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Commission in a sentence

Commission rates are too low.
My agent earned her commission.
Yes; he's in the Land Commission.
Reentry is only a commission away.
I was out of commission, basically.
The dollar value of the commission.
There was a split in the commission.

The higher commission you can give.
The commission costs are also higher.
I have another commission for you, M.
The Federal Election Commission as now.
Appointment of the Simon Commission (Nov.
Now Jesus is giving the great commission.
Commission to the Amarillo community and.
You also pay commission on completed sales.
And when that commission finally came?
Give Him your life and obey His Commission.
Commission against the Constitutional Court.
He still had a hefty commission riding on.
He had one day executed a commission for M.
GoM as suggested by the Planning Commission.
The percentage commission that you can earn.
This was sponsored by the Warren Commission.
The new commission for the inquiry into the.
A commission was formed to study the excesses.
I’ve read the minutes of that commission.
And on re-orders, you will earn 60% commission.
Marta by a commission composed of military men.
Secretary IT and Secretary, Planning Commission.
That trail has been out of commission for years.
As an affiliate, you are basically a commission.
Levin even forgot the commission intrusted to him.
She was chair of the Police Commission, after all.
This book refutes the Warren Commission findings.
I told you I worked in the Historical Commission.
Brother Paul is keen to take on such a commission.
The Commission has him on the move constantly now.
The commission heard that Bruce seemingly had the.
That’s a $10 commission out of $220 which is a 4.
Commissioning of the new production shops.
This results in delay in commissioning of both new presses.
After his commissioning by the Confederate Navy, things started.
The use of the systems following installation, commissioning, validation and any unplanned.
A reply came the next day, commissioning the horoscope update, and asking for more information.
This results in delay in commissioning of this particular press and the other one is commissioned in due time.
I obviously said 'I can do that!' and was greeted by 'great, we need the outline on our desks by 5pm tomorrow because we're commissioning now.
Arnold Osbairne had not, however, mentioned either his offer to the headmaster to “fix the problem” or the commissioning of his son to “attend” to it.
Therefore, the Commanding Officer of the ships did not have disciplinary control over his sailors, except for the one week period between commissioning and departure.
If they fail to teach you Christ’s Commissioning words, then they also deprive you of opportunities for real discipleship and to receive the knowledge that would set you free.
Here’s another example: Griffin Mining, a zinc miner, disclosed on February 21, 2006, that operating costs were higher than envisaged due to inevitable initial teething problems in commissioning the plant.
It is interesting to note that while commissioning the Twelve, Jesus sent them out with these instructions: Don’t go to the Gentiles or the Samaritans, but only to the people of Israel – God’s lost sheep.
Dana,) that this is not so much a question of what our Government was ignorant of, as of what they knew, or what they ought to have known; and he has entered into a long examination of the mode of commissioning diplomatic characters, whether by letters of credence or by full powers, and has drawn a distinction between the two.
Indies after commissioning at sea, and during the rest of 1862,.
It was commissioned in the year 1980.
In 1966, he commissioned the building.
Maton, we have been commissioned to.
A being was commissioned to arrest the fatal.
Navy but not commissioned as part of the Navy.
Paul was commissioned to preach the Gospel of.
We are only commissioned to arrange that appointment.
Would I be commissioned to do any of the work?
I am a Commissioned Officer in the South African Police.
This is a great idea if commissioned by a husband or wife.
For the past six months he was commissioned to study this.
Half the temples in Egypt? He commissioned them and put up.
She was commissioned at sea off Terceira, Azores, on August.
There, she was commissioned as CSS Florida, with veteran Lt.
We had a few commissioned officers with us on the COIN course.
Then they can be commissioned and loaded with production work.
Scouts were commissioned to scope out the extent of the siege.
AGAIN! In the text above, God commissioned Samuel to go to the.
Destiny), which the Russian Theater of Petrograd had commissioned.
Chaplain: ordained member of the clergy commissioned as an officer.
The Commander of the Fourth Army himself commissioned me to do so.
I think it was commissioned in 1936 and finished in 1938 or 1939.
Norbu’s Warriors of Tibet – a book commissioned by the Tibetan.
The school house was commissioned for their meetings and rehearsals.
The other press is delivered, installed and commissioned in due time.
He commissioned them with a national purpose; a purpose beyond their.
The station was commissioned in 1954 with a crew complement of twenty.
Many orders had been commissioned over a pot of tea and a bite to eat.
She was a lovely woman, but not commissioned by the Church to be here.
Pilot and copilot, bombardier, and navigator are commissioned officers.
Do not trust the court or lawyers or commissioned officers or chaplains.
I have been commissioned to meet him, and—to make the best terms I can.
During the first two years of his career as a commissioned officer (1946-.
Italy to Paris, where he was commissioned to defend the French Parliament.
We subsequently had my driver commissioned as a Deputy United States Marshal.
The client who commissioned the original plan from me and who today remains a.
She then said, Jack, Uncle Sam commissioned the police force to stand at ease.
Do not forget that you are commissioned to go forth preaching only the good news.
The burning ship drove on, as if remorselessly commissioned to some vengeful deed.
They had to repeat the course once commissioned even if experienced bush fighters.
They pay low institutional commissions.
You have the $100 profit (less commissions).
We pay them fees and commissions, not salaries.
Commissions only and some Salary + Commissions.
The broker is asking for excessive commissions.
I have made a profit of $3,000 less commissions.
I didn’t even have any commissions coming up.
Recurring commissions are better than one-off sales.
With a fiduciary advisor, you don’t pay commissions.
Commissions tend to be high relative to contract sizes.
Other studies analyze within-day data, commissions, etc.
The affiliate commissions is also among the best on offer.
The company then collected two commissions, one when the.
REALY HUGE AMOUNT OF COMMISSIONS and if you want to have a.
As a fiduciary, your representative cannot take commissions.
For dollar comparisons, assumes $10 in commissions per year.
Warders executed these commissions in a disinterested manner.
These returns are after deducting commissions and fees of $0.
On a $10,000 investment the total in trading commissions is 0.
There are a number of things to consider around commissions:.
The next layer of fees are the commissions paid on transactions.
Offer them additional commissions or even bonuses for reaching a.
They had reduced my commissions by a massive seventy-five percent.
After commissions he netted $22,500 in his Marketocracy portfolio.
He also charges his fund managers virtual commissions and expenses.
Some have high fees, high commissions, hidden charges, and on and on.
Optionz Traderz: There is always risk, and don’t forget commissions.
After deducting commissions and taxes, he figured he made about $500.
More profit, more margin; more margin, more commissions and less risk.
Intermediaries that earn commissions for connecting buyers and sellers.
The money you make in this business is the result of commissions earned.
AssocTrac, to work with affiliates and track their sales and commissions.
Commissions of this sort, and really our system of justice, rely on all.
But commissions are the nu equality, because they are for products sold.
Here’s a simple trick that will help you save your affiliate commissions.
A discount broker is basically an order clerk and offers cheap commissions.
If the skew is less steep, you may use wider spreads to save on commissions.
Recurring Commissions: The process of rewarding an affiliate on a recurring.
Third, recurring commissions are always better, as the thing like membership.

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