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Reform в предложении (на )

  1. When she could reform again.
  2. The way of Koran to reform the.
  3. The Islamic way to reform life.
  4. Today, witnessing a Reform or.
  5. Who runs the Reform Institute?

  6. Agricultural reform was a priority.
  7. So Luther tried to reform the church.
  8. From time to time we have to reform.
  9. Is reform needed? is it through you?
  10. The survivors urge the need of reform.
  11. For what is real you don't need to reform.
  12. Methods of Social Reform and Other Papers.
  13. We have a Campaign Finance Reform Act to.
  14. It was less a reform than a transfiguration.
  15. And how is the Reform Institute funded? With.

  16. Vendettas reform the lives of those they seek.
  17. She wrung out of me a mighty promise to reform.
  19. What Should Be The Goal Of Health Care Reform?
  20. Although committee reform was one of the major.
  21. Reform cannot be beaten out of someone, it has to.
  22. Those who hope to reform the proprietary software.
  23. The Liberal papers said Tariff Reform was no remedy.
  24. The reform will not come from reviling the orthodox.
  25. Reform and agitation have closed up those old dives.

  26. The trial lawyers have opposed tort reform measures.
  27. The doctor did not believe in the reform of Costaguana.
  28. The boy's first impulse was to be grateful, and reform.
  29. The 1974 Buget Reform and Impoundment Control Act is a.
  30. Pomeroy was only sentenced to reform school and for some.
  31. Webb founded to agitate for reform of the poor laws.
  32. It is not her but myself I wish to reform, he replied.
  33. It’s too late because you should reform yourself every day.
  34. We did not join to indicate our displeasure with the reform.
  35. Reform or repeal acts that do not abide by the Constitution.
  36. Such a reform would be a return to New Testament principles.
  37. Recently the Reform Institute, which refers to itself as a.
  38. Hospitals hoped to come out about even from health care reform.
  39. Chapter one: The way of Koran to reform the conditions of man.
  40. I rememberf -1 the vow I made to Lizaveta Makarovna to reform.
  41. They were for reform, but reform within the American consti-.
  42. She was the angel I needed for reform and I was allowed to love.
  43. You can reform a man; you can't reform a jelly-fish, of course.
  44. Every instant I strove to reform, but I lived like a wild beast.
  45. A reform towards God gives speedy result without spending money.
  46. None of this was really about land reform at all, added Will.
  47. But a new type of farmer emerged after the Kazakh Land reform with.
  48. If he had: his slight incremental reform would never have happened.
  49. Tort reform is another attempt by big business to have it their way.
  50. On this point, if on no other, there is great need of Church reform.
  51. We need medical system reform that will immediately decrease costs by.
  52. You never hear of a reform, but it means some trick to put in new men.
  53. Reform keeps many scores of newspapers in its service, but not one man.
  54. The water turned off and the tube began to retract and reform with the.
  55. Tort reform may have been the cause for the reduction of the settlement.
  56. Are you… he had to stop to clear his throat and reform his words.
  57. The finance director of the Reform Institute is a woman named Carla Eudy.
  58. Those who believe and reform have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.
  59. Is it Insurance Reform or Health Care Reform that should be the Focus in.
  60. I am afraid it is vain to hope for any large measure of Convocation reform.
  61. How can you hope to reform her after the life she has led? she asked.
  62. Why does health care reform have to mean spending more on health care? We.
  63. Worlds Before Adam: The Reconstruction of Geohistory in the Age of Reform.
  64. For health care reform to be successful we have to insist that our medical.
  65. She was having a good time on Vikenvor so far, but her reform was slipping.
  66. That’s why we stopped financial support for the land reform programme.
  67. Some of the saving could be used to reform the Medicare payment schedule to.
  68. We need health care reform that serves our nation and not designed to serve.
  69. What the details of such a reform ought to be, I will now proceed to explain.
  70. I believe the only important thing is to have a prior who will reform the.
  71. Now that a Reform Jewish congregation had been established in the city of my.
  72. Physician survey about the new health care reform law, The Patient Protection.
  73. In summary the health reform bill, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care.
  74. There is an air of absurdity to what is mistakenly called "health-care reform".
  75. One of the principle leaders of the German Reform movement was Samuel Holdheim.
  76. Timid (and successful) marijuana law reform efforts in Alaska and Oregon ended.
  77. It would rightfully place physicians at the core of healthcare reform to deal.
  78. There is no doubt that this country needs health care reform that addresses our.
  79. He lists the five fundamentals of Reform Protestant religion which he denies:1.
  80. But what of the solutions offered – pabulum disguised as reform that does not.
  81. Although during the present discussion about health care reform one hears about.
  82. Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.
  83. It was just after the Lords had thrown out the Reform Bill: that explains how Mr.
  84. We had slept long enough, I suppose, on reform, and we made this little addition.
  85. A reform in the expense was the great desideratum, not the abolition of the Navy.
  86. McKay, ”Welfare Reform: Providing for the Old but not for the Poor?”, 155 ff.
  87. McKay, ”Welfare Reform: Providing for the Old but not for the Poor?”, 150 ff.
  88. Such a reform would increase a hundredfold the strength of the Church of England.
  89. Deep inside the Congressional House Health Care Reform Bill was a section paying.
  90. Unfortunately the present plans for health care reform do not in any way address.
  91. Despite constant calls for reform, there’s little that’s new in politics today.
  92. And that included the Romans, as prior to calendar reform by Julius Caesar in 46 B.
  93. Gorbachev called for radical economic reform in his country, and in October of the.
  94. Sholom in Norfolk was the nearest Reform Jewish synagogue, so that’s where I went.
  95. However, critics argued that the time had come to reform or repeal the act to allow.
  96. Instead there are two reform minded and peace minded leaders in both the US and USSR.
  97. I think, he said, that from now on the little brown dog will have to reform.
  98. Though the amendment failed by a vote of 15-65, it led to many reform measures later.
  99. Liberal views are more open to proposals for reform, acceptance and tolerance towards.
  100. A woman who has tried to reform the lawless life of this section of Louisiana has died.
  1. All is the endless reforming of energy.
  2. The prophetic prescription for reforming.
  3. See, the heart has already started reforming flesh.
  4. During a hearing on Reforming the Congressional Budget.
  5. Chapter two: Reforming life by legislation and religion.
  6. They are part of the Matrix of Reality reforming.
  7. You are helping the convicts; making the rounds of the prisons; reforming them.
  8. I am reforming my squadron! With this pronouncement she motioned the others.
  9. During his time as First Consul Napoleon was instrumental in reforming the legal and.
  10. Such a state, therefore, by reforming its coin, will not always be able to reform its currency.
  11. Bob’s wife continued in politics along with sons Philip and Bob, reforming the Progressive Party.
  12. So the messenger of Allah said as he was putting the prescription for reforming the Muslim society:.
  13. So, it was Nagarjuna, who lived in the second century and started all this mess about reforming Buddhism.
  14. The same determination applies against reforming requirements for certification or discipline of teachers.
  15. How many more years will tax-payers tolerate being gouged to support a failing system that seems utterly incapable of reforming itself?
  16. Brooke's success must depend either on plumpers which would leave Bagster in the rear, or on the new minting of Tory votes into reforming votes.
  17. When that finally happened, David set about finishing Saul’s work of reforming a loosely associated tribal confederation into a closely-knit kingly nation.
  18. When he looked up, the snow-raven appeared almost translucent, his shape splitting and reforming into tiny angles a thousand times, and then a thousand times again.
  19. I stayed in my car rather than sit on the wall, and stared at the white foam on the water, moving and reforming into shapes as the current directed the liquid orchestra.
  20. But if it is an essential thing for some reason or the other, then you can, unless you are greater than those whom you are reforming, the effort may not lead to success.
  21. This work was compiled by the order of the court, for the use of a commision employed for some years past in considering the proper means for reforming the finances of France.
  22. That the Conservative gov-ernment, he would say, with the backing of the Liberals, was reforming the calendar so that every president could remain in power for a hundred years.
  23. He had returned from Oxford a year ago, and he had been quietly talking to people about reforming the priory ever since; but, until this moment, he had not openly confronted Anthony.
  24. He consoled himself with the thought that he fulfilled another of the precepts- that of reforming the human race- and had other virtues- love of his neighbor, and especially generosity.
  25. The intellectual pragmatism of Rao had seen the imperative need for reforming the style and structure of the Indian economy that Nehru thought it fit to mold in the socialistic pattern.
  26. But surely, responded Em, reforming her voice into a more even tone with effort Kay could clearly hear, one role of a master is to take proper care of those he is responsible for.
  27. He consoled himself with the thought that he fulfilled another of the precepts—that of reforming the human race—and had other virtues—love of his neighbor, and especially generosity.
  28. That thought made him wish that the other members of his old band had survived the catastrophe: reforming their band would certainly help give back a meaning to his life other than simply surviving with his family.
  29. As Man’s ability to visualize this Singularity has grown, God has seemed to feel the necessity of reforming some of Man’s past practices, his incomplete interpretation of this God’s desires, thus the warning;.
  30. A new Theresa will hardly have the opportunity of reforming a conventual life, any more than a new Antigone will spend her heroic piety in daring all for the sake of a brother's burial: the medium in which their ardent.
  31. You see George, as she gets stronger, as time goes by and she get’s closer to reforming, her hold on you will begin again, although it will be flimsy compared to how it was in her animated state, it will still exist.
  32. Just at the time that Judaism was, chameleonlike, reforming itself so that Jews could be like the other nations, religious identity in Germany ceased to have the meaning it had when it was a choice from the heart, as.
  33. The reforming party cordially welcomed and courted him, in the first place because he was reputed to be clever and very well read, and secondly because by liberating his serfs he had obtained the reputation of being a liberal.
  34. The reforming of reality by the Big Lie warps our limbic interface to be easily subjugated to others' interpretations of not only the perception, but also the experience of what reality is and, more dictatorially, what it should be.
  35. When she was successful in retraining the workers and reforming them to the needs and wants of the organisation I got totally behind her and produced results that brought excellent results, productivity and profitability to the organisation.
  36. It is true you would have some difficulty in altering a person like myself, long ago petrified into her present horrid condition, but even the petrified can and do get tired of hearing the unceasing knocking of the reforming mallet on their skulls.
  37. Farebrother's prophecy of a fourth candidate "in the bag" had not yet been fulfilled, neither the Parliamentary Candidate Society nor any other power on the watch to secure a reforming majority seeing a worthy nodus for interference while there was a second reforming candidate like Mr.
  38. I have, by my sins , run a great way into God's book, and that my now reforming will not pay off that score; therefore I should think still, under all my present amendments, But how shall I be freed from that damnation that I have brought myself in danger of by my former transgressions?
  39. It seems that all that has been done by those men who understood Christ's teaching literally and lived in accordance with such an understanding of it, all that has been said and done by all true Christians, by all the Christian saints, all that is now reforming the world in the shape of socialism and communism—is simply exaggeration, not worth talking about.
  40. For not to speak of his readiness in ordinary duties:—repairing stove boats, sprung spars, reforming the shape of clumsy-bladed oars, inserting bull's eyes in the deck, or new tree-nails in the side planks, and other miscellaneous matters more directly pertaining to his special business; he was moreover unhesitatingly expert in all manner of conflicting aptitudes, both useful and capricious.
  41. Posterity, therefore, or I am far mistaken, will not be angered at my plain dealing with regard to the small motives of private advantage of which I have made mention, since it has been my endeavour to show and to acknowledge, that there is a reforming spirit abroad among men, and that really the world is gradually growing better—slowly I allow; but still it is growing better, and the main profit of the improvement will be reaped by those who are ordained to come after us.
  42. But how do you know, not only that it is possible, but also that it is desirable, to reform man in that way? And what leads you to the conclusion that man's inclinations need reforming? In short, how do you know that such a reformation will be a benefit to man? And to go to the root of the matter, why are you so positively convinced that not to act against his real normal interests guaranteed by the conclusions of reason and arithmetic is certainly always advantageous for man and must always be a law for mankind? So far, you know, this is only your supposition.
  43. The Sala of the Provincial Assembly (in the Municipal Buildings of Sulaco), with its portraits of the Liberators on the walls and an old flag of Cortez preserved in a glass case above the President's chair, had heard all these speeches—the early one containing the impassioned declaration "Militarism is the enemy," the famous one of the "trembling balance" delivered on the occasion of the vote for the raising of a second Sulaco regiment in the defence of the reforming Government; and when the provinces again displayed their old flags (proscribed in Guzman Bento's time) there was another of those great orations, when Don Jose greeted these old emblems of the war of Independence, brought out again in the name of new Ideals.
  1. I hope it reformed them.
  2. It may be Gadiel reformed.
  3. The cloud reformed and hardened.
  4. He’s reformed, Jen! Bobby cried.
  5. Reformed prostitute will address the meeting.
  6. Back down in the valley Amalric reformed his ranks.
  7. It's all the good effect of the reformed law courts.
  8. Deanna reopened it and the column of water reformed.
  9. I hope we have reformed that indifferently with us, sir.
  10. They had with them a reformed Greeg they called Krimshaw.
  11. When you hit thirty-five you’re either dead or reformed.
  12. Option one has the ring of a reformed man about it, I think.
  13. Article 39th - The current Statute the can be reformed any.
  14. The men could see the pile moving, as body parts reformed and.
  15. And who is the woman that has supposedly reformed you? Mrs.
  16. But they reformed into their group and torpedoed down upon them.
  17. If he reformed, you'd give him up at once and cease to love him.
  18. Ferrars would be reformed, and her son be at liberty to be happy.
  19. He reformed Czech orthography and established the Czech alphabet.
  20. The acorn is not going to be reformed to a tree, but transformed.
  21. Young Men Christian Associations, the World Al iance of Reformed.
  22. Numerous people reformed their ways and started following the Vedic.
  23. Listening to Elliott say the RCMP has reformed its training and Taser.
  24. Reformation says there was an apostasy, but they reformed the Catholic.
  25. They found out about aberration as soon as the law courts were reformed.
  26. New Year, by attending the local reformed synagogue that the doctor who.
  27. The pickets wisely withdrew and reformed as a group closer to their base.
  28. Without further discussion the egg reformed rapidly, as astral matter was.
  29. After the Guardian was severed, his body was reformed inside a green crystal.
  30. Does this mean all the other squadrons will be reformed? Sven asked Celina.
  31. The co-founder and leader of the Reformed Church, John Calvin, stated it was his.
  32. I view myself as a reformed addict- I have no real cravings and I control what food I eat.
  33. The pressure behind was too great however and the ice patch burst and reformed, burst and.
  34. Valjean reformed his life by serving others, sacrificing much for the well-being of Cosette.
  35. The person in this case is Mohammad, reformed in Allah’s spirit, and to be Allah’s son.
  36. However, in 2002 President Bush decided that UNESCO had reformed and placed us back in that.
  37. Can it be broken or reformed with the blood of another vampire? Does it…dissipate?
  38. For example, it is said that a reformed welfare state has to meet criteria of social justice.
  39. I have completely reformed his mind to the point where he doesn’t even know he’s a Greeg.
  40. Bobby’s voice cried, But he’s reformed now! He went to therapy! He said so himself!.
  41. Let them acquit him—that's so humane, and would show what a blessing reformed law courts are.
  42. That’s where we send all murderers, rapists, pirates, and criminals tha’ can’t be reformed.
  43. Saul’s assault group reformed at the same point they had originally staged before the final jump.
  44. He reformed the floor of the canyon below the house so cattails, and other marsh plants, would grow.
  45. He said these things with the faded blue-jean tone of a reformed addict, that vibe of broken-in peace.
  46. The entire roof structure had been shredded after the disc-craft had reformed itself and then taken off.
  47. The enemy ranks had reformed after Cadman’s barrage, and they started to push up the switchbacks again.
  48. Yeshua reformed his group at the exit of the bathhouses, then led his followers up the stairs of the temple.
  49. Not long after dawn, the dust cloud had reformed, had grown much larger, and was definitely heading our way.
  50. Elizabeth had said that she wouldn't have power over him until she reformed; but she had obviously been wrong.
  51. It was simply impossible that, as I stared at them, they reformed and spelled out a discernible word--my name!.
  52. He is prematurely bald from selfabuse, perversely idealistic in consequence, a reformed rake, and has metal teeth.
  53. He negotiated a treaty with the Danes partitioning England, reformed the law, and promoted education and the arts.
  54. This scene had not gone unnoticed by the soldiers who were being reformed under the stinging whips of their officers.
  55. For the distance of half a verst the vehicle forced its way through a compact crowd which quickly reformed its ranks.
  56. Every other order of the Church had to be reformed at some time or other but the Jesuit Order was never once reformed.
  57. Some were convinced, some not, but either way, boys who arrived at Victory as ruffians often left it renewed and reformed.
  58. You cannot teach an ego to be anything but egotistic, even though egos have the subtlest ways of pretending to be reformed.
  59. By March, anyone would have shorted the stock, even a reformed short seller bent on steering clear of dumb valuation plays.
  60. The Dutch Reformed Church tried from the pulpit to explain why black people are forever doomed to carry water and cut wood.
  61. Of this different, reformed and “virtuous” life (“it must, it must be virtuous”) he dreamed feverishly at every moment.
  62. What brought us all here—some magical Big Bang, with nothing before it to cause it? Or a super-powered Big Daddy? A reformed 98-lb.
  63. And even the larger half of the working people openly declare that the existing order is iniquitous and bound to be destroyed or reformed.
  64. Employees may only get a fraction of average earning unless the current policies of the Social Security system are reformed before that date.
  65. The Protestant Reformation says there was an apostasy, but they reformed the Catholic Church with many churches that teach many conductivity things.
  66. Abruptly the shrunken dome shield reformed into a cylindrical tube that was only as big as the ship and that extended up through the magma overhead.
  67. Smoking is bad for your health anyway – you should give up! (A reformed smoker really is a big pain in the butt – cigarette or otherwise).
  68. It’s true that, by definition, every nation with an interest in molding the future of Iraq has just that, their own interest in how Iraq is reformed.
  69. He has written a really beautiful letter, a poem in itself, to the court missionary of the Reformed Priests' Protection Society which clears up everything.
  70. One of the tumen commanders of each group of three was appointed Ordu commander until we reformed at either the first major river or a strong enemy position.
  71. She’d been reformed in the same standing position she’d been in when the bolt had struck, and Mark had to catch her with a quick but gentle two-handed grab.
  72. They'd be the first to be terribly unhappy if Russia could be suddenly reformed, even to suit their own ideas, and became extraordinarily prosperous and happy.
  73. And if he is acquitted, make him come straight from the law courts to dinner with me, and I'll have a party of friends, and we'll drink to the reformed law courts.
  74. But your cure must begin somewhere, and put it that a thousand things which debase a population can never be reformed without this particular reform to begin with.
  75. And it’s imperative that the medical industry be drastically reformed soon to restore free market competition because the demand for medical services is skyrocketing.
  76. Let the reformed churches be more and more reformed, and let every thing that is amiss be amended; and let those that suffer for righteousness sake be supported and delivered.
  77. The merchants were too happy to do so and reformed the convoy as the flying ship was landing beside the road barrage, with men in armor coming out to go check the downed soldiers.
  78. Finishing their slaughter of the Uphrians the Tanarian forces rushed down to stand with their commander and the men rapidly reformed the shield-wall in case the attack was resumed.
  79. So far from being "trifles," they are the outward and visible expressions of a most mischievous doctrine, which strikes at one of the first principles of the Reformed Church of England.
  80. In the spirit of collegiality I gave my government contracts colleague, a reformed tax lawyer from a San Francisco firm himself, one Jack Clark, a ride to our date with the AZ bar exam at U.
  81. Once everyone was in the ship and surrounded by the strangeness of technology that seemed to exist everywhere the walkway closed and the hull of the ship reformed where the doorway had been.
  82. Their only chance now was to throw themselves at the reorganising infantry before they were fully reformed into an impenetrable phalanx, even he would have trouble in penetrating such a formation.
  83. If the Reformation had reformed the psychology as well as the theology of Christendom, it would have gone much deeper into the seat of the Church's disorder, and applied a far more powerful remedy.
  84. Ironically, our reformed prisoners from your battle over Kletiuk have been of great value as advisors in this process, having recently experienced the sudden and complete militarization of Venak.
  85. Either they are thought to be regenerate in baptism, or to be regenerated by the Spirit in the article of death; so that scarcely any reformed church upholds the ancient horror of a limbos infantium.
  86. What good would you have been to me if you had had such propensities ? To persuade and try to reform in that case would be degrading ; you would have lost every sort of value in my eyes even if you were reformed.
  87. Because the centralized authority of the church was broken: and they did not have anyone to confess their sins to: there was nobody who was had more religious authority than the individual protestant reformed European.
  88. These other Friends of the Spirits – fellow street folk, members from his and rival gangs, reformed prostitutes, disgruntled wage slaves, young runaway aristocrats, teahouse intellectuals – these were his true Brothers and Sisters.
  89. A possession in the inner man that takes us to that higher level of thinking, and understanding, a place where we are transformed, not reformed, into the body of Christ, that is to say; fitly joined together in Christ and Him as the head.
  90. After nine days' unconsciousness I came to myself, regenerated but not reformed ; my regeneration was a stupid one, however, of course, if the word is taken in the wide sense, and perhaps if it had happened now it would have been different.
  91. We are all brothers, but I live on a salary paid me for prosecuting, judging, and condemning the thief or the prostitute whose existence the whole tenor of my life tends to bring about, and who I know ought not to be punished but reformed.
  92. Sir Featherstone Blood sat down amid a wild storm of cheering, and then the procession reformed, and, reinforced by the audience from the hall, they proceeded to march about the dreary streets, singing, to the tune of the `Men of Harlech':.
  93. He’d been free to think about—feel about—the battle the way any secular admiral might have felt, and what he’d felt had been exultant elation … and somber, proud pain for the price his reformed and reorganized navy had paid to win it.
  94. Farebrother on the possible histories of creatures that converse compendiously with their antennae, and for aught we know may hold reformed parliaments; when suddenly some inarticulate little sounds were heard which called everybody's attention.
  95. The neat groupings of one hundred, each with its own leader that Moshe had striven to produce on the first day of the march south, having slowly reformed into the looser arrangements of convenience, now showed almost no resemblance to its original form.
  96. This new Reformed Judaism mirrored the Luther Reformation which had humanized the people of northern Europe and created the peaceful socialist democracies which are still the envy of the world and a living example of how to live without sectarian hatred and racism.
  97. Then he would return from his time travels to reunite with… er, someone, and one day him and… er, someone, would randomly stumble out of a sideways time travelling worm hole in desperate need of both investment bankers and fish with a fully reformed Greeg named Krimshaw.
  98. One section look at it as an incidental phenomenon, arising out of the special political situation of Europe, and consider that this state of things can be reformed without a revolution in the whole internal social order of nations, by external measures of international diplomacy.
  99. This Gospel that Jesus came to express is greater, much deeper, it is not about a reformed life, but a transformed life, and much different than the yokes of the Sadducees, scribes, and the priest of the synagogues, for it contained no such weights of performance, only Love and Grace.
  100. Of this dramatic masterpiece the world has no opportunity of judging; his health had been failing for some time, and he died, apparently of dropsy, on the 23rd of April, 1616, the day on which England lost Shakespeare, nominally at least, for the English calendar had not yet been reformed.
  2. What other reforms? First, Education.
  3. New reforms were studied and introduced.
  4. The miners had fought against the reforms.
  5. II - to decide about the reforms of the Statute;.
  6. Ancient Europe profited by it to undertake reforms.
  7. The Year at Tougaloo University—Results and Reforms.
  8. Minto-Morley Reforms or the Indian Councils Act of 1909.
  9. Take the reforms of Peter, of Catherine, of Alexander.
  10. They were nearly all abolishedby the reforms introduced by.
  11. In summary, our body and mind reforms to a certain feeling.
  12. Religious reforms are a must in Roman Catholicism and Islam.
  13. Let us gird up our loins while we can, and attempt Church reforms.
  14. And did he, Vasiledes? I’ve never heard anything about reforms.
  15. This is the one broad, sweeping reason why I advocate Church reforms.
  16. Advisor to the Minister of Health of Macedonia on healthcare reforms.
  17. The three reforms thought by a significant majority that would help.
  18. I will talk about questions, about reforms, about the greatness of Russia.
  19. Francisco Madero became president, promising reforms and an end to poverty.
  20. Among its many reforms included an oath of celibacy taken by avowed homosexuals.
  21. But whoever repents after his crime, and reforms, God will accept his repentance.
  22. Perhaps, when she reforms, she will appreciate what she lost disobeying the rules.
  23. The president could deport foreigners at will and social reforms were slow to come.
  24. BC proposed land reforms that would favor small landholders at the expense of more.
  25. An interesting historical study awaits us here from his physiognomy and his reforms.
  26. Investors can only hope that accounting reforms will change this ludicrous practice.
  27. Africa’s Socialist countries adopted free-market reforms in the late 1980s and 1990s.
  28. But they did so in response to Gorbachev's reforms, and he deserves most of the credit.
  29. God sets reforms through, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis to shake man in a quick way.
  30. As I said this morning, I’m no oracle, but I see you bringing marvelous reforms to Ithaca.
  31. All these material reforms may be realized, but the position of humanity will not be improved.
  32. The Julian reforms extended the calendar to 365 days, with an extra leap day at the end.
  33. Structural reforms are distinctly dependant on growth (not recession) that can create new jobs.
  34. But with Stevenson, this is not a president or administration believing that reforms are a trick.
  35. The danger of war, ever ready to break out, renders all reforms of social life vain and fruitless.
  36. He was a member of Indian National Congress and was in favor of moderate reforms from the British.
  37. In addition, reforms during the 1990s have removed any lingering stigma that once dogged the Nasdaq.
  38. Who maintains, cleans and reforms all these drains and underground passages of these polar waters?
  39. In Korinthos and in Athens, scholars were debating reforms that would remove absolute power from the.
  40. Argentina, 1916: Radical Party of Hipolito Irigoyen wins the election by promising all kinds of reforms.
  41. Fifteen years of reforms! And yet never even in the most grotesque periods of its madness has Russia sunk.
  42. The UK Government announced last week, a string of reforms designed to change the way that prisons operate.
  43. A candidate who represented the old guard but advocated a few minor reforms would be much more likely to win.
  44. Third it would negatively influence China's reforms and opening-up to outside world and communications with.
  45. And this simple reflection suddenly destroyed all the interest Prince Andrew had felt in the impending reforms.
  46. Teddy Roosevelt's reforms included the Pure Food and Drug Act, which created the Food and Drug Administration.
  47. Enough knowledge got out as to what was going on and reforms were issued because of the intense public outcry.
  48. With accelerated learning reforms high school education can be every bit the equal of today’s college education.
  49. They believed they could attain their goal by education, persuasion, and the gradual addition of piecemeal reforms.
  50. Each year, it is a common knowledge that almost all governments spend billions on improvements and reforms on education.
  51. Even so, Carter's people pushed for reforms, only to see limited land reform combined with repression and death squads.
  52. He also had his aspirations, he aspired to carry her away out of these deadly futilities of pronunciamientos and reforms.
  53. Such reforms will not win back the lukewarm sympathies of our laity, and make them the right arm of the Church of England.
  54. These reforms allow the white working class equal access to such benefits as drugs, midnight basketball, and stray bullets.
  55. All the novelties, reforms, ideas have reached us in the provinces, but to see it all more clearly one must be in Petersburg.
  56. Many Republicans, especially Northeastern Republicans, generally favored New Deal programs, Welfare and Civil Rights reforms.
  57. In recent years the UK and Australia have banned such commissions, and some of us here in Canada are pushing for similar reforms.
  58. Meantime, the ignorant were beginning to murmur that the Ribierist reforms meant simply the taking away of the land from the people.
  59. His liberal party who liberates people from poverty, ignorance have the recongnition to do a sweeping programme in democratic reforms.
  60. In spite of changing fashions, scientific discoveries, and political reforms, the inward heart of man in every age is always the same.
  61. His original reforms were aimed at fixing the sluggish economy where people didn’t feel the need to be creative or embrace their work.
  62. Though Batista was mixed Black and Chinese, the almost entirely white Cuban elites accepted him as a way to stave off more radical reforms.
  63. The British often tried to please the new revolutionaries with insignificant and insufficient reforms and take advantage of their weaknesses.
  64. It was the time when the youthful Speranski was at the zenith of his fame and his reforms were being pushed forward with the greatest energy.
  65. It was the time when the youthful Speránski was at the zenith of his fame and his reforms were being pushed forward with the greatest energy.
  66. The dynasties came and went as reforms and improvements persisted until there was a greater one whose leader was named Hammurabi, the Law Giver.
  67. While the socialist party declined in numbers and influence, many of the social reforms it had advocated became accepted facts of American life.
  68. Guatemala, trying its first timid reforms, was smeared as Communist and then its government overthrown in 1954 simply for no longer outlawing Communists.
  69. That was after the baneful land reforms of the British, which had already proved to be the last nail in the coffin of their parasitic life of leisure and luxury.
  70. Even after Luther’s reforms became normalized: religious hatred, bigotry, and racism, bloodshed, war, pillaging, raiding, etc, continued nonstop all over Europe.
  71. Reforms, when the ground has not been prepared for them, especially if they are institutions copied from abroad, do nothing but mischief! The ancient fire was better.
  72. One of these reforms was to act stoutly on the strength of a recent legal decision, and simply prescribe, without dispensing drugs or taking percentage from druggists.
  73. The head of a local Taoist group was quoted by the China News Service, the local offshoot of the NCNA, as warning against the hasty introduction of such radical reforms.
  74. Despite these reforms, non-general use kanji are still in circulation although they may be given furigana (small hiragana found above kanji denoting their pronunciation).
  75. In contrast, except for North Korea, every other Communist country without exception allowed reforms, often became at least partly democratic or at least less oppressive.
  76. As I mentioned earlier in the book, people are anxiously awaiting for what Healthcare Reforms might be voted in to help cut their cost on their employee benefits premiums.
  77. At the beginning of the reforms of Peter the Great, my great-grandfather, whose name was Peter too, remained an Old Believer, and was a wanderer in the forest of Kostroma.
  78. He has not given up on socialism, but he is introducing market reforms and individual freedoms through “glasnost” and “perestroika”—“openness” and “restructuring.
  79. By comparison it would seem that the ethical standards of the Street have fallen rather than advanced in the ensuing 57 years, despite all the reforms and all the controls.
  80. The undead chose as their victim the progressive Austrian prince who would soon become emperor and had promised all kinds of progressive intelligent reforms when he came into power.
  81. By those actions, you killed any possibility of reforms of the Korean economy and also insulted the Korean people by denying them the right to choose themselves their own government.
  82. He intended to begin in his own case some particular reforms which were quite certainly within his reach, and much less of a problem than the demonstrating of an anatomical conception.
  83. In addition, the Government should press ahead with reforms which will both improve the operation of energy markets and enable all alternative energy issues to compete more effectively.
  84. What this all potentially adds up to is an end of the Cold War, and reforms in the Soviet Union eventually much like what happened with Gorbachev in the late 1980s, but 30 years earlier.
  85. Trillions of dollars have been spent on worldwide education reforms, usually focused on overhauling the system in some way—smaller classrooms, better curricula, more testing, and so on.
  86. The party of the old and dissatisfied, who censured the innovations, turned to him expecting his sympathy in their disapproval of the reforms, simply because he was the son of his father.
  87. In this manner our oligarchical courts have evolved into ideological breeding grounds for ―progressive‖ reforms and social engineering where voter expression(s) are routinely overturned.
  88. I expect that once in power, however, the modus operandi will be consolidating power that may (ironically) impede the party‘s ability or willingness, for that matter, to legislate meaningful reforms.
  89. He had also spent long hours visiting mass transit railway stations, actively backing a coalition of pressure groups seeking the same political reforms by carrying out a territory-wide signature campaign.
  90. Despite these undoubted reforms in reorganization technique, we shall be bold enough to venture the assertion that the ideal protective procedure for bondholders may often be found along other and simpler lines.
  91. The history of modern reforms in the criminal law demonstrates how much greater a deterring power is possessed by certainty and nearness than by disproportionate and indefinite or dubious terribleness, in a threat.
  92. Had the Catskinner actually been reading the September 25 edition of the newspaper he held, the highly respected Ming Po, he would have been interested in a warning sounded by an academic writer on political reforms.
  93. You can obtain power’s which will guard against her hold on you, then one day hopefully before she reforms, her hold on you will only ever be enough that you should know she is trying to rouse you and nothing more.
  94. Not immune to this glaring double standard, the Ervin committee (which is to recommend campaign reforms) is finally, though reluctantly, recognizing that there are two pairs of footprints in the snow of the campaign trail.
  95. Ironically, Dubcek had actually cleared his reforms with Moscow first, but the other eastern European governments were scared that their own people would get ideas from the Czech example so they were determined to stop it.
  96. These easy reforms will restore true value to healthcare and effectively kill the plague of high cost and unresponsive service that is bankrupting millions of people and sucking more and more vitality from the American economy.
  97. Recent events, however, have revealed a very disturbing trend; extending membership to ―former‖ antagonists whose ‖democratic‖ institutions and putative reforms remain problematical and its designs, (largely) untested.
  98. The history of Israel is the history of a series of reforms following on a series of apostasies to idolatry, ending with a final subsidence of nearly all the ablest minds into Pharisaic superstition, or the materialism of the Sadducees.
  99. He had not even formed a definite idea of the fundamental principles of the reforms connected with the emancipation of the serfs, and only picked it up, so to speak, from year to year, involuntarily increasing his knowledge by practice.
  100. Originally, the Inquisition came out of the Bédardists, but that function was effectively resigned to the Schuelerites by the Bédardists themselves when Saint Greyghor’s reforms converted the order into the primary teaching order of the church.

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