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    1. what we can learn from their encounter with God

    2. in their first encounter

    3. that second encounter was so significant in such a way

    4. Dave is still scratching his head over the encounter with the old man, but John doesn’t seem concerned

    5. ’ I said, visualising this encounter and rather hoping that the two of them never gang up on me in earnest

    6. She would soon encounter the ship, and knew that the android's skin was wired with pain sensors that she could connect up to her pain input channels

    7. We continued to encounter and suffer from the same problems as

    8. And that encounter radically changed his life

    9. One of those hours had to be spent in preparation for the upcoming encounter

    10. ‘You came off the worst in the encounter, I’m afraid

    1. There many encounters like this that

    2. Few women randomly chose to be single mothers in the Highlands, even here in the Gengee, so he doubted that any of his casual encounters were fertile

    3. to play tricks on people, but when she encounters his ghost

    4. The young man was, by now, emotionally drained, having lost count of the number of dates and encounters that he’d endured in his desperate quest to find marital happiness

    5. the number of dates and encounters that he’d endured in his

    6. He arrived at work and had two clients phone in to report encounters with the Dover Police Department

    7. She’d never thought of Kulai socially before, her encounters with him had always been business

    8. Volume 2 will be out soon – same wacky encounters!

    9. powerful God encounters that would change the lives of many,

    10. time of encounters with God, healings, and demonstrations of

    1. descriptions of each type of roof tile we encountered going on to

    2. It was usually the only foreign food they encountered in the week

    3. She cast her mind back to the Errdians she had encountered since coming across – Gerisse Stowman – now she’d be willing to believe quite a lot about that particular character and he’d been nervous about her presence … but there was nothing to tie him to this area

    4. Okhai Ojeikere spent the Sixties and Seventies documenting the hairstyles of the women he encountered in his native Nigeria

    5. Just when she was noticing that the ground outside the old roadway was pretty damp and there were far too many chillettes in the air, she encountered a chuff

    6. He is the nearest thing to a ruthless human killing machine I have encountered, and yet I like him

    7. In relative terms everything seemed to be going well for the young woman until she encountered a group of local youths one Saturday afternoon

    8. Though it was very cold for humans, (the blankets were a welcomed relief), Lord Tarak took their minds off the cold and pointed out the various vegetation and wild life they encountered on the journey, giving a detailed history of each

    9. illness I have encountered

    10. It seemed smaller than the one they encountered, but it was definitely a Scather ship

    1. She did have a mind and was quite knowledgeable about Zhlindu and everything else on the river they were encountering

    2. We aren't encountering any that appear to be orbiting Sol

    3. Thom wondered what the odds were of encountering that expedition randomly in the 1

    4. So far there had been no real fear of encountering a hostile alien power out among the stars, but that confidence was groundless, based on the presumption that any civilization capable of space flight would broadcast signals that human science could detect

    5. He had feared encountering aliens, warlike creatures in fast ships with powerful weapons

    6. He’d been fascinated by her for decades and had dreamed at times of encountering her socially

    7. What were the chances of encountering someone as sexy as Bethai who was interested enough to compete with Ava? Bethai was bigger and better with her pillows of course, but Ava was much more intelligent and to his eye much prettier because of her normal size

    8. There was little danger of encountering a word that wasn't in Alan’s vocabulary however

    9. Those assignments also gave him the most essential experiences of encountering the inevitable snags and snafus of planning, and finding the necessary work-arounds or redesign solutions in remedy

    10. encountering groups of knights and soldiers over the

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    encounter in English

    clash battle passage combat shock conflict skirmish concurrence interview rendezvous appointment experience come upon confront stand face strike struggle cope with

    Synonyme für "encounter"

    coming upon encounter brush clash skirmish confrontation face-off showdown meeting meet play take on come across run across run into see bump chance find happen receive battle passage combat shock conflict concurrence interview rendezvous appointment experience come upon confront stand face strike struggle cope with