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Frasi con thin (in inglese)

  1. He was a thin man.
  2. It was like a thin.
  3. He had a thin figure.
  4. I grabbed at thin air.
  5. Not into thin air, no.

  6. The nail was too thin.
  7. There was a thin smile.
  8. Seems a very thin line.
  9. A thin rolled slip of.
  10. She was thin and gaunt.
  11. She was tall, thin and.
  12. He was a thin and very.
  13. I have always been thin.
  14. Apply a thin coat, and.
  15. He had a fine thin nose.

  16. Air was not that thin!.
  17. In some thin markets (e.
  18. He gave her a thin smile.
  19. The seven thin and ugly.
  20. His eyes were thin slits.
  21. Placing the thin one on.
  22. His T-shirt was too thin.
  23. He was old and whip thin.
  24. A thin black beard went.
  25. She looked thin and pale.

  26. But she was rail thin now.
  27. Seemingly a thin, but so.
  28. A very thin muscular man.
  29. But this was wearing thin.
  30. A small, thin woman with.
  31. A thin moon was coming out.
  32. He was very pale and thin.
  33. Though very thin, he was.
  34. The air was cold and thin.
  35. My mouth a thin hard line.
  36. His arms though thin were.
  37. A thin air nothing cannot.
  38. Cathleen was thin and taut.
  39. He offered up a thin smile.
  40. Liza Merkalova was a thin.
  41. They can be very thin, or.
  42. She felt so light and thin.
  43. Thin it with water to the.
  44. I was treading on thin ice.
  45. He is thin and tough still.
  46. He was thin and very tired.
  47. She vanished into thin air.
  48. I also noticed her thin arm.
  49. It was the thin little Mrs.
  50. Mija, you look too thin.
  51. Thin and stretched he said.
  52. He slid one thin strip out.
  53. I'm fat, but I'm thin inside.
  54. The chances look thin to me.
  55. The lips were pale and thin.
  56. The air is very thin here.
  57. A thin seam was visible on.
  58. Thin sheets served as walls.
  59. Her voice was thin and high.
  60. His joke earned a thin smile.
  61. I exhaled with a thin smile.
  62. You are too thin - starving.
  63. She was short and rail thin.
  64. Forget had a fine thin nose.
  65. Victor Magog As the thin.
  66. Her frame was thin and frail.
  67. Answer: The line is very thin.
  68. His long thin face and jet-.
  69. He was cross-eyed, thin and.
  70. The figure was tall and thin.
  71. You’re on thin ice, Thomas.
  72. Dozens of other thin spires.
  73. She gave me a very thin smile.
  74. Only a thin layer of cotton.
  75. She noticed that she was thin.
  76. She was thin, emaciated and.
  77. He was thin and a vegetarian.
  78. Claras thin hands in his own.
  79. Her legs were thin and shapely.
  80. Tall and thin with a crew cut.
  81. As if conjuring it from thin.
  82. Her patience was growing thin.
  83. His thin ass warmed from the.
  84. The man was very tall and thin.
  85. Put in a thin layer of crumbs.
  86. He is thin and hungry looking.
  87. She disappeared into thin air.
  88. Cut tomatoes into thin slices.
  89. A tall thin man got to his feet.
  90. No wonder the girl was so thin.
  91. You’re getting much too thin.
  92. Some are so thin that seems a.
  93. Kay set her lips in a thin line.
  94. This thin line symbolizes the.
  95. It has thin red flushed stems.
  96. With us through thick and thin.
  97. Beyond a stand of thin limbed.
  98. I stepped out into thin air.
  99. His part was thin and half-limp.
  100. We shook Evans thin, hard hand.
  1. Or if my hair is thinning.
  2. Already the fog was thinning.
  3. Water, as needed for thinning.
  4. We ran through the thinning forest and.
  5. So I started thinning out the worst cases.
  6. Finally, he thought, my hair is thinning.
  7. Bring sauce to simmer, thinning with more.
  8. I hope the thinning process will not go on.
  9. Both are rounded and both hairy but thinning.
  10. Brink touches and gently pats her thinning scalp.
  11. The trees were thinning and her path became easier.
  12. Their beards are long and grey, their hair thinning.
  13. His hairline was receding and he had thinning hair.
  14. A smoking chimney was visible beneath the thinning.
  15. Fortunately for her, they seemed to be thinning out.
  16. He was more intent on the thinning fog and cooling air.
  17. His pink scalp showed through the thinning blonde hair.
  18. Long fingers, a thatch of thinning hair beneath his cap.
  19. The air seems to be thinning as he approaches the gates.
  20. Our assays have determined that the resource is thinning.
  21. It did look bad, the thinning was suddenly quite apparent.
  22. This will eliminate thinning of the skin and bulging veins.
  23. The blood thinning medication for my heart was not helping.
  24. A tall, large boned, extremely thin man with thinning blond.
  25. Austin was a slim, intense young man with thinning fair hair.
  26. It shrunk into a thinning red line and subsequently vanished.
  27. She’s very vain about it, too, he said, his lips thinning.
  28. Through the thinning trees she spotted the poorly-named cottage.
  29. Gaunt, white hair thinning, but with that same ruddy complexion.
  30. He brought up a hand and smoothed thinning hair across his pate.
  31. This has nothing to do with God, he said, his lips thinning.
  32. He had thinning grey hair almost white and spoke with a soft voice.
  33. He was a large man, weighing in at over 250 pounds, with thinning.
  34. Decatur Street and continued up Peachtree, through a thinning crowd.
  35. He had a thin nose, dark eyes, and his hair was thinning a bit on top.
  36. Swann resisted the impulse to drag him to his feet by his thinning hair.
  37. The man had thinning, light-blond hair, and a familiar line to his nose.
  38. Chip thinning simply answers the question, How much faster do we have to.
  39. Chip thinning, rolling into a cut, and the trochoidal paths of high speed.
  40. They took a look around but they could not see him even with the thinning.
  41. Then Johnston, flanked again, withdrew his thinning lines a few miles farther.
  42. We've already seen one fly in the ointment in the form of radial chip thinning.
  43. His thinning blonde hair exposed the stress lines around his almost black eyes.
  44. Feedrates were generally a lot slower, so radial chip thinning would seldom be.
  45. It’s large, another scientist—this one a man with thinning hair—says.
  46. Then I recognized the tweed jacket, the thinning brown hair, the scraggly beard.
  47. Thinning the carrot beds at two inches and six inches in height will be required.
  48. It’s much larger than average, the man with thinning hair corrects himself.
  49. Use a calculator like G-Wizardthat has radial chip thinning to avoid this problem.
  50. And that's not all; the atmosphere of Clive House was thinning and getting thinner.
  51. Flowing to his waist was his well-kept beard, which was as white as his thinning hair.
  52. Poor eating habits have been the cause of falling hair, thinning hair and poor growth.
  53. At forty-three, Alexia Mulkousky was a slender man with narrow shoulders and thinning.
  54. She was studying the landscape with her eyes and noticing that the trees were thinning.
  55. Minor hair thinning problems generally require anywhere from 3-8 sessions of mesotherapy.
  56. Hardening of and thinning When seedlings have two leaves, harden them off for about ten.
  57. I give more detail on this on the Chip Thinning page, but a picture is worth 1000 words:.
  58. Desolé checked her thinning hair, patiently rearranging strands to cover the head evenly.
  59. He was twenty-something, with thinning hair and pink-framed glasses hanging from one ear.
  60. As he spoke, a ray of pale sunshine came wavering out between a gap in the thinning clouds.
  61. The chicks should have an entire coat of full feathers without any thinning or bald spots.
  62. Miller, a short, stocky man with thinning mouse-colored hair, leaned over and did the same.
  63. In the crowd, Clastaan, Tylin, Tet and Podge watched the soldiers with thinning anticipation.
  64. His hair was thinning and his face had much more pointed features than his handsome brother.
  65. There was no mistaking the derision on her face, her pink mouth thinning into a cutting smile.
  66. They kept to the growing shadows on each side of the streets, mingling with the thinning crowd.
  67. Somewhere in the process, he’d lost his hat, allowing his thinning hair to encircle his ears.
  68. The problem starts with thinning at the temples and then proceeds to cover the rest of the head.
  69. Then the smoke was only smoke, drifting up from the fire of tamarisk chunks, thinning and fading.
  70. The slow elimination of people by ostracism: thinning down the group until only one person is left.
  71. Doug pulled his thinning hair into a low ponytail and set the stencil of a cross on Max’s forearm.
  72. In women it begins with thinning hair and loss of hair from the front, sides and crown of the head.
  73. He was a tall well built man with a warm personality who had thinning fair hair and a red complexion.
  74. He was lying belly down in the rushing air, staring down into the clouds that even now were thinning.
  75. Yellowstone was almost seventy years old with thinning silver hair, faded blue eyes, and a weedy neck.
  76. Slightly less than average height, Jack was tough with a muscular, sun dried body, and thinning hair.
  77. When the trees began thinning out… When they couldn’t jump from tree-to-tree anymore and escape us.
  78. His dark brown hair was thinning on top and the hair of his magnificent beard covered most of his face.
  79. Deep wrinkles were set into their faces like huge crevices, the hair on their heads white and thinning.
  80. Above it, in the steadily thinning fog, the black cloud breathed endlessly a foot above the rock floor.
  81. Every time he caught his reflection in a mirror, he checked his skull and saw the thinning lines widen.
  82. Bradley Sutter looked to be in his late twenties, had thinning hair, and his scalp was pink from the sun.
  83. His hair was jet black, thinning, and slicked back today to reveal a high forehead and receding hairline.
  84. She continued pleading but her bravado was thinning as it mixed with the impassiveness of the half-breed.
  85. The tree was, however, enormous, and, looking upwards, I could see no thinning of the leaves above my head.
  86. His hair was thinning but was professionally styled and swept back off his forehead and held there with gel.
  87. We again pulled up behind the cannon and they again fired off two rounds of shrapnel into the thinning ranks.
  88. They had noticed that their numbers were thinning out after about the 4th was called for and didn’t return.
  89. She’d read that regular meditation could increase cortical thickness and slow age-related cortical thinning.
  90. He was at tall stout man with thinning grey hair who had a round chubby face that never seemed to lack a grin.
  91. She awoke to see a tall, dark figure coming through the thinning fog, his broad shoulders stooped with weariness.
  92. They had been trekking through the remainder of the forest for a while when he noticed the thinning of the trees.
  93. After Casey ascended from her share, he dug into his pocket for the thinning wad of bills he started the day with.
  94. Laser hair therapy is a non-surgical method of cosmetic treatment for hair loss, scalp problems and thinning hair.
  95. She gasped for air, partly because of the climb, and partly because of the thinning oxygen at the higher altitude.
  96. As always, Ted’s smile was as wide as an airplane hangar, his thinning gray hair tied back into a sparse ponytail.
  97. Most everyone had thinning white hair and sunken eyes magnified behind thick glasses, and they all ate in slow motion.
  98. They raced higher and higher, the thinning air caused both men to gasp for breath and to feel the fire in their lungs.
  99. It was already past ten and the crowds were thinning out but the restaurants and fast food joints were packed and noisy.
  100. In the harsh light of morning he looked his age; face lined and pale accentuating his obviously dyed and thinning hair.
  1. The vine thinned and snapped.
  2. His lips thinned and he sighed.
  3. His hair is thinned and white,1.
  4. I also thinned out the bunches.
  5. His white hair hadn’t thinned.
  6. The table had thinned out to just.
  7. As he headed north, it thinned out.
  8. The clouds thinned out a little more.
  9. The atmosphere thinned and I was in.
  10. The water thinned and then faded away.
  11. As the hours passed, the crowds thinned.
  12. The road thinned and descended rapidly.
  13. The night wore on and the crowd thinned.
  14. The Joshua trees thinned out as the road.
  15. The crowd that was here before has thinned.
  16. When they sprout, they need to be thinned.
  17. Emily’s voice thinned and became scratchy.
  18. Finally this mass of sperm whales thinned out.
  19. By dusk the posse had thinned out considerably.
  20. As I walked away I saw the area had thinned out.
  21. The crowd had thinned considerably and, by the.
  22. He was a tall man, lean, thinned by his illness.
  23. He lost focus and his beam thinned and vanished.
  24. The Sheriff’s lips thinned but he said nothing.
  25. Then the fog thinned and Hal caught sight of land.
  26. The crowd thinned out somewhat in back of the dais.
  27. Its thinned with water and simmered in lead vats.
  28. These desertions had, however, now so far thinned Mrs.
  29. As I climbed higher, the grass thinned, and the rocks.
  30. I noticed a ring of thinned hair and exposed, chafed.
  31. Gradually the customers thinned out and then were gone.
  32. The water thundered louder now and the trees thinned out.
  33. The crowd thinned out and soon the food tables were empty.
  34. His smile thinned his lips until they almost disappeared.
  35. Death, resignation, and desertion had thinned their ranks.
  36. The bodies on the ground thinned out, and soon there were none.
  37. The herd was thinned by the time Bri Lynn leapt into the street.
  38. Finally, the trees thinned and the outline of the site buildings.
  39. Trovert‘s lips thinned and his eyes became mere slits of anger.
  40. Finally, the rivulets thinned, and the water upon his cheeks faded.
  41. To their horror, bush and tree thinned, leaving them momentarily.
  42. Up ahead, the canopy thinned, and huge rocks jutted from the ground.
  43. The houses thinned out and a little later, they ran across a field.
  44. When they reached the top of the hill, the snow thinned considerably.
  45. His hair had thinned and the once-lively blue eyes seemed washed out.
  46. Her lips thinned, He has a way of finding vampires and killing them.
  47. Below the waterline, the hull had been thinned out to a ridiculously.
  48. What? I asked her, stupidly, and she put a finger to her thinned lips.
  49. At six thousand feet the clouds thinned considerably and the ride became smooth.
  50. Jasra surveyed the scene, her lips thinned so that she looked anything but beautiful.
  51. After only a few hours, the forest thinned and finally they could see open land ahead.
  52. How would trading on the thinned subsample of high-VIX signals compare to buy-and-hold?
  53. The population had thinned out considerably which only meant his chances were improving.
  54. Smal seeds need to be started in a protected seed bed, thinned out, hardened of and then.
  55. The Smoking car's habitues had thinned by the time they reached it, so they tarried a bit.
  56. That way the young Maya men were too thinned out to stage any sort of revolt back in Anahuac.
  57. When the traffic thinned, the kid ambled across the street, nodding his head in time to music.
  58. Long before the ozone layer thinned out and exposure to the sun made you prone to skin cancer.
  59. He woke from a brief snooze to find the time near two, and the diner crowd considerably thinned.
  60. Decades of oppressed feelings and memories cracked his thinned shell and roared out from within.
  61. His old man hand-made the thing; stained black with shoe-polish thinned down with mineral spirits.
  62. At first she couldn’t or didn’t want to recognize him, but as her shock thinned, awareness hit.
  63. The town’s people had thinned slightly but a large crowd was still gathered at the end of the drive.
  64. The Disruptor missiles had thinned their numbers slightly, but not enough to make a significant difference.
  65. They could visibly tell because the vegetation thinned out to small bushes and insignificant groves abruptly.
  66. He told me he was taking half an aspirin a day, by way of a start, as he’d heard that they thinned the blood.
  67. A mile away in that direction the forest thinned out and ceased abruptly, giving way to a cactus-dotted plain.
  68. Battle and raid had thinned their crew; only some eighty spearmen remained, scarcely enough to work the long galley.
  69. Two years ago he had watched his wife and baby cough up blood, their lungs congested, membranes thinned to bursting.
  70. Within a few minutes his hair was back to his real colour, his faced thinned and his nose returned to it true shape.
  71. I hurried in line for passport control afraid that if the crowds thinned out the absence of my wife might be noticed.
  72. It made him think of the tide, and the way the salt water thinned at the edges of incoming waves and grasped the pebbles.
  73. We could see the forest stretch out with tiny beautiful variation until it thinned out and ended at the peaks of mountain.
  74. Her red hair, coiffed like a helmet, glittered in the sunlight – I could see bits of her scalp where the hair had thinned.
  75. The winter had thinned out the forest, so that Thenardier did not lose them from sight, although he kept at a good distance.
  76. The trifling fact that, thinning out his rye, the old man used the rye he thinned out for his horses, specially struck Levin.
  77. Seeing their ploy didn’t work, they came after us again and we again thinned their ranks while staying out of closing range.
  78. As the remaining kids thinned out, the director ordered Buffo to stay in the gym while she called an ambulance using her cell.
  79. As the villages thinned, the land grew more rugged, and the keeps that frowned from eminences told of centuries of border war.
  80. They weren’t leaving the stable’s other walls unmanned, but the number of rifles protecting them was definitely being thinned.
  81. Gradually the leaves thinned around me, and I was aware, from the wind upon my face, that I had topped all the trees of the forest.
  82. The towns and villages thinned out as they continued onward until at last they saw the outlines of tall mountains in the far distance.
  83. A few seconds later a roar like thunder burst upon our ears, and as the smoke thinned away there was no sign left of the Gloria Scott.
  84. No one had thinned them out and the tops were thick One night, in the second moon after the planting, El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle and green.
  85. A shaggy white mane covered her upper body, shoulders, hips and thighs, but below the elbows and knees the hair thinned to short cropped fur.
  86. Though her body was thinned from her long years of slumber, Rafe could tell there was a definite toughness to every bit of her scrawny muscles.
  87. His tiny yellow seed eyes twitched and his poke-hole nostrils thinned as a stranger crunched up the gravel path and set foot on the porch step.
  88. When the smoke cleared away, the combatants on both sides could be seen to be thinned out, but still in the same positions, reloading in silence.
  89. Most of the space battle had happened on the light side of the planet and consequently, the batteries had been thinned out in the ensuing battle.
  90. At this unfathomable depth of day and night, where darkness and light merged into one long, monotonous passage of time, my blood thinned and cooled.
  91. She had lost one of her front teeth since she had arrived at Brandersgaard and her hair had thinned and whitened to a soft silver—like an angel’s.
  92. His eyes have begun to bulge, lips gradually become a part of the skin, nose and ears have begun to sink in his head and his arms and legs have thinned.
  93. In the last skirmish that I had with them I would venture to say that we thinned their numbers a little but there are still close to two hundred of them.
  94. Rob’s lips thinned and he stiffened in his chair as he heard her suggestion that his order to increase security on the MCU database may have been a mistake.
  95. Ameena's mouth thinned, and her brows drew down, the rage simmering in those coal black eyes one of a mother that refused to lose that which meant most to her.
  96. They were barely in time to stop a fresh surge forward of enemy samurai from finally overwhelming the thinned ranks of the ashigaru holding the western palisade.
  97. I thinned my lips as the officer nodded, called out and a pair of guards in camouflage uniform snapped out of the hallway beyond the gates to double-team to our side.
  98. He was a new emperor, only nineteen, and four years ago there had been a war to put him on the throne – the same war that had so thinned the ranks of the Mori knights.
  99. There were tall old maiden houses, lean and narrow and wisely wan, in which were spectacles of colored glass, upon which the thinned golden hair of age-old bird nests sprouted.
  100. There were tall old maiden houses, lean and narrow and wisely wan, in which were spectacles of coloured glass, upon which the thinned golden hair of age-old bird nests sprouted.
  1. Thins wisps of red.
  2. Evening thins to water.
  3. They worry now, as blood thins cold.
  4. The crowd on the sidewalk thins, and I look up to see why.
  5. For a short period, the fog thins out, and you can actually.
  6. As the cervix dilates and thins, you will pass the mucus plug.
  7. Filtration thins out the number of combinations in a given wheel.
  8. Besides, speech is a rolling-mill that always thins out the sentiment.
  9. The genetic code is the informer of structural thins related to the body.
  10. Out of nowhere the jungle thins out and large stone walls appear before them.
  11. His voice thins out when he says, Is that why you decided to hire me?
  12. Thins on the corner in the rain when I had an idea! Within days, I made $50,000.
  13. But that fades from my mind when the crowd before me thins and I see the rest of the room.
  14. There’s nothing to be done right now that can’t be done more efficiently when that crowd in front thins out.
  15. Uncle Dylan thins out the Revenants on the opposite side of the room, leaving only about half a dozen for me to take care of.
  16. Because your subconscious knows that it is being observed all the time by unknown undead foul thins who are insane and have evil intentions towards all living creatures and upon the living earth: civilized people have duplicated the condition they live under: they began to observe the world and each other… in the same inhuman cold evil fashion as they are continuously and destructively being observed by these undead filthy things.
  17. If the number of the species included within a genus, or the number of the genera within a family, be represented by a vertical line of varying thickness, ascending through the successive geological formations, in which the species are found, the line will sometimes falsely appear to begin at its lower end, not in a sharp point, but abruptly; it then gradually thickens upwards, often keeping of equal thickness for a space, and ultimately thins out in the upper beds, marking the decrease and final extinction of the species.

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