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Frasi con tick (in inglese)

  1. The tick of a bomb.
  2. A tick of the clock.
  3. Time continued to tick by.
  4. A tick bird flew up and down.
  5. He listened to his watch tick.

  6. I watched the seconds tick by.
  7. I watched the seconds tick off.
  8. The guy was tighter than a tick.
  9. Let’s tick off those points again.
  10. Tick got her right on her shoulder.
  11. Every tick of that clock grew his urge.
  12. Then, he returned to Sophia, in a tick.
  13. He will tick off the lists of food and.
  14. He also looks for divergences in the TICK.
  15. They could unlock what made Hamilton tick.

  16. It can tick all it wants, I'm not listening.
  17. Research the systems that might tick all of.
  18. With MT4 we have time charts and tick volume.
  19. However, the point with a tick chart is this.
  20. A nervous tick started jumping above one eye.
  21. Most of the accounts tick over quite nicely.
  22. I set up audio alerts at all the key tick levels.
  23. Tick tock tick tock, Rich said with a grin.
  24. You don’t know who in power you might tick off.
  25. For every tick above 107-16, they are making $31.

  26. He was curious about what made Simon Conklin tick.
  27. You trying to tick me off? Mitch calmly asked.
  28. His regular as tick tock behaviour wound Phokion up.
  29. Her back was foursquare to the tick of blade on tile.
  30. Haven paused for a tick of time, and then kept walking.
  31. That was what kept him interested, what made him tick.
  32. He released the tick and put him on the long flat desk.
  33. Each tick is a temptation to convince yourself to exit.
  34. Not something that we can tick off and say we have done.
  35. However, there are a select few who really tick me off!.
  36. A rasping noise and a tick under the flooring jolted her.
  37. The tick of every moment appears to be the pulse of God.
  38. There was the gradual tick of expanding metal, heating up.
  39. That was within weeks of the top tick on the stock price.
  40. I definitely don’t want to tick off my ticket back home.
  41. Safer Entire Flea and Tick spray does not contain this PB.
  42. A couple of example plays with tick charts are shown here.
  43. The watch ticked on his wrist, The captain watched it tick.
  44. Place a buy stop 1 tick above the current high of the day.
  45. It is called tick volume because most changes equal 1 tick.
  46. What would that entail with respect to the plus tick rule?
  47. I place a buy stop order one tick above the high of the box.
  48. On the CME, this move is called a tick, and it is worth $12.
  49. The tick escaped from Tom, presently, and crossed the equator.
  50. Each tick takes money away from losers and gives it to winners.
  51. It is also of value to have the pupil say "tick, tick," while.
  52. Even at that, they needed to discover what made that well tick.
  53. The feather tick on Wade’s bed put down the child and obeyed.
  54. Flavio can! They sat quietly watching the seconds tick by.
  55. Did you know that Mandy has a nervous tick? I never noticed it.
  56. Contrast this with a 13 tick change for the at-the-money option.
  57. Wickland gave a slight tick of his head as if here were startled.
  58. So he could not tick her off or scold her in front of his mother.
  59. In a down trend, fear increases with each tick downward in price.
  60. The private self is what make us tick but soul dismisses the call.
  61. Tip: there is no need to try to capture every tick of these moves.
  62. As the seconds tick away into minutes I wonder if it had been him.
  63. Watching the money tick away like a taxi meter isn't very calming.
  64. A few seconds tick by like minutes and then Luke loses it laughing.
  65. Why tick charts? A 377-tick chart forms a new bar every 377 trades.
  66. Perhaps with no plus tick rule, that range will tweak a bit higher.
  67. Not to mention the ridiculous time I wasted glued to its every tick.
  68. Hearing the Director’s voice initiated a tick of doubt inside Locke.
  69. She was the type that yearned to know what made the unexplained tick.
  70. If your buy grade is 0%, it means you bought the top tick of the day.
  71. Midnight had just preceded and left time to tick with no interruption.
  72. I walked to the car and did the tick, tick thing for Bubba to get out.
  73. Like the big VIX futures contracts, the minimum price tick change is 0.
  74. On September 7, 2004, I get an early +1,000 tick reading (see Figure 9.
  75. Tom enclosed the tick in the percussion-cap box that had lately been the.
  76. And, really based on the tick chart, there was a little selling down there.
  77. Yes, he’s in port with no prize, and drinking black rum on tick, I guess.
  78. In other words, on a tick chart, we are trading in harmony with the market.
  79. So why not study them? Let’s take them apart and see what makes them tick.
  80. The bonds move in increments of , which is called a tick, and are worth $31.
  81. A nice pair of shiny brogues? Tick! A horrible old tatty pair? Black mark!.
  82. If your buy grade is 100%, it means you bought at the bottom tick of the day.
  83. I watched a muscle in his jaw tick with tension as he continued staring ahead.
  84. But being a serious trader does not require us to obsess over every price tick.
  85. I also talked briefly about that Syracuse assignment in Tick Tock, Don’t Stop.
  86. For every tick the market makes, the trader can easily calculate the net effect.
  87. The singing tick of Mori’s pocket watch was the room’s only sound once again.
  88. Any tick reading that is below +400 or above –400 is noise and should be ignored.
  89. Street meters lined along both sides of nearly every side street continued to tick.
  90. She worked with half-hearted interest on the mending, watching the minutes tick by.
  91. Examples of third-party platforms are Obsidian, Derivix, Microhedge, and Real Tick.
  92. I play tick fades in two markets, the E-mini S&Ps (ES) and the mini-sized Dow (YM).
  93. Tick charts adapt to the market, and I find them especially useful for day trading.
  94. He gently rapped on the door to the Captain’s quarters and waited for half a tick.
  95. I have already elaborated on the former in the chapter of Tick Tock, Don’t Stop.
  96. Erlandr wasn't sure whether the movement was his, a nervous tick, or somebody else's.
  98. She didn’t answer immediately and he just stared at her, letting the seconds tick by.
  99. You build your system, turn it on, and go about your life without watching every tick.
  100. On a tick chart we trade at the speed of the market - on a time based chart we don’t.
  1. That time is ticking by.
  2. And the clock was ticking.
  3. The tic tic ticking stops.
  4. Rory's mind was ticking over.
  5. Ticking of fires as they cool.
  6. Meanwhile time was ticking away.
  7. Precious seconds were ticking by.
  8. The sixty seconds were ticking by.
  9. The clock is ticking on their religion.
  10. The clock was ticking, soon, very soon.
  11. But, nobody would stop the ticking time.
  12. Wèll stop this ticking and jam that hand.
  13. We`ll stop this ticking and jam that hand.
  14. Lexi was ticking all the boxes as they say.
  15. I could almost hear his brain ticking over.
  16. He could almost hear a clock ticking in his.
  17. He could see them ticking by in Ash’s head.
  18. The ticking has stopped along with my breath.
  19. He could actually cope with the ticking off.
  20. Her syrupy sweet words were ticking Clark off.
  21. Time was short; the minutes were ticking away.
  22. She could hear the clock ticking in the kitchen.
  23. Time was ticking away and her mother was chat-.
  24. Not the ticking off, severe though that had been.
  25. Now one clock was set in motion, a faint ticking.
  26. You’d better get to the car – time is ticking.
  27. Whoever had set the timers ticking meant business.
  28. The Pastor started ticking names off on his fingers.
  29. My taxi still waited, ticking off astronomical sums.
  30. Anger, on the other hand, yes, a cold ticking rage.
  31. At two o'clock he heard his wristwatch ticking softly.
  32. Their claws make little ticking sounds when they move.
  33. We sat in the car and listened to the engine ticking down.
  34. Position yourself standing with a metronome ticking nearby.
  35. The ticking of the clock began to bring itself into notice.
  36. His mind was very aware of the clock ticking down, bright red.
  37. But perhaps the ticking of the pigeons was driving him crazy.
  38. The only sounds are of a CLOCK TICKING and the MUFFLED BEACH.
  39. Woman that age, could be the ticking clock drove her to it.
  40. I held the watch against my ear, it was ticking away just fine.
  41. Rory's mind was ticking over with all sorts of ideas and worries.
  42. The only sound in the room was that of the clock ticking on the.
  43. Brian glared at his over eager officer, time was ticking on and.
  44. This is a ticking bomb that will inevitably blow the crowd apart.
  45. The clock's been ticking & ticking & ticking so once you steer to it.
  46. We were attacked, Rykus said, conscious of the time ticking by.
  47. In the back of his mind, Jerry knew a clock was ticking and time was.
  48. Under quiet conditions at twenty feet, we hear the ticking of a watch.
  49. The ticking of the pendulum wall clock was the only sound in the room.
  50. Then, suddenly, the ticking took on meaning, and her eyes popped open.
  51. She was strict in her refusal to display the ticking gears of her life.
  52. Once discipline is abandoned, the clock starts ticking to eventual ruin.
  53. He looked grumpy and determined, and Salander’s brain started ticking.
  54. In some ways, it seems like a silly thing to do, when time is ticking away.
  55. After a while he fell asleep, and when he awoke the clock was still ticking.
  56. Bruce wandered around the activity ticking off jobs from a mental checklist.
  57. The turnip bounced towards the Captain, and Bryony heard a ticking sound….
  58. Time passed in silence except for the ticking of the Seth Thomas mantel clock.
  59. More slow ticking, and more questions and answers about rations and pipeclay.
  60. The timer was definitely ticking faster now, mere seconds away from going off.
  61. He began ticking the steel shanks of his war-hammer head against his pauldron.
  62. She kept imagining a ticking sound, but couldn’t find where Nicky had hid it.
  63. It was all about the eternal ticking clock, and my grandpa always lavished me.
  64. The clock would be above the double-doors, so he’d have to listen for ticking.
  65. After a while he glanced at the little clock that was ticking on the mantelpiece.
  66. The blue Triumph bike was real with its hissing tires and ticking Sturmey Archer.
  67. Douglas moved his right hand stealthily to the ticking, pulled out the watch stem.
  68. Doc Phillips stood with his mouth dropped as if I had handed him a ticking grenade.
  69. The morning was ticking away, the shadows shortening, and he looked back at Nybar.
  70. Presently there arose from within a ticking like the love-making of the grasshopper.
  71. Yes, that clock is ticking isn’t it? she answered, then walked up the stairs.
  72. I can’t even begin to imagine the ticking off she’ll give me when I next see her.
  73. He heard the beating of his arteries as one hears the ticking of a watch in the dark.
  74. He was used to a concrete threat, a gun, a ticking time bomb, or a physical presence.
  75. There was nothing to hear save the occasional ticking of the engine as it cooled down.
  76. But there was a good chance my father was unconscious, and the clock was ticking down.
  77. Then I noticed the silence in the house; no compressor noises or the ticking of clocks.
  78. The silence amplified the ticking clock, a macabre heartbeat sounding out the emptiness.
  79. And that was pretty much what I was thinking when I saw the red LED counter ticking down.
  80. The smell of gasoline was strong and I could hear the ticking of the engine as it cooled.
  81. You hear that ticking? That’s an egg timer, closed inside that Kleenex box over there.
  82. The only sound in the courtroom was the ticking of the clock and the hum of the ceiling fans.
  83. The clock is ticking on Sara’s bed when Malfunctioningsuddenly appears on the display.
  84. I glanced around the room for a final check and noticed her watch ticking away on the dresser.
  85. Below, in a deserted gas station in the midst of country wilderness there was another ticking.
  86. She points at the clock above Station Control, which reads 4:02 and is ticking down the seconds.
  87. Hearts not of muscle, but of metal, cardiac machines ticking and thumping and glistening with oil.
  88. He gave himself a time limit, hoping the ticking of a virtual clock might force him to stay focus.
  89. Picking it up he stared at it seconds ticking by, when a sudden and swift revelation dawned on him.
  90. Apart from its ticking, the only sound was the cotton quilt cover creaking against his fingernails.
  91. Liberty got involved with making up lists of things to do, ticking them off after they had been done.
  92. He couldn’t have done anything differently, he reasoned, ticking off the forces and circumstances.
  93. He parks up and sits for a few minutes, letting the ticking of the cooling engine mark out his time.
  94. This is said to comfort the dog as the ticking clock replicates the sound of another dog's heartbeat.
  95. In light airs like this it was as if she were dragging an anchor astern of her, and the clock was ticking.
  96. There was an old clock ticking loudly somewhere in the passage, but otherwise everything was deadly still.
  97. Was the ticking speeding up, or was it just Silas’ nerves? He had to stay cool, had to save his eggs….
  98. But, inevitably, fiend that I am, I began to watch various other women ticking by like wondrous pendulums.
  99. The ticking of a clock could be heard in the background and a strange expression flickered across his face.
  100. Except, of course, there’s no ring yet and the biological clock is still ticking and time is growing short.
  1. I was ticked off at.
  2. He ticked all the boxes.
  3. Robert ticked off the items.
  4. Five, six minutes ticked by.
  5. The watch ticked on his wrist.
  6. Her mind ticked over with the.
  7. That answer realy ticked me off.
  8. The price ticked relentlessly up.
  9. A minute ticked by, then another.
  10. That's what ticked him off the most.
  11. She found a crudely ticked off chart.
  12. And that’s another one ticked off.
  13. She waited while the seconds ticked off.
  14. He watched as the hours ticked by slowly.
  15. A tiny pulse ticked once under his grasp.
  16. But, as the seconds ticked I understood.
  17. Next to it, a golden pocket-watch ticked.
  18. And now he knew that it had never ticked.
  19. The seconds ticked on the digital counter.
  20. Long moments ticked by, cooling as a result.
  21. I got pretty ticked off with life in general.
  22. I nodded and ticked off the steps on my fingers.
  23. The prop ticked to a stop, and kicked back once.
  24. Minutes ticked by in what seemed to take forever.
  25. As the minutes ticked by and Helen Roach sucked.
  26. My heart rate ticked up by twenty beats a minute.
  27. A vein ticked a small watch in the old man's throat.
  28. And on the wall behind it, another timer ticked down.
  29. What ticked me off the most was the couple's lethargic.
  30. The watch ticked on his wrist, The captain watched it tick.
  31. It ticked reassuringly and kept time amazingly accurately.
  32. She quickly saw that the one that ticked was the one that.
  33. The miles slowly ticked away, the distance between her and.
  34. I soon found out that I had really ticked off the Professor.
  35. The clock ticked, suddenly loud, suddenly invading his mind.
  36. The sugar ticked up 25 points and I lost ground that I gained.
  37. Elowen’s mind ticked over, there was so much to learn about.
  38. Ozzie became more and more irritated as the hours ticked past.
  39. Several seconds ticked by before she trusted herself to speak.
  40. With each second that ticked by, Norah’s heart kicked harder.
  41. The minutes ticked slowly by and then out of nowhere I shouted.
  42. A few seconds ticked by as Bob stared at his phone waiting for.
  43. Seeing Winston always ticked me off, because a cousin was there.
  44. The minutes on her chrono ticked away, inching towards ignition.
  45. She sighed as he ticked off the lecture’s topics on his fingers.
  46. As the minutes ticked away, she began to feel a strange sensation.
  47. A wristwatch ticked, with a clean sound of normality, in the room.
  48. That his dad was ticked off at some guy on the verification team.
  49. That had really ticked me off, but I figured she’d had her reasons.
  50. The watch ticked for a long time, very loudly in the captain’s ears.
  51. But it was Shellow Bowels in Essex that ticked the most boxes for Fred.
  52. When he brought his arm around on his lap the sound ticked in his lap.
  53. In the sink the high white foam cooled and ticked as the bubbles burst.
  54. That's where MACD-Histogram ticked up, completing a bullish divergence.
  55. My self-approval when I ticked an entry was quite a luxurious sensation.
  56. The seconds ticked by on the screen until his worst fears were realised.
  57. And he wants to have me killed, eh? The thought of it ticked Paul.
  58. As he finished his meal, he ticked through the basic strategy once again.
  59. A clock that ticked on the wall showed that it was a little past midnight.
  60. I’ve killed Apollo, what, three times now? And he’s really ticked off.
  61. They hadn’t let Teresa in, which ticked him off just as much as it did her.
  62. Sure, no matter she's been ticked off at me for eight God-blesséd years now.
  63. The clock ticked faster and faster, so fast it sounded as if it would explode.
  64. The carriage clock in the drawing room ticked away, drawing the dull hands of.
  65. When Douglas moved his wrist the sound ticked in another part of the haystack.
  66. As it says in verse eight, God is royally ticked by this point and He has every.
  67. Although I had no watch of my own, an inner clock ticked away the minutes of sleep.
  68. Time ticked by, and with every silent moment, Jess felt the tension crank tighter.
  69. As the hours slowly ticked by, Trevain found himself lost in drink and observation.
  70. The girl was becoming more sexual, suggestive and excited as the minutes ticked by.
  71. The minutes ticked by, and my shoulders ached as I continued with the compressions.
  72. As the hours ticked by and we meandered around the yard sharing conversations with.
  73. The frosted skylight above her ticked with a shower that didn’t let up for weeks.
  74. She was also frightened, and as the minutes ticked by she tried to stifle her anger.
  75. I wasnt going to give Langdon the satisfaction of knowing that he had ticked me off.
  76. However, if he’d had the Venona list, he could have ticked off several at the State.
  77. She was tired and her mind ticked away dully, mechanically, as the clock on the mantel.
  78. Instead they shared occasional glances of encouragement as the minutes slowly ticked by.
  79. As the minutes ticked by, the two opposing minion sections had started to form up, and.
  80. We were both still then, as long seconds ticked by, each locked in one another’s gaze.
  81. Moths ticked off the high tin-shaded arc light which swung abandoned above the crossroads.
  82. Several more minutes had ticked by, nothing was happening! This was all taking far too long.
  83. Precious seconds ticked by before Colin maneuvered Reese into position for another arm bar.
  84. Please, Iceman would have been max short and not even caring if the stock ticked against him.
  85. They sat again in silence as the grandfather clock next to the bar ticked its regular pattern.
  86. President Quaid held up his left hand and ticked off points on his fingers, one after another.
  87. Rahul failed to realize that under the cloak of the clown ticked a very sharp political brain.
  88. Tortured seconds ticked by before Gabriel slumped forward with his hands on the back of a chair.
  89. The clock ticked thirty long seconds away and then the silence was ripped by a ferocious growl.
  90. She was trapped in the godforsaken alley while precious seconds ticked away against Eva’s life.
  91. Inacio said nothing as the days ticked off, his silence hard despite Sabina’s cries for support.
  92. Naturally, Carl Icahn has ticked off a lot of corporate dynamos, enemies with big clout in the media.
  93. Minutes ticked by during which, the most interesting thing that happened was a fly landing on my hand.
  94. The hours ticked past slowly as David and Jenny wondered why their mother was not answering her phone.
  95. Colin pressed his advantage, and as the round ticked toward its close, Reese made a tactical mistake.
  96. He leaned on his horn, flashed his lights, and cut through parking lots as precious seconds ticked by.
  97. At which her breath ceased and the fire burned to ashes as the clock ticked and ticked in the quiet room.
  98. The egg timer ticked faster and faster, Silas overtaken by dread, knowing the bricks were about to drop.
  99. The miles ticked off and, at Cline’s Corner, I saw the first sign for Edgewood, sixty-four miles ahead.
  100. Kim stared contemptuously at Ca, and as the time ticked by she had sporadic bursts of anger aimed at him.
  1. Like ticks on a dog.
  2. The number ticks to 51.
  3. It really ticks me off.
  4. The clock ticks on the wall.
  6. Sho, there's ticks a plenty.
  7. The machine ticks as it cools.
  8. Me: The ticks are only at +200.
  9. The width of the box is 20 ticks.
  10. Being when the clock ticks into.
  11. Luke's jaw ticks and he rubs his temple.
  12. I’m out at 111 for a gain of 2 ticks.
  13. There’s a lot of battling on the ticks.
  14. Good culture is what makes the intelligence ticks.
  15. Buy when MACD-Histogram stops falling and ticks up.
  16. The ticks are a great emotional balancing mechanism.
  17. Luke's jaw ticks in response and his lips don't move.
  18. This brings me to the next rule I use with the ticks:.
  19. She ticks off an item on her list with a satisfied smile.
  20. Sell short when MACD-Histogram stops rising and ticks down.
  21. The ticks continue to push higher, and the market rallies.
  22. A more technical way to measure emotion is to watch the ticks.
  23. In this chart, we can see that at point 3, the ticks hit +800.
  24. When the ticks hit +800, I covered my short for a 9-point loss.
  25. Yet when the ticks started making lower lows, so did the market.
  26. He added a third row of perfectly-straight ticks down the margin.
  27. This brings us to the first rule I follow when watching the ticks:.
  28. I kept trading the ticks in that move, knowing I could hit the bids.
  29. When I’m trading, I’ll tell someone, The ticks are high here.
  30. As we move into the last hour, the ticks dare to hit +1,000 yet again.
  31. The markets shoot higher on ticks of +1,000, and I short at the market.
  32. Vega is typically expressed in ticks (minimum price fluctuations).
  33. I can count ticks, but my mind stops before converting them into dollars.
  34. For exits, tiki readings are only the heads-up; ticks are the confirmation.
  35. The notes move in increments of , which are called ticks and are worth $15.
  36. This is a trade in which a few ticks usually won’t make or break the trade.
  37. This is because I’m trying to get only 1 ATR (about 100 ticks) instead of 1.
  38. She decided to just rest her eyes for a couple of ticks before she ate her meal.
  39. The ticks ramp up again, but I pass on this trade because it is now past 3:30 p.
  40. Its wings flapped, and its agitated tail hammered at the glass with audible ticks.
  41. It is possible to aggregate bars not by ticks (transactions) but by trading volume.
  42. Another option, but a bad one, is to put a stop two or three ticks beyond the level.
  43. Another key point: MACD-H gives a buy signal when it ticks up from the second bottom.
  44. Jim smelled smells that no one knew, heard ticks from clocks that told another time.
  45. The ticks shot up to +600 at around 12:00 noon EST, but the markets did not move higher.
  46. Bob was tired, his eyes began to play ticks, and they knew how to fool his deadened brain.
  47. When he’s satisfied, he ticks off what he sees as the possible explanations on his fingers:.
  48. Randomize TIMER ‘Initializes the randomizing counter according to the value of Ticks of CPU.
  49. Handle carrion eaters as little as possible—they are more prone to infection, lice and ticks.
  50. For this small a time frame, I’m willing to risk no more than 10 ticks, so I set my stop at 1191.
  51. Note that I use the terms $TICK, tick, and ticks interchangeably, and they all mean the same thing.
  52. If, on the other hand, A/D ticks up while prices are down, it shows that bulls are gaining strength.
  53. It is not critical that you include the wayward ticks in your box if they are only a few ticks away.
  54. Once I’m up 8 ticks (at point 4), I sell half my position, and move my stop to my entry level at 1193.
  55. These horizontal lines serve a very specific purpose, which brings me to my fourth rule in using ticks:.
  56. It ticks up when prices close higher than they opened—when professionals are more bullish than amateurs.
  57. It ticks down when prices close lower than they opened—when professionals are more bearish than amateurs.
  58. Try as they might, the ticks cannot push much above the +200 level, and when they do, they are rejected handily.
  59. I like to watch how the markets react when the ticks start stair-stepping and making higher highs or higher lows.
  60. They watch as the year and month indicator in the corner of the screen ticks by the years like seconds on a clock.
  61. Some swing and intraday traders have trouble staying big in positions because they see all the ticks in their stocks.
  62. If the ticks are below zero, a cross of the 8-period EMA below the 21-period EMA indicates massive selling pressure.
  63. For example, the trin is making new highs (bearish), but the ticks are spending all their time above zero (bullish).
  64. ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER—Also known in Brazil as São Paulo fever, this is another type of typhus, spread by ticks.
  65. The mini-sized Dow futures hit 10,542 when the ticks move over +1,000, and this ends up being their dead highs of the day.
  66. If high ticks of over +600 can’t move the markets higher, then that is a tip-off that the selling pressure is predominant.
  67. When the ticks hit +1,000 ticks 25 minutes later, I heard the audio alert for this level, and I set up a new short in the YM.
  68. For the rest of my position, I will trail my stop—every time the ES moves 1 point (4 ticks), I will move my stop up 1 point.
  69. I can see that the ticks are spending a lot of quality time above zero, and that most of the sectors are in positive territory.
  70. I ignore this reading because the ticks have spent more than 85 percent of their time above zero, indicating massive fund buying.
  71. At one point I was up 10 ticks on the trade (the equivalent of 63 YM points), but the market rolled over quickly, which can happen.
  72. As one of my former trading mentors told me numerous times, Why dick around with ticks when you can tally up the points? Indeed.
  73. This time, however, if you are sitting there and the market is running away from you, instead of blindly jumping in, look at the ticks.
  74. At point 1, this is where I can choose my initial stop (in this case, 10 ticks) and then how I want my stop to change if targets are hit.
  75. Such as, I can sell this call at 6 ticks and if the spot is trading below the strike price at expiration, I will win the whole 6 ticks.
  76. The key is knowing the difference between the ticks on a stock with a lot of upside momentum undergoing some profit taking and a weak stock.
  77. The ticks are usually quiet at the open, and at point 1 we can see that the ticks just flopped back and forth for the better part of an hour.
  78. If you were to press me for a number, I might tell you how many ticks I'm ahead or behind, but I'll never translate those ticks into dollars.
  79. If you are a daytrader looking to take profits at the high of the day, your profit-taking order should be a few cents or ticks below the high.
  80. When I had no more ticks to make, I folded all my bills up uniformly, docketed each on the back, and tied the whole into a symmetrical bundle.
  81. If the 108 calls in our previous example, had a vega of 16, then for every 1% change in the implied, the option would change by 16 ticks ($250.
  82. For three days, Donovan was on the inside and we were on the outside, hiding in the woods, watching, waiting, fighting off ticks and mosquitoes.
  83. A frequent surge of adrenaline that comes from watching a market that’s moving without you can be quickly tempered by a quick look at the ticks.
  84. What really ticks you off about it is that the two of us haven’t been in the same place since you left for Siddarmark and I left for Chisholm.
  85. You should shave him from the neck down when you shave his face, Nemia! He is probably infested with lice and ticks and vermin of every variety!.
  86. For example, if the width of the box is 20 ticks, then I would want to see prices move back into the box by at least 5 pips after the fourth price test.
  87. Rather than being angry when a market ticks your stop, either accept it as a natural event or, if your stop was placed incorrectly, modify your behavior.
  88. When the ticks spend 90 percent of their time below zero with repeated extreme low tick readings, I ignore trading long setups all day and focus on shorts.
  89. When the ticks spend 90 percent of their time above zero with repeated extreme high tick readings, I ignore trading short setups all day and focus on longs.
  90. The tiki (TradeStation symbol $TIKI) is similar to the ticks, but it measures the net upticks versus downticks on the 30 Dow stocks instead of the entire NYSE.
  91. Note the ticks on the right side of the y-axis, which are evenly spaced prices on the linear chart, become compressed near the top of the axis when log scaled.
  92. Another popular chart, the line on close, is also good when watching the ticks, because it helps to show a trader when they are rolling over or hooking.
  93. Building from this rule, we use options to make it harder for us to fall prey to the temptation of the ticks, by making it easier for us to stay in the position.
  94. There is software that will calculate the pivots for a person automatically, but it generally uses the wrong time frames and can create errors because of bad ticks.
  95. She argued that a trader’s subconscious keeps the trader focused on the real trade, which is to say that a good trade is not short-circuited by overvaluing the ticks.
  96. In 1938, the SEC adopted Rule 10a-1, under the Exchange Act of 1934, the tick rule, which requires short sales on exchanges to be traded on plus ticks or zero-plus ticks.
  97. The bottom line is that when it comes down to a few ticks, where you place your horizontal line is not a big deal, as long as it is crystal clear that a box is in place.
  98. For instance if we notice that the vega of the June Deutsche-mark 68 strike is one tick, the option premium of the call is three ticks, with the implied volatility being 13%.
  99. A cross of the 8-period EMA above the 21-period EMA (while below zero) indicates a pause in the selling pressure, and the reverse is also true when the ticks are above zero.
  100. To think, that if one journeyed back just a mere few ticks of the clock in the other direction, they would have found me playing for pennies, homeless, sleeping next to a dumpster.

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