1. It was good and cold because there had already been heavy snow the previous Dawnsleep and Raltain's kegs were well packed in it

    2. Since then, he has acquired a sort of cult following which surged in the 60’s with the peace and Earth-loving hippies and has continued on into the 80’s and 90’s with New Ager’s buying the bulk of the over million bottles hand packed annually

    3. All the stuff has been packed up in boxes now – thank you, off licence! The pots in the garden will have to wait for the man with the van

    4. It took some time, but by mid afternoon, we had packed all her furniture into the van and she locked the house up for the last time

    5. "Tipperary’s spare parts were packed aboard Luxor

    6. But on Afternoonday she packed him up and sent him off, promising to keep the home, children and ranch safe from all but asteroid impact in his absence

    7. on tightly packed shelves full of

    8. watching plastic packed movies that always taste the same

    9. If he carefully packed big stuff over the holes it might work a little

    10. eyes turned down to the hard packed

    1. When she looked over the rail as a child, she saw the coy-dog packs tearing at the garbage the residents of her abandoned parking garage threw out

    2. Not that I borrowed that much, only a few hundred originally, for the kids holy communion, but fuckin' hell he packs on the interest and if you don't have something to give him every week his guys go mental

    3. In one there were several packs of Marlboro lights, and in the other Capri menthols

    4. I watch as he closes everything down and packs my new machine into its carry case

    5. their packs and drew out water bottles and cigarette packets

    6. They shouldered their packs and set off

    7. handcarts and a few others with large packs on their backs

    8. Leona packs away the sound desk, running cables back up to the wings of the stage, while Ted broods quietly at the far end of the bar

    9. two joined him, dumping their packs on the floor

    10. three companions took their beers and packs, and moved to sit by the

    1. This solution is created by adding one cup of warm water, along with the bait pack, and 2 drops of natural soap

    2. But there was a nice camp knife that would fend off small vermin the size of a mindune in her pack tied to that saddle

    3. She was really glad she had this lighter on her person and not in her pack or she was dead, just that simple

    4. ‘Will you be in for dinner tonight, Stephen?’ I asked from my standpoint in the doorway of his study, watching him pack his briefcase

    5. Herndon had fallen asleep with his head on his pack, only a few minutes after her, she hoped

    6. The snow builds up, and the weight causes it to pack into the ice and push southward from the north pole and northwards from Antarctica

    7. " He gave a friendly nod to the correspondent and then raised both hands over the pack of reporters like a Roman emperor

    8. The media pack was in silence

    9. The pack broke out into noise again as Mirielle hustled Theo away

    10. trolley at the lead woman of the pack, turned on her heel and marched out of the store

    1. "And what about packing?" DoostEr asked

    2. We spend the rest of the evening packing up the books in the house

    3. For a nasty moment we just look at each other … in the friendly chatter of the book packing, we had both relaxed

    4. While we were packing boxes, we chatted about all sorts of things … she told me some stories about her childhood which were very similar to some of my own memories – not really surprising, we’re both country girls, after all

    5. The debris she knocked in the redsuits’ direction collided with other pieces on the way to create a storm of jagged metal and packing containers coming at them almost as fast as the junk itself

    6. Using Fred’s suggestion, we are packing the barrel with damp sand to hold the tree upright and in the hope that the dampness will stop it dropping quite as fast as they generally do; this, naturally, means we need a sheet of plastic to protect the floor … oh it just gets more complicated by the second! But between us we get it all sorted out

    7. Gilla, pursing her lips at the lack of warning, dashes off to implement crisis plans for the meal while I go back to my room to continue the packing which I have been half-heartedly attacking on and off since we got back from Lyme

    8. They then went about the school retrieving all their possessions and packing their bags

    9. Four workmen, caked with the paste of cement dust and oil, were packing up for the night after a hard day's slog right across the road from my veranda

    10. Swallowing hard, Berndt, takes Joris’ bag and begins packing the clothes in the cupboards

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    horde band mob bundle company bunch crew package knapsack packet parcel compress bind cram press stow contract condense load burden lade

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    pack face pack camp clique coterie ingroup inner circle gang mob ring battalion large number multitude plurality load down bundle compact wad tamp tamp down backpack jam pile throng carry take horde band company bunch crew package knapsack packet parcel compress bind cram press stow contract condense load burden lade