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Frasi con brook (in inglese)

  1. Brook, I am aware of Dr.
  2. They form a pretty brook.
  3. Fell in the weeping brook.
  4. Then he struck upon a brook.
  5. Brook, but I’m afraid that Mr.

  6. They did not brook any arguments.
  7. His course unto the running brook.
  8. Brook shifted to Mitchell's eyes.
  9. Brook, there’s a Gerry Holbrook.
  10. Brook I have just noticed that the.
  11. He loves to hear the little brook a-.
  12. Silvers the brook; the shepherd's horn.
  13. The stream narrowed into a brook that.
  14. A small brook had been redirected with.
  15. Brook, it’s-a just come in, it seems that.

  16. Thyself O soul that will not brook a challenge.
  17. We named the puppy Brook after Tet’s father.
  18. Thinking to quench her thirst at the next brook.
  19. Ulfur lapped at the edge of the brook, his long.
  20. Keep where thou canst hear the babble of the brook.
  21. She found the deer path and followed it to the brook.
  22. A brook ran out of it, with a tranquil little noise.
  23. He was crossing the brook, going up the slope board.
  24. They agreed that they would ask Declan Brook to handle.
  25. South of them, the ground rose gently away from the brook.

  26. All that could be heard was the rippling of a brook below.
  27. Challenger, as we halted beside the brook and he bathed a.
  28. By midday they reached another brook, the waters of which.
  29. He went stalking farther up the trail by the babbling brook.
  30. Hazel turned his head and looked down the course of the brook.
  31. At exactly mid-day Declan Brook hit the button that sent the.
  32. What does this sad little brook say, mother? inquired she.
  33. If you kill me, where will all the streams and brook trout be?
  34. She walked around and found some Raiy berries at a nearby brook.
  35. The brook, although covered with ice and snow, still managed to.
  36. The upper reaches of this stretch is home to beautiful brook trout.
  37. Water from the brook pooled in a gully at the bottom of the canyon.
  38. Where the brook puts out of the roots of the old tree and flows to.
  39. A little shallow brook flowed around the site on the north and east.
  40. They had to resort to the brook in the woods behind the Cotton house.
  41. It’s a good thing there’s a brook down the bottom of this hill.
  42. But as she crossed the brook, the bright sun showed Nerissa an ill omen.
  43. They were heading for the safety of the brook, far away from the forest.
  44. Tonight, I think we should leave the forest for the safety of the brook.
  45. Inside it, the kingcups bloomed and the brook whelmed up from its source.
  46. Whitlow, in July, 1817, by the margin of a brook, a few rods north of Mr.
  47. The brook ran through the hedgerow, and there was a cattle wade in the gap.
  48. At several points the brook was narrow -- not much wider than a rabbit run.
  49. The fireplace was between the front door and the village end of the brook.
  50. He led me to a group of trees near a little brook on the edge of the forest.
  51. Two great living shaftwoods as the pillars between the street and the brook.
  52. At his feet was a brook and his village, and all around were little gardens.
  53. The brook is about thirty feet wide and three or four feet deep at this point.
  54. I "hooked" the apples, leaped the brook, and scared the musquash and the trout.
  55. The flayrah's left in the field, usually near the place where the brook rises.
  56. Brook, seventeen, took Mitchell's hand to reassure his obviously troubled mind.
  57. She grabbed the lunch sack and his knife and went down the hill toward the brook.
  58. In a Stony Brook experiment quantum states were superposed on a macroscopic scale.
  59. Tony was accepted for membership in the Union Club, The Brook and The Links Club.
  60. Notice that the story said that David went to the brook to pick five smooth stones.
  61. He was being sarcastic, obviously, but his tone did not brook further conversation.
  62. The Glen brook bore down a freight of gold and crimson leaves, like fairy shallops.
  63. His heart jumped as they wandered down the path towards the slowly trickling brook.
  64. It refreshes us like a brook by the way, and is like a little peep within the veil.
  65. Yes; now I will! answered the child, bounding across the brook, and clasping.
  66. There was a camp fire going around the bend in the brook and they could hear voices.
  67. They could look out over the little brook that wound thru the flat of Yoonbarla Vale.
  68. Late into the afternoon, Nerissa stopped to rest at a brook that bubbled down the slope.
  69. Both on their own side and opposite, the wood edges curved outward, away from the brook.
  70. It turned out that there was a brook running behind the mausoleum deep enough to bathe in.
  71. Who knows what would have happened if I had gone with her to the other side of that brook.
  72. Oh yes you are! He responded firmly, in a tone that didn’t brook a negative reply.
  73. At the brook women were sitting,—they looked as small as dolls,—and washing the linen.
  74. Meanwhile, Brook untied the knot that held her bikini top on, dropping it to the pool deck.
  75. She was in luck, because the lane she traveled came to a large cave not far from the brook.
  76. By now he had his tackle tied to a big root across the brook ready to pull the wheels around.
  77. The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters; the wellspring of wisdom is a flowing brook.
  78. Not long afterwards the two sisters went to angle in the brook, meaning to catch fish for dinner.
  79. Brook calmly tilted her head upwards, while exhaling the large quantity into the salt-filled air.
  80. Number 6 Elm brook was a two story large detached property with brown bricks and a large garden.
  81. Directly in front of him chuckled the brook, about two metres across, and thirty millimetres deep.
  82. This park was situated on the western slope of the Mount of Olives not far from the brook Kidron.
  83. As the herd of Aegyptosauruses moved closer to the brook, they were able to see a number of Gorn.
  84. Ahead, Brook maintained an efficient, unobtrusive pace, to blend accurately with the posted 35 M.
  85. On West Brook, this gray limestone is traversed by a vein of quartz, containing sulphuret of iron.
  86. Yonder she is, standing in a streak of sunshine, a good way off, on the other side of the brook.
  87. Chance entered her slowly while Mitchell and Brook stood across the pool, watching voyeuristically.
  88. Within five minutes of my having read the advertisement I was in a cab and on my was to Brook Street.
  89. Some distance down it I picked up my gun, and shortly afterwards struck the brook which was my guide.
  90. This hill slopes to West Brook, where quartz often forms perpendicular banks from 50 to 100 feet high.
  91. It danced sideways, shaking its white fetlocks and looking frightened, as it felt itself in the brook.
  92. He then entered the water, and for near an hour they traveled in the bed of the brook, leaving no trail.
  93. Such were the singular circumstances in connection with the Resident Patient and the Brook Street Doctor.
  94. So what does this have to do with your aversion to crossing over the brook? Cody asked him plainly.
  95. Dryan and Charis stood at the edge of a dried brook, He shall meet us on the other side, come brother.
  96. More in your brains than in your pocket, eh? What would you say if I were to start you in Brook Street?'.
  97. In the brook beneath stood another child,—another and the same,—with likewise its ray of golden light.
  98. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at Holly Brook House, directions given below, bring a guest, etc.
  99. The view of the fields and the brook and the mountainside in Wescarp was better than these plain block walls.
  100. Rabbit Brook was renamed Bonanza by the romantic prospectors, and the whole area started to be parcelled out.
  1. Fetch rope, he said, in a tone that brooked no disagreement.
  2. The look in his eyes brooked no refusal, so I slipped it into my wallet.
  3. All this, you will remember, was put forward in a tone that brooked no contradiction.
  4. Ignoring her negative responses, Joel firmly overruled her, in a tone which brooked no argument.
  5. She opened her mouth to scream and, at once, strong hands that brooked no gainsaying picked her up and held her tight.
  6. It was still a struggle to have That Career, even though achieved in a meritocracy that brooked no barriers of social class.
  7. As he walked, Joel continued to talk to her, using a matter-of-fact, but implacable tone of voice which brooked no argument.
  8. As he helped Falcon finish strapping her ankle to the splint with the ace bandage, he spoke up in a tone which brooked no argument.
  9. Soffen turned away looking at some distant place known only to her, and when she finally responded, it was with an insistence that brooked no argument.
  10. The man’s regally held shoulders turned as he faced me and said in a voice that brooked no arguing, On the contrary it is of great importance, what you have accomplished.
  11. Conrad also informed her in a tone of voice which brooked no argument, that he wanted to see her again, at the end of the two weeks, so he could re-examine her ankle, assess how it was mending, and then replace the temporary cast he’d just put on her leg, with a permanent walking one.
  12. Really? You can sit here now and tell me, with honesty in your heart and in spite of your dreams last night, that the Lord of the Lammas Lands would have brooked a refusal from you and let you live? You could have walked away from his bed and still continued to serve him, unharmed and whole?
  1. Estate of Henry Brooks by J.
  2. Brooks that babble but of love.
  3. Brooks as the Senior Analyst and.
  4. In that year Phillips Brooks, Wm.
  5. James Brooks, Architect, 736 (Int.
  6. The brooks glide down the hillsides.
  7. Brooks said, shaking Ellen’s hand.
  8. DS Brooks knew Tennant’s background.
  9. Mrs Brooks could only catch a portion:.
  10. Mrs Brooks had strange qualms of misgiving.
  11. Louie eased him to the floor next to Brooks.
  12. I’m Chuck Taylor and this is Scout Brooks.
  13. My husband said, Brooks, it’s Joe Molinari.
  14. Then he said, Brooks Findlay, that little shit.
  15. The rich, low whispers of the brooks that please.
  16. Louie knelt beside Brooks, who was still unconscious.
  17. Garth Brooks was a super star in the music industry.
  18. Brooks has nothing personal against Tennant, though.
  19. Garth Brooks and Chris LeDeau, and Ghost Riders In the.
  20. Make the female lines like brooks that have dried up in.
  21. Brooks: A Note on the Death of Elizabethan Tragedy.
  22. Ahead, shrapnel dropped Brooks and Douglas at the waist guns.
  23. Brooks was lying in a grave in Funafuti’s Marine Corps cemetery.
  24. Jotbathah is described as a land of brooks of water and was.
  25. Louie dragged Brooks to the flight deck and pulled him into a corner.
  26. Most people who were here played in the bigger pools along the brooks.
  27. We drove through the Brooks Range and over the Atigun Pass without any.
  28. Louie grabbed Brooks by the wrists and pulled him into a seated position.
  29. Your friends, Scout Brooks and Chuck Taylor, are not who you think they are.
  30. They’re Brooks Brothers and Paul Stuart—your favorite shops, gentlemen.
  31. When they blinked back to the apartment Andrea and Brooks were already back.
  32. He had called Andrea and she had brought along Brooks, Layla and the others.
  33. At times the atmosphere was damp, indicating the proximity of hidden brooks.
  34. Brooks found that religious belief was the strongest predictor of giving to.
  35. I don’t pretend to know what happened to Brooks VanReit before any of this.
  36. It was green and lush with lazy little brooks choked with lesh weed and luse.
  37. Mrs Brooks hastened downstairs, opened the front door, and ran into the street.
  38. David Brooks in an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal (May 15), titled his.
  39. His Presence is an intense purity, and a fiery type of devotion that brooks no.
  40. A study by Carol Brooks Gardner (1980) focused on the function of men's street.
  41. Technical Sergeant Harold Brooks died one week before his twenty-third birthday.
  42. But what if they are true? Isabella says in a tone that brooks no response.
  43. When hunting in Brooks Range you can't walk normally, or even in a straight line.
  44. Brooks slumped forward, and Louie could see holes dotting the back of his jacket.
  45. I'm a bit concerned as, in Brooks Range, my sleeping bag wasn't really warm enough.
  46. If anything to do with him pops up in the system Brooks gets notified straight away.
  47. The whole point of being here is the hunt for Dall sheep and caribou in Brooks Range.
  48. Maybe Mrs Brooks will be the next concession Murdoch trades to restore his reputation.
  49. Brooks abruptly interjected before he had a chance to finish what he was about to say.
  50. Louie was bending over Brooks when he felt a tickle on his shoulder, something dripping.
  51. Father Joseph Brooks was stocky, balding, smiling, and he was expecting the investigators.
  52. They relied solely on animal trails and rows of polished stone demarcating seasonal brooks.
  53. Once or twice, when Louie knelt before him, Brooks opened his eyes and whispered something.
  54. The words of command are spoken in a way that brooks no disagreement and he struggles to obey.
  55. But Mrs Brooks felt it unsafe to watch on the landing again, and entered her own parlour below.
  56. Dominic returned a second later and took Brooks to England leaving Holly alone in the apartment.
  57. He was lying there about an hour later when the doctor came in and asked him if he knew Harry Brooks.
  58. They had splashed through two brooks and wandered fearfully in the deep woodlands west of Ecchinswell.
  59. As the young lady was not fully dressed, Mrs Brooks knew that she would not emerge again for some time.
  60. One is a light-build S&W model, like the one my friend Randy has, and which I shot with in Brooks Range.
  61. Brooks Range is the most northern part of the Rocky Mountains and lies entirely within the Arctic circle.
  62. I have had the privilege of working with Bill Brooks, who I think has invented the most powerful selling.
  63. This was well-illustrated by Mark's case, when, during my first Alaskan hunt in Brooks Range, using his.
  64. Aaron sees a few famous actors who enter the store including Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, and Mel Brooks.
  65. Riding the bucking plane at his radio table, Harry Brooks picked up a signal from a Hawaiian radio station.
  66. When an MP tapped Brooks’s hip to check for the mask, the bottle broke and left Brooks with a soggy leg.
  67. Morton had told her to contact DS Colin Brooks at Solihull and find out what she could but to be cautious.
  68. Everywhere else on Brooks Range the temperature is rising; but at Kavik they are still having heavy frosts.
  69. Mrs Brooks, thinking that the speaker was coming to rush out of the door, hastily retreated down the stairs.
  70. With great difficulty, Greg has managed to fly to Bettles, a settlement on the southern side of Brooks Range.
  71. The crew’s girl magnet was Harry Brooks, a good-looking, ebullient radioman and waist gunner from Michigan.
  72. Chief Tucker is one of the most intelligent men about Sherbro, educated by your missionaries, Brooks and White.
  73. His claimed, and highly emotional, priority of protecting Rebekah Brooks will be sorely tested in the upcoming weeks.
  74. Yes, it is the legendary Alaskan mountain guide himself, with whom I shot the Dall sheep a while back in Brooks Range.
  75. Like the ones Brooks and Burroughs and Tolkien and Simmons wrote? What if there actually could be people at other worlds?
  76. With his Brooks Brothers shirts, his fancy Swiss watch, and a driver waiting downstairs, he would finally feel he deserved her.
  77. When I flew to Brooks Range I could see thousands of lakes beneath me, but on this flight I can see literally tens of thousands.
  78. At the start of my trip I had two lens covers, but I lost the rear one while battling my way through a thicket on Brooks Range.
  79. Mrs Brooks pondered on the delay, and on what probable relation the visitor who had called so early bore to the couple upstairs.
  80. ID/GU team fully emerged during April 2005 with HIV disease review and the analyst incharge was Cydney Brooks and Sylvia Marecki.
  81. I can't remember if it was Greg, or Striker, who told me the story about their archer friend who hunted Dall sheep in Brooks Range.
  82. The prospectors needed a base close to Brooks Range, enabling them to safely get to the oil-fields beside the mountain, whenever they wished.
  83. The car containing DS Colin Brooks from Solihull police and his two passengers pulled into the incident room’s car park behind the church hall.
  84. Greg and Striker, the great experts at Brooks Range, treated me with endless patience, even though I couldn't understand any of the local slang.
  85. There was field upon field of ripening grain, with well-paved roads running between, and pretty rippling brooks with strong bridges across them.
  86. Peter Tong, the head of the science department, a man Father Brooks had described as ordinary with nothing radical or Fringe Division about him.
  87. It was named in 1925, after Alfred Hulse Brooks, the leading Alaskan geologist of the United States Geological Survey, from 1903 until his death in 1924.
  88. In addition, Al Brooks (2009) writes about similar usage of short-term trend lines primarily applied to intraday trading, which he calls Micro Trendlines.
  89. Henrietta was wearing her low heeled or rather flat shoes and a long skirt and a dark sweater and I was pumping along in my Brooks Brothers racing jacket.
  90. When I was in Brooks Range I questioned Greg about this boat, whereupon he became a little indignant and corrected me, saying It's not a boat, it's a yacht.
  91. There were brooks of fresh water running throughout the island and, with storms such as the one that delivered me there, I should have scarcely been surprised.
  92. Al Brooks, in Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar: The Technical Analysis of Price Action for the Serious Trader (2009), discusses many variations of breakout trades.
  93. From various and uncountable tributaries, in creeks and brooks of color and motion, the parts of this river had joined, become one mother current, and flowed on.
  94. DS Brooks had called ahead when they were minutes away, and Detective Superintendent Demery and DC Gary Hayes were standing in the car park waiting for them as he parked up.
  95. Wait for the great debate between Richard Dawkins and William Lane Craig (who I am not a huge fan of) or Daniel Dennet and some missional church leader like Rice Brooks or K.
  96. Many researchers have tried to decipher the pattern of movement of the Brooks Range caribou, but so far there has been no study that has bee of any practical value to a hunter.
  97. No further action! No reason given! DS Brooks was shepherding the case through court for the police so he was spitting blood when he was told the DPP were not going to prosecute.
  98. In 2003 Brooks took over editorship of The Sun newspaper and was replaced at the News of the World by the man who would later become the spin doctor for the Prime Minister, Andy Coulson.
  99. Certainly Mr Murdoch’s daughter who said that Brooks had ruined the paper’s reputation (her words were more colourful than mine), would play the Brooks card sooner rather than later.
  100. Ermák made his way over rivers, swamps, brooks, and forests, stole up with his Cossacks, rushed against Mametkul, killed a large number of Tartars, and took Mametkul alive and brought him to Sibír.

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