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    1. The only part of Jorma that continued that thread of the conversation was his eyebrow, his voice asked, "Do you miss your beach?"

    2. The waves are not as languid here and the lagoon is far too small, but yes, that is what I miss the most

    3. I miss the powers of magic I had as an Angel sometimes

    4. I don't miss Earth

    5. If you miss a dose, follow your doctor or pharmacist's directions

    6. ‘Like you did with me … little miss innocent …’ he said, glaring at me, his face close to mine

    7. "You never know," Herndon said, "It could miss us, it could collide with something else on the way

    8. "We need Yarbeem and the coach to take miss Ava to dock 281," Herndon called to her

    9. But the good news is, even though the Heavenly Mother is coming thru at almost exactly the same time, we have a solution that allows them to miss the asteroid and the planet and the debris that will be knocked up by the impact

    10. ‘I miss you too, Em

    11. we’ll have to miss group therapy

    12. It wasn't that he'd loose sleep, it was that he would be away for weeks and he would miss her

    13. Can’t really miss a

    14. I shall miss this view, but that’s how it goes

    15. "We shouldn't stop thinking about the life we will have in the event of the ninety or ninety nine percent chance that it's going to miss us

    16. Very basic it was, but I didn’t miss any of the stuff in storage … I recall I made a decision to get rid of all the clutter once we got it all back, but you know how it is … you never get round to it, or else it has sentimental value and you can’t bring yourself to throw it out

    17. But you miss a week and they add on 100%

    18. Do you still miss him?

    19. I’m pretty sure Molly didn’t miss a trick … wouldn’t surprise me if she knew perfectly well where her son spent most of the night … but she was discretion itself

    20. The baggage handler hurried down the terminal hallway as fast as he could, so worried that the little carry-on would miss its flight and then be stranded there in Phoenix

    21. Someone was going to miss it

    22. What signs did I miss on London’s streets? When was I marked out? Why was I here? And always that last question, one that persists even now that I am safe and at home here in Beirut

    23. ‘Your report was very comprehensive, Miss Osborne, and made very interesting reading

    24. " That's when I hear Apollo's voice, "Hey, Miss Jon

    25. I miss Nick so much it is a physical pain and the knowledge that I have hurt him merely adds to the torment

    26. What would that mean? If his veron grants were intercepted and his account deleted, few would miss him or know he was gone

    27. Desperate not to miss those faint taps, but my mind drifted off again, rampaging through fantasies and memories

    28. But once it’s gone, we don’t miss it at all

    29. "Major, I'd rather not miss the launch window, if we don't separate tomorrow it will be two months before we're re-aligned

    30. ‘You’ll miss this

    31. If you have sensors anywhere near that good you can't miss that

    32. ‘In addition to that, this is the most exciting thing that’s ever come my way and I’m blowed if I’m going to miss out on it

    33. ‘And what can I do for you today, Miss Thwaite?’ he asked, sweat appearing on his brow … and the office wasn’t that warm

    34. You miss half the fun of getting there

    35. “Oh yes, I really miss the bicycles,” said Cosmicblasto

    36. and that I miss you to my core

    37. ‘You’ll miss all this

    38. shame that he would have to miss the show, but it was safer

    39. They wouldn't miss her that much and probably wouldn't even talk about her much now that she had left Yoonbarla

    40. I ask Miss

    41. Michael did not miss any of these changes in Sally’s appearance either

    42. He consulted with Kate, who reminded Daniel of Miss Susan

    43. Miss Barns, if you continue in this manner, I shall hold you in contempt of this court

    44. JUDGE: You keep saying that, Miss Barns

    45. Thru her discussions with Jeffery, Miss Susan had seen the need for warm clothing for the riders when they were in flight

    46. With Jake’s help, Miss Susan had gone to the warehouse and searched for large long leather coats

    47. After this, Miss Susan was regarded with new respect

    48. In his cave with Miss Susan asleep by his side, Jeffery couldn’t sleep

    49. Not ever knowing either parent, I have to say I didn't miss them and then my aunt and uncle used to come to Cornwall for my holidays

    50. ‘I shall miss him

    1. Even if he didn’t catch the show in the morning, the captain never missed Kevin and Becca’s evening broadcast

    2. ~ Studies have also shown that the nutrients missed by skipping breakfast cannot be compensated for in other meals, as the body is unable to process the vital nutrients optimally if consumed all at once

    3. If Venna was working for someone and had missed them, Ava wasn't going to give her another chance

    4. She loved to flaunt her skill and never missed an opportunity to do it

    5. Venna was beat from a party the week before and missed breakfast altogether, then went up to shower

    6. The relevance of what I have said suddenly hits me – dear God, how could I have missed that?

    7. doostEr was also already off the rockosaur's seat as Tahlmute said, "If you can see a meteor before it hits you, it missed, you have no chance of getting out of its way

    8. He had always met her in company and just missed engaging, somehow, for the whole 9 months of his study term

    9. "The Presidente Lula was in contact with the Yakhan from 2332," Ava continued to lecture on stuff Glenelle had missed while she slept in backup

    10. A memory of a good father is always something that I missed growing up

    11. The next batter came up, swung and missed the first two pitches, then hit a line drive into right field for a single

    12. I swung viciously at it and missed

    13. I missed the simplicity of human contact

    14. In spite of the perfection of Paradis, and the certainty that every setting on every houri in his palace was a far greater symbol of delight than any of them, he missed the mothers of his children

    15. I had missed the signs given me by Deb while teaching at the university, and even when she brushed my hand with hers in the cafeteria, I had not responded

    16. ‘I’ve missed you, Kate

    17. I must have missed the tapping

    18. I convinced myself that I had missed this first chance at establishing contact with my darling brethren

    19. I remembered with a hidden smile the eyes of the girl at the university, those come-to-me eyes that I so entirely missed in my naivety

    20. But today there was a message from that circuit and he almost missed it because it had been so many years since there was any new data from the old hulk

    21. She lay there for some minutes, unwilling to move, until the rumbling emanating from her stomach region reminded her that she’d missed a meal … better get some food inside yourself, Karalintze Thwaite

    22. I thought it missed out generations but apparently not

    23. How many times have I heard this passage references, or read this passage in the Bible? How many times have I heard someone say that Jesus’ death on the cross delivers us from sin? How many times have I heard it equated that Jesus is the Messiah because He sacrificed Himself for our sakes? All of these statements, as true as they might be, were shallow clichés that missed entirely the point

    24. I think that in the same way that we have missed the eternal spirit, we have missed the heavenly father

    25. The creature struck and missed as Son swung with all of his strength in an

    26. "You already missed that chance

    27. Would God get that specific? Would He be that explicit, so to call Israel the center of the nations? Does God really think that the land of Israel is that important? And what for? If we think that Israel is simply a location or a spiritual metaphor for something else, then we have missed it

    28. "I can hardly call it my religion any more," Alan said, "I've been with Kaha, been wasted on yaag, I've deserted my post, I've lived with you out of wedlock, I've missed service many times in a row now

    29. I missed him this time but quite often we chat

    30. evenings catching up on what he had missed till now

    31. days had flown by and the children missed the village

    32. In the years they stayed here, they only missed this because they forced themselves to

    33. Kara took a deep breath – something Liesse noted, not that he missed much apparently

    34. "Looks like I missed dinner," she said upon seeing the ashes

    35. Ok then, what have I missed

    36. Going over this made him realize that he missed her

    37. Sam gave me an impressive list, but I believe he missed by one

    38. He missed with the first swing but was on his feet and connected with the second

    39. She missed because a foot wide section of the bank slumped down and Alan's other leg went in

    40. It can only just have missed the bone

    41. ‘You missed a good storm

    42. He missed it terribly

    43. ’ I pointed out, just in case he had missed that point, earning an appreciative glimmer of amusement from my beloved

    44. "You're shift has started," Desa told her, "They're clearing up the table now, you missed breakfast

    45. Kate interrupted quickly,, “I think you all missed the point, they chose John

    46. She missed her Jared so much, and her heart was very heavy for Collin and his grief

    47. With great care, Manolis placed a sprig of marjoram behind his left ear, 'You know, my friends, when I was touring with Pantelis I took my cat with us everywhere, but when he ran away to settle down, more than anything, I missed his teachings

    48. Mateo told us of a time when Uttah had gone away for a week's holiday and some of his old girlfriends kept calling round, 'When Uttah comes home, she asks me if I missed her and I tell her I'm more alone now that she's home than when she was away

    49. He missed breakfast while he was at it

    50. He stared so intently into her jet-black sunglasses that he completely missed the amazing comeback by his team's opponents that resulted in the match ending in a five-all draw

    1. A dog wanders out one of the open front doors and one of students kicks at it, misses, nearly falls on his ass while other students laugh and point

    2. Mary tells me that her older brother was killed during the D Day landings in France and that she always weeps her way through the service because she still misses him

    3. We will find at the end that it misses, but we will find even later that it is shepherding a smaller rock that impacts the Kassikan, a rock they won't notice till a couple days before the impact

    4. Memories, thoughts play as he misses his loved ones

    5. that he loves you, that he misses you, that he is with you

    6. and she misses him then, misses his smell,

    7. My heart misses a beat - has something happened to Alastair? Reality prosaically reminds me that even if there had been an accident, Karen would not be calling me

    8. Your father misses you badly also, but he won’t say more than to spit on your false faith

    9. Even though she misses her son and will

    10. world misses you when you are gone instead give consideration that you are

    11. Jock bends and tries to kiss her on the forehead but misses as Maggie turns her head away

    12. The boiling water has not yet settled back into a calmer state of simple hotness and the water jumps from the spout and misses the cup, spilling white hot blisters of water across the counter top and down the cupboard doors

    13. Records… But he misses the world record of the

    14. "The Misses was all about that online web

    15. Didn't want to live without the Misses

    16. The walk back to the SUV was done with slow, wavering steps, my thoughts again drifting to Walter and his Misses

    17. “She misses you too,” I answered

    18. ” That response misses the point

    19. The seer related tales of near misses and chases and what happened when they caught a stranger

    20. of untimely losses and near misses depriving Osborne of the coveted title

    21. Immature grievances commonly expressed nowadays by students toiling over ―useless‖ Algebra and ―dated‖ languages like Latin and Greek considered unnecessary or incompatible with a student‘s career objective(s) misses the point entirely; that is to say, their functional

    22. She misses home and

    23. The misses will pay me when she gets out of hospital

    24. He was sorry that he’d had to kill them as the misses had always been kind to him, letting him live in her bothy and all, but he needed meat, a lot of meat

    25. ” But that question misses the point

    26. Most analysts miss the point because they are focused on who wins elections and not what is just, and because of that horse race mentality much of the public misses the point as well

    27. If the student misses more than 6 of the answers, then this may be an indication of

    28. With a nod of my head at The Don and his Misses, I exited the limo and walked back to Spice’s truck

    29. At the edge of the room, two Dauntless fight with sticks, laughing when one of them misses and hits only air

    30. I know her well, but she misses my dad more than ever

    31. “She doesn’t miss touching people… she misses having sex with people!” Darrin’s chair landed hard on floor as he fell from laughter

    32. silver one never misses

    33. the one that never misses, and took aim

    34. “I think he misses his mother

    35. This is newsworthy stuff … but completely misses the big picture

    36. It travels at high speed and misses the stealth bomber

    37. She misses the other one

    38. Misses the 44 bus, and takes the 22 twice instead

    39. He thinks about how he misses Earth, his family, friends and girlfriend

    40. Half of me misses my family and girlfriend

    41. proven while some others may have been near hits or near misses with variances attributed to the

    42. And how she misses your perfect lovemaking

    43. And now she misses him

    44. I don’t think she misses him as I do, but in that instant, as I stare at her, I believe she does miss him in her own way

    45. hope that your opponent misses

    46. He misses you

    47. He still misses her, I know he does

    48. He misses his full brother greatly

    49. representing sound only misses

    50. Although they argued so much, they truly loved each other and he so misses her

    1. it means there is something missing

    2. “What happens with those missing people?” he asks

    3. It’s a woman with hair falling out and one eyes missing

    4. That means, there will be nothing missing or

    5. "We have four tons of aluminum missing," he said slowly and carefully

    6. She knew as he said it that he could not have said that to a native, they couldn't comprehend it, it was like saying Fort Knox had disappeared to a 20th century American or Wall Street was missing to a 21st century American

    7. "About the shuttle craft or that some of it is missing?"

    8. "Because of that missing aluminum," she replied

    9. He continued to argue about it, trying to convince her the missing aluminum was going to disrupt the world's economy

    10. They are the ones that are missing from the community and they have announced intentions to found a boundaried state

    11. She wondered how much of it he was personally missing, it might be several, maybe pounds

    12. "Oh no," he said, "That's not the map to the missing aluminum," Herndon said

    13. "So who's trying to find the aluminum that is missing?" Ava asked

    14. Some grandparents are concerned that they are missing out on their grandchildren's everyday lives and special experiences

    15. Henry’s the only one with a key to the props cupboard so it can’t have gone missing after that

    16. "We're just running around chasing four tons of missing aluminum," Ava answered almost absently

    17. ‘That’s easy, Liz … a load of stuff was lent out for a themed party of some sort, and we know that Dan was involved in the collection … in fact Henry didn’t check over the stuff until quite recently which was when he noticed the gun was missing

    18. ’ He said absently, completely missing my amazement that he not only knows the child’s name but also how old he is

    19. He could see swathes of missing roof tiles, and the ridge itself

    20. what those efforts had been over the years, but nonetheless he saw no point in missing

    21. His missing friend was a real issue

    22. There was other stuff missing

    23. The genitals were missing

    24. Even without the missing years, she'd spent more of her life on Gordon's Lamp than at Sol, a good part of it here in this null point and most of her last eight years in this base

    25. broken or missing in my body

    26. It was, he gave her a long explanation of missing parts and political disputes and lost paperwork and why it was important

    27. Once she entered the area, the hardest thing to fathom was the sheer bulk of the assembly that was missing, she could float in the space

    28. But something in him just couldn't believe that Theo wouldn't be looked for, intensively, if he went missing

    29. "A couple of days later and he went missing

    30. I would probably be punished for being so late and missing dinner

    31. Saya's talk of her missing father had stirred up a bunch of emotions that Leonora did not want to deal with, from thoughts of her long-lost mother to memories of her father, whom she hadn't visited in months and felt guilty about

    32. "We're just running around chasing four tons of missing aluminum," Ava on the ground answered

    33. Her You was still dormant and she wasn't missing the gadget one bit

    34. "The whole columnator assembly is missing

    35. ‘Only, I’m missing that argumentative, independent woman who’s taken up residence at the other end of my house

    36. " He gestured in front of his helmet to call up the spoofing script he’d written to emulate Staas Company’s Inventory Query Protocols and passed it to the terminal in front of him without missing a stroke

    37. I made an educated guess for the number of blocks missing because of the door itself and so arrived at a number

    38. ’ She said reaching for the biscuit tin and totally missing my frozen look, thank goodness

    39. He went over the rest of it at that level just to be sure he wasn't missing something

    40. He tried hard to convince himself that he wasn't missing something

    41. Her limbs weren’t missing

    42. Have you had it stolen already and found the containment missing?"

    43. She asked about the shuttlecraft and wanted more technical help than he could give her, interrogated him about his missing crew

    44. "No not actually, but I think she would have said something if the shuttlecraft was missing all this time

    45. The heart of it was an atomic-scale snowflake with the central atom missing

    46. There was something he was missing, but he was blowed if he could see what it was

    47. running, shuffling and hailing for the missing nine year

    48. we never heard him speak of the missing time, the bad lands

    49. “Merry Christmas Joe, but I am missing the tv” as they toasted

    50. “Still missing the tv” asked Joe

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