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    1. The partial bind had led to a state of dependence which Ginger thought was simply deplorable

    2. Really something special and terrifying in a way! Unfortunately we were not issued with bayonets, and we made up for that deplorable oversight by purchasing the biggest knifes we could find

    3. But not to worry, he, PT Sergeant Whomever, shall surely cure this deplorable inability by the grace of general Coetzee blah blah blah

    4. At once stage he even joined the PT Sergeant in discussing our deplorable lack of water skills

    5. The alarm caused a deplorable stampede at the divisional hospital

    6. Now let me take that deplorable lack of knowledge further to our advantage

    7. The hospital itself was in a deplorable condition: the lawn beyond, covered with old dressings, excrement, and refuse of all kinds, must necessarily have proved a terrible plague spot

    8. It will make almost no difference to you besides outrage and of course the deplorable loss of life which goes with such an attack

    9. I read that 32 white colonialists died which is deplorable for all deaths are it is less than what is murdered every day in South Africa (all races combined)

    10. Thus says The Lord YahuShua: Those who knowingly celebrate Easter, and its deplorable traditions, hate My resurrection

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    Synonyms for "deplorable"

    deplorable distressing lamentable pitiful sad sorry condemnable criminal reprehensible vicious execrable miserable woeful wretched grievous dire calamitous

    "deplorable" definitions

    bad; unfortunate

    of very poor quality or condition

    bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure