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    1. Leonora couldn't guess, and Ruby couldn't tell her, exactly what was in the large, oddly shaped crate, but it took four hands and two backs to maneuver it out of the truck and into the garage of the grateful recipient, who gave them each an extra cash bonus as he rubbed his hands together with unseemly delight

    2. That would have been a stressful maneuver in a fighter with a pulse-pinch

    3. You could fly in the atmo and maneuver with that thing

    4. The powerful craft was much easier to maneuver at high speed on open water than at a crawl in crowded chop

    5. In a week they could maneuver themselves in front of us

    6. "And there is no way we can out maneuver any of the ships this could be?"

    7. side panels so his feet would not drag, as if he done the maneuver a million times

    8. more room to maneuver

    9. during the next day, she was one obstacle I couldn’t maneuver around

    10. a painful maneuver that I’m sure Ed Pentoch could relate to

    11. It was a maneuver that Carl had undoubtedly done

    12. Heather repeated the maneuver

    13. He could see that this would be a very difficult maneuver as his foot began sliding on the mold that covered this wood

    14. It took over an hour to maneuver all of the vardos through the stakes and into the quad where they were placed in the traditional circle

    15. Shallow enough to row up rivers or maneuver along dangerous coastlines

    16. Lee was outnumbered and could not maneuver

    17. This was a bold maneuver for one single

    18. and unable to maneuver

    19. down the sails so he could maneuver better

    20. wondered if he would have been capable of such a cold and calculated maneuver

    21. It was a carefully planned maneuver, because the assault was right in the line of the transit point

    22. How she had had the guts to try such a maneuver he couldn’t fathom, however

    23. We can maneuver the ship so we follow this in towards T’Chau, using it as a shield

    24. because of the seeming success of this maneuver

    25. I had room to maneuver, and maneuver I did

    26. I hope you were paying attention last Spring when I demonstrated the ‘evasive cross-pattern tacking’ maneuver during that sudden squall

    27. Longleaf jabbed at the lieutenant, who easily sidestepped the maneuver and clubbed his opponent in the face with the hilt

    28. Longleaf was blinded by the cheap maneuver, so much so that he didn’t see Fysto’s cutlass coming his way and barely felt it as it stabbed his shoulder deeply

    29. The snow did not give much room to maneuver, but she managed to sidestep the downward arc of the club without leaving the path

    30. Lots and lots of practice, although it is basically a useless maneuver,” I explained

    31. How to maneuver, how to use the field of fire of the observer’s gun, and how to use the gun in the nose; is what I propose to teach you

    32. We decided to plummet downwards for a while, still locked in a scissors maneuver

    33. As long as the gunners knew what to expect, they could anticipate the maneuver, and bring the gun to bear at the proper time

    34. “But can they not maneuver? Out of the way of the bombs?” he asked

    35. The Bee's were faster than the Fairies, but they needed to maneuver to use their stingers

    36. Its use was to adjust speed during trolling operations, while busy with nets and booms; he’d used it to maneuver alongside the barge and remembered clearly that it was still engaged

    37. “A tough maneuver to use that much thrust in an atmosphere,” said the sim

    38. He threw the ship into a wild and crazy maneuver, calling to the flight computer to vent something, anything

    39. “That air-brake maneuver, followed by a split-S of all things, and then the reversal, keeping the nose to the enemy

    40. He deftly blocked the maneuver with a Lomcevak followed by a shark’s tooth followed by a half-roll

    41. She attempted the Heimlich maneuver, but it didn’t help: he slid from her arms and fell to the floor at the side of the table

    42. Negotiating the truck over open country, I needed to maneuver the vehicle out of dry sand traps

    43. She has a better wheelchair now, one without handles on the back, so she can maneuver it more easily

    44. rudimentary, but the flanking maneuver had been invented! Jason wondered if this was akin to what the jump shot had done for basketball

    45. Besides, the square was quite large and we would have ample room to maneuver in the event of any treachery

    46. It took us quite a while to maneuver around their lands since the terrain was rough and they were spread out over a considerable area

    47. the left of the car, it means the driver is about to maneuver the vehicle he/she

    48. Jaden can’t believe how fast the UFO was able to maneuver around on Earth

    49. through the process of negotiating the curbs, which she had to maneuver over with her wheelchair

    50. Roger had to maneuver the car slowly to the edge of the cliff to provide enough room for the bus to continue its way down the hill

    1. It was something that could be maneuvered into place around something and used to jack it up because the backbone was covered in tackle hooks

    2. The junk maneuvered after that like it was under fire, but another impact followed

    3. Thru that Nightday they maneuvered thru heavy traffic as the boating and irrigation canals became common on the west side of the city and the enthora plantations had ended

    4. “Sir, yes sir!” he answered as he maneuvered the ship about

    5. Carl blocked and maneuvered with a grace I had seen only in

    6. She enhanced her speed then maneuvered through

    7. Warlock maneuvered them just to the left of the smoke, which seemed to have stopped

    8. The car maneuvered to the elevator side of the tower

    9. Amaranthe maneuvered herself close to Basilard as they descended another staircase into a windowless hallway with a concrete floor

    10. So to avoid bloodshed, both sides maneuvered, staying away from battle

    11. Four, or five, or even six planes cannot be maneuvered by one flight leader effectively

    12. The needle moved up and down the gauge as the plane maneuvered

    13. As the others consulted, leaning close together to speak quietly despite the noise, he adroitly maneuvered Brendan to where he could sit on a low, bench-like apparatus facing the Family members

    14. The pilot maneuvered manually by steering the pipper with his mouse-controller

    15. He maneuvered the “IV stand” around his bed with what I presumed to be bags of chemo, saline, and god only knew what else were in those “intravenous bags

    16. maneuvered the small crane that was mounted in the rear over the top and lowered the

    17. They maneuvered around for us and certainly seemed well disciplined and could handle the awkward weapons with consummate skill

    18. “I think that I have been maneuvered, no doubt for a very valid and just reason

    19. one, and then just as easily maneuvered it about

    20. Tapping into her unearthly strength one last time, she maneuvered herself in till she was able to grab hold of Morgan

    21. Bender maneuvered into a position just off its right wing

    22. Monaghan had maneuvered the MAC sergeant around so he didn't see the sodden man being dragged away

    23. Josh maneuvered the glider to approach the city from the

    24. Brent was in awe as Joshua maneuvered the glider towards

    25. Peter maneuvered in the line of marching men until he was next to Tom

    26. He pulled his weapon out of the rubbery flesh and maneuvered his horse closer to Nelson and two other men that he did not know

    27. maneuvered his way through the crowd of paparazzi

    28. He maneuvered his way over

    29. Trask came down late Monday morning and maneuvered around Charly in the kitchen while getting himself breakfast

    30. After that, the sentry ships engaged the Harbinger but it ignored them and maneuvered straight for the station, boarding it

    31. galloping and racing each other and us, as Jerry maneuvered through the gravel

    32. The Buick maneuvered around washed-out gravel; it took everyone’s eyes to spot the

    33. The warhorses of the Gaeans were nimble and maneuvered successfully to avoid the aerial attack

    34. He maneuvered his unusual vehicle into the pool of water, where he bobbed up and down next to the boat

    35. In a desperate attempt at freedom and life, I maneuvered both of us to the very edge of the embankment and fell into the creek

    36. He was furious because he had been maneuvered so easily into a position where McGregor could fire him

    37. I felt the need to get closer to him, and Aidan must have felt the same, kissing me just as passionately and tugging me slightly so that I maneuvered my position

    38. “True,” said the seer, “and maneuvered by mind

    39. I maneuvered close enough to see the land but far enough out to sea so that no one could spot me

    40. Palomita was already sitting patiently on a willow branch over the water, waiting for an opportunity to begin, when Squirrel Girl slipped into a stand of sedges and maneuvered into a good spot to watch

    41. He easily maneuvered around, between and over obstacles like it was all very familiar to him

    42. Roman," the driver explained, as he maneuvered into the front of the building

    43. The girls devoted their attention to destroying the missiles with their lasers while their parents maneuvered the ships to launch their own missiles

    44. Bill maneuvered his helicopter high and waited until it

    45. He then maneuvered the ship and orbited the planet once

    46. With the support of the Power Base since 1930 Stalin had maneuvered himself into the position of supreme power in the USSR

    47. ” A pair of ships maneuvered to get a better shot at her old ship

    48. The yelm tree’s limbs where so huge that one of them could have easily supported an elephant, Joey noticed as Lezura maneuvered through them

    49. combat diver, who then quickly put on his scuba gear as Berkowitz maneuvered his aircraft over the white parachute floating on the surface of the stormy sea

    50. as the heavy cargo shuttle HERMES maneuvered carefully to land in the square

    1. By this time she had figured the shuttlecraft would have to intercept that wagon on its next orbit or do some serious maneuvering, or wait another native week

    2. Back at Sagan, the exo-atmospheric infantry combat instructor had said (with a lunar drawl) ‘Successful infantry combat maneuvering does not allow the enemy to acquire your flank or the flank of adjoining units

    3. A brief opening revealed the mechs already spinning on their puffers and maneuvering to get what they’d come for

    4. "But the maneuvering thrusters," Paladin pointed out

    5. Raising her sword she attacked the monster maneuvering her way between it and Mistress Sera

    6. Johnson referred to the lessons as evasive maneuvering

    7. trunk had wheels, it was no easy feat maneuvering it across the ice and the snow-

    8. Right now Alfred was just maneuvering the android between the man they sought and the wall

    9. Meanwhile Alfred was maneuvering his android across the busy business street toward the pedestrian plaza

    10. “Releasing docking clamps and maneuvering to threshold,” the Elf recited her actions as she performed them

    11. He knew they were no longer maneuvering, for the force against his body was

    12. On his display tablet Roidon could see her often maneuvering between sectors of the main enclosure

    13. The bus driver seemed to have memorized a series of winding curves, maneuvering the vehicle as if he could do it with closed eyes

    14. He came to her end of the table, pulled close a chair for himself and grasped her shoulders, maneuvering for a view of her lowered face

    15. “It’s so beautiful!” she said softly after maneuvering in the hammock for a view

    16. ” In fact, it took Lenin years of adroit maneuvering and secret police activity to bring it about in Russia, using both her serfs and her industrial workers

    17. Atot’ain began serving up the stew and after a furious exchange of barks and some maneuvering outside, the flap of the tent flew open and a tall man of perhaps fifty years dressed in furs covered with ice crystals strode into the tent

    18. He would not let me help paddle, but expertly handled the maneuvering by himself

    19. driver) can take control of the car when maneuvering the car on a race track

    20. In all the legal maneuvering following my firing, I should have sued the ACO personally for tortiously interfering in my employment contract with PSL

    21. Walter Thompson, although there was probably less political maneuvering there than in the hierarchy of our large client corporations

    22. maneuvering those ladders, but I’m sure they could work that out

    23. They could see the curving road with burned and blasted vehicles, some still smoking, mixed with maneuvering tracks threading their way west, smoke curving from barrels as they fought

    24. Air Combat Maneuvering was the self-descriptive name for the advanced training a fighter pilot is supposed to receive to learn how best to shoot down enemy fighters

    25. A Coast Guard helicopter forwarded information to assist the cutter in tactical maneuvering

    26. That is similar to the political maneuvering of renters wanting rent control versus the fewer building owners who rent out their property

    27. Kegan wasn’t nearly as fast as Tim and his obstacle maneuvering skills

    28. Neither has your personality suffered distortion in consequence of your parents' loveless maneuvering for your confidence and loyalty, the one against the other

    29. out from the family room, expertly maneuvering the remote with

    30. They could see two men on the ground and one driving a large lift maneuvering the containers onto the rollers of the cargo bay’s floor

    31. “It was damaged and having trouble maneuvering

    32. Life support and basic maneuvering systems are designed to function autonomously in case of major system failure

    33. Their clear thinking and flexibility had helped avert several collisions between the ships maneuvering in the confines of the vicinity of the spaceport

    34. All the control and maneuvering function problems have been fixed

    35. It was in that way that Aureliano Segundo remembered the fortune buried in some place that only Úrsula knew, but the questions and astute maneuvering that occurred to him were of no use because in the labyrinth of her madness she seemed to preserve enough of a margin of lucidity to keep the secret which she would reveal only to the one who could prove that he was the real owner of the buried gold

    36. Maneuvering thrusters maintained their position and shallow depth, after switching back to computer control

    37. Firing radar decoys and maneuvering violently their aircraft helped them evade six of the incoming missiles, but the other eighteen AIM-120D found their marks, obliterating both the four FLANKER fighters and the KJ-2000 surveillance aircraft

    38. After maneuvering on a stiff leg brace from eleven months to seven years old, the decision was made to amputate her leg

    39. On the KOSTROMA, Tina Forster was watching intensely the approach of the pirate ship, now only a few kilometers away and maneuvering with the help of its gravity sails

    40. One hour and four minutes later, as his convoy had crossed the orbit of Phobos and was maneuvering to place itself in orbit around Mars, Bogdanovich decided to order for himself a cup of coffee

    41. Maneuvering a spaceship in and landing on an asteroid was tricky enough, but they soon discovered that there were gas pockets hidden under the surface of many of the asteroids

    42. He had his feet on the peddles maneuvering the speed, while his right hand turned a little yellow ball, half of which was protruding from the surface of the table

    43. ‘’This ore carrier’s gravity sails are meant only for orbital maneuvering and docking, not for true space propulsion

    44. Stock maneuvering enriches the

    45. These act as landing struts, but also help in maneuvering, and can be used to attack

    46. “I have to take a maneuvering test where I basically have to survive out there for an hour

    47. “Alright you two, get ready, here it comes!” Niela said, suddenly maneuvering into the current

    48. maneuvering in as close as they could to each other for better chance at a kill

    49. " She said firmly, maneuvering his already rock hard member inside her and watching him writhe in renewed pleasure

    50. Not only were they maneuvering around live ships and dodging stray torpedoes, but there was a tremendous amount of battle

    1. We don't have time for delicate maneuvers, that asteroid might be guided

    2. That was made for exo-atmo maneuvers

    3. “By the time you try all those maneuvers you’re out of oxygen,” Roman

    4. He was most furious of all to find out native astronomers were watching their docking maneuvers

    5. His other important concern was to get plenty of aerobic exercise through his lofty, flapping, floating maneuvers which, by the way, were admired by most all other birds due to his being able to move about at a tremendous velocity and change direction with great ease in the darkest of skies…amazingly without crashing into anything

    6. Barely rested and decidedly underfed, both were uncharacteristically sluggish in their sword swings and maneuvers

    7. The next day, at sea in the central Mediterranean, we encountered what in that time and place happened all too frequently, thus: A Russian destroyer was about to cross our bow, which would cause a lot of nasty avoidance maneuvers

    8. weren’t doing ‘military’ maneuvers

    9. maneuvers that had proved themselves innumerable times in the past

    10. Had to be, because when a ship went into combat maneuvers there

    11. the maneuvers had begun

    12. ready to prepare himself for combat maneuvers or another jump

    13. maneuvers and whatever else space could through at you

    14. If Nicaragua hoped to survive, agitators privy to critical information could no longer hide behind legal maneuvers

    15. In the Korean War, he carried out one of the most astonishing modern military maneuvers, landing behind North Korean lines and driving them almost back to the border with China

    16. He made lousy coffee, but perfect Heimlich maneuvers

    17. For the last four years he'd faced drought, failed crops, uprisings in the lower regions of his estate, a rash of thefts, a hardened murderer and numerous political maneuvers from politicians and clergy

    18. The expression on her face was priceless, and he remembered how he found her after the zero-g maneuvers of the day before

    19. He wrote a letter to his parents, explaining that they might not hear from him for awhile, being purposefully vague, saying that his unit would be on maneuvers where no postal facilities would be available

    20. Then it slowly went into a series of maneuvers that seemed mindless

    21. Without attempting further maneuvers, he simply throttled back and shut off, the vessel lurching forward slightly on its own momentum

    22. She began inching forward towards relative coolness, scanning the crowd for a currency exchanger who seemed the sort not to cheat with a false rate, counterfeit bills or slight of hand maneuvers

    23. He wrote to his parents, explaining that the maneuvers had lasted far longer than he had anticipated

    24. He was pleased to hear that I was training with Acolmiztli and told me he would be joining us when we went on maneuvers with the Ocelotl Ordu later in the summer

    25. It was only about nine li each way but after all the forced marches, hard rides, infiltration maneuvers, and long swims, it was not easy

    26. They managed a few brilliant maneuvers and had a few legitimate practices

    27. I had come from the south then and a large force had been practicing maneuvers

    28. Aspenquid was on maneuvers with the new recruits but would be back in a few days

    29. several of the maneuvers the Blues do in their shows and then hit full

    30. lasted for almost 12 years, dragged out by the legal maneuvers of government lawyers

    31. He flicks thrice more and blasts another breath in pursuit of this Bojudai, who flies some incredibly talented evasive maneuvers before the blade neatly cleaves him

    32. As quick as Mark and Talia fly, she is able to fly complex maneuvers around them interspersed with instantaneous Translocations, since she is completely immaterial, all the while casting unidentifiable spells of staggering power

    33. You see now the path of their flight and their present positions, and now their projected paths, taking them within the orbits of the inner worlds, where they will certainly execute final maneuvers, for their present courses and decelerations would have them both eventually impact with the sun

    34. At any time Phil "the FAC" Travers ex�pected his back seat passenger, a non-rated first john courier FNG he had never seen before, to complain bitterly over the rolling and turning airsick-inducing maneuvers

    35. The idea that perhaps rapid rolling maneuvers, sudden g-forces, and being invert�ed did not appeal to all such personnel never entered his mind

    36. regard for the boat’s sudden maneuvers

    37. "That was a combat flight, and those were all standard maneuvers

    38. He was especially fond of a small red biplane designed for stunt flying and performed amazing maneuvers near our home that equaled those of the best pilots in the world

    39. this time repeated the same maneuvers to capture the leg closest to him

    40. "Toward the base?" asked Calvin who, not being a pilot anymore, wasn't as sharp on his maneuvers as he used to be

    41. Calvin watched the model of the Nighthawk soar to meet the enemy ship, which matched Sarah's maneuvers

    42. This is not any different than the maneuvers sea

    43. She maneuvers out of the way before you land on top

    44. “How was the flight?” Ren has binoculars glued to her face trying to pick out the fleeing van while Jane maneuvers in and out of traffic

    45. Especially about tactical maneuvers

    46. It was only a short ride but the Commodore was taking some childish, evasive maneuvers to throw off any tails

    47. He would allow the frigate to track the yacht for the next couple of weeks under the cover of standard maneuvers

    48. Eckhart has detailed plans for all of you so we will spend the rest of today discussing the plans and covering all aspects of the next maneuvers

    49. When he told how Mitra aided certain kings to overcome their enemies, they paid scant heed to the miracles of Mitra, but they hung on the description of battle-lines, mounted knights, and maneuvers of archers and spearmen

    50. weeks of autopsies, legal maneuvers and other arrangements

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