pop sätze

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Pop sätze (in englisch)

They may pop us off.
My pop is a good man.
There was a loud pop.
A list will pop up.
I didn't pop pills then.
Pop in the cover plates.
Someone ought to pop it.

And pop went that balloon.
Dramamine can pop one now.
What about when you pop.
Pop hadn’t caught up yet.
I'll pop in here and wait.
And pop out of the bushes.
However, I wanted cold pop.
Its lid gave a bulging pop.
Mix up the salt, pop in a.
She would become a pop star.
Remembering the King of Pop.
Pop, pop, pop went his gun.
Lifting his pop bottle, he.
We’ll pop and have a look.
I gotta pop the Christ guy.
She heard the clasp pop and.
Pop told me to close my eyes.
I bet he’s about to pop.
Not some Pop singer like you.
Pop! There went that illusion.
The Mom and Pop store was dead.
Romanian pop over the speakers.
Not at $500 a pop dealer cost.
I had a choice of pop or beer.
Pop shots, I called them later.
A muffled pop and puff of smoke.
In the melee there was a pop….
Something inside them goes pop.
Pop in tomorrow for a few tests.
It's time for you to pop back.
With a pop his hearing returned.
When they start to pop throw in.
When they pop, add sliced onions.
I'm just popping this zit.
She heard a loud popping.
They keep popping up and down.
No popping ice cream into the.
Stars were popping behind my eyes.
I turned as I heard bone popping.
Louie popping his mic with his hand.
Barrons popping the buttons on my fly.
One thought kept popping into his head.
Popping shots, drilling the table clean.
Oh, thank you, Niki said, popping up.
I took the usual cure: popping an aspirin.
You were always popping in, on duty or off.
Places are popping up all over the World.
They scrambled, popping the slots with shells.
There was a popping noise and a flash of light.
Depress the bubble wrap rather than popping it.
Lester popping his beer open and handing it to him.
They started popping corn to string into garlands.
There was a popping noise and the radio went silent.
This is not like popping aspirin for a headache.
Popping the trunk, he pulled out a two-gallon gas.
Popping the cats and Killer here and there whenever.
Omi said, popping a candy from the jar into his mouth.
Popping the clutch, the backhoe lurched forward and.
Sailors ahead begin popping up amidst the crowd, and.
She was chewing gum and snapping it and popping it in.
He flexes hard, shirtless muscles popping with tension.
As the doors opened the cameras began popping once more.
There are quite a few suggestions without popping a pill.
Once the popping has slowed, remove the pot from heat.
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Gary lifted his head, eyes almost popping out of his face.
You can sleep in the dung when the trees start popping.
Tiny bubbles streak up from its surface popping in streams.
She does have a way of popping up where she doesn't belong.
Jaden hears a low popping sound from a distance behind him.
Distant popping sounds damped by bush, echoed high over head.
Stop! Claire screamed, popping her head out the window.
He was not dashing, heart popping and an Adonis in the making.
As soon as I popped.
I popped my eyes open.
Zoe popped her head in.
In a second he popped.
Katie popped her head up.
If I could have popped.
One of his joints popped.
Then an image popped in.
Tony popped the rear doors.
A Rexen popped out to fire.
With a shrug he popped the.
Her head popped up, Harvey.
I just popped down to check.
The flames popped and danced.
Her head popped up from the.
She popped her head out the.
Leesa popped out of her chair.
Clearly the bubble had popped.
She popped it in, and blushed.
A thought popped into her head.
She just popped in for a chat.
Vinny popped the red plastic.
In an instant his eyes popped.
If he popped the guy, or had.
An answer popped into his head.
Papa popped out his head again.
Its melon popped off and came.
The man I had killed popped up.
And then the stone popped free.
The top of his head popped off.
A question popped into his head.
A small motor popped and chugged.
I just popped him under my arm.
Bettors popped from the shadows.
It just popped out of his mouth.
He heard her, his head popped up.
Her eyes popped open in surprise.
She popped a grape into her mouth.
Corks popped and champagne spewed.
The ancient sun god Ra popped out.
Pops was a good bird.
Butter pops in a hot pan.
A strange screen pops up.
These pops are from the U.
You should bring Pops back.
I couldn't do that to pops.
I heard faint pops and tiny.
On the bed, Pops, in his pine.
On this side the owner pops in.
A head pops up out of the covers.
Pops supplied from behind the paper.
Well, if he pops up, bring him in.
See if anything interesting pops up.
Pops grunted and shook out the paper.
David pops the trunk with a key fob.
If it pops up, the oil is hot enough.
After all, Pops started with nothing.
But now, the next question pops out:.
It is all there Pops, Alain said.
Wait, when will the pops arrive?
A box pops up that says Off to the Races.
That's good to know; you should tell Pops.
And they gave my Pops the Award of Freedom.
He also convinced Pops to do a documentary.
The reverse is true for shorting into pops.
De-throne one oppressor, and another pops up.
Pops died on a Monday night, October 25, 1993.
Dave pops his head round the door mid morning.
Yeah Pops, just have to fetch a few things.
A head pops out of the window, looking outside.
Besides, she lived with her pops probably rent.
Pops told me you were going job hunting today?
In this case, Pops had some difficulty proving it.
Pops thought about that and developed a strategy.
A pale, chapped face pops up to eye level with me.
I've known about what my Pops does and how he is.
Pops, he"s a stressin" and he"s poppin" out a vein.
Before anyone can speak, a boy pops out of thin air.
Pops to business and soon found the building that.
Pops thought sales contests got the juices flowing.

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