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Frasi con photo (in inglese)

1. It was a photo book.
2. The photo booth was 1.
3. I stopped at his photo.
4. I pulled out her photo.
5. The photo was a gasper.
6. Photo courtesy of the U.
7. The photo of her jewelry.

8. You can have a photo op.
9. Crop of abt 1924 photo.
10. This could be The Photo.
11. In the photo, past the.
12. John hands the photo back.
13. In it was a photo of Peg.
14. There was a photo in the.
15. In the photo, Snow White.
16. Tap a photo to enlarge it.
17. The above photo is of an.
18. You are in it, your photo.
19. I check out her photo links.
20. He is the man in the photo.
21. That photo is bothering me.
22. The photo will be scanned.
23. She hands me another photo.
24. Switzerland, and a photo of.
25. Stone looked at the photo.
26. Photo of the textbook by me.
27. She pulls out a large photo.
28. I stared dumbly at the photo.
29. Get a photo of her daughter.
30. Jensen squinted at the photo.
31. Globe part photo is by me;.
32. This photo greatly aids in.
33. Get the photo off to the Met.
34. Knox pointed to another photo.
35. The photo of this Sphinx rock.
36. He had sent the latest photo.
37. A photo op's a wondrous thing.
38. He showed me a photo of the.
39. This is the only school photo.
40. A photo appeared on the screen.
41. She studied the photo again.
42. Use of Photo Vector Conversion.
43. Photo of tree with pump stand.
44. He passes another photo to John.
45. Al pointed at that in the photo.
46. Crop from a 1989 photo of the.
47. I met that man in the photo.
48. You look gorgeous in this photo.
49. The place is like a still photo.
50. This photo is not a coincidence.
51. Amy called up a photo on her PADD.
52. Instead, she stared at the photo.
53. He showed me a photo of himself.
54. He kept it in his photo album.
55. He remembered the photo of Oriana.
56. Credit of the photo: Greg Shattuck.
57. She pointed to the photo of Julia.
58. Tam turned and looked at the photo.
59. He was six years old in the photo.
60. The photo is from a CNCZone thread.
61. I looked her photo again and again.
62. There was another son in the photo.
63. And of course I did numerous photo.
64. Something pinned on: photo perhaps.
65. The photo is attached to this blog.
66. There was another photo beneath it.
67. Back when the photo experiment was.
68. Also, that photo is not of Mt Hutt.
69. Share pictures with photo galleries.
70. He has a photo of one in his locker.
71. Sorry still have no recent photo!!.
72. Every single photo he had was of me.
73. I leaned over to glance at the photo.
74. He recognized the man in the photo.
75. He takes a photo of an infant girl.
76. He placed one final photo on the desk.
77. Page 16 contained a photo of Richard.
78. Here’s an example of a photo card:.
79. Reg showed the photo to the courtroom.
80. Clicking on the photo could access it.
81. Oil & Water photo courtesy of.
82. I glanced at the photo of the flower.
83. She pressed the framed photo of her.
84. Cappy studied the photo and glanced up.
85. Advantages of Photo Vector Conversion.
86. And there, on Instagram, was her photo.
87. The photo will appear in your message.
88. Kurmajan was shown a photo of Ainura.
89. This is a photo of the same boat, sir.
90. Next to the photo hung a For Sale sign.
91. A black and white photo of the deceased.
92. It’s a photo from Ainsley’s mobile.
93. A good photo is going to enhance your.
94. I took down the photo of Propp’s body.
95. Her life was a photo album in his mind.
96. I took the photo in the evening, with.
97. The photo had been taken the day they.
98. It was the same guy in the photo that.
99. The photo on the seed packet was a lie.
100. The man in the photo is a lot older.

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