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Photograph in una frase (in inglese)

He held up the photograph.
The photograph told him that.
A photograph of the 2004 MSO.
Photograph, failure of the, 72.
It was a photograph of herself.
It was really a nice photograph.

It was a functional photograph.
Yes, we saw the photograph.
We have seen your photograph.
Tom pushed the photograph to Bill.
As he glanced at the photograph.
Kirke give you the photograph?
He looked at the photograph again.
This photograph was taken in 1939.
Christine pulled up the photograph.
She looked at the photograph again.
I tossed the photograph back at him.
Then I back up, photograph in hand.
Above: This photograph depicts the.
Her eyes returned to the photograph.
Claire stared at the photograph, too.
He lovingly gazed at her photograph.
He was about four in the photograph.
This photograph is also very special.
The old man looked at the photograph.
A photograph was pushed under my nose.
The second photograph is less posed.
He pointed at the photograph of Cross.
He took another look at the photograph.
The text beneath the photograph read:.
The photograph was captioned: Ben S.
Do I know that photograph? No, I don't.
The photograph seemed X-rated and dark.
Ming bowed and gave Andrew a photograph.
He held out a crumpled glossy photograph.
The photograph was cracked and fragile.
It was not an especially good photograph.
By photographing samples of water and then freezing.
They’d both seen Sam photographing their early-December bombing runs.
Conklin nodded at the tech who was photographing one of the grave markers.
Experience gained in photographing racing cars led to contracts with the 'Car' and.
The picture, as seen above and on Friday, was done by first photographing a girl in the location.
Billy and Doyle had heard Callie accuse me of photographing hellspawn in Pete’s earlier.
I will have to keep you at the station, in temporary custody but without fingerprinting or photographing.
This is why any attempt to scientifically prove the existence of entities by photographing their auras will never succeed.
As you try to compose a picture, it is sometimes hard to align the object you are photographing within the frame of the picture.
CSU was working fast and well, photographing scrapes on car doors, marking blood spatter, bagging found objects on the asphalt.
Once more at the entrance the man took a camera from his carryall and began photographing the searches being carried out just inside the doorway.
A couple of her pictures even caught O’Malley as he briefly played with the boys’ penis to make it erect before photographing it from close by.
It wasn’t crowded, but there were enough people around for him to get what he needed, and he spent an hour photographing people from various distances.
Greg twisted around in his seat to see that Abraham had twisted around in his seat enough to be able to look out the front view port and was photographing the approaching ships.
While she obeyed Ingrid’s directive about not photographing the inside of her cockpit, she examined visually the instruments around her, impressed by the technological level evident in the cockpit.
Routine printing on remaining fingers had predictably proved fruitless, therefore, after photographing the bar, it had been sent to Vancouver for further police checks and confirmation that it was indeed gold.
The shore house was now full of MPs and his investigation specialists were already at work photographing and documenting in detail the crime scene, as crime was definitely what had happened here in his opinion.
Telling herself that this had to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity, Margaret took photo after photo, both through her window and inside the cabin, photographing the two female gunners and the cargo master, standing ready.
Since the days when, as a schoolboy, I used to bicycle round the neighbouring parishes, rubbing brasses and photographing fonts, I had nursed a love of architecture, but, though in opinion I had made that easy leap, characteristic of my generation, from the puritanism of Ruskin to the puritanism of Roger Fry, my sentiments at heart were insular and medieval.
In the meantime, I have photographed the.
You were photographed with a known hit man.
A meal meant to be photographed, above all else.
The plundered room is photographed, as in this case.
In this location are being photographed many many orbs.
Iditarod trained dogs have been photographed chained or.
I wondered whether he had just photographed me in action.
I photographed the grave of Rimbaud when I was twenty-six.
Taking out his phone, he photographed each page, noting a.
One board I photographed during that trip foreshadowed doom.
Searched Dante’s room, photographed it, dusted for prints.
I agree, but only if they will let me be photographed with them.
Observe! This is the community photographed at noon, local time.
And because she had been photographed by the press, and because Mr.
No one has ever successfully painted or photographed a redwood tree.
Conklin stood beside Claire as she photographed the body and the wound.
Three of them have been photographed by Brogi, who gives no attributions.
In 1970, the situation worsened: Onassis and Callas were photographed in.
After that, locate that Brotherhood bastard Roberto who you photographed at.
His death was documented, photographed, and he was filed away in the morgue.
So far I have photographed over fifty flowers without really looking too hard.
The toasts, the dancing, the schmoozing, the photographed kisses over the cake.
At Prato the monuments of this class have been photographed, and are well known.
I know that this is being photographed, but my eyes may be able to tell us more.
Photographed in stop-motion animation with miniatures created by John Terwilliger.
One glimpse of a natural landscape is worth a million painted or photographed ones.
The rational man—like the Loch Ness monster—is sighted often, but photographed rarely.
That was why he had photographed this spot, so he would know where the animal was buried.
His present hobby is photography which he does well and has photographed several weddings.
Then, one page at a time, he photographed every sheet, constantly monitoring for clarity.
It can't hurt the island to be landed on, and it can't hurt the castle to be photographed.
She watched those screens and had recognition run on all the humans that were photographed.
Once it’s been appreciated and photographed, that’s fine—cake is meant to be eaten.
Everyone is more interested in being given a designation and being photographed by the media.
Constable [18] has photographed many aerial objects using fast infrared film which he claims.
That he had been photographed was a certainty; as was the deduction of the fare from his account.
He has refused to appear in public with Gerald Ford or even to be photographed with the president.
Sheila stood terrified in the kitchen as officers photographed and scanned her details into the system.
He had recorded her last night and he had shamelessly photographed her when he had first come to her house.
After that, one ray is reflected from a photographed object and the other ray mixes with its reflected light.
There were photographs in it.
Photographs of Panton and a.
They have photographs of him.
And gave him photographs of me.
I had several photographs of the.
A great number of photographs were.
James and Thomas took photographs!.
Satellite photographs were not live.
However in the photographs we took.
Arranging photographs in your album.
There was nothing in the photographs.
It’s ten photographs of churches.
Then it was time for media photographs.
Do leave the photographs there, David.
Think: Photographs only tell the truth.
Olin laid the photographs on the table.
What did it amount to? Some photographs.
His file included dozens of photographs.
The photographs were a thousand grenades.
The walls were covered with photographs.
I’ve seen the photographs and maps.
Harold peered intently at the photographs.
The ghoul looked at the photographs again.
Zion church when he took his photographs.
He thumbed through the set of photographs.
Stock photographs and prints on the wall.
One of his favorite kills and photographs.
Some of those photographs, especially the.
Computer enhanced photographs that we see.
It’s the photographs of you taken with.
He was going over the photographs carefully.
He started showing me some photographs of.
She had seen the statue and the photographs.
With the details from the photographs as a.
Still, he said nothing about the photographs.
Kirstin took two photographs from her handbag.
There were only two photographs in the wallet.
Enid asked to see the photographs of our villa.
Phineas took the box of photographs from Moody.
You’ve seen the photographs in my office.

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