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Photo in una frase (in inglese)

It was a photo book.
I pulled out her photo.
I stopped at his photo.
The photo booth was 1.
The photo was a gasper.
Photo courtesy of the U.
In the photo, past the.

This could be The Photo.
Crop of abt 1924 photo.
The photo of her jewelry.
You can have a photo op.
In it was a photo of Peg.
John hands the photo back.
The above photo is of an.
Tap a photo to enlarge it.
In the photo, Snow White.
There was a photo in the.
You are in it, your photo.
She hands me another photo.
That photo is bothering me.
The photo will be scanned.
He is the man in the photo.
I check out her photo links.
Photo of the textbook by me.
Stone looked at the photo.
Switzerland, and a photo of.
Jensen squinted at the photo.
Globe part photo is by me;.
Get a photo of her daughter.
This photo greatly aids in.
I stared dumbly at the photo.
She pulls out a large photo.
He showed me a photo of the.
He had sent the latest photo.
A photo op's a wondrous thing.
The photo of this Sphinx rock.
Get the photo off to the Met.
Knox pointed to another photo.
She studied the photo again.
This is the only school photo.

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