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Tap в предложении (на )

  1. A tap on his shoulder.
  2. Try and tap into that.
  3. And give you his tap?
  4. And give you His tap?
  5. Two taps, then one tap.

  6. Carmine went to the tap.
  7. A tap came at the window.
  8. Cans, bottles or on tap.
  9. To a washing machine tap.
  10. Tap a trailer to view it.
  11. His fingers tap the table.
  12. There was a tap on my door.
  13. Tap the bolt with a hammer.
  14. Tap a photo to enlarge it.
  15. I closed the tap, Lucky.

  16. There was a tap on the door.
  17. Maybe she could tap into it.
  18. Running tap water on demand.
  19. Tap Done when you are ready.
  20. And then another single tap.
  21. With the existing tap wound.
  22. In the Home screen, tap Mail.
  23. We must tap into the stream.
  24. He felt a tap on his shoulder.
  25. I tap Cherrie on the shoulder.

  26. When you are ready, tap Done.
  27. You have only to turn the tap.
  28. Tap he wasn't much of a talker.
  29. There was a tap on his window.
  30. Tap water had never done this.
  31. With ordinary fresh tap water.
  32. Tap the person to select them.
  33. Tap the attachment to open it.
  34. Tap Fitness | Flights Climbed.
  35. From the Home screen, tap Maps.
  36. You can tap the source at will.
  37. I hit him a light tap on the arm.
  38. When you have finished, tap Done.
  39. I hear a tap on the bathroom door.
  40. You use your finger tips to tap.
  41. There was a gentle tap on the door.
  42. There was a tap at Zaphod’s door.
  43. Press the Home button and tap Mail.
  44. They did not tap the wall nor sing.
  45. Then Morinda felt a tap on her back.
  46. From the Home screen, tap Calendar.
  47. So only turn the tap till it stops.
  48. Brent felt the tap but held on tight.
  49. We men, can retain it and then tap.
  50. He was saved by a light tap on the.
  51. Right on cue came a tap at the door.
  52. Tap Status in the upper-left corner.
  53. Clothier a gentle tap on the shoulder.
  54. You can then tap Reset to start over.
  55. Tap the messages you want to work on.
  56. Tap the event to see its information.
  57. I will tap the energy of the ocean.
  58. Gently tap top of head to ‘stop’.
  59. Rosalie leaned over the kitchen tap.
  60. He continued to tap away on the keys.
  61. We call then tap them simultaneously.
  62. He paused to tap it out and reload it.
  63. Keep you sitting by the tap all night.
  64. You wouldn’t know how to tap an egg.
  65. To his surprise, Duff beer was on tap.
  66. We will tap the goodwill of the world.
  67. Tap the station you want to work with.
  68. Tap Songs at the bottom of the screen.
  69. Tap the songs you want on the playlist.
  70. Now that you have your new cistern tap.
  71. Don't drink water from the tap Fern.
  72. Locate and tap the app you want to use.
  73. The Select bar will appear; tap Select.
  74. I tap the screen to read the next entry.
  75. Another tap and they stopped completely.
  76. In a moment there was a tap on the glass.
  77. I reach out and tap her on the shoulder.
  78. If only he could tap a little of it off.
  79. If you do hear a hiss shut the tap off.
  80. From the Home screen, tap the App Store.
  81. I have tap into the source of abundance.
  82. Tap the wireless network you want to use.
  83. Tap the FaceTime icon on the Home screen.
  84. On the iPhone’s Home screen, tap Photos.
  85. Tap Free, tap Install, and then tap Open.
  86. She then hears a tap on the bedroom door.
  87. David stripped off and turned on the tap.
  88. A wasp goes tap tap tap along the ceiling.
  89. Then what does he talk about, or tap his.
  90. Select it and then tap the Apple Pay logo.
  91. Tap water is so cheap it is virtually free.
  92. Tap any of the apps to switch to that app.
  93. Asking the Angels to help me tap into and.
  94. Tap the Share icon to open the Share menu.
  95. Well, there's only one way to explain tap.
  96. It is generally accepted that we tap only.
  97. Nangong Ping was felt a tap on his shoulder.
  98. The thug's fingers tap against his arm again.
  99. Suddenly she felt a tap on her left shoulder.
  100. Only one person in each generation can tap.
  1. Now she was tapping one.
  2. Nita is tapping her foot.
  3. She stops tapping the tray.
  4. I could hear tapping faintly.
  5. A tapping on his arm woke him.
  6. He ended by tapping his nose.
  7. THE FAN: (Tapping) We have met.
  8. I’m already tapping in on it.
  9. There's no shame in tapping out.
  10. I must have missed the tapping.
  11. A soft tapping came at the door.
  12. Above on the roof a tapping sound.
  13. Mind,' he said tapping his temple.
  14. The steady tapping impressed Tom.
  15. And Onni… stop tapping the rail.
  16. Claire started tapping the pen again.
  17. Yes, but not literally tapping twice.
  18. One of her feet was tapping rapidly.
  19. I woke when a tapping came at the door.
  20. He mimed tapping with his little hammer.
  21. His foot was tapping faster and fasten.
  22. I glanced at the floor, tapping my foot.
  23. Roger was tapping away on the computer.
  24. Tapping the file, he said, ‘Look, look.
  25. Tapping it lightly, I went back upstairs.
  26. Sneakin' out late, tapping on his window.
  27. Phone tapping is illegal in most countries.
  28. Fin grabbed the lantern, tapping its side.
  29. Simon, tapping his fingers upon the table.
  30. Come here, she said, tapping her lap.
  31. Apparently he wasn’t just tapping into.
  32. The seconds passed, the tapping got faster.
  33. Jimmy added, tapping the page, ‘The two.
  34. Tapping his mother's seat was no longer fun.
  35. Now tapping on table and sensing a chill.
  36. Dawley came back, tapping me on the shoulder.
  37. The scratching became tapping; then rustling.
  38. E stared down at the ground, tapping his foot.
  39. Later, Sean's tapping began to really annoy me.
  40. Just before dawn, I heard a tapping at my door.
  41. He heard a sound … a tapping, then a peeping.
  42. There was a tapping on the window above my head.
  43. Granted, the judge said tapping his gavel.
  44. Remember! He said tapping my chest firmly.
  45. You can tell, Aaron says, tapping his lips.
  46. She was almost tapping her foot with impatience.
  47. Once again the tapping started on Eilidh’s boot.
  48. There was a persistent tapping as water dripped.
  49. Raidan leaned back, tapping his fingers together.
  50. A tapping on the window interrupted his thoughts.
  51. She sat tapping a pencil on the top of the table.
  52. What’s in here? he asked, tapping the safe.
  53. You can either apply it by tapping the end of the.
  54. Morgan huffed, tapping her red fingers on the desk.
  55. Natica Drayton was tapping her foot upon the fender.
  56. Thesa stopped tapping and turned his head to listen.
  57. Jess started on the wrong wall, tapping and probing.
  58. I imagined my black coat tapping me on the shoulder.
  59. Jeremiah was smiling and tapping his fingers on the.
  60. Jacobi nodded his head and began tapping on the desk.
  61. Arms crossed, biting his lip, tapping his left foot.
  62. There was an enormous tapping of green wine-glasses.
  63. Darcy sat with her foot tapping ninety miles an hour.
  64. Carter paused for a moment tapping the marker on his.
  65. Open Calendar by tapping its icon on the Home screen.
  66. I slowly crawled up to it, tapping it like a caveman.
  67. He looked around at the person tapping his shoulders.
  68. No problem, Owen said tapping in another command.
  69. Sanders, his feet tapping incessantly under the table.
  70. He saw Spock tapping his communicator and initiating.
  71. Carter looked over at Paul who was tapping his wrist.
  72. He was tapping imagination of his very early childhood.
  73. Lorry, mildly tapping the Stryver arm, the young lady.
  74. I’m sorry ma’am, he said tapping her shoulder.
  75. I noticed that Sean tapping on the back of his mother's.
  76. I love you, Tammas responded by tapping Morse Code.
  77. Carter waited patiently tapping his hand on the desk in.
  78. Oscar was tapping patiently with a small hammer against.
  79. Lezura tried to wake him up by tapping him on his cheeks.
  80. Thomas thought of long fingernails tapping against glass.
  81. Hunting Sticks tried to revive her by tapping her on the.
  82. Gary had on thongs and his left foot was tapping rapidly.
  83. All the students started tapping the table and shouting.
  84. Then the tapping continued and he walked over to open it.
  85. She then followed out behind Esyth, tapping into her mana.
  86. Nurse, Sound said, pleadingly, tapping on her hands.
  87. Foche stopped with the foot tapping and took a deep breath.
  88. I leaned forward, tapping her knee with my good right hand.
  89. Can’t you hear them? he guffawed, tapping his temple.
  90. I picture him in the downstairs office tapping his foot.
  91. Trillian was tapping her fingers on a screenful of figures.
  92. Tapping requires that I give you a card, and a simple wave.
  93. Once again Earth was forced into tapping into Mars for help.
  94. I look up and see Janie tapping the top of the nearest chair.
  95. They order more beverages, and Ed resumes his table tapping.
  96. Melvin sat at Judge Demick’s desk, tapping at the computer.
  97. His boss sat there for a few moments tapping and inspecting.
  98. Liam continued furiously tapping at the screen of his phone.
  99. Really? she asked, tapping her anger out with her foot.
  100. His index finger is tapping the wood in a slow steady rhythm.
  1. I tapped on the door.
  2. He tapped at the door.
  3. He tapped his ear bud.
  4. He tapped a third time.
  5. Sam tapped on the door.
  6. He tapped on the glass.
  7. Hold! She tapped the key.
  8. He tapped his chest sadly.
  9. A cane tapped on the door.
  10. I tapped on Fannie's door.
  11. Vickie tapped on his door.
  12. He tapped on his comm-cuff.
  13. Angel tapped on the window.
  14. Shiva tapped the puja thali.
  15. Andrew tapped on the window.
  16. I tapped on the studio door.
  17. He tapped away on a few keys.
  18. He tapped the redial button.
  19. Annalise tapped a third time.
  20. The Captain tapped her badge.
  21. He tapped lightly, and she.
  22. Tapped it on my running shoe.
  23. He tapped her on the shoulder.
  24. He tapped into the data again.
  25. He tapped the computer screen.
  26. Again he tapped with his cane.
  27. Angela tapped him on his side.
  28. Someone tapped on my shoulder.
  29. And? She tapped his chin.
  30. Again Joseph tapped the reins.
  31. She tapped out another message.
  32. Beech tapped the table gently.
  33. She tapped him on the shoulder.
  34. Annah tapped at the glass panes.
  35. She tapped her phone into life.
  36. He tapped David on the shoulder.
  37. Then she tapped the keys again.
  38. Damn! He tapped it again.
  39. Lisa tapped me on the shoulder.
  40. She tapped it twice and waited.
  41. I tapped a thrice upon the Sea.
  42. Otto tapped Bruce with his stick.
  43. Darek tapped Rex on the shoulder.
  44. Alex tapped her on the shoulder.
  45. Finally, Jack tapped my shoulder.
  46. Kay tapped Reese on his shoulder.
  47. Roger's chaplain tapped his arm.
  48. I tapped her lightly on the cheek.
  49. Tony tapped him on the shoulders.
  50. Another tapped him on the ankle.
  51. Cherry tapped him on the shoulder.
  52. Tam tapped her spoon on the table.
  53. He tapped his head with his finger.
  54. Godwyn tapped his foot impatiently.
  55. A set of high heels tapped closer.
  56. She tapped the pile of newspapers.
  57. He tapped into the Riaz ship’s.
  58. Locke tapped his foot on the floor.
  59. I tapped my champagne glass to his.
  60. Locke tapped Megan on the shoulder.
  61. Uncle Hobart tapped me on the knee.
  62. Someone tapped her on the shoulder.
  63. He tapped the table with the pencil.
  64. Darek tapped Rathos on the shoulder.
  65. They had already tapped the hotel.
  66. Smiling, he tapped the knife there.
  67. What the fuck? She tapped the icon.
  68. Mick and tapped him on the shoulder.
  69. Sam tapped on Donna’s side glass.
  70. I lightly tapped her face with my.
  71. Her father tapped the tape recorder.
  72. My father tapped me behind the head.
  73. Calvin tapped his armrest nervously.
  74. Matthews repeatedly tapped his foot.
  75. Colin tapped his car key on the seat.
  76. I went and tapped Josh’s shoulder.
  77. Annie tapped the air in front of her.
  78. Alicia tapped her shoulder furiously.
  79. He returned; she tapped at the window.
  80. Raymond tapped Travis on the shoulder.
  81. He doesn’t have the phone tapped.
  82. Katrin tapped on the stone wall and.
  83. She tapped on the door and opened it.
  84. Batistuta sighed and tapped the tip.
  85. Tam tapped her foot a couple of times.
  86. His finger tapped the blot on the map.
  87. She tapped her cheek with a wet hand.
  88. Brian tapped his pen on the table top.
  89. Another knock tapped on his driver's.
  90. His father tapped the side of his head.
  91. Joseph tapped the reins on its flanks.
  92. He tapped his line to the CO's office.
  93. Conan tapped his mail-shirt and helmet.
  94. He tapped his nose with his forefinger.
  95. Zaphod tapped impatiently on the hatch.
  96. Besides, having tapped into that God-.
  97. The boys tapped their feet restlessly.
  98. Then I tapped with my hands where the.
  99. Lindsey tapped her fingers on the table.
  100. She tapped his shoulder to wake him up.
  1. Two taps, then one tap.
  2. Russ taps him on the knee.
  3. She tried the taps again.
  4. He taps her with his foot.
  5. He taps the side of his nose.
  7. Bev a couple taps on her thigh.
  8. There came two taps at the door.
  9. She taps Diane D on the shoulder.
  10. Turning the shower taps on, she.
  11. He taps into that social pressure.
  12. Heh? He taps his foot to mine.
  13. Charles taps Barbara on the shoulder.
  14. Elmer taps the horn as he pulls away.
  15. John taps out something on his laptop.
  16. He taps his fingers against the table.
  17. It turned out the taps were turned off.
  18. Matthew taps the glass with his knuckles.
  19. It always will until the day it taps you.
  20. Saturn taps the universal flat screen remote.
  21. Iverson taps a button on the universal remote.
  22. Chisel, hammer, The careful taps every.
  23. She puts a finger to her lips and taps her ear.
  24. All necessary joints should have proper taps /.
  25. If installing new bath taps out of the wall into.
  26. By the time she reached the taps she was furious.
  27. Orcher’s holotab buzzes and he taps its speaker.
  28. She stepped over to the tub, turned both taps on.
  29. For Local Band Sierra, New Film Taps into a Hit.
  30. Beer flowed from all the taps in a constant stream.
  31. He swipes and taps and highlights sections of text.
  32. The rail here inside overlooked the galley and taps.
  33. The woman went over to the bath and turned on the taps.
  34. He brought a hose, unscrewed the water taps under the.
  35. He taps a hologram panel and puts his finger to his ear.
  36. The women went out to the taps in the corridor to wash.
  37. Once again Jack taps an eyeball; the reflex still works.
  38. I was woke up the next day by a couple taps on my shoulder.
  39. He approaches the force field and slowly taps it with his.
  40. He taps it with one fingertip, and an image appears on it.
  41. Then Noël taps with his forefinger on the back of his head.
  42. With her left hand she taps the cobra tattoo above her ear.
  43. Taking out a bottle of wine, he taps it on his own account.
  44. Beatrice taps Loki with a foot, then looks up at Harry again.
  45. Reaching up, he taps the overhead window that now is closed.
  46. Who gave you the hat? Delmon? Cherrie taps her head to.
  47. He taps something, and I tilt my head back to see what it is.
  48. With a few taps, I made a small chip in the carbon composite.
  49. The rain taps at the thatched roof and drips off into the mud.
  50. First the parade, they told us, and then they’d open the taps.
  51. Next to him is Eric, who taps his foot faster than my heartbeat.
  52. Then a succession of taps and they slid down a screen at a time.
  53. It depends on when that occurs and the strength of their taps.
  54. Leaning back in his chair, McSpadden taps the armrest in agitation.
  55. A short time later, a friend of our family taps me on the shoulder.
  56. Don't connect earthing wire with water taps, this may be hazardous.
  57. Tobias follows me immediately, and Shauna taps Lynn on the shoulder.
  58. He takes the needle from me and taps the metal disc at the end of it.
  59. Orcher taps an icon on his desk screen to open the communication line.
  60. Lov twisted and dodged his uncle, only taking light taps if he was hit.
  61. The visualisation taps into the dominant part of the senses of the 60.
  62. It’s a device that taps into your brain, much like an EEG machine.
  63. It takes me ten taps to reach an entry that is addressed to David again.
  64. When Amy has brought Car within a few paces of Thor, Loki taps the roof.
  65. Then I’ll be comfortable at that table, what about at the taps?
  66. He taps it and says with a smile, This will release you from your lease.
  67. John taps his shoulder and whispers something before holding up his fist.
  68. He can always find work there if things are a little slow behind the taps.
  69. Tom stood up and gave two short taps with his hand on the top of the organ.
  70. Soon after that, Tom, his brow creased with worry, taps me on the shoulder.
  71. Ellin taps the edges of her tray rhythmically and looks around the food court.
  72. Four soft, quick taps of the keys later, and he had completed the alteration.
  73. BELLO: Down! (He taps her on the shoulder with his fan) Incline feet forward!.
  74. The heels of his boots had taps so every click of his approach could be heard.
  75. He started using diagnostic taps to see where those responses were coming from.
  76. The entire courtroom stares at Robinson now, and Rothstein gently taps his gavel.
  77. Three more Torvellen barmaids stood at the bar, pumping the taps for their pints.
  78. He taps the screen on the console between us, and behold - there is a play list.
  79. Anna turned the taps on pressed a few buttons and water started to flow through.
  80. He taps his brother on his chest and Darren pulls a tenner out of his back pocket.
  81. Leave everything in Montreal the way it is, including the phone taps and the CSIS.
  82. He shakes his head, muttering under his breath, and taps out a message on his holotab.
  83. He could see that his cup was empty, so he picked up two more on his way past the taps.
  84. He pulled the plug to let some of the water drain away, then turned on the taps for more.
  85. DeeDee quickly taps out a search, turns her computer monitor to Nikki as Patrice walks in.
  86. The young man looks up when we come in, taps something on his computer screen, and stands.
  87. I think watching from the deck and listening to conversations around the taps are as good.
  88. Christian taps another code into the keypad, then the doors close and the elevator descends.
  89. She crosses her arms and taps her foot with a what-are-you-complaining-about look on her face.
  90. The Army honor guard stood by with rifles for the salute and a military trumpeter to play Taps.
  91. Dave taps on the back door before opening the door and going in, calling ‘Chris! We’re here.
  92. It was white with claw feet, deep sided with a high back at one end and brass taps at the other.
  93. When we finish, Captain Blitner taps an icon and the orbs zoom toward the center of the machine.
  94. As Dana remains quiet, Sammy taps her on the shoulder and says, Hey Dana? You seem kind of quiet.
  95. One of the Erudite scientists taps his own computer screen, and an image appears on the left wall.
  96. Michael finishes and looks at Orcher, who taps his holotab stylus on the table and nods approvingly.
  97. Down in Station Control, Captain Fallsten points at a station pilot, who then taps one of the screens.
  98. This is where the TAPS begins, and all the workers who service it live here in pre-fabricated houses.
  99. He didn't seem to believe my word, but as soon as he heard the taps, he ran at once to open the door.
  100. The water came out of the silver taps scalding, with the fearsomely clean smell of hotel steam presses.

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