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    1. Screams and growls and booms echoed across the plain; and at one time, a few hundred yards away, he heard the sloshing of deep water and a pitiful bellow

    2. That was when I turned away, trying to avoid myself in their pitiful eyes

    3. Pitiful, isn’t it!’

    4. I looked at the crumpled, pitiful heap lying there and took her up in my arms

    5. He looked so pitiful

    6. Despite mutterings and listless gestures, he remained visible – and visibly pitiful

    7. “Actually, you should have seen the last bandits I had to tangle with, they were pitiful

    8. The blood-fragrant air echoed with a hollow half sigh, half growl, both menacing and pitiful at the same time

    9. It is indeed a pitiful sight, for the core message of religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism was never about hatred

    10. It was how I imagined a wormhole to be, rather than the pitiful and fleeting channel myself and my team had created

    11. Oh, the pitiful bleating of that she-goat! “The indignity !” “The betrayal !” But it was all to no avail

    12. He was a poor, pitiful creature who lived with hatred

    13. His stark green eyes requested mercy, and the look was accompanied by the pitiful meow of a creature who was tired of mousing for survival when most animals of his kind could be found contentedly crunching Friskies in someone’s sunny mud room

    14. On cue, the actress races to the center of the living room rug, pirouettes, and topples with a wail or a pitiful eek, one paw draped over her face

    15. And, I have to admit, my attempts to stop its natural progression have been pitiful

    16. Kiri had worked so hard to draw the negativity out of him, but he had allowed himself to slip back to that pitiful state yesterday

    17. It was pitiful to see the American troops extracting, with difficulty, single cartridges from their sodden belts, while the Spaniards pressed home the pentacapsular clip in their Mausers and had five shots ready

    18. The Spanish bugles played a pitiful “retreat

    19. Someone was having a real go at the old man’s retirement fund; pitiful as it was

    20. Your pitiful empire has reached the end of its wasted life

    21. of the pitiful women have eaten their own children: they were their meat in the destruction of the daughter of my people

    22. 11 For the Lord is full of compassion and mercy, longsuffering, and very pitiful, and forgives sins, and saves in time of affliction

    23. 9 Then shall they be in pitiful case, which now have abused my

    24. Gloria looked at the pitiful sight that lay in front of her

    25. Doctor Shah stands on the other side of the bed and has the most pitiful look on his face, like he’s witnessing his prized racehorse being shipped to the glue factory

    26. He couldn’t understand how Jack could remain so unfettered as if he was merely signing a financial bonds issue rather than condemning a man to a pitiful fate

    27. A pitiful looking girl lay in her hospital bed staring at the smiling faces that surrounded her

    28. Harry looked so pitiful in front of the dapper crook

    29. 39 (Enoch's pitiful admonition to his sons with weeping and great lamentation, as he spoke to them)

    30. way through these pitiful souls the pair of witnesses con-

    31. enough to remodel the pro's office, because it was pitiful and depressing

    32. Hazard was a pitiful excuse for a human being

    33. Before describing our one horrible year in CA, I should describe the pitiful ordeal in Houston, TX, which paved the way for us to have even wound up in the East Bay with Kaiser Engineers

    34. However, when I ordered the transcript for our appellate attorney, it was crystal clear that Bergman mounted little defense, did not effectively cross examine the prosecution witnesses, and made pitiful opening and closing statements

    35. 39 (Enoch's pitiful admonition to his sons with weeping and great lamentation as he spoke to them)

    36. After that the common fate of all: a pitiful and miserable prison, where they waited,

    37. She tried to help her lie still, but Becky continued to sob and scream - a pitiful sound that sent chills up Rosie's spine

    38. 9 Then shall they be in pitiful case which now have abused my ways and those who have throw them away despitefully shall dwell in torments

    39. “Mother, I do not want to move,” Avery said in a pitiful voice

    40. She looked at me with such a pitiful face, I nearly felt guilty for

    41. the filth was the least pitiful part of their appearance

    42. Most pitiful were the children

    43. At last the Senator found his voice, and in a pitiful, whining sound, began to plead for his life

    44. Kirk could see the pitiful face of Sharon in back of Parker on the screen and struggled to rise

    45. How should she, pitiful with mortality,

    46. Then followed a strange retreat by night along roads lit by the glare of burning towns, and swarming with pitiful crowds of Belgian refugees

    47. He was a pitiful object with a face full of sorrow

    48. A sad, pitiful zombie

    49. ” Zach’s shoulders slumped, and he cast Edwin a pitiful look before slouching off to the log shed

    50. Free from the bed, he made his way to the hall, where he heard a pitiful screech that sounded like a dying rat

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