miss sätze

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Miss sätze (in englisch)

I miss you a lot.
I kind of miss it.
I miss them a lot.
We had a near miss.
We miss that a lot.
I miss her so much.
My mom, i miss her.
It was hard to miss.
I miss it, you know.
He swings a near miss.
Gosh did he miss her.
Man, I miss that guy.
I miss my auntie Sio.
And I miss the sex -.
And it does not miss.
I miss her every day.
You miss 100% of the.
We must not miss that.
I knew I’d miss him.
Give it to Miss Brown.
I will truly miss him.
This is miss bad luck.
I also miss her a lot.
Miss Carrie told me to.
I hope I didn't miss.
I miss those days Sel.
You will not miss much.
How greatly I miss her.
Love and miss you!.
He didn’t miss a beat.
I’ll miss you, too.
Miss Peabody gaped in.
The first few miss him.
Good day, Miss Gracie.
You couldn’t miss it.
I miss fucking my wife.
How could you miss it?
Where's Miss Carter?
I’ve miss you!.
I'll miss you, too,.

And it is not missing.
Part of me is missing.
It was missing a few.
A part of the missing.
It was missing one of.
This is a missing suit.
It was the missing man.
He was missing a front.
A part of me is missing.
Seems his gun is missing.
The terror is missing now.
That is what is missing.
Fill in the missing words.
And that note was missing.
Missing more than just a.
Now I was missing it, too.
But she’s missing a lot.
One of the items missing.
I— My wife is missing.
At the 90% missing matter.
How could it be missing?
Her mom was still missing.
Flybe – The Missing Post.
He was missing at rollcall.
That was the missing piece.
You were the missing piece.
Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).
He was still missing Katrin.
I found that one was missing.
You went missing 5 years ago.
Not with those missing kids.
I think they are missing a.
The hands are still missing.
Yes, I’m missing my son.
She went missing last year.
This one was missing an eye.
Without missing a beat the.
But that's missing the point.
One chair is missing a leg.
I felt that I was missing him.
I missed by a lot.
I missed her a lot.
I missed half of it.
She missed us all a.
I missed you a lot!.
I fired but I missed.
My heart missed a beat.
Oh, how he missed her.
How I had missed that.
MQP: Yeah, I missed it.
They missed you a lot.
How much I missed Joe.
I must have missed one.
He fired and missed me.
He missed them so much.
I had missed her a lot.
I’m glad I missed it.
He missed it by a yard.
I missed her too, a lot.
Aw, you just missed him.
He will be missed there.
But she missed the cues.
He said he'd missed you.
I think we missed it.
They will all be missed.
Had I missed the light.
You’ve missed the bus.
Man, I really missed it.
How had I missed this?
I missed out on that.
I have missed you so.
I had missed it so much.
Missed and gone forever.
How We Missed the Story.
Have you missed me?
How had I missed that?
I'm certain I missed it.
And now she misses him.
She misses the other one.
Daddy misses you a lot.
She misses Papa, Paris, Dr.
Dad says that he misses you.
I think he misses his mama.
Vincent rarely ever misses a.
She misses all of this hotness.
I think he misses his mother.
Mama’s fine, she misses you.
A failed rol will mean he misses.
When one misses this mark, they.
Misses don’t count, they only.
One misses Mítenka at such times.
Have a good supper, Misses Alinka.
He misses his full brother greatly.
That way, neither of us misses out.
He still misses her, I know he does.
God knew there had been near misses.
She misses you too, I answered.
Many had however achieved near misses.
Didn't want to live without the Misses.
Even though she misses her son and will.
How long before he misses it, I wondered.
The Misses was all about that online web.
I miss that and I know she misses that too.
And how she misses your perfect lovemaking.
Half of me misses my family and girlfriend.
She been nussin’ de young Misses all day.
Chandal who misses them is still far from it.
Doing well, I think he misses you the most.
If it misses one quarter, that is acceptable.
The first shot misses him, as he knew it would.
The more misses you make: the lower your score.
Dilcey, she settin’ up wid de young Misses now.
The Misses Chambers have an excellent reputation.
My mother misses going shopping in Cheena Bazaar.
Misses the 44 bus, and takes the 22 twice instead.
Records… But he misses the world record of the.
Three misses and one hit, I said with a sigh.

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