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Frasi con stomach (in inglese)

  1. I fell on my stomach.
  2. A pain in the stomach.
  3. Is it in my stomach?
  4. I felt my stomach turn.
  5. A twinge hit his stomach.

  6. I feel my stomach rumble.
  7. My stomach was in knots.
  8. My stomach began to hurt.
  9. It made his stomach turn.
  10. My stomach turned to lead.
  11. A fear rose in his stomach.
  12. It makes my stomach growl.
  13. Cami felt her stomach drop.
  14. A little too much stomach.
  15. I felt sick to my stomach.

  16. Anger writhed in my stomach.
  17. Cami felt her stomach twist.
  18. Just then his stomach let.
  19. My stomach started to hurt.
  20. Then, he got a stomach ache.
  21. Nico felt her stomach sink.
  22. It all went to his stomach.
  23. He felt sick at his stomach.
  24. Got me in the stomach with.
  25. He felt sick to the stomach.

  26. I felt my stomach do a flip.
  27. It feels odd in my stomach.
  28. And then my stomach growled.
  29. He felt sick to his stomach.
  30. It sat heavy on my stomach.
  31. He felt sick in the stomach.
  32. Aesa’s stomach woke him up.
  33. Her stomach was sliced open.
  34. Claire felt her stomach drop.
  35. And then his stomach dropped.
  36. Holly felt her stomach lurch.
  37. His stomach twisted in knots.
  38. My stomach fell to the floor.
  39. It made his stomach flutter.
  40. Tom held his stomach tightly.
  41. The stomach is a different.
  42. Danny felt it in his stomach.
  43. I felt a punch in my stomach.
  44. Her stomach churned and she.
  45. His stomach churned, and he.
  46. A queasiness of the stomach.
  47. In the pit of my stomach, I.
  48. Just then my stomach rumbled.
  49. His stomach turning a little.
  50. Won't need the stomach pills.
  51. Guilt clutches at my stomach.
  52. My stomach clenches with fear.
  53. The knot in her stomach eased.
  54. Her heart fell in her stomach.
  55. The sick lurch in my stomach.
  56. My stomach burned with hunger.
  57. His stomach lurched with fear.
  58. Are they…? Her stomach sank.
  59. I would turn its stomach sour.
  60. She'd been shot in the stomach.
  61. Some feel it in their stomach.
  62. Her stomach and teeth clenched.
  63. Claire felt her stomach clench.
  64. I dozed off with empty stomach.
  65. The young man held his stomach.
  66. I had to sleep on my stomach.
  67. As I lay on my stomach in my.
  68. Flames of rage in the stomach.
  69. My stomach curled into a knot.
  70. A laugh bubbles in my stomach.
  71. She patted her stomach tenderly.
  72. He swung it at Blunt's stomach.
  73. The knot in my stomach unravels.
  74. He had a big fat hairy stomach.
  75. Carrie felt sick to her stomach.
  76. Keep your stomach muscles firm.
  77. Makes me sick to my stomach!.
  78. Everything stayed in my stomach.
  79. My stomach churns at the mere.
  80. His stomach flipped and burned.
  81. The name clutches at my stomach.
  82. Alves felt sick to his stomach.
  83. It turns my stomach inside out.
  84. The chain dug into her stomach.
  85. She felt a kick in her stomach.
  86. My stomach roiled and I retched.
  87. They had stomach for anything.
  88. Her stomach turned at the irony.
  89. My stomach is already rumbling.
  90. Her stomach churned with dread.
  91. On your stomach, he said.
  92. Sickness bloomed in her stomach.
  93. Tommy felt sick to his stomach.
  94. He just sliced open my stomach.
  95. It made her sick to her stomach.
  96. I had butterflies in my stomach.
  97. His stomach was wrenching with.
  98. By then I was sick to my stomach.
  99. My heart plummeted to my stomach.
  100. His stomach seemed to still be.
  1. I have reached my peak with stomaching the corruption they hide.
  1. His stomached churned as he knelt by the lifeless body.
  2. His frown intensified as he stomached again the incident with Pierre.
  3. Tet the lazhinian stomached three rounds emptied in his chest and chopped the orderran shooting him in the shoulder.

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