maneuver sätze

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Maneuver sätze (in englisch)

  1. That maneuver took guts, Tam.
  2. It was a simple enough maneuver.
  3. It was a movie maneuver, but the.
  4. I have not heard of this maneuver.
  5. You could maneuver to get you alone.

  6. It is a course maneuver for Hermes.
  7. It was a creative, but risky, maneuver.
  8. He subsequently duplicated his maneuver.
  9. This maneuver did not escape the Canadian.
  10. This was a bold maneuver for one single.
  11. You will have to practice that maneuver.
  12. Lee was outnumbered and could not maneuver.
  13. This maneuver is especially necessary for.
  14. I had room to maneuver, and maneuver I did.
  15. How the ship would maneuver I hadn't a guess.

  16. It says the name is ‘Rich Purnell Maneuver.
  17. War correspondents maneuver with the second wave.
  18. This maneuver instantly settles Becky’s crying.
  19. Nancy was too surprised by the maneuver to react.
  20. It was a maneuver that Carl had undoubtedly done.
  21. The rest of the maneuver takes them back to Earth.
  22. I’m sorry, he said as a defensive maneuver.
  23. It was a classic pickpocket maneuver called dipping.
  24. Stealth would allow them to maneuver before striking.
  25. John Farmer nodded and focused on the tricky maneuver.

  26. They began to maneuver a series of political puppets.
  27. You maneuver yourself under him avoiding kicking legs.
  28. That offensive, defensive maneuver was classic Jersey.
  29. You could fly in the atmo and maneuver with that thing.
  30. But the enemy ship still managed to match the maneuver.
  31. This was a maneuver they had practiced dozens of times.
  32. In a week they could maneuver themselves in front of us.
  33. Unable to maneuver, Trace manages to level out the mecha.
  34. I think she’d maneuver better with a little less sail.
  35. The Goblin Master swung his scimitar in a whirling maneuver.
  36. Instead, I had to try to maneuver the Ute to go in backwards.
  37. Yigal repeated the maneuver but let his line pay out as the.
  38. There was a fascination to watching his mother maneuver people.
  39. Lord Taliesin swung his longsword upward in a powerful maneuver.
  40. We don’t know how, but we know you sent them the maneuver.
  41. This clumsy maneuver on the narrow steps causes her to fall over.
  42. There isn’t much room for maneuver in the British position.
  43. In this light, the area remains open for your guests to maneuver.
  44. The window for starting the maneuver ends in thirty-nine hours.
  45. This maneuver would leave Ben exposed for a fraction of a second.
  46. Iratus stared out the view portal, watching the Soulless maneuver.
  47. There are too many cars here to safely repeat our earlier maneuver.
  48. From this point he would maneuver Hurd into accepting his takeover.
  49. Okay, but did you by chance teach your brother the maneuver?
  50. Difficult to maneuver on land, it was doubly difficult in the water.
  51. Ethan thought he should run the siren and lights as a safety maneuver.
  52. If I can go faster, I can maneuver around it without being enveloped.
  53. But can they not maneuver? Out of the way of the bombs? he asked.
  54. Shallow enough to row up rivers or maneuver along dangerous coastlines.
  55. I’ve seen him maneuver out of that one at least a half a dozen times.
  56. Oedipus can’t believe it, and he believes it is a maneuver set up by.
  57. It got decent gas mileage and was easy to maneuver and park in the city.
  58. They'll be able to maneuver easily with any type of movement action or.
  59. The pilot was doing his best, but 10,000 tones cannot maneuver like a car.
  60. But who could have expected that Yue Zi and He Zi could maneuver so fast.
  61. That was a maneuver they have been testing in the simulators for a week.
  62. It was trying desperately to maneuver out of the jam, but I didn't let go.
  63. That would have been a stressful maneuver in a fighter with a pulse-pinch.
  64. By preventing them from attempting what could be a suicidal maneuver, sir.
  65. However, before he could attempt the maneuver, he was struck by another odd.
  66. Jaden can’t believe how fast the UFO was able to maneuver around on Earth.
  67. The other offered no room to maneuver and his gut said it was being covered.
  68. You throw it in reverse, flip a three point and maneuver behind your gunner.
  69. There was no way that Jody could have maneuver the escape pod away from the.
  70. We do have some kind of plan, but it’s really more of a desperate maneuver.
  71. A tough maneuver to use that much thrust in an atmosphere, said the sim.
  72. In a typical maneuver, the patient is seated at 90 degree vertical on the bed.
  73. She looked over her shoulder to see if he were ready to execute the maneuver.
  74. How she had had the guts to try such a maneuver he couldn’t fathom, however.
  75. He then inched away from Jose's back to position himself for his next maneuver.
  76. Leveraged firms have greater financial flexibility and the ability to maneuver.
  77. Traffic was trying to maneuver around the roadwork, nonstop honkers everywhere.
  78. They were hacked to pieces, unable to maneuver out of Guardon’s binding spell.
  79. Yigal repeated the maneuver but let his line pay out as the stern slewed around.
  80. We decided to plummet downwards for a while, still locked in a scissors maneuver.
  81. He was able to muster an occasional offensive maneuver that replaced Myserrah's.
  82. We're starting to become friends, but even so, the landing maneuver is beyond me.
  83. We were on the east side of the state so it would take several hours to maneuver.
  84. While this maneuver is going on tonight, we’ll shelter at a safehouse in Cortez.
  85. She wanted to know how we fought them, and I told her it was our standard maneuver.
  86. A complex evasive maneuver that the Rotham used several times during the Great War.
  87. We can maneuver the ship so we follow this in towards T’Chau, using it as a shield.
  88. He never explained successfully why this particular maneuver was necessary at the time.
  89. Lots and lots of practice, although it is basically a useless maneuver, I explained.
  90. Xiona didn’t expect this maneuver and leaped as if she expected Taxa to charge again.
  91. I think she learned that maneuver from playing Street Fighter III at the Quarter Horse.
  92. It was a time before Picard was even on his radar screen, before the ‘Picard maneuver.
  93. Gearzon gripped the levers of his war machine, sending it forward in an attacking maneuver.
  94. The Bee's were faster than the Fairies, but they needed to maneuver to use their stingers.
  95. The six water-screws each have their own rudders, and they can maneuver in surprising ways.
  96. Make sure you have at least two other friends to help you maneuver the bed out of your house.
  97. It was hard to maneuver with the shifting bags underfoot, much less try to maintain the scene.
  98. It was not the sort of maneuver David liked to perform in a strange place and in total darkness.
  99. But, route deviations not withstanding, compromises maneuver marriages on the course of moksha.
  100. Lezura demonstrated the ways to turn the foot-control in order to maneuver the antigravity orbs.
  1. This will require careful maneuvering.
  2. He halted the horse, maneuvering it easily.
  3. With some acrobatic maneuvering I tried to repay.
  4. It was damaged and having trouble maneuvering.
  5. Johnson referred to the lessons as evasive maneuvering.
  6. Because of the debris, let’s have maneuvering thrust and.
  7. The big banks are all busy maneuvering for the oil billions.
  8. All the control and maneuvering function problems have been fixed.
  9. Kate took a delight in the maneuvering and machinations of the game.
  10. Mitch was still maneuvering around Ralph, not looking at the doghouse.
  11. Kegan wasn’t nearly as fast as Tim and his obstacle maneuvering skills.
  12. The stress of this idle maneuvering had reduced Freeman to a rumpled heap.
  13. No, he said, maneuvering through the city streets toward the palace.
  14. The convoy, with much reversing, maneuvering and shouting, slowly sets off.
  15. He knew they were no longer maneuvering, for the force against his body was.
  16. It has a standard satellite thruster package for maneuvering, but that’s it.
  17. He could even see Andrew stealthily maneuvering around some cars parked by the.
  18. He would not let me help paddle, but expertly handled the maneuvering by himself.
  19. These act as landing struts, but also help in maneuvering, and can be used to attack.
  20. It’s so beautiful! she said softly after maneuvering in the hammock for a view.
  21. Right now Alfred was just maneuvering the android between the man they sought and the wall.
  22. Raising her sword she attacked the monster maneuvering her way between it and Mistress Sera.
  23. A Coast Guard helicopter forwarded information to assist the cutter in tactical maneuvering.
  24. I have to take a maneuvering test where I basically have to survive out there for an hour.
  25. With such limited mobility, it took a lot of maneuvering, but I was able to get it into my sock.
  26. Alright you two, get ready, here it comes! Niela said, suddenly maneuvering into the current.
  27. This amendment is a prime example of legal maneuvering to prevent exploitation of former slaves.
  28. On his display tablet Roidon could see her often maneuvering between sectors of the main enclosure.
  29. They entered the pantry room and scurried through it, maneuvering around crates, baskets, and boxes.
  30. WHEN YOU SEE someone with an IED or a rifle maneuvering toward your men, you have clear reason to fire.
  31. Meanwhile Alfred was maneuvering his android across the busy business street toward the pedestrian plaza.
  32. She hit the maneuvering controls wildly and tried to veer off to the left, but it was too little, too late.
  33. Maneuvering thrusters maintained their position and shallow depth, after switching back to computer control.
  34. Releasing docking clamps and maneuvering to threshold, the Elf recited her actions as she performed them.
  35. After a couple of clicks and some gentle maneuvering, Paige is out of her car seat and in her mother’s arms.
  36. It was grinding the side of our car, maneuvering us toward a steep, rocky drop-off to the reservoir far below.
  37. Life support and basic maneuvering systems are designed to function autonomously in case of major system failure.
  38. A brief opening revealed the mechs already spinning on their puffers and maneuvering to get what they’d come for.
  39. When you see someone with an IED or a rifle maneuvering toward your men, you have clear reason to fire.
  40. After maneuvering on a stiff leg brace from eleven months to seven years old, the decision was made to amputate her leg.
  41. Not only were they maneuvering around live ships and dodging stray torpedoes, but there was a tremendous amount of battle.
  42. Why didn’t you escape when you had the chance? His hands closed around her wrists, maneuvering them together over her head.
  43. The bus driver seemed to have memorized a series of winding curves, maneuvering the vehicle as if he could do it with closed eyes.
  44. I backed out and then gunned the car in the direction of the airport, maneuvering through every rarely used street I could think of.
  45. Ravan was trained in maneuvering and tactics, incredibly sophisticated at just such juxtaposition, and no horse matched the stallion.
  46. Walter Thompson, although there was probably less political maneuvering there than in the hierarchy of our large client corporations.
  47. He came to her end of the table, pulled close a chair for himself and grasped her shoulders, maneuvering for a view of her lowered face.
  48. Two young single lawyers in a small town, enjoying each other’s company, both flirting and maneuvering; it would have been inevitable.
  49. Maneuvering the steering wheel with his mangled hand, he pointed to mud-hut villages along the way where he'd known people years before.
  50. The brakes let out a soft groan and Ciere wobbles to her feet, gently maneuvering around the other passengers to thud down the bus steps.
  51. They could see two men on the ground and one driving a large lift maneuvering the containers onto the rollers of the cargo bay’s floor.
  52. That is similar to the political maneuvering of renters wanting rent control versus the fewer building owners who rent out their property.
  53. As I was watching the area, a man came out of a building near the road and began maneuvering in the direction the convoy was going to take.
  54. It wasn’t just the fact he was armed and maneuvering toward the Marines’ positions, though those were the important points for the ROEs.
  55. As I was watching the area, a man came out of a building near the road and began maneuvering in the direction the convoy was going to take.
  56. It wasn’t just the fact he was armed and maneuvering toward the Marines’ positions, though those were the important points for the ROEs.
  57. When we returned to the station, the others had sent several more loads and were working with the calliope, which required some tricky maneuvering.
  58. In all the legal maneuvering following my firing, I should have sued the ACO personally for tortiously interfering in my employment contract with PSL.
  59. Their clear thinking and flexibility had helped avert several collisions between the ships maneuvering in the confines of the vicinity of the spaceport.
  60. By this time she had figured the shuttlecraft would have to intercept that wagon on its next orbit or do some serious maneuvering, or wait another native week.
  61. Eleanor was flying evasively and to have to experience the flips and jolts of her maneuvering was enough to almost wish for a missile and an end to the misery.
  62. Neither has your personality suffered distortion in consequence of your parents' loveless maneuvering for your confidence and loyalty, the one against the other.
  63. He had his feet on the peddles maneuvering the speed, while his right hand turned a little yellow ball, half of which was protruding from the surface of the table.
  64. Yet with all this political and acronymic maneuvering there was, initially, no significant increase in government funding for brain disease research and treatment.
  65. He and Darren together had better luck with maneuvering it into place, and within minutes all three of them were standing in a light breeze at the top of the tower.
  66. Air Combat Maneuvering was the self-descriptive name for the advanced training a fighter pilot is supposed to receive to learn how best to shoot down enemy fighters.
  67. On the KOSTROMA, Tina Forster was watching intensely the approach of the pirate ship, now only a few kilometers away and maneuvering with the help of its gravity sails.
  68. However, the ship seemed annoyed by the Fuzers’ attempts to injure it and, all of a sudden, began maneuvering sporadically, as though it had lost control of its thrusters.
  69. TAC could also give novice pilots helpful on-the-fly recommendations on how to improve their maneuvering techniques and weapon usage, but I’d disabled that feature long ago.
  70. Maneuvering a spaceship in and landing on an asteroid was tricky enough, but they soon discovered that there were gas pockets hidden under the surface of many of the asteroids.
  71. I had a tough time maneuvering Nancy’s pregnant body up the narrow stairs, but curiosity got the best of me and it wasn’t long before we came to the brightly lit alcove space.
  72. He did it by marrying one of the ugliest, wealthiest widows in Virginia, and maneuvering every political and military power he could to fight against the unfair taxation by England.
  73. They could see the curving road with burned and blasted vehicles, some still smoking, mixed with maneuvering tracks threading their way west, smoke curving from barrels as they fought.
  74. One hour and four minutes later, as his convoy had crossed the orbit of Phobos and was maneuvering to place itself in orbit around Mars, Bogdanovich decided to order for himself a cup of coffee.
  75. I admire your sense of duty, Umar, but how much longer will you be able to hold on to that job? You’re experienced enough to know that Chutani is maneuvering to remove you as head of the army.
  76. Implied volatility measures the movement of the price of these options and uses it to calculate the expected range of movement in the underlying, based on how the option traders are maneuvering.
  77. I was not so much aroused sexually as I felt an immense love for this beautiful but simple girl who was initially so shy and had at my urging and maneuvering revealed the intimacies of her body and soul.
  78. Back at Sagan, the exo-atmospheric infantry combat instructor had said (with a lunar drawl) ‘Successful infantry combat maneuvering does not allow the enemy to acquire your flank or the flank of adjoining units.
  79. My only means of reaching, unseen, the upper story where our apartments were situated was through an adjoining building, and after considerable maneuvering I managed to attain the roof of a shop several doors away.
  80. Atot’ain began serving up the stew and after a furious exchange of barks and some maneuvering outside, the flap of the tent flew open and a tall man of perhaps fifty years dressed in furs covered with ice crystals strode into the tent.
  81. Firing radar decoys and maneuvering violently their aircraft helped them evade six of the incoming missiles, but the other eighteen AIM-120D found their marks, obliterating both the four FLANKER fighters and the KJ-2000 surveillance aircraft.
  82. Everyone will know it’s bogus, that Khapahr the ‘Charisian spy’ manufactured it out of whole cloth as a pretext for maneuvering Thirsk’s daughters and sons-in-law into a position which would let him and his accomplices ‘kidnap them’ for us.
  83. They should bring their designated guest or couple to the Green Room (the smaller of the reception rooms where Nixon regularly stationed himself) and catch Butterfield’s eye while keeping the conversation going with the guest and smoothly maneuvering to within 10 feet of the president.
  84. Setting the stage for that would require some delicate maneuvering, and if the vicars and archbishops on Rayno’s list were unaware that all of them were Zhaspahr Clyntahn’s men, getting them together somewhere out of the public eye while they got their marching orders—and making sure all of them had those orders straight—had much to recommend it.
  85. It was in that way that Aureliano Segundo remembered the fortune buried in some place that only Úrsula knew, but the questions and astute maneuvering that occurred to him were of no use because in the labyrinth of her madness she seemed to preserve enough of a margin of lucidity to keep the secret which she would reveal only to the one who could prove that he was the real owner of the buried gold.
  86. The chaotic port with merchandise moving in and out on rattling horse drawn carts, the cavernous customs building where we had to wait for hours while the routine somehow unravelled and eventually someone would arrive and meticulously search our belongings and then the wonderful ride on a launch, maneuvering between giant liners to reach our own modest, little Fouadieh and up its rickety, suspended staircase to the main deck, to be shown our cabin and then, the anxiety over, to enjoy the few remaining hours in the port, watching ships come and go and head for the entrance of the Suez Canal and custom and police launches weave their way between the ships on undoubtedly important errands in the murky sea full of bluish, pulsing jelly-fish.
  87. They started running into the woods maneuvering the zombies,.
  1. He maneuvered his way over.
  2. O’Brien maneuvered the thermos so.
  3. It maneuvered up and down, side to side.
  4. Then I quickly maneuvered and hid around the.
  5. I maneuvered around and put her in a headlock.
  6. She enhanced her speed then maneuvered through.
  7. Kitara held him up and maneuvered him to his bed.
  8. Rhone maneuvered the hilt back into his hand, and.
  9. True, said the seer, and maneuvered by mind.
  10. The car maneuvered to the elevator side of the tower.
  11. He maneuvered over to her and evaluated her condition.
  12. Bill maneuvered his helicopter high and waited until it.
  13. He then maneuvered the ship and orbited the planet once.
  14. Brent was in awe as Joshua maneuvered the glider towards.
  15. Josh maneuvered the glider to approach the city from the.
  16. Fred switched the engine on and maneuvered the car around.
  17. Bender maneuvered into a position just off its right wing.
  18. Carl blocked and maneuvered with a grace I had seen only in.
  19. McCoy maneuvered around the crowd, with Tammas dragging behind.
  20. It maneuvered to cut into the herd of long–skulled predators.
  21. Sir, yes sir! he answered as he maneuvered the ship about.
  22. The needle moved up and down the gauge as the plane maneuvered.
  23. As we continued to kiss, we both maneuvered our legs out of them.
  24. Crouching low, Emily quickly maneuvered into the room and slipped.
  25. Manning maneuvered the mouse, and the hiss of the printer started.
  26. He maneuvered himself closer to her and took her outstretched hand.
  27. He maneuvered around a patch of ice, wincing as he swiveled his hip.
  28. Stacey maneuvered the car to the home of his friend and former mentor.
  29. She licked her paw and maneuvered behind her ear, but it was awkward.
  30. Peter maneuvered in the line of marching men until he was next to Tom.
  31. So to avoid bloodshed, both sides maneuvered, staying away from battle.
  32. They maneuvered around the other crew members and stopped at the life pod.
  33. She maneuvered around a ‘caution, wet floor’ sign near the Band-Aids.
  34. Gently he maneuvered the savage to where he became watchman of the night.
  35. As she maneuvered herself in, two others swooped in towards the same prey.
  36. Natalia, meanwhile, had maneuvered to the table where she had left her PADD.
  37. They maneuvered the dinghy overboard and tied it to the rear of the Diveboat.
  38. He maneuvered the key with his shaking hands until he had unlocked his cuffs.
  39. Garcia turned his attention to Leeta as she maneuvered around several of the.
  40. Roman, the driver explained, as he maneuvered into the front of the building.
  41. The pilot maneuvered manually by steering the pipper with his mouse-controller.
  42. Ouch, Garcia said, and maneuvered in a way that he trapped her arm so she.
  43. Both craft coasted as thrust was reduced and the Avengers maneuvered to strafe a.
  44. I think that I have been maneuvered, no doubt for a very valid and just reason.
  45. Warlock maneuvered them just to the left of the smoke, which seemed to have stopped.
  46. The junk maneuvered after that like it was under fire, but another impact followed.
  47. The Buick maneuvered around washed-out gravel; it took everyone’s eyes to spot the.
  48. Thrusting the knife for a gut wound, he drew blood as Garcia maneuvered out of the way.
  49. Four, or five, or even six planes cannot be maneuvered by one flight leader effectively.
  50. Before the sting of the chop faded, he’d maneuvered the damp backpack off her shoulders.
  51. Precious seconds ticked by before Colin maneuvered Reese into position for another arm bar.
  52. As the limousine maneuvered along the hard streets the sun set for the second time in a day.
  53. He easily maneuvered around, between and over obstacles like it was all very familiar to him.
  54. The warhorses of the Gaeans were nimble and maneuvered successfully to avoid the aerial attack.
  55. She maneuvered around desks, chairs, wastebaskets, and disassembled computers, not touching one.
  56. I maneuvered close enough to see the land but far enough out to sea so that no one could spot me.
  57. He started strumming, the notes flowing from the guitar as his fingers maneuvered over the strings.
  58. Monaghan had maneuvered the MAC sergeant around so he didn't see the sodden man being dragged away.
  59. Herself a consummate coquette, she could not have maneuvered better on meeting a man she wished to.
  60. He cast off, started the engine, and ably maneuvered out of the rows of small craft into open water.
  61. He was furious because he had been maneuvered so easily into a position where McGregor could fire him.
  62. He maneuvered his unusual vehicle into the pool of water, where he bobbed up and down next to the boat.
  63. Once I’d stopped screaming, I maneuvered my Interceptor around his pod and activated its retrieval arm.
  64. Herself a consummate coquette, she could not have maneuvered better on meeting a man she wished to attract.
  65. She maneuvered the Pegasus away and then strung her bow and released the arrow into the creature’s heart.
  66. Well, not quite: I had skillfully maneuvered a speedboat in a thrilling chase through the Puerto de Alicante.
  67. Steam Punk trailed behind Max as she maneuvered her way through the mansion and back into the room of terrors.
  68. Trask came down late Monday morning and maneuvered around Charly in the kitchen while getting himself breakfast.
  69. Vronsky, at the last half word of conciliation, skillfully maneuvered a retreat, shoving Petritsky out before him.
  70. Out of the way, asshole! Max shouted as she maneuvered her 1969 Malibu replica around a lagging garbage truck.
  71. Tapping into her unearthly strength one last time, she maneuvered herself in till she was able to grab hold of Morgan.
  72. After arriving, they maneuvered through the dense crowd of crazed men, to three empty seats along the stage's front row.
  73. With the support of the Power Base since 1930 Stalin had maneuvered himself into the position of supreme power in the USSR.
  74. By the time Fred had started his Mustang and maneuvered out of the parking-slot he was almost out of sight, down the road.
  75. He slapped two bucks on the bartop, and maneuvered us over to a red leather booth sprouting yellow stuffing from its cracks.
  76. Gracefully, he maneuvered, gliding through space, the distant sun gleaming off metallic particulates in the comet’s wake.
  77. After that, the sentry ships engaged the Harbinger but it ignored them and maneuvered straight for the station, boarding it.
  78. Garcia cupped his hands together, allowing the blood from both hands to pool as the Captain maneuvered in for the final kill.
  79. They maneuvered around for us and certainly seemed well disciplined and could handle the awkward weapons with consummate skill.
  80. He pulled his weapon out of the rubbery flesh and maneuvered his horse closer to Nelson and two other men that he did not know.
  81. In a desperate attempt at freedom and life, I maneuvered both of us to the very edge of the embankment and fell into the creek.
  82. Grasping the sword by the hilt, he maneuvered his trapped guard around to block another onslaught, but he knew that this impasse.
  83. Amaranthe maneuvered herself close to Basilard as they descended another staircase into a windowless hallway with a concrete floor.
  84. He maneuvered his shuttle about, slowly, with just sufficient force to creep along the station and not attract attention of sensors.
  85. Business was improving, and Jillian wasn't so tired now that she'd maneuvered Midge into letting her start at 7:00 AM rather than 6:00.
  86. At dinner Vince maneuvered them so they sat with Jeremy and his date, Gage and his mother, and within hearing distance of the future bride.
  87. Excuse us, said Reed as he maneuvered me out through the back entrance and then down a long corridor which must have led to the pantry.
  88. It was something that could be maneuvered into place around something and used to jack it up because the backbone was covered in tackle hooks.
  89. In fact, the Circle’s rendition of The Bohemian Girl was said by many was after she had maneuvered the Lady Harpists into the fold that Mrs.
  90. The yelm tree’s limbs where so huge that one of them could have easily supported an elephant, Joey noticed as Lezura maneuvered through them.
  91. Kicking hard, Claire made it to the back of the car, grabbed the spoiler, then maneuvered around until she could reach the closest door handle.
  92. So you’ll be happy to know that both transmitters are active, she said, eyes on the road as she maneuvered the car out of the parking lot.
  93. The girls devoted their attention to destroying the missiles with their lasers while their parents maneuvered the ships to launch their own missiles.
  94. I closed my eyes as he maneuvered us into a more comfortable position, where he laid stretched out next to me, still dancing kisses across my jaw and neck.
  95. Stacey had alternately maneuvered his large frame back and forth as he worked in the back seat, making sure he was out of sight of the officers inside the house.
  96. He maneuvered the IV stand around his bed with what I presumed to be bags of chemo, saline, and god only knew what else were in those intravenous bags.
  97. I felt the need to get closer to him, and Aidan must have felt the same, kissing me just as passionately and tugging me slightly so that I maneuvered my position.
  98. Digging a crumpled pack of cigarettes from the depths of her old leather jacket she gave the driver a paltry wave as he maneuvered back into the onslaught of traffic.
  99. Thru that Nightday they maneuvered thru heavy traffic as the boating and irrigation canals became common on the west side of the city and the enthora plantations had ended.
  100. Although Alan Crawford was eventually maneuvered out of the pirate radio business, he continued to subvert the music world with his curious eye for a business opportunity.
  1. Hortmel with sharp, speedy maneuvers.
  2. That was made for exo-atmo maneuvers.
  3. He thought, Well it had to be military maneuvers.
  4. This is not any different than the maneuvers sea.
  5. Alex smiled at her maneuvers to get out of the trip.
  6. She maneuvers out of the way before you land on top.
  7. As Sue did so, Sue did one of her tongue maneuvers.
  8. He made lousy coffee, but perfect Heimlich maneuvers.
  9. Panicking, Trace maneuvers her section of the combined.
  10. A lariat is one of our more athletic maneuvers, and the.
  11. I however don’t believe that this is for simple maneuvers.
  12. For the record, a lot of these advanced bunny-hill maneuvers.
  13. She smiles her pudgy smile as Cass maneuvers his arms around her.
  14. Had to be, because when a ship went into combat maneuvers there.
  15. That was a combat flight, and those were all standard maneuvers.
  16. Then it slowly went into a series of maneuvers that seemed mindless.
  17. Some formed into their own ranks and mimicked the soldiers’ maneuvers.
  18. We don't have time for delicate maneuvers, that asteroid might be guided.
  19. His maneuvers were often tinged with duplicity and ardent self-promotion.
  20. They managed a few brilliant maneuvers and had a few legitimate practices.
  21. Her reflexes and instincts were tuned to space flight and aerial maneuvers.
  22. By the time you try all those maneuvers you’re out of oxygen, Roman.
  23. Clearly they were as practiced at this as the Fourth was at combat maneuvers.
  24. There were no simulators so they worked with the real ships in real maneuvers.
  25. I had come from the south then and a large force had been practicing maneuvers.
  26. Aspenquid was on maneuvers with the new recruits but would be back in a few days.
  27. The technique of pyramiding is well illustrated by the successive maneuvers of O.
  28. The emergency team weaves in and out of each other in expertly rehearsed maneuvers.
  29. During this interregnum we begin a very original and interesting series of maneuvers.
  30. He was most furious of all to find out native astronomers were watching their docking maneuvers.
  31. She maneuvers around me as if she’s been flying military-grade aerial vehicles her entire life.
  32. The children and Miss Avery continue to cry as she successfully maneuvers them aside in her embrace.
  33. Hooker reruns he used to watch covered tactical maneuvers at wedding parties in parallel dimensions.
  34. He wrote to his parents, explaining that the maneuvers had lasted far longer than he had anticipated.
  35. Each of them fell in line, soon the maneuvers were complete This batch will be delivered tomorrow.
  36. Calvin watched the model of the Nighthawk soar to meet the enemy ship, which matched Sarah's maneuvers.
  37. I told Thomas we had to split up and I started the practiced evasive maneuvers, running in the patterns.
  38. The rams, by now, have become terribly interested in these maneuvers, and are watching the scene unfold.
  39. Flurry after flurry of offensive sword maneuvers came at Ben and it backed him up to the edge of the mat.
  40. The mere fact that she was capable of such surprise maneuvers was something Marilyn found very troubling.
  41. Max approached Captain Williams, and asked what he had in mind for the maneuvers, a subtle hint about escape.
  42. How easy, right at birth, to be so close to the mother that a few deft maneuvers might cause peritonitis!.
  43. Captain Alexander Trousi leisurely maneuvers the Lord Byron through the warmest waters along the voyage.
  44. The Kierdans were occupied with escaping their blazing prison, and were making wild maneuvers to try to escape.
  45. It was only a short ride but the Commodore was taking some childish, evasive maneuvers to throw off any tails.
  46. How easy, right at birth, to be so close to the mother that a few deft maneuvers might cause peritonitis!’.
  47. Carla tried a few tentative maneuvers, in the hope of introducing instability into the direction of the vehicle.
  48. Barely rested and decidedly underfed, both were uncharacteristically sluggish in their sword swings and maneuvers.
  49. He would allow the frigate to track the yacht for the next couple of weeks under the cover of standard maneuvers.
  50. The Emperor of Russia had, meanwhile, been in Vílna for more than a month, reviewing troops and holding maneuvers.
  51. If Nicaragua hoped to survive, agitators privy to critical information could no longer hide behind legal maneuvers.
  52. She had seen them flying very low and performing acrobatic maneuvers on the centenary of the death of The Liberator.
  53. They looked up and saw Zeros looping through combat maneuvers, far too high for their pilots to notice the raft below.
  54. I tried to point the bars away, but the more evasive maneuvers I took, the more inevitably we careened in that direction.
  55. The expression on her face was priceless, and he remembered how he found her after the zero-g maneuvers of the day before.
  56. They attempted to use legal maneuvers to circumvent the Fourteenth Amendment and obliterate the voting rights of black men.
  57. By penalizing the Southern Democrats for fraudulent voting maneuvers, this amendment diminished some of the unfair activity.
  58. Cousins had never been in this situation before regarding maneuvers under these circumstances, but he said he could handle it.
  59. The rest of the flight crews on the mother ship watched the maneuvers with the passion generally reserved for professional sports.
  60. Colonel Aureliano Buendía called the meeting with the aim of unifying the rebel command against the maneuvers of the politi-cians.
  61. Without attempting further maneuvers, he simply throttled back and shut off, the vessel lurching forward slightly on its own momentum.
  62. Send fire control units to deal with it, but do not stop the fight! Message the fleet to prepare and initiate evasive maneuvers!.
  63. It was only about nine li each way but after all the forced marches, hard rides, infiltration maneuvers, and long swims, it was not easy.
  64. They had done this drill a hundred times in simulations, but they were six ships short of the team that had practiced anti-pirate maneuvers.
  65. They continually practiced battle maneuvers and on more than one occasion Sabrina went head-to-head with the Captain in war game exercises.
  66. Flying in the military style finger four formation and executing military combat maneuvers, they circled the spaceport before landing.
  67. He had invited the duke to watch military maneuvers at camp Philipovic… This was the Karma of association that was used against Ferdinand.
  68. How was the flight? Ren has binoculars glued to her face trying to pick out the fleeing van while Jane maneuvers in and out of traffic.
  69. These accounting maneuvers of United Cigar Stores may be fairly described, therefore, as the unexplained inclusion in current earnings of an.
  70. So his training simulations had to be able to simulate their ships, weapons, maneuvers, and tactics—all with a very high degree of accuracy.
  71. Eckhart has detailed plans for all of you so we will spend the rest of today discussing the plans and covering all aspects of the next maneuvers.
  72. The idea that perhaps rapid rolling maneuvers, sudden g-forces, and being invert�ed did not appeal to all such personnel never entered his mind.
  73. General Buxhowden was all but attacked and captured by a superior enemy force as a result of one of these maneuvers that enabled us to escape him.
  74. General Buxhöwden was all but attacked and captured by a superior enemy force as a result of one of these maneuvers that enabled us to escape him.
  75. Making our drive to town fast and hazardous with Lizzie following my driving maneuvers with a half smile, not protesting for she too was in a hurry.
  76. The rescue operation took a good forty minute, the waves shaking the crafts making difficult the approach of the basket and the maneuvers of the plane.
  77. You should be able to operate your seat in the space station and perform some simple maneuvers that have no impact on the functionality of the station.
  78. Congress also protects American businesses and industries from unfair foreign competition through the use of tariffs and taxes and other legal maneuvers.
  79. He was pleased to hear that I was training with Acolmiztli and told me he would be joining us when we went on maneuvers with the Ocelotl Ordu later in the summer.
  80. Ice skaters, Gymnasts, track athletes, train, and work, and practice… for years, and years… trying to perform certain physical maneuvers as perfectly as possible.
  81. He flicks thrice more and blasts another breath in pursuit of this Bojudai, who flies some incredibly talented evasive maneuvers before the blade neatly cleaves him.
  82. For a moment he hesitated whether he should not apply for leave in order to see Natasha before she was married, but then came the maneuvers, and considerations about.
  83. He was especially fond of a small red biplane designed for stunt flying and performed amazing maneuvers near our home that equaled those of the best pilots in the world.
  84. This was a different tempo from what this group was used to and throughout their time in Tibet they tried several gentle maneuvers to speed things up, but to little avail.
  85. But I was wary of another meeting with that lady, and so it wanted only a few minutes of twelve when my maneuvers brought me, unnoticed, I hoped, to the bower of my seeking.
  86. The word attack is always on your tongue, but you don’t see that we are unable to execute complicated maneuvers, said he to Milorádovich who asked permission to advance.
  87. In the Korean War, he carried out one of the most astonishing modern military maneuvers, landing behind North Korean lines and driving them almost back to the border with China.
  88. In the hut which the men had passed, the chief officers had gathered and were in animated talk over their tea about the events of the day and the maneuvers suggested for tomorrow.
  89. The simian antics of an impossible bell boy, in an impossible hotel, and his maneuvers in the arena of finance, were the motive of this extremely invertebrate contribution.
  90. Accordingly, when I have a mind to visit the ocean depths two or three vertical leagues beneath the surface, I use maneuvers that are more time–consuming but no less infallible.
  91. All the artful maneuvers suggested by our generals meant fresh movements of the army and a lengthening of its marches, whereas the only reasonable aim was to shorten those marches.
  92. After forty minutes of flight testing, and with no extreme maneuvers yet tried, they came to the end of their scheduled test list and made a last turn towards Muroc, to return to base.
  93. Kostya crossed himself for fun at these maneuvers, clutched at the front panel, and started to pray about the salvation of all drivers suffering from such an inveterate driver of this jalopy.
  94. Ingrid wished that she could indulge herself right now and pull some more energetic maneuvers before landing, but she was the head of the program and had to show the example and be responsible.
  95. She began inching forward towards relative coolness, scanning the crowd for a currency exchanger who seemed the sort not to cheat with a false rate, counterfeit bills or slight of hand maneuvers.
  96. For the last four years he'd faced drought, failed crops, uprisings in the lower regions of his estate, a rash of thefts, a hardened murderer and numerous political maneuvers from politicians and clergy.
  97. Four crews in the earliest stages of their flight training were practicing attack formation maneuvers when a pirate destroyer appeared at the edge of the system and homed in on the cargo ship’s beacon.
  98. History (or what is called by that name) replying to these questions says that this occurred because Kutuzov and Tormasov and Chichagov, and this man and that man, did not execute such and such maneuvers.
  99. He wrote a letter to his parents, explaining that they might not hear from him for awhile, being purposefully vague, saying that his unit would be on maneuvers where no postal facilities would be available.
  100. History (or what is called by that name) replying to these questions says that this occurred because Kutúzov and Tormásov and Chichagóv, and this man and that man, did not execute such and such maneuvers.

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