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Tick in a sentence

The tick of a bomb.
A tick of the clock.
Time continued to tick by.
He listened to his watch tick.
A tick bird flew up and down.
I watched the seconds tick by.
I watched the seconds tick off.

The guy was tighter than a tick.
Tick got her right on her shoulder.
Let’s tick off those points again.
Every tick of that clock grew his urge.
Then, he returned to Sophia, in a tick.
He will tick off the lists of food and.
He also looks for divergences in the TICK.
They could unlock what made Hamilton tick.
It can tick all it wants, I'm not listening.
A nervous tick started jumping above one eye.
Research the systems that might tick all of.
With MT4 we have time charts and tick volume.
However, the point with a tick chart is this.
Most of the accounts tick over quite nicely.
I set up audio alerts at all the key tick levels.
Tick tock tick tock, Rich said with a grin.
You don’t know who in power you might tick off.
For every tick above 107-16, they are making $31.
He was curious about what made Simon Conklin tick.
You trying to tick me off? Mitch calmly asked.
His regular as tick tock behaviour wound Phokion up.
Her back was foursquare to the tick of blade on tile.
That was what kept him interested, what made him tick.
Haven paused for a tick of time, and then kept walking.
He released the tick and put him on the long flat desk.
Each tick is a temptation to convince yourself to exit.
The tick of every moment appears to be the pulse of God.
A rasping noise and a tick under the flooring jolted her.
However, there are a select few who really tick me off!.
Not something that we can tick off and say we have done.
That was within weeks of the top tick on the stock price.
There was the gradual tick of expanding metal, heating up.
Place a buy stop 1 tick above the current high of the day.
That time is ticking by.
And the clock was ticking.
The tic tic ticking stops.
Rory's mind was ticking over.
Ticking of fires as they cool.
Meanwhile time was ticking away.
Precious seconds were ticking by.
The sixty seconds were ticking by.
The clock is ticking on their religion.
The clock was ticking, soon, very soon.
But, nobody would stop the ticking time.
We`ll stop this ticking and jam that hand.
Wèll stop this ticking and jam that hand.
Lexi was ticking all the boxes as they say.
I could almost hear his brain ticking over.
The ticking has stopped along with my breath.
He could almost hear a clock ticking in his.
He could actually cope with the ticking off.
He could see them ticking by in Ash’s head.
Her syrupy sweet words were ticking Clark off.
Time was short; the minutes were ticking away.
She could hear the clock ticking in the kitchen.
Time was ticking away and her mother was chat-.
Not the ticking off, severe though that had been.
Now one clock was set in motion, a faint ticking.
Whoever had set the timers ticking meant business.
You’d better get to the car – time is ticking.
The Pastor started ticking names off on his fingers.
My taxi still waited, ticking off astronomical sums.
Anger, on the other hand, yes, a cold ticking rage.
At two o'clock he heard his wristwatch ticking softly.
Their claws make little ticking sounds when they move.
We sat in the car and listened to the engine ticking down.
Position yourself standing with a metronome ticking nearby.
The ticking of the clock began to bring itself into notice.
The only sounds are of a CLOCK TICKING and the MUFFLED BEACH.
Woman that age, could be the ticking clock drove her to it.
His mind was very aware of the clock ticking down, bright red.
But perhaps the ticking of the pigeons was driving him crazy.
I held the watch against my ear, it was ticking away just fine.
I was ticked off at.
He ticked all the boxes.
Robert ticked off the items.
Five, six minutes ticked by.
The watch ticked on his wrist.
Her mind ticked over with the.
That answer realy ticked me off.
A minute ticked by, then another.
The price ticked relentlessly up.
That's what ticked him off the most.
She found a crudely ticked off chart.
And that’s another one ticked off.
A tiny pulse ticked once under his grasp.
She waited while the seconds ticked off.
He watched as the hours ticked by slowly.
And now he knew that it had never ticked.
Next to it, a golden pocket-watch ticked.
But, as the seconds ticked I understood.
The seconds ticked on the digital counter.
Long moments ticked by, cooling as a result.
I got pretty ticked off with life in general.
I nodded and ticked off the steps on my fingers.
The prop ticked to a stop, and kicked back once.
My heart rate ticked up by twenty beats a minute.
Minutes ticked by in what seemed to take forever.
As the minutes ticked by and Helen Roach sucked.
A vein ticked a small watch in the old man's throat.
And on the wall behind it, another timer ticked down.
What ticked me off the most was the couple's lethargic.
The watch ticked on his wrist, The captain watched it tick.
It ticked reassuringly and kept time amazingly accurately.
The miles slowly ticked away, the distance between her and.
I soon found out that I had really ticked off the Professor.
She quickly saw that the one that ticked was the one that.
The clock ticked, suddenly loud, suddenly invading his mind.
Several seconds ticked by before she trusted herself to speak.
Ozzie became more and more irritated as the hours ticked past.
The sugar ticked up 25 points and I lost ground that I gained.
Elowen’s mind ticked over, there was so much to learn about.
The minutes ticked slowly by and then out of nowhere I shouted.
Like ticks on a dog.
The number ticks to 51.
It really ticks me off.
The clock ticks on the wall.
Sho, there's ticks a plenty.
The machine ticks as it cools.
Me: The ticks are only at +200.
The width of the box is 20 ticks.
Being when the clock ticks into.
I’m out at 111 for a gain of 2 ticks.
Luke's jaw ticks and he rubs his temple.
There’s a lot of battling on the ticks.
Buy when MACD-Histogram stops falling and ticks up.
Good culture is what makes the intelligence ticks.
The ticks are a great emotional balancing mechanism.
Luke's jaw ticks in response and his lips don't move.
This brings me to the next rule I use with the ticks:.
She ticks off an item on her list with a satisfied smile.
The ticks continue to push higher, and the market rallies.
Sell short when MACD-Histogram stops rising and ticks down.
In this chart, we can see that at point 3, the ticks hit +800.
A more technical way to measure emotion is to watch the ticks.
When the ticks hit +800, I covered my short for a 9-point loss.
Yet when the ticks started making lower lows, so did the market.
He added a third row of perfectly-straight ticks down the margin.
I kept trading the ticks in that move, knowing I could hit the bids.
This brings us to the first rule I follow when watching the ticks:.
When I’m trading, I’ll tell someone, The ticks are high here.
As we move into the last hour, the ticks dare to hit +1,000 yet again.
The markets shoot higher on ticks of +1,000, and I short at the market.
Vega is typically expressed in ticks (minimum price fluctuations).
I can count ticks, but my mind stops before converting them into dollars.
For exits, tiki readings are only the heads-up; ticks are the confirmation.
The notes move in increments of , which are called ticks and are worth $15.
This is a trade in which a few ticks usually won’t make or break the trade.
This is because I’m trying to get only 1 ATR (about 100 ticks) instead of 1.
The ticks ramp up again, but I pass on this trade because it is now past 3:30 p.
She decided to just rest her eyes for a couple of ticks before she ate her meal.
Its wings flapped, and its agitated tail hammered at the glass with audible ticks.

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