refer sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Refer sätze (in englisch)

  1. We refer to it as.
  2. To these I will refer.
  3. Those I refer to are.
  4. The three Cs refer to.
  5. Use colon (:) to refer.

  6. I have to refer to her.
  7. If you refer to Figure 3.
  8. If you refer to Figure 2.
  9. You refer to his youth.
  10. Remember to refer to the.
  11. Again, refer to Figure 11.
  12. It is your mind I refer to.
  13. Please refer figure on the.
  14. I’m going to refer back.
  15. The FTC can refer victims'.

  16. Next, you refer to Figure 9.
  17. They refer to the fact that.
  18. Also, refer back to Tables 9.
  19. I would prefer no one refer.
  20. I refer to mediumistic energy.
  21. The numbers refer to clauses:.
  22. Such symbols always refer to.
  23. These Numbers We All Refer To.
  24. I refer to this department's.
  25. I refer to my dad as a monster.

  26. Refer to the following verses.
  27. I will never refer to it again.
  28. You can refer to the map books.
  30. Remember you also refer to the.
  31. Please refer the figure on the.
  32. This is what cats refer to as a.
  33. The guardians refer to the Sages.
  34. I refer the following scripture:.
  35. The stars of heaven refer to the.
  36. What? Oh, you refer to the lady.
  37. Use of the law to refer to.
  38. Refer to the blast section above!.
  39. The ‘it’ to which I refer, I.
  40. What intention do you refer to?
  41. We refer to them as coyote members.
  42. Traditionally they refer here the.
  43. Preference reversals refer to the.
  44. I would also refer readers to –.
  45. Refer to the Apocalypse Symbol.
  46. Refer to the volume section above!.
  47. I will never refer to a submarine.
  48. Or perhaps the legends refer to.
  49. We tend to refer to fats which are.
  50. So a long Google (refer to Figure 9.
  51. I want to refer back to my friend, W.
  52. I don't know what you refer to, sir.
  53. Affiliates you refer to the program.
  54. But this is not all to which I refer.
  55. My friends of course refer to me.
  56. Verses 1 to 7 refer to the salutation.
  57. The Scriptures broadly refer to two.
  58. That's the proper way to refer to it.
  59. The mention, we refer to is made in.
  60. It can be extended and refer to any.
  61. Unless you refer to Ashlar, my father.
  62. I wonder why they refer to it as gamma.
  63. Could you refer to a half sister as a.
  64. Again, refer to the chart on page one.
  65. Doctors refer to it as atherosclerosis.
  66. This can also refer to the process of.
  67. Do not refer to your ships as machines.
  68. You will refer to me as the general.
  69. We refer to it as mob or Italian style.
  70. I should rather refer it to the devil.
  71. Some refer to it as being on auto-pilot.
  72. I refer him to the hospital for checkup.
  73. Nariman but students refer to him as Dr.
  74. And I refer to anal intercourse above.
  75. That is what we refer to as a LASER SABER.
  76. Then, that is how you will refer to me.
  77. We can refer to these as trend reversals.
  78. Hereafter, I’ll refer to you as my kid.
  79. It’s so bad some experts refer to this.
  80. The word "dominoes" can refer to both the.
  81. Q: Each Guru will refer me to his own Guru.
  82. The new model I refer to is not really new.
  83. This term is most often used to refer to.
  84. He would refer to the Administration of Mr.
  85. You may refer to her as Josephine without.
  86. This can refer to the quality of the cost.
  87. As for the term used today to refer to the.
  88. Grapes refer to the fruit of the vine.
  89. It may also refer to a special achievement.
  90. It was their duty, also, to refer to such.
  91. Refer to the Apocalypse Symbol Guide.
  92. We are going to refer to this part of your.
  93. She hadn’t needed to refer to it in years.
  94. You will refer to me with my proper title.
  95. Constantly refer to it; commit it to memory.
  96. It is this very source I shall refer to as.
  97. Moses since they both refer to the same soul.
  98. In French, this is what you refer to as fumé.
  99. That has to refer to the constellation Orion.
  100. In finance, we often refer to this ratio as.
  1. I was referring to money.
  2. Graham is referring to W.
  3. When referring to me, 43.
  4. I wasn't referring to that.
  5. I’m not referring to love.
  6. The motion for referring Mr.
  7. I am referring to the need.
  8. Referring the result set by.
  9. Verse 5 is referring to Jesus.
  10. Sharpie wasn't referring to Em.
  11. I’m referring to their lives.
  12. I knew who he was referring to.
  13. I’m referring to events in.
  14. However, I was referring to Mr.
  15. LADTHAA: Referring to its flames.
  16. Daria was referring to the baby.
  17. It is used referring to God one.
  18. What they were referring to was.
  19. He was referring to the power of.
  20. He was referring to Blazin' and I.
  21. Rather, what I'm referring to as.
  22. I do know what he is referring to.
  23. Gabby knew she was referring to Aya.
  24. Stevenson, referring to the U.
  25. Probably referring to his roommate.
  26. Sorry, I was referring to—.
  27. You're referring to Sergeant Manaea.
  28. I hadn't been referring to the demon.
  29. Referring to the notes, he continued.
  30. It is clear what she’s referring to.
  31. I’m referring to the widow, Mrs.
  32. Was she referring to the doctor’s.
  33. What is it referring to, Scout?
  34. When used referring to a person they.
  35. But he was not referring to the wager.
  36. He was referring to Bob who had been.
  37. That’s not what I was referring to.
  38. I am referring to Aria, Arye and Ariana.
  39. Grisham is referring to the gas chamber.
  40. I assume she is referring to the funeral.
  41. I’m not referring to consumed animals.
  42. Poetic way, I say, of referring to Jena.
  43. I was referring to Clegg’s gold teeth.
  44. Are you referring to the trees? He asked.
  45. I’m referring to the best case scenario.
  46. I don't know what you're referring to Mr.
  47. He was referring to another case when a.
  48. I'm referring to the other kind of pussy.
  49. That cowgirl she was referring to was me.
  50. I’m referring to the act of meditating.
  51. I wasn’t sure what she was referring to.
  53. But that’s not what I’m referring to.
  54. I am referring to the name house Churches.
  55. I"m referring to the „animal residence".
  56. This is not referring to literal eyes or.
  57. Mind you, by pussy, I'm not referring to.
  58. What other parts are you referring to?
  59. In this instance, we are referring to the.
  60. She was referring to the graze on his knee.
  61. This suffering that Paul is referring to in.
  62. Somehow she knew the spot I was referring to.
  63. I’m referring to an area near the horizon.
  64. Is that what you’re referring to Kim?
  65. Referring to money put or held in a business.
  66. I’m referring to your whole ugly species.
  67. I tried to think of what she was referring to.
  68. The home base I’m referring to is your blog.
  69. This is not referring to the holy fear of God.
  70. He was referring to their mutual friend at St.
  71. In 1819, Thomas Jefferson, referring to the U.
  72. She knew exactly what outfit he was referring.
  73. She was again asked to whom she was referring.
  74. SAQAR: Referring to the intensity of its heat.
  75. That is not exactly what I was referring to.
  76. She didn't understand to what he was referring.
  77. My guess would be that they are referring to.
  78. The wound, I hope, is what your referring to.
  79. We are referring to those, which we found in.
  80. They’re recognizing and referring you as a.
  81. I'm referring to women as well as men, now.
  82. What sort of habits were you referring to?
  83. This is referring to the lamb’s seven horns.
  84. Don't play dumb! You know who I'm referring to.
  85. He was apparently referring to the White House.
  86. Our brothers or brethren are referring to our.
  87. He was referring to an atomic chain reaction [.
  88. Specifically, he was referring to Eckhart Tolle.
  89. Also slang referring to the use of plug tobacco.
  90. Are they referring to someone other than Simon.
  91. Referring to this as well to the nature of the.
  92. Gulab clocked on to what they were referring to.
  93. Then who was the adult they were referring to?
  94. I wasn't referring to your so-called occupation.
  95. Im referring to the passengers and the plane too.
  96. Or should I start referring to her as Shealyse?
  97. On referring to the letter quoted by him from Mr.
  98. I am not referring to 'religion' as such, but to.
  99. To which areas are you referring? Homer said.
  100. Our invitation? Who was he referring to? From the.
  1. Why he referred to Gen.
  2. The name referred to a.
  3. Food is referred to as.
  4. By that, He referred to.
  5. This angle is referred to.
  6. You have been referred by:.
  7. How the saints referred to.
  8. It was usually referred to.
  9. Jesus often referred to His.
  10. The dish was referred to as.
  11. He was never referred to again.
  12. John Burns91 referred to the.
  13. Sometimes referred to as Rho2.
  14. The disks referred to in the.
  15. These objects are referred to.
  16. They are hence referred to as.
  17. Who or what it referred to she.
  18. One person was referred to Jared.
  19. This referred to both physical.
  20. To God all matters are referred.
  21. I have referred to this already.
  22. It was a code often referred to.
  23. These are referred to as safety.
  24. In the passage referred to, in S.
  25. He had been referred to as Raven.
  26. This is often referred to as GFCF.
  27. This is sometimes referred to as.
  28. The next writer referred to, is Mr.
  29. It was referred to as the pictures.
  30. Sometimes referred to as a semi.
  31. They are usually referred to as a.
  32. We know too that Jesus referred to.
  33. The incident he referred to was this.
  34. If it be referred to the time of Mr.
  35. All said can be easily referred to.
  36. He referred him to me for assistance.
  37. Again the question is referred to St.
  38. The Gelugpas are sometimes referred.
  39. This is referred to as a logic error.
  40. They are now commonly referred to as.
  41. This is commonly referred to as alpha.
  42. The person is referred to as a cutter.
  43. In May 2006, a case was referred to me.
  44. Jesus referred to as the mystery of god.
  45. These data are referred with variable.
  46. This іѕ аlѕо referred tо аѕ a.
  47. Maccabees, was referred to as Hasmonean.
  48. He referred to us misfits and deviates.
  49. How the saints referred to each other.
  50. Whitney should be referred for redress.
  51. Mum referred to him as her ‘friend’.
  52. It was simply referred to as the Chapel.
  53. They referred to it as ‘their’ spot.
  54. He referred to his notes and read aloud.
  55. Nobody at Waterhouse ever referred to Mr.
  56. That is why he is referred as a brother.
  57. It is referred many a time as ‘real’.
  58. Again the reader is referred to Section.
  59. For a broker (also referred to as agent.
  60. The Scripture referred to is Isaiah lvii.
  61. The name of Saul is referred to 22 times.
  62. So, it was often referred to as Windows.
  63. Neither of them referred to Modi by name.
  64. He referred to it as animal magnetism.
  65. Documents referred to in the above report.
  66. It is also referred to as the path of.
  67. It is referred to as Gog and Magog.
  68. Giant turtles are referred to as tortoises.
  69. In short, though they are referred to as.
  70. The Universe Einstein referred to is the.
  71. The waiter referred me to the head waiter.
  72. One investigator referred to this animal.
  73. The body referred to by Shantideva is not.
  74. Nephews but he referred to them as his that.
  75. First of al this referred to the goals of.
  76. The Old Testament, referred to as the He-.
  77. He laughingly referred to it as the big.
  78. They are also referred to as (seven) lowly.
  79. Let’s say that John referred Max to your.
  81. This is referred to as coloring these coins.
  82. He just referred to him as a ‘bushwhacker.
  83. I resent being referred to as a Jew woman.
  84. She could certainly be referred to as effi.
  85. Travelers referred to the depot as ‘New St.
  86. This is also referred to by the Great River.
  87. They are often referred to as overhead costs.
  88. These were the Jews referred to as Sephardim.
  89. To Him is referred the knowledge of the Hour.
  90. The man they referred to as Alec looked angry.
  91. She referred to me as she at one point.
  92. I believe this is the gift Aaron referred to.
  93. They always referred to me as the ape man.
  94. Most crews referred to their planes as she.
  95. When I call the police, I’m referred to you.
  96. He is metaphorically referred to as our ref-.
  97. She had referred to her sisters in bondage.
  98. This is what was referred to by the story in.
  99. I realized he referred to the risks of the job.
  100. The service I referred to involves your mind.
  1. To some it refers to.
  2. Willis refers us to Rom.
  3. It also refers to envy.
  4. It refers to the life.
  5. I know what she refers to.
  6. My Lexicon refers to Matt.
  7. Refers to the content and.
  8. It refers to the mixing of.
  9. Tu refers to divin triomphe.
  10. The ego refers whatever is.
  11. GI refers to glycemic index.
  12. In most contexts, it refers.
  13. Latency refers to the number.
  14. As use here it refers to the.
  15. This refers to a catalog as a.
  16. In this context, it refers to.
  17. Goldstein (2) refers to Melvyn C.
  18. This refers to my earlier role.
  19. It refers to the life given by.
  20. Goldstein (1) refers to Melvyn C.
  21. That refers to God’s perfection.
  22. The "Spirit" refers to a thin, i.
  23. Al-Bukhari refers to the sermon:.
  24. Mankind therefore refers to the.
  25. This refers to the quiet before.
  26. The "Winners of the Race" refers.
  27. He refers the principle of levers.
  28. Or Jeremiah 11:16 refers to green.
  29. In this context, it refers to the.
  30. This refers to the Perfection of God.
  31. God continually refers to Isaac as.
  32. Humanity therefore refers to those.
  33. Whether or not this refers to what.
  34. When he refers to the wine and the.
  35. Astrologically, this refers to the.
  36. It refers to the life of the spirit.
  37. His scythe or sickle refers to the.
  38. This specifically refers to waiting.
  39. This is a number that refers to how.
  40. It simply refers to being without a.
  41. In this book, dominos refers to the.
  42. It refers the eternal life given by.
  43. Jeremy always refers to her as Muriel.
  44. It also refers to deeds that are far.
  45. Also refers to the source and reason.
  46. Cut off also refers to the devil.
  47. Physical Death: Refers to the gradual.
  48. Mankind therefore refers to the 'DRY.
  49. The warehouse also refers to memories.
  50. This refers specifically to the great.
  51. That is what the Great Seal refers to.
  52. The "apprenti" in this song refers to.
  53. Tell me what the ‘it’ refers to.
  54. Alternatively, it refers to the phallus.
  55. This refers to what is similar between.
  56. It may also refers to a need to forgive.
  57. The term acid rain refers to the.
  58. Whether one refers to these unresolved.
  59. M: Destiny refers only to name and shape.
  60. Joseph Murphy refers to it in his works.
  61. But who is this woman he refers to.
  62. It refers to the wavelength of light in.
  63. It refers the life given by Christ only.
  64. This refers to the Eternal Egg, not Gold.
  65. The drawing of the Father refers to the.
  66. Gamma refers to the Gamma-Ray Burst that.
  67. Spiritual Death: Refers to the separation.
  68. And in John’s gospel, he always refers.
  69. Refers to the hidden truths ( mysteries).
  70. Most scholars believe this refers to the.
  71. Of course, this 'ground' refers to God's.
  72. It is a Biblical fact that Paul refers to.
  73. Justice refers to the Seven Spirits of Evil.
  74. It refers to your continuous flow of ideas.
  75. The variable zoo refers to a tuple of items.
  76. It clearly refers to all those who reject.
  77. Origin: This idiom refers to a fishing pole.
  78. It refers to the qualities of this floating.
  79. By it refers to the accumulating water.
  80. Men refers to human institutions and.
  81. Mercy refers to the forgiveness of our sins.
  82. Companion refers to the Prophet (cpth).
  83. In English slang it refers to a young woman.
  84. Consequently, when The Apocalypse refers to.
  85. We are the low leaguers as he refers to us as.
  86. This refers to the seduction of Adam and Eve.
  87. As her main motivation, Steffi refers to the.
  88. Paul now refers to the general basis of his.
  89. Silver also refers directly to money and coin.
  90. Immersion refers to that gathering water.
  91. This refers both to the Second Temple period.
  92. This refers to the Vatican, which is a city-.
  93. Refers to a momentum breakout trading strategy.
  94. Immersion… refers to that gathering water.
  95. M: Emptiness again refers only to consciousness.
  96. He refers to his own crimes as harmless pranks.
  97. Past discounting refers to a reduction in the.
  98. To that the noble verse refers when God says:.
  99. Normative Reference which refers ISO 9000:2005.
  100. Exodus 20:13 That refers specifically to pre-.

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