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    1. The partial bind had led to a state of dependence which Ginger thought was simply deplorable

    2. Really something special and terrifying in a way! Unfortunately we were not issued with bayonets, and we made up for that deplorable oversight by purchasing the biggest knifes we could find

    3. But not to worry, he, PT Sergeant Whomever, shall surely cure this deplorable inability by the grace of general Coetzee blah blah blah

    4. At once stage he even joined the PT Sergeant in discussing our deplorable lack of water skills

    5. The alarm caused a deplorable stampede at the divisional hospital

    6. Now let me take that deplorable lack of knowledge further to our advantage

    7. The hospital itself was in a deplorable condition: the lawn beyond, covered with old dressings, excrement, and refuse of all kinds, must necessarily have proved a terrible plague spot

    8. It will make almost no difference to you besides outrage and of course the deplorable loss of life which goes with such an attack

    9. I read that 32 white colonialists died which is deplorable for all deaths are it is less than what is murdered every day in South Africa (all races combined)

    10. Thus says The Lord YahuShua: Those who knowingly celebrate Easter, and its deplorable traditions, hate My resurrection

    11. They worked under deplorable conditions

    12. was a deplorable overlook, especial y when within the ASCII there was plenty of

    13. Rather, the West “now sees only what is deplorable and destructive, while it is no longer able to perceive what is great and pure

    14. deplorable state after all these untold millions of years carries,

    15. have earned at least 4,424,747 euros together in 2008, do against this deplorable state of

    16. responsible - at present, an ongoing investigation about the deplorable state of affairs in

    17. universal coverage would somehow appear tomorrow, with the deplorable

    18. deplorable characteristics that left his bank employees afraid to

    19. 6 "The thing most deplorable is not merely this erroneous idea of the absolute perfection of the Scripture record and the infallibility of its teachings, but rather the confusing misinterpretation of these sacred writings by the tradition-enslaved scribes and Pharisees at Jerusalem

    20. 44 For African Americans, deplorable living conditions in 1920 caused the death rate for black adults to be more than twice as high than for whites

    21. Conditions for soldiers in just about any war are deplorable

    22. “Perhaps I shall explore that possibility when this deplorable affair is over

    23. She had underestimated these Americans and their social habits, deplorable they may be overall, but resolved not to make that faux pas again

    24. No wonder the Austrians had ended up in their current deplorable state under Nazi guidance

    25. The situation was deplorable, but he knew it was not his place to interfere, despite the fatherly instinct within, urging him to offer comfort and guidance to this tormented young woman

    26. In her younger, juvenile days, before she was married, the prospects of a love affair with such a devotee would have been amusing, but now it was utterly deplorable

    27. Even while taking account of their recent defeats and withdrawals, the standard of dress is deplorable and many of those soldiers have lost, or should I say threw away, nearly all their personal field kit, including their entrenching tool and their steel helmet

    28. Two of the most deplorable traits a person could have, according to Percival that is

    29. The deplorable politics led to revolt by the Italian people from 90 to 88 BC

    30. while in captivity, with another 53 citizens freed in deplorable shape

    31. actions were ungodly and deplorable (he claimed to blow up the OK

    32. This was the response to the deplorable decision taken by the Judicial

    33. able circumstances in the country before 1994, and as deplorable, which

    34. More interesting for me is the way in which the Murdoch Empire has been prepared to walk away from the publication and its 400 employees in an attempt to distance the group from the deplorable behaviour of the journalists who appeared to be prepared to do anything to get the story

    35. This is very deplorable

    36. So was I once overcome with deplorable laughter in church, only because a cat came in

    37. Straws, they had turned into, these men who used to be lovers; and deplorable as it was that lovers should end as straws, it was even more deplorable to try to cling to them

    38. And her reasoning, how wholly deplorable

    39. After that one deplorable bald word she said no more at all; and Ingram's passionate explanations and asseverations only every now and then caught her ear

    40. The men were a little less outwardly frantic opting to roll their eyes at what they perceived to be the silliness that the females were displaying while secretly listening to hear if theirs was a name that passed as acceptable or deplorable

    41. The conditions were deplorable

    42. That includes creating deplorable conditions of inadequate rest, breathing undesirable air, poor sanitization, and serve undesirable foods

    43. Back in the real world, the deplorable state of affairs would not be the

    44. He gave us a most deplorable

    45. be, the idea of taking these two was deplorable

    46. deplorable Souls swooping in like wraiths, he still could not see how they could enter the

    47. He had come for her, but even more so God had intervened in the matters of the corruption of this place that had seemingly gone unchecked through the years of its deplorable exploitation of the masses of clueless people that populated the surface of the Earth

    48. The situation of this city and of this land was deplorable, but right now all my desire was engaged by this woman in a way that I had never experienced before

    49. Dan"s behavior was deplorable, and he continually treated Mum like that over the years

    50. in deplorable situations and this is a sad fact

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