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    1. ministry? The bible said in one instance that God refers

    2. The study refers to this response as "tend-and-befriend

    3. This qualification refers to one who is capable of instructing, publicly and privately

    4. Paul now refers to the general basis of his

    5. loose my cool and what your dad refers to a

    6. It basically refers to the voice inside your head that beckons you to smoke

    7. Mark 13:11 specifically refers to the power of the Holy Spirit to act and speak through the disciples of Jesus in time of need: "be not anxious beforehand what ye shall speak: but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye; for it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Spirit

    8. " Matthew 10:20 refers to the same act of speaking through the disciples, but uses the term "Spirit of your Father

    9. Ultimately, this refers to the second coming of Jesus, when the

    10. been reckoned a very moderate price of wheat, since it required a particular statute to oblige servants to accept of it in exchange for their usual livery of provisions ; and it had been reckoned a reasonable price ten years before that, or in the 16th year of the king, the term to which the statute refers

    1. you and having a habit of referring to it will develop your

    2. Henry was referring to the really old computer Johnny had in his room

    3. Therefore referring to a person advanced in life (Acts 2:17)

    4. This is a qualification as found in 1 Timothy 3:2, referring to one who is apt and skillful in teaching

    5. " By the law, specifically he is referring to Genesis 3:16

    6. The expression that flashes across Julia's face portrays shock from my question, but it also reveals she knows exactly what I'm referring to

    7. ” At what time is the Lord referring to? “That time” is almost always a reference to the day of the Lord

    8. On his bouzouki case was the name Thanasis and everyone smiled, referring to him as, The Master

    9. "Yes, you said your heaven is being destroyed, I think you are referring to the impacting bodies

    10. 'You also,' Mama said, referring to Ish and me

    1. “When we were young, we used to refer to older people as 'Retired' persons or 'Pensioners'

    2. “Well, I’m not really qualified to help you with that, Christopher, though I can refer you to a specialist

    3. the New Testament words refer back to the Old Testaments

    4. You’d think that finding thirteen different speakers or entertainers to give their time would be easy and, to be honest, that aspect isn’t too bad, especially as I have the records of the last few years to refer to and can recycle speakers who haven’t been for a while

    5. She oddly seems to refer to herself and the Corsair in the third person, "They took away your abilities

    6. She oddly seems to refer to herself and the Corsair in the third person, "They took away your abilities

    7. I think the address may be more like which part of the context we refer to and then some of the content is really the address

    8. JOYCE: You also called Samantha a popular girl because she went out on a lot of dates, yet you did not refer to her as a "fine young woman

    9. 1 refer to Ardha-Matsendrasana, called in English the SPINAL TWIST, not a very poetic name for what you will see is a Yogic poem of graceful movement

    10. Please refer to http://www

    1. “I don’t like to wait,” Scar said, leaning over the shoulder of the nervous computer operator who everyone in the United Order just referred to as The Operator

    2. It is richer in nitrogen than either cow or hog manure, and ferments much more quickly, therefore being referred to as “hot manure”

    3. If it is a minor change, it is referred to as a codicil

    4. It occurred to her that with her new brain, as she referred to it, she might be able to track her mother down somehow

    5. "Nice tattoo there Jermaine," I referred to the spider web/Egyptian eye tattoo on the back of his neck, "does it mean something?"

    6. Her eyes busily scanned the people in the vicinity, on the lookout for anything that might be threatening while Angie referred to the little map Iain had drawn for them

    7. referred to as elevation, opening, receiving, or

    8. He kissed her softly on the forehead and informed her that this is what is referred to as ‘love-play’, and there was nothing more important

    9. * is referred to as catch-all

    10. In his own mind, he referred to Chas’s demise as an accident … it felt better that way

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    refer in English

    concern pertain relate apply involve include belong obtain direct designate submit consign deliver commit mention allude suggest cite bring up point hint at ascribe

    Synonyme für "refer"

    refer consult look up denote advert bring up cite mention name bear on come to concern have to do with pertain relate touch touch on apply involve include belong obtain direct designate submit consign deliver commit allude suggest point hint at ascribe