sad frasi

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Frasi con sad (in inglese)

  1. It was a sad dawn.
  2. If I am sad I cry.
  3. I know you are sad.
  4. I was sad for him.
  5. It was all so sad.

  6. But yet I was sad.
  7. It was a very sad.
  8. He eyes are so sad.
  9. It is sad, so few.
  10. It was all very sad.
  11. It's sad, in a way.
  12. It was a sad smile.
  13. I was sad to have.
  14. Hers is a sad story.
  15. This is a sad thing.

  16. How sad for the baby.
  17. It was sad, but true.
  18. But her face was sad.
  19. And he grew very sad.
  20. Oh, that is so sad.
  21. And there is the sad.
  22. She was sad it seemed.
  23. No wonder he was sad.
  24. When she saw my sad.
  25. I felt sad to say no.

  26. This is all very sad.
  27. It’s a sad, sad day.
  28. What a sad, sad world.
  29. He smiled a sad smile.
  30. I was lonely and sad.
  31. Which is a sad story.
  32. Sad to say, she wont.
  33. Would have made me sad.
  34. I gave her a sad smile.
  35. She smiled a sad smile.
  36. I am sad for the lost.
  37. There is a really sad.
  38. He was affable and sad.
  39. That would be too sad.
  40. It was sad to look at.
  41. Here lies a sad irony.
  42. His face was very sad.
  43. He gave me a sad smile.
  44. Sad and sweet was the.
  45. And it is a sad truth.
  46. Was my sad song of love.
  47. Walt gave me a sad look.
  48. She was very, very sad.
  49. Mac looked weak and sad.
  50. On a sad note the 1967.
  51. It was sad to see them.
  52. He saw a sad dromedary.
  53. But Baggy was still sad.
  54. And he became very sad.
  55. With a sad -Oh Dear –.
  56. I am sad for their loss.
  57. I supposed that was sad.
  58. I was both happy and sad.
  59. This black makes me sad.
  60. I was so incredibly sad.
  61. It was a sad world out.
  62. I’d be more than sad!.
  63. I suddenly felt very sad.
  64. She was a very sad girl.
  65. His face is sad, sullen.
  66. It made me a little sad.
  67. He felt ashamed and sad.
  68. And it was so sad to see.
  69. The sad thing is, they.
  70. Her pretty face was sad.
  71. Old pictures make me sad.
  72. Her aqua eyes looked sad.
  73. Then he looked sad again.
  74. Today had been a sad day.
  75. We’re both hurt and sad.
  76. He returned home very sad.
  77. It was a sad story indeed.
  78. It made me sad to think.
  79. Those left behind are sad.
  80. It was about how sad it.
  81. The sad fact was that,.

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