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    1. Dad said that only a weird, sad man picks up prostitutes

    2. But he was tired and it came out a weak, sad sound

    3. Ava's week had started on a sad note when she saw Kulai off on the Flying Northwind just before Morningday lunch

    4. Daniel opens and closes its mouth against his father’s neck and cries a low, sad moan

    5. and when I was sad

    6. He didn’t remember how their conversation had gotten so serious and sad

    7. It must have been a sad movie

    8. Odd, I can’t see him as a family man … but Stephen says he was desperate for children … so terribly sad about the baby … who could shoot a pregnant woman? The thought makes me shiver suddenly; there’s someone out there who took a gun, loaded it and shot Joanna Sadler in the back deliberately and then tried to make it look as though Liz Wynell had done it

    9. But Baggy was still sad

    10. Sad to say most have been trained to guard against what is not wanted and thereby attracting more of that to their life experience

    11. when you as a kid were having a sad and depressed look

    12. It was a little sad that parts of one's life were lost in that way

    13. sing of happy, not sad -

    14. ’ He assured me with a sad smile

    15. It’s sad that your most loyal of

    16. It had been so late at night, and she had been so tired, that she hadn't had a good look at the place and now that she did, she felt a little sad

    17. Man in love ---> She is there so sad

    18. Woman in love ---> (Sad) not in the mood to tell my

    19. Man in love ---> (Sad) I thought you loved me, without her in

    20. 15:3-5; James 5:19-20), and comforts the weak and sad sheep in times of sickness

    21. In the last moments of the sad woman, the tree where hung

    22. ---> (Sad) Nothing left on this site, love vanished

    23. ---> (Sad) Having tasted love Mimis is hell to live

    24. Jubei ---> (Sad) Today was a bad day, that day seems to be

    25. The young woman is left with a sad face

    26. ‘It’s all so very sad, Stephen

    27. It is truly sad when men (especially young men) are not fully informed about the

    28. It is truly sad when one person can have such an influence, especially when others are not strong enough to stand up for what is in the best interest of

    29. The sad commentary is that those who the attitude of Diotrephes will exercise

    30. It has been and is a sad day for God's

    31. How sad when one or two men will destroy the church because of their

    32. It was terribly sad

    33. It is sad, but true that in some congregations with an eldership, there is division

    34. My step-brothers looked upon us all with sad expressions on their faces

    35. The boots paused as though debating this sad lack of forethought

    36. Yet, if you burn the clothes by mistake, you will soon feel sad and confused because of rivalry in love

    37. That was just enough to stave off the worst of the depression that cutting off yaag could bring, leaving her functioning but with a sad and quiet air

    38. "It's a long sad story, I just wanted to congratulate Alan on doing better

    39. It’s so sad that he can’t come across himself; I know he’s felt it over the years

    40. Luray, the sad, blond, storytelling woman from mast five responded but was close by and came to stand with her at the rail

    41. had run like that as one could have had all the fruits The remains were excavated by archaeologists led for himself, they said: “UBUNTU, how can one of us be by William Kelso of Preservation Virginia, a private happy if all the other ones are sad”?

    42. When she sees someone is sad, it opens up her heart

    43. simple shapes that trail sad remorse

    44. the noise of sad relief, having spent a day

    45. happy, sad, angry, scared

    46. "Yes, I remember how sad it was for you

    47. but strangely sad now that times

    48. just a naturalised citizen of this sad and wasted world

    49. Images spring up in my memory: the face of the woman at the wayhouse mourning her grandchild … that sad mound beside the wasteg … too many have died already … the sigh that accompanies those thoughts is so heavy that Sefir turns her head to peer at me

    50. Leaving Lyme is sad

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    deplorable distressing lamentable pitiful sad sorry sombre dismal gloomy doleful mournful dark dreary oppressive unhappy melancholy sorrowful downhearted morose rueful dispirited dejected tragic unfortunate grievous dire woeful poignant moving pitiable poor wretched cheap common bad