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Frasi con score (in inglese)

  1. The mean score is 29.
  2. The score was kept on.
  3. Keep a score card today.
  4. A Z Score is the.
  5. Gives you a lower score.

  6. Score one for Max Siegel.
  7. TTV score of 25 and above.
  8. The score is three to two.
  9. The score would have been.
  10. On that score, he succeeded.
  11. A folly’s score, I admit.
  12. This is a good Paydex score.
  13. Stil working on that score.
  14. The final score was 28 to 26.
  15. He’d bring a score of guards.

  16. He knows the score, does Jimmy.
  17. The story merits its high score.
  18. Oh I've no doubts on that score.
  19. Oh! be easy on that score, Miss.
  20. Pills and capsules by the score.
  21. FICO score of about 700 or above.
  22. Pure glucose has a score of 100.
  23. Klout score was an impressive 52.
  24. A score of years are blown away.
  25. You get to score more that way.

  26. We had a few ideas on that score.
  27. I believed that she would score.
  28. This was going to be a big score.
  29. The higher your score the better.
  30. Abram was five score years of age.
  31. Check out the SCORE program by SBA.
  32. Two score and twelve were told off.
  33. Esau intended to settle the score.
  34. Please be reassured on that score.
  35. I can still remember ten score of.
  36. Hope I can get good score for this.
  37. I am ending my three score and ten.
  38. What was your test score again?’.
  39. At half time, the score was 24 to 0.
  40. Take sales skills with a score of 5.
  41. You have a score of scores counted.
  42. The lower your score the worse your.
  43. What does the Paydex score mean? Is.
  44. The last thing I need is a score of.
  45. Score the mixture into desired shapes.
  46. The computer sums and keeps the score.
  47. Okay, here’s the score, you guys.
  48. But I have a score to settle with one.
  49. In that case, the modified Z Score is 0.
  50. Aching as if trounced upon by a score.
  51. Here is how you should score yourself:.
  52. How is it you consistently score in.
  53. I should think he has a score of them.
  54. Q: In bowling, what’s a perfect score?
  55. Ah, yes, score! This will work just fine.
  56. He could hardly wait to settle the score.
  57. So, your business has a Paydex score of 80.
  58. I choose deer, but can't get a high score.
  59. They want to score big times with Corbett.
  60. The higher the score, the more highly 59.
  61. What they are saying to others who score.
  62. A score that would launch everybody, into.
  63. We're talkin' retirement score around here.
  64. Rumor was Kyle couldn’t score the beer.
  65. We score an industry on 100 items every time.
  66. There are a score of these vile creatures.
  67. She was gonna finish this score and move on.
  68. You know the score, half fee and a donation.
  69. It gives me a chance to even up the score.
  70. Isaac had no complaints on that score either.
  71. Several hundred ern, at least a few score men.
  72. And as I recall it, we have a score to settle.
  73. He excused his client on the score of poverty.
  74. His score, to save face, he had to ‘pad’!.
  75. What’s the score on the estate then?
  76. Zero plus zero plus zero makes zero, no score.
  77. The individual with the highest score gets a.
  78. Bob would be proud of her; she knows the score.
  79. So you may set your mind at rest on that score.
  80. They would come by the score for such a feast.
  81. Score one for her for throwing him off balance.
  82. So the plan was Mr bitch was to go in and score.
  83. The more misses you make: the lower your score.
  84. The ‘story’ was all in the score they kept.
  85. I'm always interested in hearin' about a score.
  86. Mona confessed that they had a score to settle.
  87. The judges, however, didn’t score it that way.
  88. Lastly, Gunt had recruited a score of children.
  89. Those with a score of over 70 are rated as high.
  90. Don’t tell me what the score is Henry!.
  91. After ninety days the credit score goes to 87%.
  92. That was the only reason I needed a decent score.
  93. Three Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Credit Score.
  94. His score, over par, would blow up like a blimp!.
  95. I still remember the score was a very good score.
  96. This year, Smyth would definitely equal the score.
  97. Unrestrained drivers score about seventy straight.
  98. I have a score to settle with you, Rodriguez!.
  99. Nearly a score of federal laws — including the.
  100. Oliva broke two tackles and went in for the score.
  1. Scoring a meal on the second hit.
  2. Scoring his play wasn’t always pleasant.
  3. Scoring points was the closest he came to.
  4. Apparently, scoring in the top 10% on the G.
  5. He made a joke about scoring brownie points.
  6. Oscar nomination for best scoring of a musical.
  7. She’s scoring points here, the differences.
  8. Lacking the scoring punch and flair that Adams.
  9. Atlanta came back with another scoring drive and.
  10. Besides, scoring during this stop would be risky.
  11. For some reason I started scoring with headers and.
  12. Even if the guy was scoring bogeys ‘by the pack’.
  13. He was the highest scoring player in the match with 20.
  14. Terry marked his debut by scoring a magnificent hat trick.
  15. The scoring was pretty close as the competition progressed.
  16. Most matches consecutively scoring the winning goal.
  17. He was magnificent, scoring goal after goal and inspiring.
  18. His goal scoring reached ever-greater levels of perfection.
  19. Do you think you will be able to keep up your torrid scoring.
  20. Atlanta came back with a 10-play scoring drive and went up 7-0.
  21. Kahneman's book, I renamed my scoring system the trade Apgar.
  22. I could see why Terry assumed GI Jo-Jo was scoring drugs for Ian.
  23. The scoring system in basket ball, on the other hand is the most.
  24. In fact, Terry marked his debut by scoring a magnificent hat trick.
  25. Think of your favorite NFL team scoring a touchdown in the playoffs.
  26. Not scoring any points with me, honey, he says over his shoulder.
  27. Like lightening the Dweller attacked again this time scoring her flesh.
  28. Credit scoring is an unbiased way of deciding who should receive credit.
  29. Laxman ended the day at 275 not out, scoring more than what the entire.
  30. Orr remains the only defenseman to have ever won the season scoring title.
  31. It would also be nominated for an Oscar for the best scoring of a musical.
  32. I forget who the team was but we wind up scoring like 10 runs in this one.
  33. His songs are more emo, so I’m sure he’s scoring big with the women.
  34. The offense has a higher chance of scoring when it crosses the 50-yard line.
  35. The league’s scoring system should be reviewed as well as player rankings.
  36. It showed her six-year-old son Axel on the football pitch after scoring a goal.
  37. But he did most of the scoring, as I was still hurting from Sylvia's rejection.
  38. Give students a scoring system, ask them to score their papers and hand them in.
  39. Apgar's simple scoring system has improved infant survival rates around the world.
  40. I couldn’t shoot at them through a chain-link fence with any hope of scoring a hit.
  41. She owed heaps of money around the place and didn’t look like scoring another job.
  42. Scoring methods were modified and observers provided with differing criteria employed.
  43. In fact, she would qualify as the highest scoring Allied air ace of this war right now.
  44. I need you to play her, not the other way around, but that's how I'm scoring this so far.
  45. They cruised to an easy 41 to 17 victory, with Minnesota only scoring in the last two minutes.
  46. Know the rules about scoring: Blocking strategy comes from the way that the points are scored.
  47. The kids are not scoring well, I know that, but that’s because they don’t come to page 169.
  48. Would it seem plausible that, with few exceptions, a student scoring 700 on his or her Verbal S.
  49. He squeezed off two bursts as he swung toward me, though he had no chance of scoring a hit in the turn.
  50. He is often praised for his ability to adapt to the needs of his body and yet keep scoring consistently.
  51. The scoring depends on how consistent a statistically significant relationship was found in the studies.
  52. San Diego schools, for instance, found that the percentage of first graders scoring above the medium on.
  53. The Makii fought back, often scoring viscous, fatal blows, but nothing stopped the undead Chosen and Elders.
  54. What say we work together to gain the prize, and later negotiate the scoring of our individual efforts?
  55. College students are increasingly worried about credit ranking and credit ranking scoring - and for valid reason.
  56. The lads even manage an impromptu game of water polo, with Watkin now in goal, and Cliff scoring all the points.
  57. Hal Smith was the next hitter and that he was, smashing a three-run homer to left field, scoring the two runners.
  58. All the bullets ripped through his body without effect, scoring holes of blue light that immediately sealed back up.
  59. By the end of the tenth round Mary had failed to place a scoring hit on Fiona and Fiona had sent Mary to the mat twice.
  60. Me and Ed had been buying $1200 worth of pot each time when scoring for quite a while and it seemed my plan was stagnant.
  61. Chances are that you have failed in your past relationships or this is your first try at scoring a date with your dream girl.
  62. Very bad decisions were made by guess who else but our elected politicians who see the SAPS as a political scoring exercise.
  63. MURPHY) had been scoring of me for a few years and had noticed how well I was doing these days so started the old flirt thing.
  64. He was magnificent, scoring goal after goal and inspiring his countrymen in their fight to win a place in the World Cup final.
  65. Tammas drove his foot into the closer of the two, scoring just above the knee cap, instantly shattering the student’s femur.
  66. This has enabled him to remain scoring consistently in spite of the physical toll of injuries and a lean period in the mid-2000s.
  67. You see, from a credit scoring perspective, having one bankruptcy appear on your credit reports is the equivalent of an atomic bomb.
  68. He must be on the go, ready, that if taken to the ground, to be able to fight there, as well perfectly scoring, without been scored.
  69. Another popular favorite is Hangman but it is best to avoid the hanging imagery in the classroom so a scoring system would be better.
  70. The pattern scoring will appear only when there is a reversal candle pattern that has been completed on the last day of the data loaded.
  71. The list of the top ten scoring stocks would have appeared to the right of the criteria and would be updated on the fly as I clicked away.
  72. Somehow or other Pat O'Brien pitched out of that jam and got Arizona State out in the top of the ninth without Arizona State scoring a run.
  73. Another danger of taking the test on your own is that you don't know how doctors typically come to the exact scoring on each of the questions.
  74. Scoring a knife, she propelled herself forward into the thicket of battle, engaging in hand to hand-to-hand combat with the remaining mermaids.
  75. It began with a customer ringing me after scoring one day to tell me the cops had stopped him up the street from my flat and tried to search him.
  76. As this order was being executed, Bismarck's fifth salvo straddled Hood, scoring one or perhaps two hits with disastrous and incredible results.
  77. For example, if you have become more consistent in scoring splits and spares, then you should aim for higher goals, such as hitting more strikes.
  78. In the knowledge organization, knowledge workers are the stars of the team, scoring points by contributing to the comapny’s intellectual capital.
  79. Suddenly one day I ran in to an old pot dealing mate, it turned out he had really prospered and was scoring in the region of 200 pound at a time!.
  80. Afterwards he gathered up the reports, flicking through each to check that no pages had been removed, scoring their names from a list as he did so.
  81. That a party which was just a year old was scoring better than the Congress on the social media meter reflects just how ill prepared Rahul’s team was.
  82. He reached out and grabbed her knickers, ripping them off in one movement, scoring her skin in the process as the elastic resisted the force momentarily.
  83. The Texas Rangers (USA) set a modern (since 1900) single-game record by scoring 30 runs in a 30–3 victory over the Baltimore Orioles on 22 August 2007.
  84. I posted 32 goals and 7 assists in only nine games this season; while I wouldn’t break the state record, I had a chance to shatter the league scoring record.
  85. His goal scoring reached ever-greater levels of perfection and he was instrumental in helping his country fight their way to third place in the next World Cup.
  86. If you disagree with the system's choice, you can amend your answers to fine-tune the selection, and further in the process they will even give you the scoring key.
  87. Higher education student financial obligations are increasing and the numbers of scholars who leave university with ruined credit ranking scoring is increasing as well.
  88. Terry quickly became a regular in his school team, scoring one hundred goals the very next season, which brought him to the attention of the biggest football club in the land.
  89. He coughs and clears his throat and continues with a smile, That’s like scoring A’s on six advanced calculus tests then getting F’s on algebra and B’s in basic math.
  90. After scoring big with The Seven Year Itch, the studio honchos had wisely acquired the Tony Award–winning comedy of 1955, William Inge’s Bus Stop, for their new box-office queen.
  91. With his battered old shin pads tucked safely inside his knee length socks, he ran riot through every level of schoolboy and junior football, scoring record numbers of goals at every age.
  92. The Scottish legal system is based on the French and differs from England and the colonies in that, instead of looking for legal loopholes and scoring points, they attempt to get at the truth.
  93. Albert Pujols (Dominican Republic) recorded 12 consecutive seasons of scoring 30 or more home runs while playing for the St Louis Cardinals and Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles from 2001 to 2012.
  94. It had been harder and harder to have people actively scoring from him and watching him the longer I was away in prison so toward the end I just hoped he was being straight up with my business and me.
  95. This may not have been unrelated to a sideline William had in those days, ’73, ’74, which was scoring cocaine in small amounts for various friends and acquaintances, record store clerks not excluded.
  96. Though headmaster addressed each section of class 11 with an extremely hilarious speech of how not to turn suicidal in case of scoring less than expectation, he himself appeared much more terrible than anyone else.
  97. Ans- Firstly look at the chapter wise scoring scheme of the subject, if its very important chapter and many questions come from it , then it would be better not to leave that chapter otherwise you can think of leaving.
  98. For the next six rounds, Louis staggered about the ring, punished by a relentless barrage of rights to the jaw, somehow staying on his feet but scoring few if any points and inflicting little damage on the German boxer.
  99. What is the most common sign of winning in Tennis and many other sports? The raised fist of hate, destruction, killing, violence… only after a winning shot or scoring a winning point is the truth about winning revealed.
  100. The CinemaScope camera captures all seventeen of the dazzling production numbers, including the title song and Alexander’s Ragtime Band, with Marilyn also scoring well in her solo production number, Heat Wave.
  1. Someone had just scored a.
  2. I’d scored a direct hit!.
  3. He scored a couple of times.
  4. The lion in me scored another.
  5. We could’ve scored more runs.
  6. The doctor has scored once more.
  7. He scored 100 not out off 66 balls.
  8. It was the only point Robert scored.
  9. A run scored, making it a 7-6 game.
  10. The American student scored nine-.
  11. The plaster was scored with claw-.
  12. The San Francisco Giants scored two.
  13. In the real world I scored two goals.
  14. He had scored and it had been so easy.
  15. He had scored a homerun with his niece.
  16. He even scored himself a preacher man.
  17. Tendulkar scored ten, others even less.
  18. But you never know, I might have scored.
  19. Dravid scored the highest at twenty-five.
  20. He scored 9,300 points, which was 2,000.
  21. Then shortly thereafter, they scored again.
  22. I scored my fifth goal in style that night.
  23. It had definitely scored ‘another coup’.
  24. On the table above, these are scored out of 5.
  25. Deep vertical lines of tension scored my brow.
  26. Female: Heather Richardson (USA) scored 147.
  27. Woundwort scored it across with his foreclaws.
  28. In the remaining ten minutes we scored again.
  29. First shot and I scored on a ricochet, Kirk.
  30. Kennedy felt that he had scored a palpable hit.
  31. Scored some points with that one, she thought.
  32. I scored in the one forty five range on the I.
  33. The men watched as the other team scored their.
  34. Each area which scored 8 or higher is an area of.
  35. The runners moved up one base, another run scored.
  36. I slashed at his suit but only scored the surface.
  37. My strength was fading, and every blow scored deep.
  38. What I should have said is, Regina scored some GHB.
  39. Max Stanford had scored his second goal of the night.
  40. He scored only one goal for his great club and that.
  41. In September 2013 he scored a guaranteed purse of $41.
  42. So you scored some grub for our hunted friends?
  43. This definitely scored some big brownie points for him.
  44. Cathy scored 85, 87, 90, 95, and 100 in her Math exams.
  45. Dave had scored reasonable grades in seven GCSEs - not.
  46. He scored a hit of his own on the killer, who collapsed.
  47. Zoe grimaced, but I could tell Thalia had scored a point.
  48. The young 4th graders scored 545, ranking twelfth out of.
  49. Thierry Henry (France) scored 175 goals for Arsenal.
  50. They scored a direct hit on one of the Araknu's front legs.
  51. The Miami and Shawnee in the Ohio Country scored over a U.
  52. Tdeshi just wanted to come, that was how she scored at sex.
  53. The average score was 98 but Ben scored 131, which is just.
  54. But neither this raid, nor two more strikes scored any hits.
  55. Angela was a real go-getter and had scored a job pretty 37.
  56. The trick was to use his ability at a lever that scored yet.
  57. If so, they scored quite a bit for it was in excellent shape.
  58. The example, above, shows how I would have scored the 4 ideas.
  59. Many clubs scored the availability of funding as a 4 out of 10.
  60. His eyes were as dark as winter and his face scored with grief.
  61. He scored the winning goal in both of the Bruins championships.
  62. For, otherwise, their investigations had scored a big fat zero.
  63. McGill scored a total of 28 goals last season and your team 32.
  64. In 1996, 55 percent of eight graders scored below the interna-.
  65. One attacker cried out in pain as the bullet scored a direct hit.
  66. Once, she'd scored a goal in the last fifteen seconds of a match.
  67. She could tell that Nuran had not scored sex from him yet however.
  68. TrustedID scored the lowest on customer service however, as their.
  69. In the calendar year, Clarke scored 1,595 Test runs, averaging 106.
  70. I won! Ha-ha! I won, suckers! Markie-boy has scored a sack trick!.
  71. He had refused but the cops had said they knew he had scored from me.
  72. Had she been a person, the first shot would have scored her shoulder.
  73. A couple days later I went and took my tests, scored high enough to.
  74. As, she scored me and my team ran into a crowd screaming and jumping.
  75. Thirty two aircraft released Tallboys but no direct hits were scored.
  76. We had always scored highly against the client’s quality scorecards.
  77. Although no runs scored, the bases were now loaded and the tying run.
  78. The vendor they’d visited the day before had scored themselves 10 for.
  79. I had just heard that I scored a D for history instead of the expected B.
  80. Your headline will be analyzed and scored based on the total number of EMV.
  81. Branton goal, his third of the game, scored by number 10, DAAAANNNYYYYY.
  82. When Tdeshi scored, it was heredity, when Ava scored it was life experience.
  83. He’d scored 223 against Kent at Gravesend after Glamorgan had followed on.
  84. The earth had been laid bare and was scored with long scratches and furrows.
  85. The rounds popped out of the gun and scored dusty, fist-sized in the ceiling.
  86. I’m sure no one in Branton history had scored that many goals in six games.
  87. Hobbs, being ignorant of everything around him, thought he’d scored big time.
  88. He had, by then, scored all five goals and it had been a long and hard season.
  89. I scored a bike when I was ten and that gave me more freedom to explore and I.
  90. Male: Timur Tuchinov (Russia) scored 659 points in London, UK, on 4 May 2012.
  91. He knew he had scored some points but was acutely aware that he was vulnerable.
  92. In the 1999–2000 season, Kevin Phillips (UK) scored 30 goals for Sunderland.
  93. In the beginning of the first half, Dallas scored a touchdown and the point after.
  94. He scored points by saying he would stay over at her place and look after Vladimir.
  95. It’s an M67 fragmented grenade, steel body, scored steel spring for fragmentation.
  96. Because it was I who had scored this hospitality suite, I was entitled to the couch.
  97. She came away from my side to sit bolt upright and I knew that I’d scored big time.
  98. All Rostov’s cards were beaten and he had eight hundred rubles scored up against him.
  99. Roosevelt anticipated that if Japan attacked and scored a decisive victory over the U.
  100. In 1995, when he scored a big win in Bihar, he invited me to a late-night celebration.
  1. By the scores of dozens.
  2. But scores of arrows had.
  3. Some scores with me and you.
  4. Tired of scores taking the.
  5. A few scores, here and there.
  6. The judges’ scores went up.
  7. There were scores of accidents.
  8. If you look at the scores of a 72.
  9. But hoping we could get good scores.
  10. You have a score of scores counted.
  11. Teig saw scores of them as he looked.
  12. This results in different credit scores.
  13. Which three areas got the lowest scores?
  14. Louie’s bombing scores were outstanding.
  15. Scores of people passed by in their metal.
  16. Which three areas got the highest scores?
  17. Scores more could be on the scene within.
  18. He watched in envy at others’ scores fell.
  19. Scores of self-improvement books are built.
  20. Westgate Mall, Signature Mall, and scores of.
  21. Near-perfect SAT, LSAT, GMAT, and GRE scores.
  22. For the first time, I got good scores in Math.
  23. Any dust marks resulted in lower audit scores.
  24. The Civic Center hosts scores of concerts and.
  25. But, although there are scores of interpreta-.
  26. But opening the new loan lowers their scores a.
  27. There were dozens of them, scores, including Mr.
  28. Is it any wonder that the SAT scores are so low.
  29. And at the same time there emerged from scores.
  30. Upper Street, past the scores of small bars and.
  31. Thus emotions scores in mental becoming physical.
  32. I was trying to catch up with the cricket scores.
  33. That answer leaves all veracity scores unchanged.
  34. I add up the scores and then I pick the top stock.
  35. He sold information, alibis, scores, and made it.
  36. Scores of people through the years had fal en in.
  37. Setting yourself on fire scores about seventy-six.
  39. And turned her into scores of women from his past.
  40. A link severed scores of generations ago during a.
  41. However, with times many scores of models have been.
  42. Nor, for that matter, do I wish to recall old scores.
  43. Calculate your Total Score by adding up all 20 scores.
  44. Scores of them stayed to watch the spectacle, though.
  45. He'd have their lives, and the lives of scores of 'em.
  46. New brings up Luke's golf scores from this past summer.
  47. And scores of people will be killed too in the bombing.
  48. Carrying the load of each level, there were scores of.
  49. Madness scores frenzy data caused by the effect of soul.
  50. Even those with the greatest of credit scores are being.
  51. The Magician has some old scores to settle with the Witch.
  52. Scores of illustrations of this sort could be enumerated.
  53. Now she was accepting that there were scores of them here.
  54. Mainwaring had asked himself that question scores of times.
  55. But in the 12th grade scores have dropped from 305 to 296.
  56. All that mattered was that test scores had raised slightly.
  57. He was also able to write and record entire musical scores.
  58. The massive popularization of credit scores and the.
  59. Usually those with the highest scores are awarded the jobs.
  60. There have been scores of books written on the subject of.
  61. There’re been scores of books written on the subject of.
  62. It’ll even up all your old scores with me—even this one.
  63. We are human beings and have come to settle scores with you.
  64. Anyone who has access to the scores would be able to see it.
  65. Most astonishingly, they had dramatically higher scores on.
  66. Now for all the scores and highlights around the NFL….
  67. What about the scores of people who had more resources, more.
  68. Scores of friends and family members descended on me, holding.
  69. Our test scores are dropping dramatically with every child we.
  70. I tried to be proud of my high scores, but no one really cared.
  71. And that can be demonstrated by scores of symbols of revelation.
  72. It differs from a routine thinking by the high points it scores.
  73. Those who had waited longest had average scores of 610 and 652.
  74. Scores have been tortured, some by flogging, while in detention.
  75. Now, one year later, he considers such scores ―meaningless‖.
  76. But Rosemary was one of scores of characters in Goodwin’s book.
  77. What is the count of the scores or hundreds of years between us?
  78. It was simply scores of shelves with hundreds of bottles on them.
  79. She drives the entire length of the floor and scores, basically.
  80. New recruits were not surrounded by scores of experienced traders.
  81. New York and Texas were a little below average with scores of 145.
  82. I have had one or two little scores of my own to settle with Mr.
  83. It means that when a subject scores 30 (out of a possible 40) in a.
  84. Students are increasingly worried about credit and credit scores -.
  85. Only ad hoc team games are played, and the scores are not recorded.
  86. But though he awaited to be free in five years, scores of documents.
  87. Scores of ships have perished on this coast -- some without a trace.
  88. I had no idea what the range of scores was but that was a good score.
  89. He landed in the grass and sent scores of insects flying into the air.
  90. Based on the international test scores it is a complete, total failure.
  91. It was now apparent that 20 people had been killed, and scores injured.
  92. Reform keeps many scores of newspapers in its service, but not one man.
  93. Petty and Field7 showed years ago that IQ test scores can and do change.
  94. In others, a student could make $20 or $50 by raising their test scores.
  95. There is no guarantee that a couple who scores high in the hemizoma test.
  96. Starting a ‘ladder’ or keeping the scores of other kids is forbidden.
  97. The male human also requires, three, four scores of women to satisfy him.
  98. Thus, it is highly unlikely to improve your scores if you are out of shape.
  99. The music21 toolkit uses Prototype for copying musical notes and scores [j.
  100. Most astonishingly, they had dramatically higher scores on their SAT tests.

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