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    1. Citra Solv is a citrus concentrate available at most stores

    2. A good concentrate is called Extra Hot Horseradish available in stores or through Mo Hotta Mo Betta

    3. Chilies are a great source of controlling many insects either as a powder or as a concentrate that can be added to water and sprayed

    4. The Inspector is going on … concentrate, Liz …

    5. To control, concentrate many times their more on the health of the soil and the health of the plant and less on controlling the red spiders

    6. All Rose wants is to keep dancing, but deep down she realizes she will have succumb to her parents wishes and concentrate on her studies to become a doctor or a lawyer or something prestigious

    7. Traps should be placed where they concentrate most, but not in the way of foot traffic

    8. She was so tired she had to concentrate on not falling off

    9. Glancing at the clock, I swallow the acrid liquid which is gathering in my mouth … concentrate, Liz …

    10. Enough of that … concentrate on Emma

    1. " He concentrated on the traffic, the steering was very, sluggish and he had started to yaw back and forth

    2. Many of us live far from our babies and when we do see them, the attention is concentrated on them, perhaps more than on our adult children

    3. He would talk no more after that, but took the wheel and concentrated on the race to the tunnel, five hours away at the speed he was driving

    4. This heat is most concentrated around the equator where the sunlight is greatest

    5. Every time the need arose I concentrated on the geography of my new home for a moment or two and then struggled up onto my knees

    6. After the above incident, Alice never set foot in the dance school again; yet I still go there, ignoring the concentrated hostility which is persistently hovering over me

    7. I often need to run after them and make them hold my hands either they like or or not! Moreover, during the break I can barely endure all that concentrated negativity against me: It is impossible for me to exchange even a word with anyone in there; if I dare approach a group of pupils, they turn their faces the other way, they stop talking and they all split in a second

    8. I already knew what I had to do to survive, but how could I hope to do it when the rules could change at the whim of an adolescent boy or with the brutal premeditation of a sociopathic thug? I concentrated on the one thing that would keep me safe for now

    9. Book shelves covered three walls with doorways let into them here and there; a young woman stood apparently wrapt in the volume she was reading, a thirty-something man with a large backpack at his feet scanned the shelf above his head, neck craned, lips muttering silently as he concentrated

    10. Delivers L-ascorbic acid in concentrated form, without losing potency to improve the

    1. The driver chats about the weather for a few minutes then concentrates on the driving, leaving me to my thoughts

    2. Concentrates the mind a bit, events like Sunday’s

    3. concentrates their minds on other things than me,

    4. I catch Simon’s eye and we both repress a smile as Sally goes bright red and Gary suddenly concentrates very hard on spooning up the last of his soup

    5. Her eyes drawn lazily to her forearms, she spots some specks of apricot paint and concentrates on picking them off, checking her hands and giving them the same treatment

    6. Davie ignores the bark and concentrates on doing his job

    7. draws the sap and concentrates it into the leaves

    8. This book concentrates on Castilian Spanish (ie the Spanish spoken in

    9. The minority of shareholders or manager of financial organizations concentrates and administers this amazing money supply with total power to make decisions on the society, without running the risks because who answers for the loss is the investor or the Central Bank when a Bank breakage

    10. Component/Unit Testing: This is the lowest level of testing and it concentrates on lowest unit verification

    1. ‘Yes? What about them?’ I asked, concentrating on the potatoes and wondering what is coming

    2. Concentrating on the effect instead of the cause is wasted effort

    3. ‘Do you want me to read this to you, Barney?’ I said, ignoring her question and concentrating on my grandson

    4. Half my mind concentrating on the job in hand, I reach for the phone and pick it up

    5. ’ She told me, concentrating on drying up the fiddly bits of the caffetiere

    6. Ava spent most of her time concentrating on the Heavenly Mother

    7. ’ I conceded, concentrating on my nail varnish

    8. ’ He said stiffly, concentrating on his plate, and I am reminded of Rose’s prediction that things would be difficult for us

    9. ‘I’ve been careful, saved sensibly so I can retire when I want to … and Joris left me … some …’ The phrase stuck in her throat; concentrating her attention on the plate in front of her, she hauled herself back together again under cover of sharing condiments

    10. ’ Iain glanced at Kara who was concentrating on her lunch

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