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    1. The bartender sighed a wall of bubbles and swam up to the highest shelf, about thirty feet above, where he fetched a crystalline bottle glowing so brightly blue-white that she almost needed sunglasses

    2. As I turned my head, I was surprised to see that Arion's laser had struck the crystalline sphere above the altar, actually destroying the mystical seal inside

    3. Shaped much as the other two, it is distinctive in that there is a bluish crystalline vein running through it

    4. research into the crystalline structure of water

    5. As a Word Used to Change Crystalline Structure of Water, 108

    6. Her fingers caressed the smooth stone, one fingernail running along the crystalline white line, tracing its course down one side of the stone and back up the other

    7. It was fresh outside after the rain; the sky a clear eggshell blue now that the dark clouds had been blown away, the air crystalline both in clarity and breathability

    8. There were crystalline things that flew, most had two large fixed wings and at least four small ones that propelled them

    9. Once more the elder giant raised the massive crystalline hammer to the sky

    10. However, he possessed a raw elemental energy that he somehow enhanced by channeling it into his crystalline hammer

    11. The dullness of the rock's surface glistened at once, its translucence became transparent, then crystalline, and became warmer in her hand

    12. Masaru Emoto it was revealed that water subjected to prayers using these two words , would result in the formation of beautiful crystalline structures

    13. ions in the crystalline grate of these minerals

    14. It was found out that the most effective microsilica admixtures are byproducts of crystalline silica and ferrosilicium

    15. In a blue tiled toilet washroom (crystalline covered from wail to wall) Jimmy gazed at his reflection in a half size mirror

    16. “Let’s set up the cameras, one over there, one over there, and one at our spot,” and he reluctantly led them back away from the mysterious pool of crystalline water

    17. 2 million acre sanctuary enhanced with high peaks, a volcanic tableland, rivers and lakes of crystalline waters, boisterous and thundering waterfalls, basins of erupting geysers, hot springs, fumaroles and sulfuric mudpots that smell like rotten eggs, luxuriant valleys, spectacular scenery of flora and fauna… and all that, in a huge ensemble of panoramic vistas and, at times, truly dazzling landscapes

    18. The same crystalline Caribbean water, iridescent and turquoise, throws its surf upon the beach

    19. It also indicates the many times that a germ of crystalline inspiration seems to have been virtually smothered in Man’s attempt toward a simplification thought necessary to introduce it into his lesser capacity, a kind of “dumbing down,” rather than a “rising up

    20. But all that is mentioned above was at the great, but crystalline distance, as it is at Home

    21. The crucial question is how the other half of the harm is done, the harm that is done intentionally, with motivation well beyond crystalline causes and virtuous feelings; the harm done by the true revolutionary

    22. He naturally recalls the crystalline medicinal water that sprung from its fountain and relieved the sight of those who used it only for that purpose

    23. delightful hills that shelter its port and can boast of incredible pristine wild life and white beaches of crystalline waters

    24. stones surrounded by moss-covered rocks and wooden beams that supported the houses, ran a stream of crystalline water that further on settled serenely into a small placid pond

    25. The question is whether that reflective quality is purely a product of the chemical constituents of the glass, or whether it’s crystalline structure or fine scale surface texture also plays a part

    26. “If in fact the unique surface texture and crystalline structure are not key to the reflective quality of the stone,” the blue draconian astronomer commented in a throbbing, somewhat sardonic growl, “then the altered piece should not only equal the reflectivity of the unaltered piece, but significantly surpass it, for not only is the sphericity of its shape now perfect, which will allow the many pieces to focus together on a single point, it’s surface texture is now perfectly smooth, which should vastly reduce scattering of the reflection

    27. Her hands, extended into long crystalline claws, like stilettos hanging down from her hand, they raised and pointed towards the distant group

    28. Nature cooperated by covering the land with one of those beautiful glistening snowfalls that come from windless skies, frosting field and house and tree with faultless crystalline mantles

    29. Corvus gave the crystal another heavy blow and a few cracks appeared on the crystalline exterior

    30. body in its liquid state and the luminous causal body in its crystalline state

    31. When interacting with magma bodies (particularly in the crystalline state)

    32. states of matter?,’ liquid and crystalline phases can be formed in complex

    33. experimenting with liquid and crystalline plasmas say that a qualitative

    34. between liquid and crystalline states an act of will can change the state of

    35. generation of emotions Crystalline states allow the expression and genera-

    36. the broad categories of Physical (broadly crystalline), astral (broadly liq-

    37. uid) and Causal (broadly crystalline) bodies after the Causal, it is mean-

    38. are the same The descriptions of bodies as liquid (fluidic) or crystalline

    39. have some embedded crystalline structures Conversely, bodies in their

    40. note that plasma crystals can assume both liquid and crystalline states18 – in

    41. of carbon nanotubes and buckyballs to liquid-crystals alters the crystalline

    42. liquid and crystalline states of the higher etheric double Collectively, the

    43. etheric bodies (both liquid and crystalline) are called the ‘etheric double’ and

    44. by Brennan, however, these liquid and crystalline bodies, associated with the

    45. in its crystalline state is structured and is composed of still finer substance

    46. images of thoughts while the higher crystalline state does not generate any

    47. The higher causal body in its crystalline state has the appearance of

    48. In the crystalline state it also has positional order 16 The liquid-crystal elec-

    49. of a body in its liquid state; sparks are seen if the body is in a crystalline

    50. The crystalline (mental) and liquid (emotional) states of the various

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    Synonyms for "crystalline"

    crystalline crystal clear limpid lucid pellucid transparent crystal-clear unclouded clear cloudless

    "crystalline" definitions

    consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals

    distinctly or sharply outlined

    transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity