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    1. clearly notified that: “It is over”, the most surprising thing was that there

    2. “Both I and Colonel Samrova should have been notified about this scheme

    3. “Would you like to wait here or would you like to be notified when she returns

    4. of the orphanage notified me that I was being taken into a foster home

    5. “They say that Subang Air Traffic Control lost contact with the aircraft at 01:22 MYT and notified Malaysia Airlines at 02:40 MYT

    6. easily lost,” said her mother when Marla notified her that

    7. With Blackburn's case closed, Edward was notified that he was being reassigned to work with Vernes on the Tri-Surgeon case that was still ongoing

    8. “No, it’s not…I assume the patrols have been notified to keep a look out?”

    9. I have notified the relevant authorities

    10. Rachel notified Leah immediately

    11. they would certainly have been notified of any suspected

    12. been done, but no one was ever officially notified that this had happened

    13. If an aspect of a program failed he would be notified before any inconsistency became obvious to the recipient

    14. The duty officer, senior detective, and many others were notified and a forensic investigation was opened

    15. The next morning I notified her sister and her sister said, ―I have a will here that gives me the authority to arrange for her funeral

    16. Constable Bronson Nesbitt said police were notified by parents, and guided to the spot by 12-year old Nicky Crane

    17. Pretty soon, someone notified me that the village was very hurt and mortified that I had been informed of the homage that Fuentesnuevas was planning for me, since they wanted it to be all a surprise

    18. For her part, Marguerite notified us of her great interest in joining us in the trip with her children Bobby and Danielle

    19. They immediately notified the chief official in charge and started to ask questions

    20. Within a few moments the local Scottish SAS were notified that a terrorist incident had taken place in Edinburgh and members of the counter revolutionary warfare wing (CRW) were taxed with ‘999’ telling them that a real incident had taken place and that this was no exercise

    21. “The American authorities will be notified of the arrests in due course, unless you insist that I call them

    22. In June, she had been notified that she was picked to serve as a morale-boosting Red Cross girl for the occupation forces

    23. Tyrpledge had been notified that the army was now officially mobilized and legally at war

    24. The plans had been laid out, his brigadiers had been notified and each one had received orders and acknowledged

    25. As that remains to be seen whether it’s true or not, we did not take it into account while planning, but we have notified the first wave commanders accordingly

    26. “We keep them here until their relatives and governments are notified

    27. The argument that a cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial evaporates like fog in sunshine when they have to bury the remains anyway! How many people are there who knows about the largest portion of the remains which needs to be buried anyway, when they receive the so-called ashes? We’ve read already that the relatives are totally unaware of this and are definitely not notified by the crematorium related industry

    28. Chloe and Nolan were allowed to leave after being notified that their sentence would be revealed in a few days

    29. You will be notified of the court date

    30. Ch’o had long notified him of what was going to happen

    31. She has been roaming around the lands on Earth for over fifty years and she was notified by the peril living right in our Realms

    32. Elena: Why wasn’t I notified before they were thrown out? Why wasn’t I called?

    33. The older children had been notified and Sarah was on her way to tell Little Carlotta

    34. congregation of the priests, and people, and rulers of the nation, and elders of the country, were these things notified to us

    35. She hadn’t expected two visitors, especially as she hadn’t been notified beforehand

    36. After many interviews, separate and together, as well as many home visitations by the Department of Social Services of the County of Orange, Roger and Josie were notified that their house had been judged worthy to become the home of a six-week old little girl

    37. During that same time, Roger was notified that his salary had been garnished

    38. TweetBeep allows you to be notified by email when the keywords you choose are mentioned on Twitter

    39. Validating my claim that Motorola’s management at both SPD and CHQ in Schaumburg valued my services highly and only laid me off out of pity for Werner’s bedridden wife and five kids after I was notified in March 1971 that I would be laid off on June 30th, I was given a VP’s office at 52nd and McDowell while the other four lawyers moved over the hill to the Government Electronics Division in Scottsdale on Hayden Road

    40. In August, Xcel Energy notified regulators it wants to close a plant in Boulder , CO and convert four units at its Cherokee plant in Denver to burn natural gas instead of coal

    41. shall enter into force unless one of the Parties has notified objections

    42. I’ll come to this later, but in 1970 when I notified J

    43. 27 So then they wrote it in tables of brass which they set on pillars in mount Sion and this is the copy of the writing; The eighteenth day of the month Elul in the hundred threescore and twelfth year being the third year of Simon the high priest 28 At Saramel in the great congregation of the priests and people and rulers of the nation and elders of the country were these things notified to us

    44. So when Tony was called and notified about it (he was in L

    45. After he listened to Myers orally debrief and answer questions from the MACV people, Lochert said he had nothing to add except that Myers and Detachment A-302 of the 5th Special Forces Group were the best unit he had ever been in the field with, and he, Major Wolfgang Lochert, hereby notified the assembled officers that he was putting the Mike Force Team in for a unit citation and submitting SFC Charles Haskell, better known as Snake, for the Medal of Honor

    46. to it that your project overseer is notified that all of you have been reassigned!”

    47. Crash crew is notified

    48. It came as a total shock when Adam notified me that Nuke had downloaded all his programming into the System and his consciousness had disappeared! He had left blocks in the System to prevent it from being tracked and had severed his implant links to everyone

    49. I was just notified by telegram that fellow you

    50. hadn't been officially notified, but there were a few who had taken advantage of a news

    1. notifies that he observed them

    2. notifies his friends and family immediately

    3. He notifies EMS that this will be a

    4. In some cases, a person is not liable for solicitation if he or she recants their intention to commit the subsequent crime, and notifies the other person that their request is off the table

    5. bureau notifies you in 24 to 72 hours that there has been a change

    6. notifies you when there has been a change on their credit report, not the other

    7. “Once my grand father notifies the others of our intentions, they’ll be expecting

    8. In fact, it has a built-in odor-neutralizing system and notifies you the moment your baby has a

    9. And each time the computer bids for you, it notifies you via e-mail

    10. When the buyer notifies the escrow agent that she is satisfied, the company sends the money to the seller

    11. If the buyer is going to return the purchase, the seller notifies the company when the merchandise is returned

    12. His family soon calls up Dana's family and notifies them of Tony being in the hospital

    13. That same morning, Kathy and her mother Julie soon get the news of Sandra's death from Sandra's family! They are both horrified! Kathy starts to scream! She is very scared! She's so shaken and scared that she is about to pass out! Her mother Julie starts to hold her up! Julie then calls up Raymond! She notifies him of Sandra's death! Raymond is shocked and stunned by the horrible news! He also becomes scared

    14. He sees Missy in the hallway and notifies her of what happened to Sandra

    15. She notifies her grandparents and the rest of her family about what happened to Sandra

    16. - You provide a full refund of any money paid by a user who notifies you in writing (or by e-mail) within 30 days of receipt that s/he does not agree to the terms of the full Project Gutenberg-tm

    17. Of all the powers, objects, states, it notifies, shuts none out

    18. • PORT host/port Notifies the server of the IP address and ephemeral port number that it expects a data connection to use

    19. I said, “We’ve run the plates, but I want the bodies ID’d before Eyewitness News notifies next of kin

    20. Exercise The process by which the holder of an option notifies the seller of his intention to take a long position in the underlying contract in the case of a call or a short position in the underlying contract in the case of a put

    21. To make one's coulpe means to prostrate one's self flat on one's face during the office in front of the prioress until the latter, who is never called anything but our mother, notifies the culprit by a slight tap of her foot against the wood of her stall that she can rise

    22. “What happens when the client notifies my firm that the files aren’t being sent? What will you do to my daughter then?”

    23. When the protocol had been signed, Nikolay Parfenovitch turned solemnly to the prisoner and read him the “Committal,” setting forth, that in such a year, on such a day, in such a place, the investigating lawyer of such-and-such a district court, having examined so-and-so (to wit, Mitya) accused of this and of that (all the charges were carefully written out) and having considered that the accused, not pleading guilty to the charges made against him, had brought forward nothing in his defense, while the witnesses, so-and-so, and so-and-so, and the circumstances such-and-such testify against him, acting in accordance with such-and-such articles of the Statute Book, and so on, has ruled, that, in order to preclude so-and-so (Mitya) from all means of evading pursuit and judgment he be detained in such-and-such a prison, which he hereby notifies to the accused and communicates a copy of this same “Committal” to the deputy prosecutor, and so on, and so on

    24. His Message merely notifies to us his will and pleasure

    1. He is going to come over to see Liz later – she’ll have to notify her landlord

    2. He will have to notify his employers that he is leaving, but apart from that, he can leave at any time so we should be able to travel soon

    3. Brownie heard the transmission and Harrington's response that they would notify the police

    4. ‘You suggest that we notify the police?’ Ozzie said dryly

    5. A female messenger was dispatched to Helez’s suite to notify her that she had a visitor waiting for her

    6. He would have to notify the Royal Guard and they’d need to investigate the matter

    7. Zarko asked the young couple to go to the palace and notify the Royal Guard, while he and Helez waited for them to arrive

    8. The groom and bride would notify their parents and selected friends, who would then all meet at the girl’s parents’ home for some eats and drinks and maybe a word or two from the couple’s fathers or one of their city elders

    9. the hospital assured us they would notify us immediately should

    10. Via a simple telephone code, Sylvia would stipulate a specific date and room number, which corresponded to a like number of kilos and Angel, in turn, would notify Mike of his ‘reservation

    11. The immigration man who had her money was standing close to the door and had not yet gone into the office to notify anyone to prepare her pass

    12. Riding up to the house, a worker ran to notify the Baron that a rider had arrived

    13. I once again notify you as my earlier letter was returned undelivered

    14. I wish to notify you that the late Engr

    15. “I’ll have someone notify you about the patrols, and our first council meeting is on Friday at ten in the morning, so I’ll be seeing you soon

    16. I will notify my attorney Mr

    17. Neither the warden nor Mike’s counselors at Osborn kept their promise to notify me of the date and time when they would release Mike

    18. The Secretary General of the Council of Europe shall notify the member States of the

    19. (1) Circus owners shall notify in writing the director of the relevant regional

    20. notify the competent authorities by request for auditing the compliance with

    21. So let’s go, set a date, notify all local press, get an

    22. I will notify the police in the county seat of this county and petition them to allow

    23. "All you need to do is notify your staff, and I'd appreciate an announcement to the students in Frankie's room

    24. The Chairman will notify the Board Secretary when the next meeting will be held

    25. Then I could notify your family that you are okay

    26. I will remain on the lookout for us all and will notify you trolls of the enemy’s proximity

    27. I’ll notify the housekeeper

    28. The police radio network was told to contact all emergency hospital services and clinics and ask them to notify Headquarters should someone come in requiring treatment for gunshot wounds

    29. I have to send a message to the Earl and notify him that we have the boy in custody

    30. “Did you think our great Lyr would not notify all his garrisons that you were escaped, Tobias Spencer? We have been expecting you to surface for the last two weeks

    31. Therefore if you were short 635 shares of RKH , you would notify your broker

    32. In truth he didn‘t know who, other than the FBI, to notify in order to start the investigation since nothing like this had happened since his swearing in

    33. He knew the closest FBI office was in Tampa but had no plans to notify them

    34. neutral, they can notify you in time to move or shift the direction of its fall

    35. “What happens after they notify us?" Jason inquired

    36. your reservation and you'll know when you have to notify

    37. addition, notify the shelter workers and volunteers

    38. is being abused notify the police and your local social service

    39. notify the police immediately and get medical help

    40. Notify the police and don’t re-arrange or try

    41. suspicious and notify the authorities on them

    42. a lightning-fast response I was told to notify the Prime

    43. “But why didn’t you just notify the authorities

    44. If that happens, we will let them, but notify them by the message that actually prints the value they keyed

    45. “Kitty, does your friend have any relatives to notify?”

    46. “So, do you have any relatives that we can notify in case of

    47. When the workers drew up a list of unanimous petitions, a long time passed before they were able to notify the banana company officially

    48. she’ll notify me through the intercom

    49. with a way to notify the user of an incoming call without having to tell everyone else in the room as well

    50. If the card is stolen, you are not liable, provided you notify the

    1. “Legionnaire, need I remind you that there is a war happening? Not everything revolves around notifying you of the comings and goings of the army and those part of it

    2. He would have imagined that the patrol boat had a radio, and had sent a message, notifying the shore that they were pursuing the Syrena, and relaying their course and location, but there was no sign that anyone was interested in them

    3. Whatever intentions Josie had in notifying Roger’s family of her homosexuality, Roger’s sisters were stunned and sympathized with him

    4. “It’s a precious tool for notifying us of the presence of Evil, giving us time to evaluate what we should do in each case,” said Kami

    5. shootings, shall be allowed after notifying the regional veterinary service of the territory

    6. in sight, the pilot headed straight for it without notifying the

    7. ” Richard stood as the correction officer called his name again, notifying him that he had only twenty minutes left to shower

    8. Depending on what type of criminal behavior the person was soliciting, recanting might also require notifying the police in order to prevent subsequent criminal conduct from unfolding

    9. “You will have the responsibility, with helpers, of deciding on the best day, notifying me by a bird carrier, and then overseeing the event in the town where you last saw Finn, when I have spread the word and all have arrived,” said Chica

    10. Faye Ann said, “the problem is that the local population believes Survey and was completely bent out of shape that the graduate students surveyed their system without notifying them

    11. Warren only lasted a few weeks after notifying the children that he was dying

    12. Soon after notifying the authorities the perpetrator was

    13. I believed his mother about notifying the police of my

    14. attractive young woman is notifying the police about what

    15. Council is charged with notifying the President of the United States of any intelligence gathered,

    16. To alienate the British further, prompted by Bradley, Eisenhower without even notifying the combined chiefs of staff or the Allied governments, proceeded to send a telegram to Stalin informing him that he would not be advancing towards Berlin and would halt at the River Elbe

    17. still in the structure, they went back to the local saloon, notifying

    18. It was from a bank in Las Vegas notifying Green of an interest

    19. Thus, after notifying her driver of her intentions, she had allowed her feet to naturally lead her to

    20. If she sends a personal check, the company will hold it for ten days before notifying the seller

    21. notifying him of their intentions to place a tax lien on the home by the

    22. subscribers notifying them that a new issue or update is ready

    23. When his foot hit the bottom step, the slam echoed throughout the large stone foyer startling Michael and no doubt notifying any occupants of his arrival

    24. Instead of taking the time to check and see if anybody was still in the structure, they went back to the local saloon, notifying the bartender who, in turn, told the cocktail waitress who leisurely walked over and gave the news to the boys over at the poker table playing five-card stud

    25. later came a letter notifying him that he had inherited a large fortune

    26. “I left for Colombo the next day without either seeing or notifying my parents and I have not seen them since

    27. Sanderson considered notifying Babbage of the fact that

    28. Stryver (after notifying to his jackal that "he had thought better of that marrying matter") had carried his delicacy into Devonshire, and when the sight and scent of flowers in the City streets had some waifs of goodness in them for the worst, of health for the sickliest, and of youth for the oldest, Sydney's feet still trod those stones

    29. I mentioned, too, that I was purposely withholding distribution of news items being given to me pending their confirmation -- and that I had no intention of notifying the President, at least until his meeting with Kendall and Flanigan concluded

    30. And one of the last orders Hamptyn had given as Rohsail’s flag captain, before notifying Raisahndo that command of the Western Squadron had devolved upon him, had been for two of Pawal Hahlynd’s surviving screw-galleys to tow her clear of Dreadnought lest her magazines explode and take the hard-won prize with her

    31. Stone, shouldn’t you think about notifying her family?”

    32. It wasn’t like the admiral to change his mind, especially not without notifying Rykus first

    33. His earpiece produced a series of beeps in the eerie post-explosion silence, notifying him of an incoming encrypted call on his cell phone

    34. So he went without notifying her after an exchange of letters with Hildebranda, in which it was made clear that his wife was filled with nostalgia: now she thought only of home

    35. And so he returned on Tuesday at five o’clock, and then every Tuesday after that, and he ignored the convention of notifying her, because by the end of the second month the weekly visits had been incorporated into both their routines

    36. We can have a base Publisher class that contains the common functionality of adding, removing, and notifying observers

    37. Bibb and Campbell, of Tennessee, notifying the House that the Senate have passed the bill, entitled "An act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbors of the United States, for a limited time," with amendments; in which they desire the concurrence of the House

    38. Anderson, notifying the House that the Senate have passed the bill, entitled "An act to prohibit the exportation of specie, goods, wares, and merchandise, for a limited time," with amendments; in which they desire the concurrence of the House

    39. Varnum, notifying the House that the Senate have passed the bill, entitled "An act declaring War between Great Britain and her Dependencies, and the United States and their Territories," with amendments; in which they desire the concurrence of the House

    40. Leib, a committee appointed for the purpose, notifying the House that the Senate have rejected the bill, entitled "An act authorizing the President to take possession of a tract of country lying south of the Mississippi Territory and of the State of Georgia, and for other purposes

    41. A message from the House of Representatives informed the Senate that the House agree to the report of the joint committee appointed to ascertain and report a mode of examining the votes for President and Vice President of the United States, and of notifying the persons elected of their election, and have appointed Messrs

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    advise apprise apprize give notice notify send word proclaim herald blazon assert promulgate advertise acquaint declare announce make known publish express mention convey communicate teach speak to disseminate pass out air vent telephone write radio divulge disclose tip-off spill brief debrief caution suggest hint