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Communicate in a sentence

I can communicate.
to communicate to her.
to communicate with me.
know how to communicate.
To communicate with you.
communicate with his eye.
and tried to communicate.

Communicate the results.
Please communicate this.
The Way They Communicate.
truly communicate with her.
communicate with each other.
communicate a sense of fury.
Communicate with UV lasers.
Grownups communicate best.
him to communicate with you.
and His Will to communicate.
He attempted to communicate.
You can communicate with God.
To communicate this feeling.
such as to communicate with.
sires to communicate with us.
I will communicate it to you.
you and communicate with them.
Agents couldn’t communicate.
She tried to communicate her.
The abilities to communicate.
communicate through the walnuts.
Communicating with us.
communicating with the Divine.
through communicating with Him.
communicating with them online.
Wiggam is communicating to you.
communicating with the universe.
Communicating mainly in French.
communicating with the associate.
Communicating with other Beings.
art of communicating with animals.
Communicating isn’t always easy.
Communicating with the character.
not communicating with me anymore.
communicating with the world, but.
and way of communicating with the.
communicating with the world, and.
pattern in communicating with them.
Krishna took his turn communicating.
about communicating with the market.
She is not communicating with Mona.
Research proved that communicating.
After communicating the memory and.
Silence is our way of communicating.
Praying and communicating with God.
actually think they're communicating.
to communicating with native speakers.
The sentiments of the communicating.
We are communicating our differences.
These are also ways of communicating.
He has communicated.
Woe to the communicated.
is communicated to the group.
Ash and Hagan communicated.
Zem communicated with the doctor.
They communicated telepathically.
And that it communicated with him.
She communicated with her eyebrows.
sermon is communicated to all the.
communicated with an outside party.
I wished you’d have communicated.
message that needs to be communicated.
communicated with me that he was sick.
what, but at least we had communicated.
interpretation of what is communicated.
Truly wish we could have communicated.
Woe to the communicated with God,.
the way Violet and her mother communicated.
I often communicated with him in this way.
and completion is communicated to the group.
We spoke no words; we communicated by touch.
The greetings you had communicated through W.
It seemed as if they communicated wordlessly.
communicated with someone using his left hand.
9 So he communicated the matter with Raguel,.
I wished my government communicated this fast.
would be communicated to all banks through RBI.
Here we just see how God communicated with His.
year-old girl who had communicated with Sabrina.
The guardian looked at Ogg and communicated with.
She communicated with the Brazilian on the ground.
communicates itself to us.
It communicates with itself.
This communicates with the abyss.
basic way a cat communicates with us.
Your dad still communicates with you.
communicates the wrong message to the dog.
always communicates with us through action.
communicates a commitment to the founding.
Priest - is the one who communicates with God.
After He communicates, it is necessary for us.
As a piece of art communicates about the artist,.
A friend connects and communicates heart to heart.
The body communicates through feelings and sensations.
Attention and awareness to how the coach communicates.
Help us put out a statement that communicates this intent.
the self communicates with is also a part of the same Entity.
How management communicates about mistakes is very important.
The HelloWorldApplet that communicates with HelloWorldServlet.
Creator communicates with us using symbols and symbolic thought.
who communicates with spirits be telling me the same thing I had.
This communicates that you are interested in what they are saying,.
communicates ideas and features in a manner that makes the copy of.
Amy shoots him a look that communicates both revulsion and disbelief.
to be mentioned – clearly communicates its intent to us each morning.
And as it happens, it’s the rover that communicates with Pathfinder.
communicates that you are willing to lend a hand; it allows you to offer.
You scream and shout, but nothing answers, nothing communicates with you.
Thus the word (mine) means Fasting communicates your spirit with Me (God).

Synonyms for communicate

communicate pass commune convey transmit