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Frasi con rock (in inglese)

  1. He had to rock his.
  2. The wind can rock it.
  3. It sat above a rock.
  4. I moved onto her rock.
  5. Rock and keep her safe.

  6. We will not rock back.
  7. This rock I build upon.
  8. Dead Rock is played out.
  9. All the rock that had.
  10. Darwin to rock the boat.
  11. What is inside the rock.
  12. You are the rock of ages.
  13. It was a beautiful rock.
  14. Next time, hit a rock.
  15. Sitting on a rock, the.

  16. There is good rock here.
  17. As water from the rock.
  18. Maybe it’s a fake rock.
  19. But the rock he threw.
  20. The rock was a devilfish.
  21. A sharp rock caught the.
  22. Rock and our Hiding Place.
  23. You hold that giant rock.
  24. A rock scratched his hand.
  25. He trembled upon his rock.

  26. A nice soft rock please.
  27. That buffets rock and sand.
  28. But rock was his business.
  29. Trees also love Rock Dust.
  30. See the Rock Dust chapter.
  31. A blend of rock and water.
  32. Over time, the rock will.
  33. He was as solid as a rock.
  34. Captain, he tore sein rock.
  35. It was wedged under a rock.
  36. Then I, that Rock is Jesus.
  37. He slammed the rock glass.
  38. I want some of that rock.
  39. It was black, and the rock.
  40. It was rock hard, literally.
  41. The pool was in a large rock.
  42. A vessel heading to the rock.
  43. You are the rock of my refuge.
  44. They began examining the rock.
  45. He Made The Young Rock Roses.
  46. Probably a rock of some kind.
  47. Milly too rock oil and flour.
  48. Crying, he began to rock her.
  49. It was onto a rock huge rock.
  50. The photo of this Sphinx rock.
  51. Silas knew the rock formation.
  52. He was sitting on a warm rock.
  53. My goodness it's like a rock.
  54. If not, the rock was not real.
  55. The rock was still in his hand.
  56. The road had become bare rock.
  57. It was still dark on the rock.
  58. Ash, dust, falling rock, fire.
  59. The rock dogs took off running.
  60. Christian rock mimic the world.
  61. It is a heavy rock on all.
  62. Kena sat back against a rock.
  63. They have been the rock that.
  64. And then they rested on a rock.
  65. He crawled along the rock and.
  66. The citizens of Shattered Rock.
  67. Credit selected a rock on the.
  68. A rock face protected his rear.
  69. Live rock is awesome and will.
  70. Now that would be rock and roll.
  71. You are the rock of my strength.
  72. Two children played on the rock.
  73. A peak and isle of rock it was.
  74. Only bare rock was beneath her.
  75. She sat on a rock one day and.
  76. Here, sit down on this rock.
  77. You are the rock of my salvation.
  78. Like to be that rock she sat on.
  79. We took the water from the rock.
  80. Having plenty of live rock for.
  81. His rock head had been torn off.
  82. Yosef pointed at the heavy rock.
  83. Punk rock was frankly too white.
  84. Skeets‘ rock face was cracking.
  85. But before the Rock Worm could.
  86. A second, much smaller rock in.
  87. Maybe it was a rock concert or.
  88. It happened at Chimney Rock, MD.
  89. Peso asked me if I needed a rock.
  90. He picked up a rock and threw it.
  91. They pause and look at the rock.
  92. Nearby Salt Rock was great for.
  93. Cowering back against the rock.
  94. A local rock band was tuning up.
  95. Cutting through the mist and rock.
  96. The ship was well into the rock.
  97. He pressed forward, hard as rock.
  98. You must have hit a bloody rock.
  99. Yngvild stepped onto the Law Rock.
  100. The huge chunk of rock sails to.
  1. It was now rocking from.
  2. Now she's rocking up in the.
  3. He stood up, rocking the boat.
  4. And, a fear of rocking the boat.
  5. The small rocking chair trembled.
  6. At some point, he stopped rocking.
  7. She stood rocking back and forth.
  8. A woman sat in the corner, rocking.
  10. With the rocking motion of the bus.
  11. He was an old grouchy man, rocking.
  12. Tied up and the stadium was rocking.
  13. She got up from her wicker rocking.
  14. Maybe they need help with sheet rocking.
  15. She began rocking again while her mind.
  16. When the bands were rocking, the booze.
  17. The wicker rocking chair, summer nights.
  18. The rocking chair started to creak again.
  19. Aiden sat on a rocking chair with his son.
  20. The second habit is rocking in the rocker.
  21. And we throw some rocking family parties.
  22. Rex put his arms around him, rocking gently.
  23. The man began rocking nervously in his chair.
  24. Suggest to him that The Rocking Boulders’.
  25. Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair.
  26. Well, quite rocking the cables, she said.
  27. They sat down in the rocking chairs and waited.
  28. This time, I picked a rocking chair to sit in.
  29. She sat in the chair and was rocking back and.
  30. He pulled a rocking chair near the bed and began.
  31. His arms and legs were bound, his body rocking.
  32. The Countess stopped rocking and raised her head.
  33. He motioned to the rocking chairs off to the side.
  34. Rachel sat on the rocking chair close to the fire.
  35. Sitting silently in an old rocking chair in the.
  36. The FedEx truck was still there, rocking in place.
  37. Back in the game, 20-14, with the stadium rocking.
  38. Two empty rocking chairs on the porch and a table.
  39. Something moved inside the van, rocking it slightly.
  40. The boat slowed down and began rocking in the waves.
  41. Lov was huddled on the ground, rocking back and forth.
  42. Alvin stood up slowly from the rocking chair and the.
  43. Rocking gently back and forth was a dead, green fish.
  44. THE LATEST E-MAIL had Cindy rocking back on her heels.
  45. I feel stupid for buying her that rocking horse now.
  46. Kennedy was assassinated by his own kind for rocking.
  47. In the morning Nuke said, I am still rocking my baby.
  48. Kate held Christina in her arms, rocking back and forth.
  49. The Rocking Boulders are the first band ever to use one.
  50. For rocking, I turned to Slayer, Venom, and Iron Maiden.
  51. He sank down in a rocking chair and nodded off to sleep.
  52. Now there was drizzle and the ship was now rocking madly.
  53. North Carolina rocking chair and look out over the Blue.
  54. The rocking of the boat helped the rocking of their union.
  55. Cam stopped their rocking, tension snapping into his body.
  56. You're still mad, he said, rocking back on his knees.
  57. Janelle sat with her knees pulled up to her chin, rocking.
  58. Similar to the Rocking exercise described in chapter four.
  59. It was lucky for Penn and Starret that the rocking sampan.
  60. He was taking an elderly woman's money for a rocking horse.
  61. She lowers her head and coos, rocking her arms and smiling.
  62. Next to the rocking chair in which she’s seated is a—.
  63. Cass leans against the secured rocking stack while panting.
  64. Same thing as the east, rocking in place, no forward motion.
  65. She sat in the rocking chair for a minute, without saying a.
  66. The thunderstorm intensified, to the point of rocking trees.
  67. For a billionaire businessman, he sure had one rocking body.
  68. Joey’s brain gave him a stern warning with a rocking pound.
  69. The rocking caused by the impending storm became unpleasant.
  71. The barrage battered against the helicopter, rocking it as it.
  72. Hopkins saw Charlotte on the monitors, rocking back and forth.
  73. The Princess was the DJ and she was rocking the town at night.
  74. Cassie? Mom had her arms around me, rocking me soothingly.
  75. There was a sensation of falling, followed by a rocking motion.
  76. A desperate stream of tears accompanied her motion of rocking.
  77. In the den, there was a pair of rocking chairs that Leila liked.
  78. He picked up a new pine rocking chair and handed it to Flitter.
  79. A while later they moved deeper and the rocking motion stopped.
  80. But as Babouscka sat by her fire, rocking, she began to think.
  81. I pulled her against me and held her, rocking her as she shook.
  82. She took me into her arms, rocking me back and forth as I cried.
  83. He held the old man for a while, rocking him gently in his arms.
  84. He waited, feet apart as if steadying himself on a rocking ship.
  85. She was standing instead of in her usual spot, her rocking chair.
  86. Stacey stepped up to speak, rocking self-consciously on his heels.
  87. I fell asleep with the rocking of his body as he carried me home.
  88. The mob stopped rocking the sheriff vehicle and turned to face Ed.
  89. We tied her to the pony when she fell asleep on its rocking back.
  90. People started rocking up in droves right from the opening moment.
  91. Petrov was standing by the head of the bed gently rocking the new.
  92. Peter woke up in a room with an old man sitting in a rocking chair.
  93. Now it was rocking angrily and kicking its little legs in the air.
  94. Star took the hint and sat up on him, and did the rocking for him.
  95. She pulled harder on its gristly fabric, rocking back on her heels.
  96. She tried again, rocking the little mirror to the north three times.
  97. He stumbles to the rocking chair, sitting in the middle of the room.
  98. The rest of the guests were enjoying themselves at the rocking party.
  99. Philip grabbed Angela and held her close, rocking her back and forth.
  100. Poop Doggie's video was on the big screen and Doll was rocking to it.
  1. A sob rocked her chest.
  2. This time, I rocked it.
  3. He rocked back and forth.
  4. The show rocked so much.
  5. Feltus rocked on his heels.
  6. She rocked back and forth.
  7. Ash held her head and rocked.
  8. Mosh rocked back and forth.
  9. He neither shall be rocked.
  10. He rocked to and fro in pain.
  11. She rocked forward onto her.
  12. Hiss rocked to the side a bit.
  13. Constance rocked on her heels.
  14. We totally rocked it out there.
  15. The thunder rocked the ground.
  16. Garret rocked back on his heels.
  17. He rocked back on to his heels.
  18. Claire rocked Lydia like a baby.
  19. She rocked the child and sang.
  20. William rocked back in his chair.
  21. Again his head rocked to the side.
  22. Rocked to the core, Jillian gasped.
  23. She sang to Rosa as she rocked her.
  24. Two loud explosions rocked the area.
  25. He rocked on his feet a moment, as.
  26. That rocked them back on their heels.
  27. The storm rocked the plane a moment.
  28. It rocked gently with his movements.
  29. The train rocked hard and he tumbled.
  30. Another explosion rocked the compound.
  31. The explosion rocked the entire block.
  32. They all rocked in hysterical laughter.
  33. He sat on my bed and it rocked gently.
  34. The final Tsunami set rocked the house.
  35. The shock wave rocked Olgarsson back.
  36. She rocked him with the scissors hold.
  37. Aquarius smiled and rocked in his chair.
  38. I just rocked the paper! Thanks to you.
  39. The next words out of her mouth rocked.
  40. Once again, he rocked in his wheelchair.
  41. He rocked on his heels, thinking about it.
  42. She rocked back and forth, back and forth.
  43. He rocked back and forth on his haunches.
  44. The eagle rocked its head in agreement.
  45. She grabbed Mia in a hug and they rocked.
  46. Rocked and rolled to the river’s thunder.
  47. The two rocked back in forth in waves of.
  48. I sat down and fairly rocked in my delight.
  49. I rocked tensely onto the balls of my feet.
  50. Properly! He rocked! Skye and I burst into.
  51. The ship rocked as if a hand had slapped it.
  52. He rocked back on his heels, considering her.
  53. That's good! he rocked back on his heels.
  54. In her misery she rocked herself upon the bed.
  55. I rocked the cart back and forth with my legs.
  56. My head rocked back, my skull hitting plaster.
  57. I see, he said as he rocked on his heels.
  58. She rocked the child O’Brien had handed her.
  59. Stan moaned and rocked his body gently as she.
  60. He cleared his throat and rocked slightly on.
  61. Adele hugged herself and rocked, cold, so cold.
  62. Merthin took the child and rocked him expertly.
  63. She sat for hours and rocked on the cold ground.
  64. Smitty rocked back and slowly loosened his grip.
  65. The tower rocked, trembled, and started to give.
  66. Brian rocked back and forth, staring into space.
  67. Talshi came up with him and rocked him to sleep.
  68. Celia put her arm around me and rocked me gently.
  69. That monster audience simply rocked with delight.
  70. Her mother’s death had rocked her world though.
  71. Another tremor rocked the base to its foundations.
  72. I could see palm trees, and the van rocked a lot.
  73. He sat and rocked his son, binding them together.
  74. A large explosion from downstairs rocked the house.
  75. They rocked awhile, two halves of a similar content.
  76. Believes me dead, rocked in the cradle of the deep.
  77. The old man rocked back on his haunches and cackled.
  78. Two or three Amazons rocked one of the stones back.
  79. As he rocked back and forth, the fi relight painted.
  80. She rocked back and forth as she looked on in horror.
  81. As she rocked her little ones, the mother hummed in a.
  82. They kissed wildly, holding each other as they rocked.
  83. I rocked back slightly in the chair at that revelation.
  84. Drudge let out a laugh that rocked them upon the water.
  85. He had rocked it in one fell swoop; continuous motion.
  86. They rocked together, his arms completely enclosing her.
  87. The groom rocked once, then crumpled forward in a heap.
  88. He spasmed and rocked like a death row in mate in the.
  89. It was a joyous song that struck them and rocked them.
  90. Pits of brimstone exploded, concussions rocked the cave.
  91. It rocked at the surface as Garcia undid his restraints.
  92. As the group sat silent, a loud shutter rocked the house.
  93. Vinny's boat floated gracefully in the water and rocked.
  94. The explosion was so huge that the Earth rocked on its.
  95. He looked up at her and the fear in his eyes rocked her.
  96. The car rocked back and forth as the connection was made.
  97. Theresa rocked back and forth in the rocker subtly as she.
  98. Dude, you rocked out, I said with a requited smile.
  99. He settled himself between her legs and gently rocked in.
  100. As he picked himself up, a second impact rocked the vessel.
  1. It is barred by rocks.
  2. Back and forth he rocks.
  3. Hal rushed to the rocks.
  4. It has rocks and soils.
  5. The weight of the rocks.
  6. It was nothing but rocks.
  7. The rocks that had been.
  8. The rocks must have moved.
  9. The dens and rocks of the.
  10. There are only barren rocks.
  11. He hit the rocks, smashing.
  12. Vodka on the rocks coming up.
  13. You see the twin rocks?
  14. Pick up rocks, he said.
  15. Flame gushed out of the rocks.
  16. Valentine's Day on the Rocks.
  17. At its end were rocks and sea.
  18. Boy, was she lousy with rocks.
  19. The rocks that barred the bay.
  20. At The Rocks all was going well.
  21. These rocks have sharp edges.
  22. Of course talking to rocks or.
  23. Rocks from that height can kill.
  24. On the rocks, if ever a man was.
  25. Fixed her a Scotch on the rocks.
  26. My Molter rocks as I try to turn.
  27. They were throwing rocks at the.
  28. I need one of those on the rocks.
  29. Then I threw a bunch of rocks in.
  30. Let’s get up in those rocks.
  31. He flung the rocks in succession.
  32. It’s buried under the rocks.
  33. They released two lines of rocks.
  34. I stuffed my pockets with rocks.
  35. The eggs sizzled on the hot rocks.
  36. Tops of rocks illuminated by the.
  37. Treb is good at chucking rocks.
  38. Will a girl be at The Rocks?
  39. Can’t! We’d hit more rocks.
  40. Skirens luring ships into the rocks.
  41. The rocks whereon the sirens sing?
  42. Not before the rocks hit us, sir.
  43. Build the fire on top of the rocks.
  44. He began climbing over sharp rocks.
  45. Kog continued to point at the rocks.
  46. He plowed it and removed its rocks.
  47. Then she rocks forward on her heels.
  48. The sea throwing foam against rocks.
  49. How are your useless rocks doing?
  50. He would bury him alive under rocks.
  51. Gurgling as it flows over the rocks.
  52. Almost hidden by the rocks was a hole.
  53. That's the way he fell off the rocks.
  54. It bubbled up over the rocks into a.
  55. She drinks whiskey sour on the rocks.
  56. Moshe was only dimly aware of rocks.
  57. The trees, the rocks and the streams.
  58. Drifting and drowning near the rocks.
  59. He would climb trees and throw rocks.
  60. The man sat on the rocks and cast out.
  61. Wave lines and mud furrows in rocks, J.
  62. But Theo did not get up from the rocks.
  63. Wilkesbarre, on the rocks and coal, &c.
  64. Rocks fall onto the top of the shield.
  65. Her lip, cut by rocks, begins to bleed.
  66. Maybe we should throw them with rocks.
  67. Honestly, the museum had enough rocks.
  68. It is in a deep crevice in some rocks.
  69. The trees and rocks about him seemed.
  70. As if by magic all the rocks had gone.
  71. Of olive-bordered Betis; to the rocks.
  72. Vertebrae were mixed in with the rocks.
  73. The rocks are faulty, he said quietly.
  74. This guy is dumber than a box of rocks.
  75. Transition Rocks of the Cataraqui, 74.
  76. We all just stood there, still as rocks.
  77. I think she used rocks with me, though.
  78. The rocks were from my sling, of course.
  79. Some of the rocks appear to be talcose.
  80. Obeast was no stranger to throwing rocks.
  81. The rocky soil and rocks would be used.
  82. Transition Rocks of the Cataraqui, 233.
  83. He had regularly thrown rocks at trolls.
  84. And a bunch of rocks piled up by humans.
  85. That’ll be a job on those rocks sir.
  86. When I swam to the rocks, he helped me up.
  87. It was easy walking once I left the rocks.
  88. They all stared at the ship on the rocks.
  89. She hit the rocks hard, bruising her leg.
  90. The next wave of rocks grows in intensity.
  91. The road without weeds, rocks, and hills.
  92. Just open ground with rocks strewn about.
  93. None of the trees around the rocks moved.
  94. This creates a waste pile of broken rocks.
  95. Your smile is the fire that rocks my soul.
  96. I climbed the last spiky rocks to the top.
  97. Ahead of them, rocks hailed down, thudding.
  98. The Earth quaked and the rocks were split.
  99. You hit your head pretty bad on the rocks.
  100. On the other side, I filled it with rocks.

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