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Brassy in a sentence | brassy example sentences

  1. And Noods the loud, brassy.
  2. And when the fisherman ripped the brassy.
  3. Only big, bold, brassy, Kate had bottled out.
  4. Make a date with the brassy brides of Britain.
  5. Heavy black clouds were building on the horizon, underlined by a brassy streak of sky.

  6. Then there were man-on-the-street interviews recorded against a brassy background of screaming sirens.
  7. Outside lay the yellow, brassy glare of the sunshine, with the shadows of the palm trees as black and definite as the trees themselves.
  8. Among the old filing cabinets and the brassy noises of the men moving about in heavy boots, Williamson looked criminal in a pair of fingerless gloves.
  9. When he’d finally had his fill, he took Joyce’s hand and pulled her back out onto the deck where the band was again playing loud, brassy dance tunes.
  10. This was not simply a matter of the heat and dust that was now blowing around our mouths burned and had the brassy taste of cordite in them from the rounds we had fired.
  11. All the stops are pulled out in this big, brassy, over-the-top musical, with the studio creating a role in it especially for Marilyn as insurance against a fizzle at the box office.

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