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    1. Now he was thinking about asking the captain to assign her to it

    2. Going through the Trust documentation, he points out the clause which says that Mum can assign her rights under the Trust … at least I think that is the phrase he used

    3. ” a quick division yielded, “192, so I assign RE the vibration 192

    4. A capital lent at interest may, in this manner, be considered as an assignment, from the lender to the borrower, of a certain considerable portion of the annual produce, upon condition that the burrower in return shall, during the continuance of the loan, annually assign to the lender a small portion, called the interest ; and, at the end of it, a portion equally considerable with that which had originally been assigned to him, called the repayment

    5. I am loathe to assign these tasks, but I am equally reticent to ask for volunteers

    6. However, on the flip side, discerning people who are able to see through the ploy would certainly not assign much credibility to the said person

    7. Unfortunately lack of knowledge and fear are two main factors why certain people assign the wrong explanations for these ‘disasters’

    8. But, by the present practice, both the labour of the country people, and whatever other fund the king may choose to assign for the reparation of the high-roads in any particular province or generality, are entirely under the management of the intendant ; an officer who is appointed and removed by the king's council who receives his orders from it, and is in constant correspondence with it

    9. -- To assign in thought or intention; purpose

    10. When this resource is exhausted, and it becomes necessary, in order to raise money, to assign or mortgage some particular branch of the public revenue for the payment of the debt, government has, upon different occasions, done this in two different ways

    11. It’s easy to assign blame here but, it can’t be put entirely on the backs of the coaching staff

    12. It was very entertaining for the instructors to assign men to their dogs and observe the first meeting

    13. That individual is likely to assign ―good‖ or ―evil‖ as accidents of nature or circumstantial rather than ―things‖ lying within themselves

    14. Why are we oftentimes inclined to assign blame to God for all our misfortunes yet seldom offer Him proper thanks for all His blessings?

    15. As a retired professor of civilization, language and culture I assign to them a just failing grade and to the reviled voters a deserved grade of “excellent”

    16. reprogram me and assign me to a new function, but as I liked who I had become after spending those months with Kentaro, I fled here," she stopped and looked up hopefully

    17. "I told you that I had been sold to a company who wanted to reprogram me and assign me to a new function, and that I ran away to the Badlands before they could do it

    18. Abelon had seen it coming, and tried to head off his father’s next words that would assign him to guard his family in his father’s absence

    19. inclinations and accordingly assign the appropriate path and guide

    20. There has been much debate of when in the geologic record that this might have taken place, but some assign it to a generally equivalent time frame as that of the Chixalub disaster

    21. “It is entirely safe to assign the differences between human beings and the apes to their regulatory systems

    22. Apsu called Him to assign the sanctuaries

    23. Crucial to this method was that I’d assign to each child his “own song,” incorporating his or her name into the words

    24. that impact sexual response and are difficult to assign a timeline to

    25. how we would assign values to the members of book1:

    26. Not only that, the experimenters have also put this set of team members as more tension and anxiety, and the experimenter accomplice does not know is how to assign each

    27. individual for the job, assign appropriate responsibilities, offer that person a free reign, and hold

    28. It was the first I had heard from him since his original contact, and he insisted that I assign you to the Dragon Claw and send the fleet in

    29. “Then the simple way to handle this is to do what I suggested previously and assign him to your crew as an Imperial advisor,” said the captain

    30. He tells Nigel that he’d be glad to assign one of his security men to each of the band members

    31. Confronted with the impossibility of finding out his state of mind in that regard I decided to assign to him, with his first name only, the role that in reality another young man had played in mine

    32. At the beginning of summer school, she had asked the school district to assign Agatha as her teacher assistant

    33. Therefore they insisted that the foremen of the recount panels assign all non-vote ballots to Al Gore

    34. We may assign a value to outcome

    35. Have your battle skills assessed, both physical and magical, and practice the exercises they assign you for as many hours per day as you can drive yourselves to do

    36. Better yet, just build one big complex, a Consulate of The Just Alliance, and assign space in it to the various delegations

    37. 7 But after the death of Seleucus when Antiochus called Epiphanes took the kingdom Jason the brother of Onias laboured underhand to be high priest 8 Promising to the king by intercession three hundred and threescore talents of silver and of another revenue eighty talents: 9 Beside this he promised to assign an hundred and fifty more if he might have licence to set him up a place for exercise and for the training up of youth in the fashions of the heathen and to write them of Jerusalem by the name of Antiochians

    38. it is of lesser concern, my overseer would not have to assign others from a smaller group to do

    39. on the move, assign responsibility for the herd to another, for I want you and the other young

    40. Failing that, I will petition federal authorities of the Indian Nations to assign Fort Smith

    41. The sales project manager will assign resources to the project activities in such a way that the time-to-market or end deliverable date constraint can be satisfied

    42. She spent the rest of the afternoon removing the counter top and sawing the legs shorter, before placing a sheet over the mess to assign ‘In progress’

    43. I was to be kept on the Isle of Cardus where they could keep a close eye on me and assign me any dirty jobs that required my unique talents

    44. and then assign your students to reply to them

    45. We’ll assign to it the thickness of one of our quanta of consciousness

    46. you want to select or assign – and if the two considerations converge, then it will be

    47. well, and if they do, can we then assign relative levels of consciousness? There is a theory, not

    48. Assign standby in case of emergent issues

    49. votes, then the maximum number they can assign to one item is

    50. Each member was allowed to assign a maximum of three votes to any

    1. Tig didn’t have time to look away from his assigned sector off the ‘dragger’s right shoulder, but Parker must have hit something with those rounds because he caught a flash out the corner of his eye

    2. He wouldn't climb up there to confront God, but some tech, someone he knew, someone assigned to keep him from his wives

    3. "I think I'm assigned to show you to your quarters after the meeting, would you like me to help warm them?"

    4. She told him of the quarters he would be assigned to and asked about his life at the observatory on the way

    5. “We, and our dragons have been assigned this area to patrol and protect

    6. He didn’t stop however, getting their Systems Administrator back was much more important than any duty he was ever assigned

    7. He had to have Pete help him with a lot of it, and as he was assigned full time to observing the Chinese ship in the electromagnetic spectrum, he could only do it on his own time

    8. “He has Major McFerdie and Lieutenant Maples assigned to that question I believe

    9. Young Bail was assigned the task and accepted the honor with many thanks

    10. Fifteen women were suddenly (within a two-month period) assigned to the shop where I worked

    11. Some were assigned to the flight line to work on the aircraft systems; one in the inspection docks, one to the battery shop, and the rest to in-shop repair section, formerly male only

    12. But at the end of the third day, extra duties were assigned and I booked with the money he’d given already

    13. His old friend Alistair was now assigned to the Guides where, as had

    14. difficult than any the Bishop may have assigned you,

    15. Those young people not adhering to the statutes herein set forth shall be assigned employment at reasonable rates of hire at the discretion of this Council

    16. Already he’d learned the whole history of the planet and answered all the assigned questions while he waited

    17. Assigned to them were their own Mr

    18. 9He was assigned a grave with the wicked,

    19. Tom was assigned with Bagamba to receive the bodies and lay them in the container

    20. Of course we should have assigned you to that base, but there are rules and procedures for getting that done

    21. company was assigned the protection of the bastides –

    22. It was late in Noonsleep when Alan was lead back to the quarters he had been assigned

    23. Some other causes must be taken into the account ; and those which have been above assigned, will, perhaps, without having recourse to the supposed degradation of the value of silver, sufficiently explain this rise in those particular sorts of

    24. Love, satisfaction, and, ultimately happiness manifest themselves, out of the blue sky, as soon as one has satisfactorily assimilated the lessons he had been assigned

    25. be assigned to anyone that keeps the rules existing in

    26. Since his arrival, Evander was the only slave assigned this duty

    27. What the three monied men, A, B, and C, assigned to the three borrowers, W, X, and Y, is the power of making those purchases

    28. A capital lent at interest may, in this manner, be considered as an assignment, from the lender to the borrower, of a certain considerable portion of the annual produce, upon condition that the burrower in return shall, during the continuance of the loan, annually assign to the lender a small portion, called the interest ; and, at the end of it, a portion equally considerable with that which had originally been assigned to him, called the repayment

    29. Though money, either coin or paper, serves generally as the deed of assignment, both to the smaller and to the more considerable portion, it is itself altogether different from what is assigned by it

    30. The deeds of assignment, like the conveyances of a verbose attorney, would be more cumbersome; but the thing assigned would be precisely the same as before, and could produce only the same effects

    31. “The queen has requested that you be assigned as her personal chambermaid

    32. Helez was assigned to occupy a corner suite on the second floor

    33. No other reason need be assigned why it has never been so advantageous as the trade to America, which, between almost every nation of Europe and its own colonies, is free to all its

    34. What is thus paid for the keeping of the deposit may be considered as a sort of warehouse rent; and why this warehouse rent should be so much dearer for gold than for silver, several different reasons have been assigned

    35. With the approval of his mother, Zarko had arranged beforehand with Ashpenaz to have Helez’s family assigned to their household immediately so that they wouldn’t have to live in a tent there on the plain

    36. It must comprehend the whole original capital of the bank, which, it is generally supposed, has been allowed to remain there from the time it was first deposited, nobody caring either to renew his receipt, or to take out his deposit, as, for the reasons already assigned, neither the one nor the other could be done without loss

    37. She allegedly assigned a task force of our finest warriors to set up a colony not too far distant from Lascor---so that their activities could possibly be traced to us---and those activities were supposedly to include the random acts of kindness and charity towards any with whom they made contact

    38. If she was to be assigned here, she would definitely not mind

    39. “It would appear that these are an independent phalanx, separated from or perhaps assigned duty out of reach of their Cruiser

    40. We may be playing our assigned roles in a great plan

    41. She assigned them lands generally in the conquered provinces of Italy, where, being within the dominions of the republic, they could never form any independent state, but were at best but a sort of corporation, which, though it had the power of enacting bye-laws for its own government, was at all times subject to the correction, jurisdiction, and legislative authority of the mother city

    42. The quantity of land assigned to each colonist was seldom very considerable, and, as the colony was not independent, they were not always at liberty to manage their own affairs in the way that they judged was most suitable to their own interest

    43. There was a brief rush from the bridge as the assigned crews headed for the hangar in obedience to their Captain

    44. When the English got possession of this country, they found in it near double the number of inhabitants which father Charlevoix had assigned to it between twenty and thirty years before

    45. involved in a project that is not assigned to

    46. Victor assigned them over his army - as

    47. Now he was also assigned to the old files and in some cases they aren’t recorded

    48. Building blocks, masonry blocks, panels, assigned particularly for internal walls and crosswalls are produced from gypsum concrete

    49. She always felt in some slight way violated, knowing every inch of her was being observed, even if it was only by a non-sentient AI; the outcome of which would be compared to her stored profile – just a set of numbers assigned to her measurements

    50. Even where the reward of the master does not arise altogether from this natural revenue, it still is not necessary that it should be derived from that general revenue of the society, of which the collection and application are, in most countries, assigned to the executive power

    1. They debated courses of action and adjourned after assigning committees to pursue investigation of the three solutions they had qualified as possible solutions from the outset two hours earlier

    2. Once the gentlemen were gathered near enough to see, he went methodically through the concept plans, making explanations and assigning tasks

    3. pleased to put his mind at rest by assigning him these

    4. do by assigning himself as our guide on the tour? It was all a big

    5. than by assigning to some of them a particular place to teach in, which was sometimes done, too, by private donors

    6. And, in the end, the civil magistrate will find that he has dearly paid for his intended frugality, in saving a fixed establishment for the priests ; and that, in reality, the most decent and advantageous composition, which he can make with the spiritual guides, is to bribe their indolence, by assigning stated salaries to their profession, and rendering it superfluous for them to be farther active, than merely to prevent their flock from straying in quest of new pastors

    7. After my duty was completed I received orders assigning me to the military police unit at Forbes Air Force Base

    8. Lewisohn informed Colling that he would be happy to sign any order assigning Colling to the Grabensheim dispensary as a medic, and expressed his relief that someone competent would be able to take sick call and take some of the workload off the Regimental aid station

    9. authority but attention has been called to them by assigning the title of “czars

    10. This led to an argument about the functionality for assigning

    11. Here, you can use assignment operator for assigning values:

    12. Zalith was assigning me the Dark Knights, so I needed a minor gear change

    13. Thus, when people use hashtags in their tweets, they are very deliberately assigning a unique theme to that tweet by virtue of its linkability to all other tweets containing the same hashtag (theme)

    14. Did her grandmother’s dream mean anything or was she assigning meaning to a meaningless, random dream? Did the dream matter at all? Wouldn’t she do whatever God wanted her to do? How would she know what God wanted? She turned to her grandmother to ask but changed her mind

    15. Attributing causal negative outcomes to particular conditions, and then trivially noting that other conditions are not associated with those negative outcomes, avoids assigning any positive attribute to everyday

    16. Change his orders detaching him from the 6250th Combat Support Group and assigning him to me here at the 7th Intel as special courier

    17. R4: So, in keeping with the fact that there is much to be done, and we now have our assigning personnel to start activating these new frequencies that will be coming in, in accordance with Divine Right Order, we would like to express gratitude to you and to Cyndie

    18. Justice outside of love looks like a stone-hearted judge who has no care or concern for the people that he’s judging, but simply goes by the orders of the law when assigning punishments to those guilty of breaking the law

    19. assigning to the human soul the noblest of

    20. The preferred arrangement would be to either think it through before assigning

    21. rule is a rule-of-thumb that recommends assigning chunks

    22. He discountenanced the whole concept of private and personal revenge, assigning these matters to civil government, on the one hand, and to the judgment of God, on the other

    23. the existing team by assigning those new

    24. assigning the role and responsibilities

    25. But there is something extremely important to remember: as long as you feel discomfort (and that includes the discomfort of compassion) you are still assigning power out there and there is still judgment

    26. "There are serious complications which prevent me assigning the case to a regular staff member

    27. Assigning each starship a sector of the Arct planet below, with each central point a city, he instructs the Starship‘s to land and the robots disembark and kill every living thing in their sector

    28. responsible for assigning new students to their classes

    29. Soon the Brooklyn Dodgers offered him a contract, assigning him to the Triple-A International Montreal Royals

    30. Little by little, Úrsula began assigning them new chores

    31. assigning arcs of fire to the robots covering the windows of that room

    32. Pilate ensured its success by assigning few guards, who would be neither courageous nor stupid when Barabbas’s men arrived with a large rescue party

    33. Assigning ten when three will do is overkill

    34. One approach could be singling out an individual such as Tom Jones and assigning the page name, gentomjones

    35. A female major from the parked helicopter unit then organized the armed women, assigning them to specific helicopters

    36. Spartacus, assigning eight legions with auxiliaries to Crassus

    37. Germans it was a mistake, Hindenburg thought he could silence, or absorb, Hitler and the Nazis by assigning Hitler to a high government position

    38. Ilona had been assigning disparaging labels on Trini

    39. But instead, he makes the thought form into an overwhelming belief by assigning tremendous importance to it, and he then carries that belief through the rest of that probable reality

    40. “Stay focused,” Garcia said, assigning another

    41. The advantage of assigning responsibility and thus accountability all

    42. Monty ensured they were well integrated by assigning members of his group to talk with them

    43. I’m sure many remembered how long the line had been at the last Celebration, so the bargaining became quite heated until Baby Man pushed his sizeable baby belly into the middle of it and informed everyone that from now on, positions would be determined by the size of the special gifts of grain each of them was willing to make to the Shrine and that he would begin counting and recording those special gifts and assigning line positions as soon as they lined up at the counting platform

    44. Assigning such an essential job to Rip was a more insane act than anything Rip himself had done, including the time he bolted all the furniture to the roof in an attempt to flip the universe upside down

    45. I think the leaders themselves are the ones assigning which groups or committees we should be working with

    46. John regretted not assigning him, instead of Mason in the first place

    47. David sat in a corner of the dive shop, sorting through a new consignment of scuba equipment, sticking on labels and assigning codes

    48. Humphrey took a green pen and wrote BALLS across the offending item before assigning it to the bin

    49. assigning it to the pages of spy novels

    50. assigning guilt because if you did the subject of your

    1. By means of the loan, the lender, as it were, assigns to the borrower his right to a certain portion of the annual produce of the land and labour of the country, to be employed as the borrower pleases

    2. The former provides operating guidelines to orderly processes while the latter assigns some level of authority to those processes

    3. Lauren points to us at random and assigns us each a fear

    4. This assigns value 4 to t1

    5. Each leader feels the need to be in control, to know everything that is going on, to have his finger on the pulse of the organization, but in a system where delegation is practiced, the leader assigns tasks to others, and these, in turn, report to him and order is maintained

    6. " Steng assigns the matter to Prince

    7. This type of average assigns more weight to the

    8. lt assigns to women and children the embodiment of and responsibility for adult male sexuality

    9. Rob assigns me to water all the roses, while put up some new flowers on the empty vase

    10. fetch c1 into c1_val; -- every fetch will pick 1 record and assigns to

    11. When your ISP allocates the allotted space on its computer to you for your website files it assigns an IP address

    12. Well, this message from General MacArthur assigns you finally to a squadron and a commander

    13. Instead, it assigns a probability to each outcome as in, for example,

    14. In the preceding controller, public function delete_row() assigns $id with the value 1—however, this can be from post, get, session or another source—and loads the database model, passing the variable $id to it as follows:

    15. which assigns a certain number of points to different foods based on calories, fiber, fat,

    16. Alternatively, a strategic exit assigns value to the entity, not on the

    17. Dollars ($_____), to him in hand paid by the Optionee, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, does here give and grant unto the Optionee, his heirs, assigns or representatives, the exclusive right and option to purchase all of that certain vehicle located in the City of _______________________, County of _________, State/Province of ________________________, being known as

    18. She then assigns the indexed multimedia a version number that reflects the generation of the content

    19. Management also defines and then assigns access and use privileges to the information in the KM system, through the authority and responsibilities of a librarian

    20. Similarly, for each of these indicators, the CKO assigns metrics and corporate objectives

    21. (6) When a customer assigns his total credit balance to a third party and this

    22. Jesus assigns the “disciple He loved” (considered to be

    23. just seen that Luke assigns to that same period the date of

    24. Luke assigns to the birth of John? It would require many

    25. is a statement that assigns power “out there” and ignores the fact that the “someone” and

    26. � "Sub" assigns a point in such a line that is below, less, dominated by another point in that "ordinate" (easy to think of the word "order" here in many manifestations)

    27. Numerology on the other hand, assigns imprecise, mystical, and

    28. I see no reason to question the application, especially since the Apocalypse assigns a local centre to the spiritual apostasy of Christendom on 'seven hills’ (Rev

    29. Pusey assigns the date of the chief portion to the time of the Maccabees, but maintains that it consists of contributions from several authors

    30. ’ And in the sixth verse of the fourth chapter he assigns the reason why the spirits of the dead were thus evangelised, even of those who at the flood died in disobedience—and moreover in disobedience to a law made known to them by the spirit of inspiration in Noah's preaching—'in order that they might be judged after the manner of men in the flesh, but meanwhile may be living zw~si (the present subjunctive) according to God in the spirit; indicating a process going on now

    31. And you can have your own finances in order by reading and applying the tasks he assigns his 'students' while they visit for their monthly trim

    32. And thus the whole State will grow up in a noble order, and the several classes will receive the proportion of happiness which nature assigns to them

    33. vendor in the manner herein set forth as this day hereby agreed between the said vendor, his heirs, successors, trustees and assigns of the one part and the said purchaser, his heirs, successors, trustees and assigns of the other part

    34. God, who sees all and never strikes amiss, punished him, no doubt, for his sordid calculations and the legal cleverness with which, accurante Cruchot, he had drawn up his marriage contract, in which husband and wife gave to each other, "in case they should have no children, their entire property of every kind, landed or otherwise, without exception or reservation, dispensing even with the formality of an inventory; provided that said omission of said inventory shall not injure their heirs and assigns, it being understood that this deed of gift is, etc

    35. A good trader monitors his market using several timeframes, but assigns more weight to the longer ones

    36. DCM is a designation that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) assigns to exchanges that offer commodity products to the public

    37. Note that the W algorithm assigns the date as the second day of the last week of the calendar year 2013

    38. Note that the W algorithm assigns the date as being in week zero of the calendar year 2016

    39. Unlike the V algorithm, it does not consider the date as being a part of week 53 in 2015, but assigns it to week 0 in 2016

    40. When a system has a BIOS, an operating system, and hardware that all support the plug-and-play standard, the computer assigns hardware resources to each device dynamically when the system starts

    41. The frame-relay carrier creates a route through its cloud for a connection between sites, assigns it a unique 10-bit number called a data link connection identifier (DLCI), and programs it into its switches

    42. In fact, such a registry exists, but instead of assigning individual host addresses to each system, it assigns network addresses to companies and organizations

    43. When the server enters the transaction state, it assigns a number to each of the messages in the client’s mailbox and takes note of each message’s size

    44. A thread is a sequence of instructions to which the kernel assigns a priority level that determines when it will be executed

    45. ) It usually includes a built-in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server that assigns an IP address to each connected device

    46. The Elliott Wave Theory assigns a series of categories to the waves from largest to smallest

    47. The simple moving average assigns equal weight to all of the values in a field

    48. If a rare adverse event to which the market assigns a low probability does not materialize during the sample period, selling insurance against such an event appears highly profitable

    49. If, in the future, the market assigns larger required risk premia to highly indebted countries, their real yields will rise and/or their currencies may falter

    50. The method proposed in this section assigns much greater weight to the robustness

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    Synonyms for "assign"

    assign set apart specify ascribe attribute impute put allot portion arrogate delegate depute designate commission authorise authorize determine devote give out sort consign apportion distribute deal accredit advance bring up offer

    "assign" definitions

    give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)

    give out

    attribute or credit to

    select something or someone for a specific purpose

    attribute or give

    make undue claims to having

    transfer one's right to

    decide as to where something belongs in a scheme