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Bandage in a sentence | bandage example sentences

  1. He tore off the old bandage.
  2. You need a bandage on that leg.
  3. The bandage was easy to remove.
  4. He had a new bandage on his wrist.
  5. I wish I had a bandage for this.

  6. Half-unrolled bandage on the floor.
  7. I beg you will remove your bandage.
  8. I really don’t need the bandage.
  9. The head bandage resembled a turban.
  10. He peels the corner of the bandage away.
  11. The bandage running around his head and.
  12. Let’s bandage him up, Jackie said.
  13. First he would clean and bandage her foot.
  14. Aiden tugged on the bandage around his leg.
  15. Then deal with bleeding, dress and bandage.

  16. Tee and him but that's only a bandage on a.
  17. She was still wearing a bandage on her neck.
  18. A doctor was applying a bandage to her neck.
  19. Then her hands worked quickly at the bandage.
  20. He was winding it tightly with an ace bandage.
  21. She warily prodded her bandage; the pain had.
  22. The bandage wrapped around my temple has slid.
  23. Kali had just finished applying the neem bandage.
  24. Jaz was putting a bandage on Alyssa’s forehead.
  25. Pon replaced the pads, bandage, and left the room.

  26. The bandage on his wrist was saturated with blood.
  27. Frank rolled up his shirtsleeve to show a bandage.
  28. Let’s go bandage this; I have a lot of questions.
  29. I winced when she had the bandage completely removed.
  30. The servant with the bandage was being soundly rated.
  31. The paramedics had to bandage the gash in her head.
  32. I was holding up my left hand, and she saw the bandage.
  33. The lil bomber slowly began to unwind the ace bandage.
  34. Remember, there are two ways to pull a bandage off.
  35. Place a bandage around the knees to hold them together.
  36. Her head was swathed in Webril, a stretchy woven bandage.
  37. Fine, if you keep the bandage on, you can come downstairs.
  38. Position a handle in your hand and fasten using a bandage.
  39. Don’t open your big yap again, or I’ll bandage it up.
  40. We have to get to the car immediately and bandage my wound.
  41. Position a handle in their hand and fasten using a bandage.
  42. Ever the bandage under the chin, ever the trestles of death.
  43. There was a faint bandage of dawn stretched across the east.
  44. Pierre took the bandage off his eyes and glanced around him.
  45. He noticed she had a small bandage around two of her fingers.
  46. He had dark hair, a fake tan, and his left ear had a bandage.
  47. She had a bandage on it when she got here, Joyce offered.
  48. Tie the ankles and feet together with a figure-of-eight bandage.
  49. Soon the bandage would stain and all flight would be restricted.
  50. Commission, witnesses would put on a scarf or bandage, or simply.
  51. There wasn’t time to answer questions, Bilo had found a bandage.
  52. So Bovary ordered a bandage and a basin, and asked Justin to hold.
  53. Untying the makeshift bandage he kept some pressure upon the wound.
  54. His left eye was swollen shut, and a bandage pulled at his eyebrow.
  55. She changed his bandage and saw that his wound was healing already.
  56. There was a faint bandage of dawn stretched across the middle east.
  57. She had wrapped a bandage around it, but blood was seeping through.
  58. The only covering I had now was the filthy bandage around my wound.
  59. The edge of a thick bandage showed at the bottom of his trouser leg.
  60. He wore only a pair of army pants and a bandage around his shoulder.
  61. So Bovary ordered a bandage and a basin, and asked Justin to hold it.
  62. Now he could think of how to bandage the stump and stop the bleeding.
  63. I felt my head; it was wrapped in a bandage, but didn’t really hurt.
  64. Pon removed the bandage and dressing from the silent Dam’s shoulder.
  65. He removes his tunic and sits on the bunk while I unwind the bandage.
  66. Nancy touched the bandage around her belly as an answer while smiling.
  67. Consider where on the body was the bandage for more additional clues.
  68. When it was through, I put the tray aside and started to bandage its.
  69. Grossman (removes bandage from his eyes, and pretends to be coming to).
  70. Satisfied with her bandage job, Heather began to clean up more of the.
  71. Vincent took the bandage from its throat, and showed us the punctures.
  72. He held his neck with one hand, lowered it, and croaked, No bandage.
  73. Looking down at his wrist, he removed the bandage and the cut was healed.
  74. The shiny pipe with the red hockey stick bandage sits beside Tania on my.
  75. He’s locked up in the Slammer, a huge bandage covering half his head.
  76. I return from the bathroom with the bandage roll and he holds out his hand.
  77. We should in fact bandage his wounds, so that he doesn’t bleed to death.
  78. He gently lifted Marcus’ broken hand, cut away the torn, bloody bandage.
  79. The bleeding had gotten less, but he took a bandage, and bandaged her hand.
  80. She finished with his bandage and stood and looked down at him lying there.
  81. The ace bandage had been wrapped on so tight that it felt like the monster.
  82. That which was not in either of those was wrapped in a heavy white bandage.
  83. We slipped his shirt from his shoulder and took off the blood-soaked bandage.
  84. Mac, he cried, I can pull off this bandage and get a flow of blood.
  85. Nina was at home she just out the shower and she wrap up wrist with a bandage.
  86. I ripped strips off my petticoats to bandage the wounded child in front of me.
  87. Burton quickly put on a new bandage and Mac handed over the big piece of meat.
  88. She can see the bandage wrapped around his skull; she must have concussed him.
  89. On his head Fyodor Pavlovitch had the same red bandage which Alyosha had seen.
  90. Bandage all cuts with clean dressings and use what medical aids are available.
  91. Apply a bandage over the hand if necessary to maintain the position of the can.
  92. Taking off the bandage, he walked into the bathroom to take out a first-aid kit.
  93. I caressed her head, her shoulder; I squeezed the bandage of her arm and smiled.
  94. Placing pressure on the wound with his hand once more he tied the bandage down.
  95. They checked out Dana's knuckles and wrapped a bandage around her knuckles also.
  96. The first thing he noticed was that half her face was covered by a huge bandage.
  97. Tammas, Melinda said, annoyed by the pressure bandage being placed on her.
  98. Apply a bandage over your hand if necessary to maintain the position of the can.
  99. There are few ports that I could not enter or leave with a bandage over my eyes.
  100. There's no point trying to excuse it, the bandage on my forehead is proof enough.

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