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Frasi con retain (in inglese)

  1. And I retain the scar.
  2. He tried to retain his.
  3. Max will retain his benefits.
  4. They did learn and retain our.
  5. I can’t retain their abilities.
  6. It could not retain its position.
  7. What You Should Retain from Lynch.
  8. She was unable to retain her anger.
  9. Your goal is to retain the entire 8.
  10. What You Should Retain from Graham.
  11. He allowed him to retain his sword.
  12. We men, can retain it and then tap.
  13. Nothing of self would I retain;.
  14. We only retain the advantages of the.
  15. Did he really think he could retain.
  16. What You Should Retain from This Book.
  17. Earned money, retain some stipulations.
  18. He wished to retain the first part of Mr.
  19. Besides you’ll retain your immortality.
  20. What You Should Retain from This Section.
  21. I hate that you retain everything you see.
  22. We will be able to absorb and retain the.
  23. Clay soils retain water, so they need less.
  24. I still want to retain Elmore's friendship.
  25. Her only hope was to retain his friendship.
  26. Buy a call to retain exposure to the stock.
  27. May one be pardon'd and retain the offence?
  28. For the moment, Gordon, we’ll retain you.
  29. In the end, they retain power for themselves.
  30. Some translations retain the word Abaddon.
  31. She looked up at Maybelle, trying to retain.
  32. Even though plural, they retain their genders.
  33. The leaders can still retain their position in.
  34. It is unfortunate that candidates retain from.
  35. Shells, fresh-water, long retain the same forms.
  36. What You Should Retain from History’s Lessons.
  37. Then he will be able to retain his breath as long.
  38. Without the entire mural the Well will retain its.
  39. Why? Because I want the reader to retain some sense.
  40. I rubbed my hands in an effort to retain the warmth.
  41. Ability to retain in memory and recalling them is a.
  42. If you retain anyone's sins they have been retained.
  43. Remove clothing that may retain corrosive substances.
  44. I can't seem to retain my Prana as well as I should.
  45. Eden, we still retain many of the ideals of God deep.
  46. I was trying to retain complete control of my business.
  47. He closed his eyes in an attempt to retain the images.
  48. Growing need to retain and attract quality candidates.
  49. Careful to retain his stability, he swung the Buster.
  50. We are meant to retain our free will and individuality.
  51. To attain it and retain it, they sacrificed everything.
  52. We will retain rest of the passengers and the Cabin Crew.
  53. If you need to retain the asking price of your home, you.
  54. For some reason there are plans to retain 50,000 troops.
  55. That was the only way we could retain our lives and souls.
  56. It cools my blood enough that I retain my impassive stare.
  57. They retain the structures of the military like a monarchy.
  58. Yes, and we retain all knowledge from the previous plane.
  59. The more extra muscle you retain while cutting, the better.
  60. Be honest with your staff, gain and then retain their trust.
  61. Does the Business Retain Its Customers After an Acquisition?
  62. I could retain no place in it against her love for her father.
  63. Insist that you retain copyright on both the book cover and.
  64. Galgos are smaller than Greyhounds but retain the ‘chasing.
  65. Retain focus and concentration in the process of learning or.
  66. You’ll retain more of the heat if it is a central structure.
  67. If you are uncertain, then it would be a good idea to retain.
  68. It can not retain the Name nor the Form but when the Mundane.
  69. To summarize is to condense the content but retain the concepts.
  70. He who has no feeling of gratitude cannot long retain a living.
  71. The gracious woman retains honour, and strong men retain riches.
  72. Then unable to retain his own pleasure any longer, he thrust in.
  73. Others experience this information and retain the memory of such.
  74. I struggled to retain discipline, but seemingly failed in the.
  75. Will I retain nothing, then? Will I not even remember you? Will.
  76. So our focus is too much on what we retain instead of what we are.
  77. I will forever hold them in high regard and retain the fond memory.
  78. When you use something as security and still retain possession of.
  79. Wherever possible, retain full rights to the intellectual property.
  80. Therefore, insurance agents have an incentive to retain customers.
  81. Whether South Africa can retain its competitiveness in the global.
  82. There is that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit;.
  83. With this knowledge and expertise, one can retain one's sex energy.
  84. By crossing through the gate they retain full knowledge of both.
  85. A hand I wouldn’t know if I’d retain full use of for a few days.
  86. Yes, if one crosses orgasm and then tries to retain the energy it is.
  87. Better men are absolutely unable to seize the power and to retain it.
  88. Unfortunately, that is the one privilege that all prisoners retain.
  89. The Master chose to retain his human consciousness until the very end.
  90. No one can catch the passing of time and no one can retain time either.
  91. In this way, food cooks in its natural juices to retain the nutrients.
  92. The stockholders, in each case, were to retain their interests intact.
  93. He could not have looked on what was there and still retain his senses.
  94. Separate the two eggs , retain the whites , and beat the yolks into th.
  95. A ruler must be firm with his subjects if he wishes to retain order.
  96. All particles retain an impression of everything that has influenced it.
  97. He learned early that some of them had a natural need to retain control.
  98. Some of the Brazilians want to retain their identity as an ethnic group.
  99. Therefore, if one only acquires the expertise to retain the ejaculation.
  100. Until it sets tonight, that monster must retain whatever form he now has.
  1. Collapse of a Retaining, 113.
  2. It is only a matter of retaining the.
  4. But even with this under- worth retaining.
  5. One was that retaining the semen would create.
  6. Pull the net along and anchor the next retaining loop.
  7. The deal with half-breed women retaining their humanity.
  8. I threw it to the side, retaining the javelin for myself.
  9. He leaned back against the edge of a cement retaining wall.
  10. Retaining your balance is hard and it is easy to fall over.
  11. When the economy heats up and the cost of retaining.
  12. OTHER INFO: Recruiting and retaining the best talent is one.
  13. They have explained about retaining the power and moving the.
  14. Retaining the same sizes of our small boxes as 1 meter and 0.
  15. Is it true that retaining this energy creates creative power?
  16. Carroll finally stepped out from behind the shadowy retaining wall.
  17. He had almost made it to their retaining wall when he was caught and.
  18. They originated from off to his left, beyond a high brick retaining wall.
  19. Some of them are quite effective for attracting and retaining customers.
  20. My child faces lot of difficulty in learning and retaining that learning.
  21. Try to rewrite passages in a different tempo while retaining the flavour.
  22. You want to learn if the salespeople are rewarded for retaining customers.
  23. Those on the right had fared slightly better with 1 still retaining its roof.
  24. Also because he is not sure of always retaining his situation, and wishes to.
  25. At high levels of earnings, there is a penalty for retaining earnings and not.
  26. Officers and their soldiers could go home retaining possession of their horses.
  27. Chris Meeks' mind was not so good at retaining the manufactured pseudo-memories.
  28. Tyrus, retaining his demon form, walked over to where the Devil was seated and.
  29. She found herself more successful in sending away than in retaining a companion.
  30. The non-intercourse was abandoning one part and retaining another of the system.
  31. Finally, seeing that she could not keep on retaining the words any longer, said:.
  32. This bill was abandoning a part of the non-intercourse system and retaining a part.
  33. The practice of telling stories was their way of retaining the Wood Sprite history.
  34. Battlement: A retaining fence; a low safety-wall built on top of a flat-roofed house.
  35. The fundamentals of a money-management firm include acquiring and retaining accounts.
  36. Cisco learned the importance of retaining talented employees after acquiring StrataCom.
  37. The fact of the matter is that Ms Radia too had a personal stake in Raja retaining the.
  38. The Sioux, for instance, had brought their case for retaining the Black Hills before modern.
  39. And the two remaining tribes formed Judah in the south; retaining Jerusalem as their capitol.
  40. He hit cat-like on his feet and one hand, instinctively retaining his grasp on his saber hilt.
  41. Retaining the flavor of that era, it was now an upscale inn, one of the many tourist attractions.
  42. Furthermore, the Epistle of James in the New Testament, though clearly retaining veiled allusions.
  43. It seems she’s retaining her option for a liaison without taking my tearing passion into account.
  44. Reaction is for retaining what is there but proactiveness is for attaining which should ideally be.
  45. That was why he wanted to cut the wheel — cut it now — cut it into the concrete retaining wall!.
  46. We may add in parenthesis that to preserve all this is the only means of retaining beauty to old age.
  47. At the dead end, for it was the wrong path after all, Dalzor lead them up on the stone retaining wall.
  48. By retaining the sun is the coldest space in the solar system and outer pace is the hottest there can be.
  49. In one type of flap surgery, the tissue remains attached to its original site, retaining its blood supply.
  50. The plan involved retaining the passenger liner, hospital and battleship portions of Elizabeth’s structure.
  51. The Present is informed by History; rejecting its failings, whenever appropriate, while retaining its merits.
  52. Retaining bar, or at least a section of it, should be squared off to fit a square-cut notch on the bait stick.
  53. Magua had early discovered that in retaining the person of Alice, he possessed the most effectual check on Cora.
  54. By interpreting the pauses correctly and retaining the information, players can create the right strategy to win.
  55. The path was covered with dry leaves, retaining there beautiful dul yelow color and an angel walking besides me.
  56. Determine whether a business is retaining its customers or if it is constantly turning them over (churning them).
  57. The ground was terraced here, and when he lurched up and over the first retaining wall, it slowed him down just enough.
  58. It was still hard to imagine that this had all been purchased with eleven retaining balls from hospital cart latch-pins.
  59. What I wanted to say is that, in my opinion, we should not help the French in retaining Indochina as one of their colonies.
  60. In this case, the opportunity cost of retaining earnings is greater than paying them out, as measured by the cost of equity.
  61. Zylwyky didn’t need to look over his shoulder to know that the retaining strap on Presmyn’s holster had been unbuttoned.
  62. These Heroes have been reborn countless times throughout history, sometimes retaining memories and abilities from past lives.
  63. Nevertheless, my mind was all white and pawned in retaining its valued findings, if there was any, I did not understand it!.
  64. Then, as though some retaining cord had reached its limit, something yanked him back into the cellar beneath the Hotel of Bees.
  65. EMC had never paid a dividend, instead retaining all its earnings to provide funds for the continued growth of the company.
  66. If you would once refrain from these things which you do continually for the purpose of retaining it, you would lose it at once.
  67. He liked the bill as it came from the Senate better than as amended, as he saw no necessity for retaining the office of Purveyor.
  68. Just after the war I had disposed of most of the property of Caleb’s estate, retaining ownership of the house and grounds only.
  69. Exiting his room, Elohat saw Dymos sitting astride a metal vent pipe, struggling to undo the retaining nuts on an inspection cover.
  70. In fact actually your memories are made up of the chemical imprints that go into the brain, but there must be a retaining of them.
  71. Many of the legal risks can be addressed at least partially by retaining the services of legal counsel as a cost of doing business.
  72. The key to retaining political power, of course, is to replenish the political caldrons of potential victims or those in ―need‖.
  73. Homais, motionless, uttered great sighs; and Monsieur Canivet, always retaining his self-command, nevertheless began to feel uneasy.
  74. In an attempt to protect me from flying cars, the poor animal had turned himself into a retaining wall, molding his torso around my.
  75. Corporations had available a number of methods for retaining or recovering these earnings, without subjecting them to the penalty tax.
  76. Meanwhile, Stubb retaining his place in the van, still encouraged his men to the onset, all the while puffing the smoke from his mouth.
  77. The earliest memory a baby’s brain is capable of retaining: is a mammary-memory of suckling on a nipple after the age of about one year.
  78. Henry Crawford's retaining her hand at such a moment, a moment of such peculiar proof and importance, was worth ages of doubt and anxiety.
  79. Henry Crawford’s retaining her hand at such a moment, a moment of such peculiar proof and importance, was worth ages of doubt and anxiety.
  80. You then form and pour the concrete footings with retaining bolts embedded into their top surfaces, which are perhaps a foot above the rocks.
  81. But just as he was about to put the spare tire back on the retaining bolt, he saw some yellow matter on the flat-black tire well of the trunk.
  82. Clearly, we should wait one day before exercising the option, foregoing one day’s worth of interest but retaining the value of the dividend.
  83. Corporate clients appeared to be equally fuzzy about assigning responsibility, but some executives are retaining the authority for themselves.
  84. Now recall, if you would, how slow the initial movement was at the point when momentum was the goal second only to that of retaining one's seat.
  85. Indeed, it had only recently won the coveted award as the filthiest town in Britain, an accolade it would have no trouble retaining for posterity.
  86. Still retaining his pompous manner, he said, She has ordered me to go to a certain merchant in the town and collect a considerable sum of money.
  87. The multi-million dollar profit of this heist placed too much at stake to risk exposure by retaining the familiarity of dispensable relationships.
  88. Slipping into the driving seat, he undid the retaining clips and pushed the button that folded the collapsible roof back into the rear compartment.
  89. Admiral Crawford was a man of vicious conduct, who chose, instead of retaining his niece, to bring his mistress under his own roof; and to this Mrs.
  90. A solemn Asian anchorwoman intones, hair mussed, her complexion damp: The Fruit Flies mutated to carnivores by retaining teeth from their larval phase.
  91. For instance: by seeking political stability or in terms of real politick; retaining their advantage of being the richest, most powerful nation on Earth.
  92. And if you’re in an industry where they make multiple purchases over the years, your entire team should be very focused on retaining those customers:.
  93. What is the probability of my retaining confidence in my candidate if only 45% of the general population favor her, that is, committing a Type II error?
  94. The right side holder had a retaining pouch for one spare pistol magazine on the inner leg side and a sheet for a short combat knife on the outer leg side.
  95. Three years earlier he had purchased a five years lease on the lodge with rights of renewal, with the Hatfields retaining rights over the villa as their home.
  96. Sound economy would authorize the retaining them a few months longer, till we come here again in the fall, till we know whether it be proper to disband them or not.
  97. He seated himself on a low retaining wall beside her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, not wanting to break her concentration by giving a more thorough greeting.
  98. Retaining every minute form of respect, every propriety of my station, I could still meet him in argument without fear or uneasy restraint; this suited both him and me.
  99. Once past the peak of the half-moon bridge our tasks eased, and we managed to stumble into a shelter on the island, dropping the sacks but retaining our sweltering hoods.
  100. This gentleman belonged to a German family of decidedly bourgeois origin, but he had a knack of acquiring the patronage of big-wigs, and of retaining their favour.
  1. Total retained EPS is $11.
  2. Not only will more retained.
  3. Carton, they have retained me.
  4. It has retained everything you.
  5. The Buddha retained his body for.
  6. How are those staff to be retained?
  7. More earnings are retained, and the.
  8. If the energy is retained, it can be.
  9. When earnings are high, more retained.
  10. The punch will be retained by magazine.
  11. But the Germany of 1945 retained neither.
  12. My life retained the aura of a nightmare.
  13. Into sub consciousness but have retained.
  14. The company has proudly retained the word.
  15. And plenty could be retained in the memory.
  16. On the outside, Locke retained his demeanor.
  17. Choosing to finance with retained earnings.
  18. A higher percent of retained earnings will.
  19. She would without doubt have retained some.
  20. Ether, retained some seeds of cognate heaven.
  21. She retained no memory of her life with them.
  22. The sound is retained by changes in spelling.
  23. He still retained, however, his jaunty speech.
  24. The latter retained the count's hand between his.
  25. The Queen still retained some discretion, however.
  26. They laid down the crown, and retained no aureole.
  27. For the managers Sylvan retained, the natural.
  28. Owen had retained the patent for the machines and.
  29. In the financial department Marie had retained the.
  30. Water is retained by life, aquifers, soil and in ice.
  31. If you retain anyone's sins they have been retained.
  32. But he retained any personal feelings on the outcome.
  33. If the following year’s retained earnings equal $1.
  34. But you know something I retained copies of some of.
  35. KGB apparatchik had again retained full power and the.
  36. The disparity caused a build up of retained earnings.
  37. Noirtier's eye still retained its inanimate expression.
  38. She retained her consciousness to the very last moment.
  39. Septuagint proves it retained this meaning as late as B.
  40. Marius gave the door another push, but she retained her.
  41. The Commander of that Army was retained in his position.
  42. He retained the wooden floor of the gym, including the.
  43. He retained decision-making power over capital purchases.
  44. When dried the wooden pieces retained their new contours.
  45. Callie, who came with Buttercup, retained her shelter name.
  46. I was impressed with how much information she had retained.
  47. Systems Laboratories-the AT&T spin-off that retained owner-.
  48. If earnings are high, they will be retained once dividends.
  49. So the navy-yard at Washington is among those to be retained.
  50. The entity retained the spirits that had reached a state of.
  51. Personally, I can vouch that semen can and should be retained.
  52. Sadly, the Westville Prison Contract was retained by Abercom.
  53. Presence of retained Austenite is NOT GOOD for the PROPERTIES.
  54. That is, how to convert sex energy retained in the body into.
  55. In spite of all of these shortcomings, Sebastian retained his.
  56. Humphrey, who had been retained for the defence, had before him.
  57. This amount of retained earnings is in addition to the amount.
  58. That way, a greater share of earnings is retained in good times.
  59. This net income is then added to the balance sheet as retained.
  60. But you have always retained this compassion, this energy for us.
  61. However, Mugsborough still retained some semblance of prosperity.
  62. Kagbhushundi too had retained the memories of his former births:.
  63. She stumbled backwards a couple of steps but retained her balance.
  64. In this new, or rather renewed form, the class might be retained.
  65. His cutouts had retained their shapes and sizes, but had changed.
  66. The knowledge dampened my anger, but I still retained my annoyance.
  67. There is, however, enough resemblance that the analogy is retained.
  68. Over the years, men have believed that semen cannot be retained in.
  69. Biblically, David though not perfect, retained the favor of God.
  70. Jane; go! But he still retained my hand, and I could not free it.
  71. Inconsistent hyphenation was retained as there are numerous authors.
  72. However, equity derived from retained earnings should decrease the.
  73. Is it true that if one does not ejaculate the sperms retained will.
  74. Medically speaking, the semen that is retained does not necessarily.
  75. Stock would not be in high demand at this point, nor would retained.
  76. The Germany of 1918 had retained a government and an army of its own.
  77. But CF-8 can have about 1% RETAINED FERRITE as it is not going to be.
  78. Once you believe that semen can be retained, it is then important to.
  79. One would think that Peter might have retained a morsel of Paul’s.
  80. Lord Buddha had retained the memories of his two hundred former births.
  81. In both cases, the holder was Queensland and they retained the trophy.
  82. Even then the features retained their haughty, contemptuous expression.
  83. She could only hope she retained the ability to act when the time came.
  84. These earnings may, with equal feasibility, be retained or distributed.
  85. My mother also retained his services as her personal financial advisor.
  86. An organ might, also, be retained for one alone of its former functions.
  87. It must have been he who wore those boots and retained the missing gems.
  88. No retained earnings are available, but the company must have a source.
  89. He retained some of his homeland's culture in the structure of this home.
  90. States has retained control of who The Company hauls up to Mars and what.
  91. Companies who were earning more would increase their amount of retained.
  92. Allward's eyes narrowed, but, outwardly at least, he retained his composure.
  93. Lady Jane appeared startled at the confrontation but retained her composure.
  94. Having Retained Austenite is reverse of getting A STONE in Rice, while you.
  95. The equation reduces to: (A / S ) ÷ (L / S) ÷ (Retained Earnings / Sales).
  96. James, while it retained its character of an offer made to that Government.
  97. Thank heavens I have retained my panties, but I suspect I won’t for long.
  98. So shapes and sizes retained their properties while colours were inconstant.
  99. Well say that we have been retained by a family member to review the case.
  100. There are important exceptions, though, to financing with retained earnings.
  1. However, if one retains the.
  2. There is a rubber seal that retains.
  3. It retains the right to secede at will.
  4. Whatever he hears in classes, he retains.
  6. In the settlement Tina retains custody of.
  7. Though what authority he retains is not clear.
  8. As Modified Citrus Pectin still retains much.
  9. The only thing that still retains innocence.
  10. It sees all unconditionally and retains nothing.
  11. Additionally, this particular type retains its.
  12. The mind is sharper and retains more information.
  13. Retains all the features and devices of the Pocket.
  14. Best Qualities: Retains everything he sees and hears.
  15. What will be the score if Andy retains his service and.
  16. A museum of the revolution retains the atmosphere of the.
  17. In this game mind retains the status of Subject for itself.
  18. As long as this pool retains its size, no bonds must be sold.
  19. This growing medium retains water and nutrients extremely well.
  20. The gracious woman retains honour, and strong men retain riches.
  21. That he who never peril'd his life, but retains it to old age in.
  22. Through adolescence and adulthood, he retains the prerogative to.
  23. The GED is an interesting phenomenon, because it retains a sort of.
  24. The memories Dani retains are enough that she should hate the world.
  25. The more salt you eat the more water your system retains to dilute it.
  26. Neither theuniversity nor the city retains much of its ancient importance.
  27. At the death of the physical body the Astral body retains its shape for a.
  28. I unpack my gun and we examine it; the sight still retains the figures I set at home.
  29. Antigone retains her sensory apparatus, but it is to be used for Oedipus' daily needs.
  30. Only one-third of the population worldwide retains the ability to digest lactose into.
  31. At the same time, the companion out-of-the-money option still retains some delta value.
  32. The skeleton retains 90 per cent of radiation so leave at least 3mm (⅛in) on the bone.
  33. This is because EasyLanguage retains historical values for variables but not for arrays.
  34. Given his interest and his youth, he retains this information, and his list gets longer.
  35. And in this synthetic 4 Ray the forming it Rays-colors do not blend, each retains its identity.
  36. With all its magnificence, it still retains the simplicity of the hut from which it was evolved.
  37. But if the car exceeds the speed the earth retains to spin the car will exclude some space from.
  38. It is all as he has said; it is very evident that the mind still retains its full force and vigor.
  39. And again, if he is forgetful and retains nothing of what he learns, will he not be an empty vessel?
  40. He retains those for which He has decreed death, and He releases the others until a predetermined time.
  41. Negative caching occurs when a DNS server retains information about names that do not exist in a domain.
  42. Stericycle, a medical-disposal company, successfully retains its customers after buying another company.
  43. Meanwhile, the seller still retains a residual risk—the chance that the stock he just sold may go up!.
  44. The passage of time should never diminish the highest regards a society retains for its historical heritage.
  45. During the forward cast, the wrist retains the broken position until the wrist straightens around 11:00.
  46. At the same time, the OEX was renamed the S&P 100 Index, although it still retains its original ticker symbol OEX.
  47. See, your memory works like this – whatever you see, or have experience of, your mind retains a picture of that.
  48. At every split, every new Condition of Splitness retains within it all the former Conditions which it split out of.
  49. If the child retains his father’s punishing and rewarding authority, he cannot develop a more mature love for God.
  50. The server then retains the messages in an electronic mailbox until the user connects to the server and requests them.
  51. Sandra Coelho said, Yes, the minister will issue it, he used to be a High Court Judge and still retains that status.
  52. Plato, like the old painters, retains the traditional form, and like them he has also a vision of a city in the clouds.
  53. The ancient kingdom of Hyperborea is overthrown by one of these northern tribes, which, however, retains the old name.
  54. Memory retains that which is gone but memories too fade, and often history and its integral elements disappear entirely.
  55. A business will put the odds of succeeding in its favor if it recruits and retains employees who truly want to work there.
  56. In the wild, it is the old, wily Kudu who lives the longest because he has learnt from experience and retains the memories.
  57. Conjurer returns your watch in safety, but it retains that delicate perfume which only the time it chronicles can wear away.
  58. If it retains dominant share but lets its costs get out of control, the probability of that problem being solved is very high.
  59. And suppose injustice abiding in a single person, would your wisdom say that she loses or that she retains her natural power?
  60. The QDCOUNT field again has a value of 1 because the response retains the Question section, unmodified, from the query message.
  61. The structure has no roof over the main portion, but what was apparently an apse still retains its roof of long slabs of schist.
  62. Ejaculation sort of spends desire whereas if a man can learn to withhold his sperm he retains his desire and can have a lot more sex.
  63. The doctors claim Frederick retains no memories, that his brain maintains only basic functions, but there are moments when she wonders.
  64. It accrues to God‘s (Infinite) mercy and wisdom, however, that He retains enough strength of purpose and spiritual endurance for us all!.
  65. And he is to be deemed courageous whose spirit retains in pleasure and in pain the commands of reason about what he ought or ought not to fear?
  66. This is why Jesus said fear not because Jesus can destroy Satans work in permanent change while the rest of the world retains the unchanged.
  67. Sieve: A strainer; a tool for separating flour from bran; or the fine substance from the coarse; that which retains the corn, and shakes out the chaff.
  68. While the story was being told, they heard it without any of the reserve or detachment that the kindest of civilized humans retains as he reads his newspaper.
  69. Ajay: Because a newborn vampire always retains some scent of his human form too, and a vegetarian vampire always continues to have his human fragrance around him.
  70. In the second, a $10 million business that regularly earns 12% on equity and retains all earnings to grow, will also end up with $300 million of capital in 2015.
  71. Despite the diversity of new models, at least the rationally oriented academic literature retains one key idea in its core, albeit subtly different than in the old world.
  72. The Church retains its dogmas, but what are its dogmas worth? A metaphysical explanation can be of use only when there is a doctrine of life which it serves to make manifest.
  73. Still, science retains what Derbyshire calls a “core magisterium” that “we can and do trust” even while at the periphery there are those in regard to whom it is best.
  74. He still retains the fire and ire of the Spaniard in his blood—in fact, he is nothing short of an unfortunate mixture of the fiery Spaniard and the extremely restless Indian.
  75. The true faith is the sure knowledge that the spirit receives and a certain testimony that it attests to by itself which it then retains so that it becomes embedded within the spirit.
  76. It would not be very unfair to inquire if this is not like the common case, in private life, where individuals enter into a contract, of which each party retains a copy, duly executed.
  77. Over the years my Shadowman has morphed to become positive and more animated but it still retains its alien vibe and this pushes me right up to the edge of my comfort zone where deep healing can occur.
  78. The soul area here is mind, will and emotions, and so your soul retains memories, memories of various experiences, so when you have a new experience you reference the old ones and come up with the conclusion.
  79. I became aware of Weetabix about 20 years ago through my wife who, like everyone who spent their childhood in England, retains remarkable loyalty to its eponymous breakfast cereal, which is similar to Nabisco Shredded Wheat.
  80. The edges of these bones are fringed with hairy fibres, through which the Right Whale strains the water, and in whose intricacies he retains the small fish, when openmouthed he goes through the seas of brit in feeding time.
  81. He had reached the age of sixteen then, I think, and without having bad features, or being deficient in intellect, he contrived to convey an impression of inward and outward repulsiveness that his present aspect retains no traces of.
  82. I hope, if the House agree (which God forbid!) to so much of the report of the Committee of the Whole as retains the frigates and ships of war, that they will at least consent to put down the navy-yard at this place, and break down the supernumerary Marines.
  83. Gabriel marries an unsatisfactory young woman in the vicinity, Ophelia Gusset, and retains Joan as his consoler and friend in a virtuous but high-strung companionship, out of which the country gossips, who hear of it through a spying servant, develop a slander.
  84. New research has identified that the caterpillar’s brain dissolves when it transforms into a butterfly, but the transformed butterfly retains the laboratory-conditioned behaviours of the caterpillar in terms of being aversive to the memory of a particular scent.
  85. Since the analogy requires that the angles be house cusps (or in any event, the spirits require it), projection of these 12 division points must needs be with house circles, since only a projection with house circles retains both the Ascendant and Midheaven as house cusps.
  86. Addendum to the above: It is certain, however, that the product of one‘s (own) imagination (or its descriptive designs) retains its own internal or conscious impressions that unite Thinker and Thought in a manner that reveals or expresses the inner ‖being‖ of the Thinker.
  87. By its inertia this mass always retards the rapid, frequent transitions, unverified by human wisdom, from one structure of life to another, and for a long time retains every truth which, verified by a long experience of a struggle, has entered into the consciousness of humanity.
  88. Although middle aged in my eyes she still has her beauty and her long hair still retains its black lustre, her eyes are dark pools that reflect a very resourceful and stubborn woman whom I love dearly; she is the centre of my life, everything I do or say revolves around my mother.
  89. Not only does every conscientious man feel this himself, but he must feel it more acutely at present, because the best part of art and science, that part which still retains a sense of its high calling, constantly reminds him of his cruelty, and of the unlawfulness of his position.
  90. Beside him had induced him to become reconciled to the Dantes, father and son, although there still lingered in his mind a faint and unperfect recollection of the events of the preceding night; just as the brain retains on waking in the morning the dim and misty outline of a dream.
  91. The lack of skill that many CEOs have at capital allocation is no small matter: After ten years on the job, a CEO whose company annually retains earnings equal to 10% of net worth will have been responsible for the deployment of more than 60% of all the capital at work in the business.
  92. The market’s appraisal of cash-dividend policy appears to be developing in the following direction: Where prime emphasis is not placed on growth the stock is rated as an income issue, and the dividend rate retains its long-held importance as the prime determinant of market price.
  93. There, crouched against the side of the wall which attracts and retains the most heat, they may be seen sometimes talking to one another, but more frequently alone, watching the door, which sometimes opens to call forth one from the gloomy assemblage, or to throw in another outcast from society.
  94. This finished product is then sold to the various drug distributors who dilute (orcut) the cocaine with choices of either dextrose or salt cuts, quinine or boric acid, but in most cases Talcum Powder…as long as the final product retains the white powder look of the original plus a lemony taste.
  95. In this case, looking at the bold, strong hand of the one, and the rather broken-backed appearance of the other, which still retains its legibility although the t's have begun to lose their crossing, we can say that the one was a young man and the other was advanced in years without being positively decrepit.
  96. Sir, I propose to make a few remarks on the bill itself, and subsequently, without following gentlemen in the wide and expansive range of argumentative, declamatory, and defamatory eloquence, in which they have thought fit to indulge, to reply to some of the observations which struck me with most force, and which my memory still retains.
  97. If we once abandon ourselves to the fancies of dreamers who see every thing through an intellectual prism, for whom no word retains its natural signification, but every vocable is surrounded with an aureola or many-tinted halo of mysteries and 'inner senses,’ we might as well abandon at the same time the hope of comprehending Christianity.
  98. The articles most necessary to him, and for which he gives more money, are considered greater value, and vice versa; so that, in a community exposed to violence, money at once receives its chief meaning,—it becomes a means of violence and a ransom from violence, and it retains, among the oppressed, its significance as a medium of exchange only so far as that is convenient to the oppressor.
  99. But of the rest my recollection retains only the picture of a slender girl in the depths of a big, cane chair, a slipper impertinently cocked upon the rung of another chair, the soft light which filtered through the leaves throwing into tantalizing shadow the curves of a mouth and the hide-and-seek play of blue eyes which were successfully employed in supplying me with an entirely new set of sensations.
  100. Alas, if despair is a fearful thing when the blood is hot, when the hair is black, when the head is erect on the body like the flame on the torch, when the roll of destiny still retains its full thickness, when the heart, full of desirable love, still possesses beats which can be returned to it, when one has time for redress, when all women and all smiles and all the future and all the horizon are before.

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