game sätze

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Game sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was all a game.
  2. So the game was on.
  3. This game is a 60.
  4. All is a game and.
  5. This is also a game.

  6. In the game of life.
  7. This was all a game.
  8. It is a fucking game.
  9. So she played a game.
  10. This was our new game.
  11. In front of the game.
  12. That is not a game.
  13. I just love this game.
  14. Never call it a game.
  15. It was a game I said.

  16. He loved the golf game.
  17. All there in the game.
  18. It’s All in the Game.
  19. Two can play this game.
  20. I meant at the game.
  21. An effect of the game.
  22. The Rise of Game Apps.
  23. This game for me was.
  24. Kudu was not big game.
  25. Now the game was tied.

  26. Yup, this is her game.
  27. At the end of the game.
  28. A casualty of his game.
  29. The game took his money.
  30. It's not a game, Chase.
  31. I'm tired of that game.
  32. Are you still game to.
  33. Is a family board game.
  34. Then they played a game.
  35. Two can play that game.
  36. The game had only been.
  37. We resumed our game then.
  38. He thinks it’s a game.
  39. The poker game was over.
  40. But if he had a bad game.
  41. This is where the game.
  42. The game was not a game.
  43. Game over, they made it.
  44. When the game was tested.
  45. Yeah, what a great game.
  46. It was a whole new game.
  47. In one game we were up.
  48. The card game wrapped up.
  49. It’s like a game, then.
  50. We wanted this game to.
  51. This was his first game.
  52. He went back to his game.
  53. But the game isn't over.
  54. He knew the game was up.
  55. Carl gives the game away.
  56. They didn’t play a game.
  57. Of the game was fairness.
  58. It is a game, in one way.
  59. She had a beautiful game.
  60. But the game is still on.
  61. I had no game whatsoever.
  62. Suzy, this isn't a game.
  63. The Big Game hunt was on.
  64. I can play this game too.
  65. It's not a game any more.
  66. But the game had changed.
  67. The game he was playing.
  68. It must be their game.
  69. It’s her game, you see.
  70. Bring a game of checkers.
  71. As the game went on and.
  72. So we could play the game.
  73. It’s a waiting game now.
  74. You gave the game away.
  75. Now poker, that's a game.
  76. Don Juan, the game is mine.
  77. It's all part of the game.
  78. It's like a game to them.
  79. There is a childrens game.
  80. It's a game at this point.
  81. It was a game of roulette.
  82. But the game WAY of PLAY?
  83. This game was too precious.
  84. Learn more about the game.
  85. When life was just a game.
  86. It's the game of the Being.
  87. It’s part of the game.
  88. Neither moved as the game.
  89. Fred was sick of this game.
  90. The game has a long history.
  91. So Tom consented to a game.
  92. Being happy is a head game.
  93. He threw his game on you.
  94. It’s a pretty good game.
  95. This isn’t a game, Harry.
  96. The final game was in play.
  97. Of the Sangreal board game.
  98. We’d had a game plan at.
  99. I don't think it is a game.
  100. I’ve won the war game.
  1. Review the best gaming headsets.
  2. Look at the chart of 24/7 Gaming.
  3. Whether for gaming, business, fun.
  4. The gaming association would lobby.
  5. She wasn’t fond of the other gaming house.
  6. Des and the other gaming house owners were.
  7. However, gaming for gaming's sake is junk 284.
  8. There was a' gaming; there o'ertook in's rouse;.
  9. Up in the hall, we found a gaming match in progress.
  10. Walter didn’t have a gaming license in the State.
  11. No, to me a Horse was more than an Excuse for Gaming.
  12. The three men discontinued their gaming to investigate.
  13. I’m heavily addicted to gaming, Tammas admitted.
  14. After that encounter, he wasn’t much in a gaming mood.
  15. These types of virtual gaming are the wave of the future.
  16. Using Probability of Profit and Gaming Theory in Trading.
  17. The casino operator backs the bets of the gaming customers.
  18. The meeting was about starting a gaming association, he.
  19. Gaming groups should never ever have more than 5 players and a GM.
  20. She commented that gaming devices did not leave anything to the.
  21. Like business, the international ethic is the culture of gaming.
  22. Now, this may not seem like a gaming concern, but in truth, it is.
  23. Spending money on gaming may not be the first choice for fun by U.
  24. The scholars were then paid in privileges, television time, gaming.
  25. The most successful myndkeying of my generation is gaming and apping.
  26. In addition to their gaming and prostitution enterprises, they’re.
  27. But for those for whom gaming is a passion, these are rare treasures.
  28. Yet, gaming is supposedly quality time spent with one's virtreal family.
  29. Gaming can create communities of questers, from cooperative to combative.
  30. He suddenly saw a conspiracy in the gaming world of Thieves and Assassins.
  31. Having the DS around will leave you with more gaming options to choose from.
  32. Gaming tables, sofas, and club chairs stood between him and the secret entrance.
  33. The personal computer became a competitive gaming platform with IBM's PC/AT in 1984.
  34. But it does highlight the difficulties of gaming a product with so many moving parts.
  35. My best memories of gaming were times when I was alone with the GM or GMing a single.
  36. Every hour of vireal gaming is teaching the player how to master remote assassination.
  37. There was a tiny decahedron, just a little bigger than the average pair of gaming dice.
  38. Someone gaming themself as a character is a self-zombego, and that looks a lot 1084.
  39. It seems like gambling and gaming establishments would want to hire our students, so, ah.
  40. Shareware gaming first appeared in the late 1980s, but its big successes came in the 1990s.
  41. In the early 1980s, the computer gaming industry experienced its first major growing pains.
  42. For in GameWorld the rules of game X are always subservient to the Highest Law of Gaming:.
  43. Cameron was just there to inspect and make sure that the gaming laws were being adhered to.
  44. Within China, one of the areas that is abuzz among teens and young adults is computer gaming.
  45. There are lots of gaming consoles available today, which can offer you realistic golf games.
  46. The primary gaming computers of the 1980s emerged in 1982: the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.
  47. For when you cease gaming to win, how will we play, towards what ends and with what means?
  48. The point of having a portable handheld gaming machine is so that you can move around with it.
  49. I mean, fuck, it's the end of the world and what in the hell are we doing still gaming about?
  50. In terms of market performance, the NDS dominated the handheld gaming industry –leading the.
  51. Ah, the evening when I took those seventy gulden to the gaming table was a memorable one for me.
  52. So the gambler gets dressed, goes downstairs to the gaming tables, and everybody knows his name.
  53. There are many ways to define hardcore gaming –particularly for many who are quite competitive.
  54. Even though it was illegal to barter or trade using markers or gaming tokens, it happened anyway.
  55. Forty or so mates were sitting next to each other gaming the South African and London markets.
  56. In fact, some people hired life coaches just to try to keep themselves from gaming the system.
  57. In the game of roulette, for instance, he has approximately a 5% advantage over the gaming customer.
  58. It was very successful both critically and commercially and is considered a huge milestone in gaming.
  59. In computer gaming, the later 1980s are primarily the story of the United Kingdom's rise to prominence.
  60. In 1984, the computer gaming market took over from the console market following the crash of that year.
  61. Keep them gaming, keep them hoping to win; hoping to win is perpetual faith in The Game as The Game.
  62. This model to train and learn warfare is a successful educational technique based upon virtual gaming, i.
  63. Gaming and dishonest responses are possible, but inattentiveness seems a greater incentive problem to me.
  64. He reached into his gaming box and brought forth a piece, setting it down on the board with a satisfied air.
  65. Garcia accessed their gaming computers and called up the chess format and the boards and pieces materialized.
  66. As though of set purpose, there came to my aid a circumstance which not infrequently repeats itself in gaming.
  67. In 1994-1995, Sega released Sega Saturn and Sony made its debut to the video gaming scene with the PlayStation.
  68. But for the most part, there is very little that the Nintendo device has to offer for the hardcore gaming market.
  69. In regional markets, the numbers of slot machines and table games are strictly limited by local gaming regulation.
  70. Perhaps when VAI goes from silicon to carbon memory processing, it will discover play and forsake eternal gaming.
  71. This is one of the things that makes pen and paper games different, and I think better, than most online gaming: we.
  72. In this way, by incessant gaming, one's addiction migrates from the incentive of rewards to the stimulation of gaming.
  73. The gaming culture has evolved the heroine quest for the extreme adrenalin rush of the fight/flight emergency situation.
  74. Nintendo knew that with its unique dual-screen approach, they would start a new trend in the gaming industry –and they did.
  75. As a result, listening to my father’s old digital combat compilation had become an essential part of my Armada gaming ritual.
  76. I looked out over the casino floor and said to my friend, Imagine if this casino had a special gaming table reserved only for VIPs.
  77. In 1994, the Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to researchers who used gaming theories to accurately predict future economic events.
  78. For example, Penn National Gaming, a regional casino company, has one of the lowest corporate overheads of any publicly traded casino.
  79. While the PSP attracted a significant portion of veteran gamers, the DS allowed Nintendo to continue its dominance in handheld gaming.
  80. Perhaps he had a few other wives to take care of and serious business at the gaming tables of Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and Las Vegas.
  81. Within weeks of its launch, the Xbox showed that it had tremendous potential as a dedicated gaming system, and what followed was history.
  82. Walter didn’t have a gaming license in the State of Nevada because he was awaiting trial on the murder conviction of his wife, Georgia.
  83. If you have been itching for some solid cooperative multiplayer gaming fun, here’s a quick list of our most recommended games to try out.
  84. Regardless, the Nintendo DS has taken hold of the handheld gaming industry ever since it first came out last 2004 and has never let go since.
  85. The middle of April, TOTE announced a $100 million contract with Caliente Group for a video gaming, race-and-sports network throughout Mexico.
  86. Linton—that Earnshaw had mortgaged every yard of land he owned for cash to supply his mania for gaming; and he, Heathcliff, was the mortgagee.
  87. And thus the need for overstimulation: to generate an even higher level of threat to trigger an ever increasing threshold of the Gaming Adrenal.
  88. It is not difficult to see why it is so popular; the food and wine are perhaps the best I have ever had, and there is gaming to suit every taste.
  89. Console gaming largely continued the trend established by the PlayStation toward increasingly complex, sophisticated, and adult-oriented gameplay.
  90. Linton---that Earnshaw had mortgaged every yard of land he owned, for cash to supply his mania for gaming; and he, Heathcliff, was the mortgagee.
  91. Bella: Okay, so, let me ask you this: Was there anything in the news about the sector, about the gaming sector, when you were trading this stock?
  92. He had felt that he still had a fortune left to him which, so long as he did not squander it on gaming, might be used for our advancement in life.
  93. If you have a passion for gaming and prefer high quality games that deliver in story, graphics and gameplay, then the Playstation 3 is your best bet.
  94. Barbots, hutechnic fashion animes – all angles with CG shaded planes without imperfection or asymmetry – model the play success at gaming brings.
  95. Before the advent of mobile phones with VGA screens, the GBA was the first system that delivered SNES quality gaming to millions of players on the road.
  96. Over the last 10 years, Penn National Gaming acquired six casino businesses that generated a combined EBITDA of $454 million for a going-in multiple of 7.
  97. The title led me to assume it was a compilation of his favorite gaming music, and I’d grown up listening to those songs while I played videogames, too.
  98. Gaming legend Hideo Kojima brings the epic saga of Metal Gear Solid to the Playstation Portable in this amazing prequel story to the first Metal Gear game.
  99. When Microsoft first entered the home console gaming arena with the original Xbox, many felt as if the world famous software developer has lost its marbles.
  100. This $10 million difference is not a large amount, considering Penn National Gaming generated more than $300 million in distributable free-cash flow in 2009.
  1. Improvisational play is a protest against being gamed.
  2. If the work cannot be gamed, it cannot be interfaced, i.
  3. Gamemakers live in the bubbles and the gamed live on the.
  4. Life is gamed into experience points and rewarded with apps.
  5. Education is being gamed and its relevance is being apped away.
  6. Existence is gamed by markets and apps are the privileges of playing.
  7. But us nu post-techno zombies, however, are the screening dead gamed alive by entrancement.
  8. I’d rather wait until Thursday and have a feel for the week and a feel for the stock before I gamed it.
  9. It is also important for these investors to prevent their large flows from being gamed by counterparties or by other market participants.
  10. Temes transform the TNA into a zombie replicator of the personism's I'mage, a virtual face, a deadeye iScreen, that cannot mirror the gamer being gamed.
  11. These disciplines practiced and what institutions they design, construct, and inhabit are, if gamed correctly, to enable one in their pursuit of having a well lived life.
  12. In Denise Shull’s Market Mind Games, she wrote about the trading reality of one technique being gamed out of the market and the psychological challenge of finding that new edge.
  13. Him and Compeyson had been in a bad thing with a rich lady some years afore, and they'd made a pot of money by it; but Compeyson betted and gamed, and he'd have run through the king's taxes.
  14. An apathetic, but gamed, culture when triggered to fear will hate, viciously compete, as if Game X is a matter of life and death, so that they can feel engaged as an ava-4-Star player-general in the mass popular MMORPG, Defend the Weal.
  15. The charity of microfinancing homegrown entrepreneurial security is a virtual emotion and act designed to stimulate well being by morphing our empathetic response, to even anonymous cries of help, into solutions that are socially gamed and triggered by reward stimuli, while simultaneously comformicating us into faithful conned-sumers of Capitalnism's beliefs and practices.
  16. Whatever Bubble State you might sell your allegiance to in exchange for employment, healthcare, a place to live that is better than perishing in the anarchic wilds of daily failing GovCorp nations, whose hijacked purpose has been merely to protect and increase the fortunes of the wealthy until they finish manufacturing their island nations populated by replications of themselves, it does not matter, your end is the same – UR being gamed; it does~ anti-matter, our end is the same – Wii R being controlled.
  1. He had won the Games.
  2. TV and in video games.
  3. To the ball park games.
  4. He liked to play games.
  5. The games are pulled out.
  6. They were the same games.
  7. He goes in for sex games.
  8. We need to win the Games.
  9. T, stop with the games.
  10. The games are brought out.
  11. The games had truly begun.
  12. Pick games that you enjoy.
  13. He had played games before.
  14. The games began to tire me.
  15. These were just mind games.
  16. I'm not playing games here.
  17. I’m too old to play games.
  18. Yes, having fun and games.
  19. The mind games of a stalker.
  20. Games, and have done with it.
  21. Do not play games with me.
  22. You and your games, Alex.
  23. She hated his games, and she.
  24. We started to play war games.
  25. You have to stop these games.
  26. It was the morning of the Games.
  27. We started playing little games.
  28. I don’t lose games like this.
  29. The fun and games have started.
  30. They play strange games here.
  31. No games, Mars! My research.
  32. So they carried on their games.
  33. I lost all three games!.
  34. In such games soldiers are aces.
  35. Games without Takina at his side.
  36. Taggert never came to the games.
  37. I’m tired of these games too!.
  38. All of them were football games.
  39. A thousand and twenty four games.
  40. All they do is play video games.
  41. They got picked for the Games.
  42. Sometimes he’d join late games.
  43. As a result games were usually.
  44. I have no time for your games.
  45. We both loved our games of tennis.
  46. Don’t play games with me Indio.
  47. He’ll win the Games tomorrow.
  48. This could be one of their games.
  49. Because the games special manner.
  50. It has some pretty cool games.
  51. My dad is addicted to video games.
  52. They know how to win tough games.
  53. Evolution and the theory of games.
  54. We don’t have time for games.
  55. He would betray her at the Games.
  56. Joe Billie Bloodtooth loved games.
  57. They should be playing games and.
  58. The games, the laughter, the tears.
  59. She was fed up of all their games.
  60. He played games and had fun with.
  61. They are games of energy-reversal.
  62. You don’t even play video games.
  63. Now presented during the games play.
  64. First pitcher to save 600 games.
  65. Do not play games with me, old man.
  66. Wall Street has other games to play.
  67. It shouldn’t be all fun and games.
  68. Enough with the mind games already.
  69. Don’t play games with us, Witch.
  70. Vinnie’s just playing games again.
  71. Still, political games of the 20th.
  72. He'll have games starting next month.
  73. Gary and his unbelievable mind games.
  74. I've only allowed 3 goals in 5 games.
  75. It was time for more fun, more games.
  76. I wasn’t in the mood for his games.
  77. Let’s not play games, Ambassador.
  78. They change the games on the outside.
  79. Then show me this god who games me.
  80. Sam, I don’t have time for games.
  81. This was serious stuff; no more games.
  82. Addie and Fred played games and read.
  83. I will keep our games confidential.
  84. Kathy said he played sex games on her.
  85. You know, to play their twisted games.
  86. The moon games were a major spectacle.
  87. Many computer games use this technique.
  88. You love games, don’t you, Nick?
  89. OK Steve'O fun and games time is over.
  90. Only games can be quit, begun and ended.
  91. Everyone plays games here most days.
  92. While the games were on their way, the.
  93. Shall we get the games started?
  94. The house is full of children’s games.
  95. Games with motor racing, and a twist of.
  96. Earths attention was on these games and.
  97. He had learned to play witty word games.
  98. We were not prepared to win those games.
  99. Now, that the games are made, the same.
  100. Grimes knew his mind games had paid off.

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