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Wander in a sentence | wander example sentences

  1. I let my mind wander.
  2. He let his thoughts wander.
  3. Their hands began to wander.
  4. My mind had begun to wander.
  5. Here one could wander unseen.

  6. And then he tried to wander.
  7. O Light to us that wander here.
  8. The inspector let his eyes wander.
  9. Let’s wander back to the lobby.
  10. He was too old to wander any more.
  11. She’d let her mind wander again.
  12. Her eyes wander when she trails off.
  13. He let his thoughts wander back to.
  14. Do not wander around the terminal.
  15. Tom let his thoughts wander dreamily.

  16. Pamela's thoughts about Israel wander.
  17. Travelers can wander at leisure the.
  18. Alone we wander in search of the truth.
  19. Chapman tended to wander as he lectured.
  20. Without me they would wander aimlessly.
  21. To return to the old house is to wander.
  22. Figures wander, lurk, peer from warrens.
  23. But indeed, sir, I wander from the point.
  24. Graveyard, causing his thoughts to wander.
  25. You wander: your head becomes confused.

  26. It was then that her mind began to wander.
  27. I saw Cole's eye wander off below my chin.
  28. He is more inclined than usual to wander.
  29. Sometimes they’d wander into firefights.
  30. The Nautilus continued to wander at random.
  31. I wonder as I wander this earth we’re on.
  32. He could not afford to let his mind wander.
  33. Don't you wander here searching and moaning.
  34. Too risky to let them wander around alone.
  35. I decided to wander about the village a bit.
  36. I don’t have to wander around exploring it.
  37. Clive tended to wander a little near his seat.
  38. I wander the crowded park and search for Corey.
  39. You can wander through the universe incognito;.
  40. He slowed his breathing and let his mind wander.
  41. As such, he was able to wander this world freely.
  42. They began to wander aimlessly through the streets.
  43. Instead, they would smile knowingly and wander off.
  44. Absent-mindedly I stood up and started to wander.
  45. But then, Fred's thoughts weren’t free to wander.
  46. You can wander incognito throughout the universe;.
  47. Eyes shut to let his nose wander, he snuffed deeply.
  48. Brendan’s tired brain had begun to wander lately.
  49. I scratch the side of my cheek, let my eyes wander.
  50. And never again will we wander the earth without a.
  51. Settling back on the pillows she let her mind wander.
  52. It was not like Egg to wander off without his leave.
  53. Chinese temples or you can wander down county lanes.
  54. But, to wander off again regarding one of the above.
  55. And night wanderers who exercise tend to wander less.
  56. Aussie who may wander out into the streets after hours.
  57. The monotony of the journey caused his mind to wander.
  58. Don’t wander anywhere near the High Wood, she.
  59. My thoughts wander to Channing, Ashton or whoever he is.
  60. Ashi was one of the last contestants to wander into the.
  61. I continued to wander down the corridor feeling anxious.
  62. I began to grow bored, and my thoughts started to wander.
  63. I continued to wander, very cautiously, about the Opera.
  64. For a moment, I did let my eyes wander around the kitchen.
  65. I allow my thoughts to wander for a moment, just a moment.
  66. They watched the mix of locals and tourists wander up and.
  67. Stay close Dragon, don’t wander off, Mother warned.
  68. She got up to poke up the fire and wander over to the bins.
  69. This done, he left the hotel and began to wander about the.
  70. Believe me the shadows are no place for a child to wander.
  71. Darek was about to wander off, but Azura grabbed him by the.
  72. Ruth red him, love led on with will to wander, loth to leave.
  73. As she approached him she saw his eyes wander to her breasts.
  74. I wander around the room, looking at the artwork on the walls.
  75. Elizabeth joined some friends and Kirstin was free to wander.
  76. For forty years the tribes wander aimlessly in the wilderness.
  77. She lets her mind wander instead, eyes drifting out of focus.
  78. Rory threw a can of Fosters at Dan and told him not to wander.
  79. In truth, I didn’t want to wander around the house by myself.
  80. Where do you begin? You begin with the self and as you wander.
  81. Father, help me to live with Thee, not to wander from Thy will.
  82. Papa and I wander as far away as we can get among the mountains.
  83. I leant back in my seat, letting my eyes wander around the room.
  84. Scott lay back as well, letting his eyes wander over the ceiling.
  85. I wander down the hill, moving farther and farther from the house.
  86. They don't live in the Shire, but they wander into it in Spring.
  87. Just let your mind wander, falling into a state of Zen meditation.
  88. And you wander around with your stupid naive notions about people.
  89. And if you wander from the protection of this house, I will not be.
  90. He rested a few days, then took off again to wander toward the west.
  91. Until it did, they let us wander the night in groups of two or more.
  92. His mind did not wander or drift as it had done so in the days before.
  93. I don’t think they’d approve of us taking a wander in the forest.
  94. Most of the formalities were over, and he had time to wander around.
  95. That is, it would progress if my attention did not continually wander.
  96. On the days the clouds roll in, I wander outside howling like a coyote.
  97. Mike used to wander Egyptian deserts and thick forests lost in thought.
  98. I made her a Methodist because it was necessary that she should wander.
  99. The tendency to allow his mind and his limbs to wander would be strong.
  100. My thoughts wander to my mother, and there and then, I hear her speaking.
  1. I've been wandering join it.
  2. Hens were wandering the yard.
  3. Wandering along the banks of.
  4. I believe I am not wandering.
  5. And herds of oxen wandering low;.
  6. My father was a wandering Aramean.
  7. Doug was just wandering up near us.
  8. Today we are not wandering around.
  9. Christ, how his mind was wandering.
  10. His mind seemed to be wandering in.
  11. One day, nosing and wandering about.
  12. Not many people out wandering around.
  13. After a year of fruitless wandering.
  14. Now he was wandering in its shallows.
  15. I saw Jacobi wandering in from outside.
  16. She's wandering along Jackson Square.
  17. Was wont his wandering master to attend.
  18. Pity the laden one; this wandering woe.
  19. The good man was wandering in his mind.
  20. Wandering around at night gets so old.
  21. I never heard of them wandering around.
  22. Like a wandering nomad he travelled on.
  23. Oh, yes, wandering, that's what I say.
  24. Simon’s attention was wandering again.
  25. Only you can set his wandering straight.
  26. His hands began wandering over her curves.
  27. The wasted days and nights keep wandering.
  28. Wandering to the blackened window on the.
  29. Used to correct God's wandering creatures.
  30. In our old wandering days it meant action.
  31. Wandering around the place, she was tired.
  32. When it will only take your mind a wandering.
  33. Carefree Wandering in the Innermost and Mys-.
  34. Chance was wandering off down some other road.
  35. Manda stood watching her, wandering what to do.
  36. There he was, dressed in a tuxedo, wandering.
  37. She found me one night, wandering the streets.
  38. He groped; I arrested his wandering hand, and.
  39. Lie down and shut your eyes: you're wandering.
  40. Clara was still wandering about disconsolately.
  41. If only I could put all this mind wandering to.
  42. Here we be a wandering in the merry month of May.
  43. I quickly grew impatient with my mind wandering.
  44. You can't keep on wandering through this forest.
  45. I nodded and started wandering through the aisles.
  46. Ah, I am wandering! What was I saying, Watson?
  47. I don't want you wandering around thinking that.
  48. Hmm, poor girl, no wonder her mind was wandering.
  49. Jean joined the crowd wandering along the aisles.
  50. Even the furniture was wandering about on its own.
  51. Did he not find thee wandering and direct (thee)?
  52. During his wandering once he lay down under a tree.
  53. I knew you’d be wandering about somewhere here.
  54. My mind kept wandering to Tanner and then to Cliff.
  55. Conjures the wandering stars, and makes them stand.
  56. During their wandering they found that most of the.
  57. You know he wouldn't go wandering about inthe warren.
  58. It’s as if you are wandering through life without.
  59. On the other hand, wandering around in the darkness.
  60. He is one of the wandering folk -Rangers we call them.
  61. He turned away and I left him wandering on through the.
  62. Israel, 'They are wandering aimlessly in the land; the.
  63. Stewie and Tony are wandering around here somewhere.
  64. Efforts & hard work get wasted in meaningless wandering.
  65. My wandering is at an end, I said to myself every moment.
  66. The allowing age was an epoch of wandering and conquest.
  67. His glance, at first wandering, fixed itself upon Morrel.
  68. And now here she is, wandering about in a kind of hiding.
  69. How one always does, by wandering a moral inconsistency.
  70. Involuntary eye moves are caused by wandering of our mind.
  71. Your soul or spirit was out wandering the universe?
  72. The parlourmaid hastily reassembled her wandering thoughts.
  73. Our mother wandering toward paradise, releasing the thread.
  74. Moments later, he was wandering the maze of dimly lit empty.
  75. For a while they were wandering in the woods, it was a dark.
  76. He couldn't have her out wandering the mansion while he was.
  77. But on this day the urge to go out wandering was overwhelming.
  78. My soul or spirit was still out there wandering the universe.
  79. His eyes wandering over to Katie, Andrew hesitated to respond.
  80. Wandering groups of well-fed males were always met with force.
  81. Why is he still wandering around the Khanate? I asked him.
  82. I can't have him wandering the streets shooting his mouth off.
  83. Aerith wandering absently towards the marketplace, Cloud took.
  84. Her voice trailed off, her eyes wandering to the front of the.
  85. Roving through mind wandering in the secular, shoe on the moon.
  86. I was wandering through the countryside of the planet Raleign.
  87. He’s been wandering around, trying to find something to drink.
  88. Wandering up behind him, I stood looking down over his shoulder.
  89. Durango took me in as a boy, he found me wandering the streets.
  90. In your wandering sons and daughters whose hearts to you belong.
  91. That’s why Jesus punished the Wandering Jew with immortality.
  92. As if, after wandering for a long time, I had finally come home.
  93. We can’t have outsiders wandering through our territory, yet.
  94. I keep wandering from the point and letting myself be drawn off.
  95. Among these a cunning eye and foot could thread a wandering path.
  96. I was just wandering around and not paying attention to Sim here.
  97. Hogan spent the next couple of hours wandering around the grounds.
  98. If it was, he had been wandering around in circles all this time.
  99. Paul, this is After, the guy whose room you keep wandering into.
  100. He doomed Him to more than eighty years of wandering in a body.
  1. He wandered out of the.
  2. He stood and wandered off.
  3. I simply wandered off away.
  4. I waved back and wandered.
  5. Her mind wandered to Brianna.
  6. He wandered miles and miles.
  7. He wandered from the bedroom.
  8. As he spoke my mind wandered.
  9. She wandered around the tables.
  10. Troy wandered into the kitchen.
  11. Darcy smiled and wandered over.
  12. I shouldn't have wandered off.
  13. Genesis wandered back and forth.
  14. Oswald had wandered out as well.
  15. Nathan wandered over to the bar.
  16. He wandered through the palace.
  17. He got up and wandered to the.
  18. His mind wandered as he tried.
  19. She wandered from room to room.
  20. She wandered into the bathroom.
  21. Together we have wandered o'er.
  22. They wandered around in silence.
  23. Paul wandered out to the pit-top.
  24. And the homeless nomad wandered.
  25. Her eyes wandered into the copse.
  26. As he did so, his mind wandered.
  27. As Joseph and Melanie wandered.
  28. He wandered into the living room.
  29. I wandered across the hall and.
  30. She wandered over to the Graysons.
  31. Gina wandered over to have a look.
  32. She wandered over to a group of.
  33. They wandered on again in silence.
  34. His thoughts wandered then to James.
  35. He wandered aimlessly through the.
  36. He wandered aimlessly, smiling at.
  37. Andrew cautiously wandered the road.
  38. She wandered among the horses for.
  39. Ben had wandered off some distance.
  40. Tyrus wandered over and took a look.
  41. They wandered back along the coast.
  42. He wandered out into the living room.
  43. She wandered listlessly around the.
  44. My mind wandered to the murder case.
  45. I have wandered for some time since.
  46. His glance wandered back to the keg.
  47. One wandered out, leaving 11 behind.
  48. His eyes wandered over the dead body.
  49. And the old man wandered off upstairs.
  50. For four days, she wandered the city.
  51. Wendy wandered to the pilot’s seat.
  52. With me close behind, Taxi wandered.
  53. They hadn’t wandered that far today.
  54. The bearded man vaguely wandered away.
  55. He wandered aimlessly for a bit longer.
  56. I wandered out of the office in a haze.
  57. I wandered over to look out the window.
  58. The Barons lust-filled eyes wandered.
  59. Rex waved as he wandered into another.
  60. I wandered over to the camping section.
  61. A few sleepless girls wandered in the.
  62. In a maze, he wandered out for a drink.
  63. Wandered off and they couldn't find him.
  64. James wandered down the stairs, took a.
  65. They wandered away, sharing the popcorn.
  66. Gaggles of goggle-eyed tourists wandered.
  67. Bradshaw's mind wandered, thinking for.
  68. As I wandered about, seeking anxiously.
  69. They wandered around the perimeter walls.
  70. She wandered around the small, isolated.
  71. Gina and Tony wandered over, hand in hand.
  72. I wandered over to look at the fireplace.
  73. His eyes wandered around several screens.
  74. Meanwhile, Jack wandered amongst the dung.
  75. He often did this, wandered of into his.
  76. His mind wandered and worked incessantly.
  77. David wandered from pen to pen, counting.
  78. None of us realized he had wandered away.
  79. For three days he wandered about like a.
  80. I wandered away, but circled back after.
  81. He wandered about the office examining a.
  82. She wandered upstairs to Lydia’s bedroom.
  83. I wandered over to my father’s workroom.
  84. Then he wandered around to open our doors.
  85. Though his thoughts wandered astray, his.
  86. Evan wandered off, bent over, and vomited.
  87. His mind wandered to his own boyhood years.
  88. Once I had eaten, we wandered back outside.
  89. His mind, still aching, wandered to Shannon.
  90. He wandered aimlessly through the campsite.
  91. I left the terrace and wandered on till I.
  92. They wandered into the house, still talking.
  93. As she wandered through its interior, her.
  94. I stood up and wandered over to the window.
  95. I think it has wandered thousands of miles.
  96. They wandered off, muttering about lesbians.
  97. Monica wandered back to her chilly farmhouse.
  98. Bored or distracted, Rosemary wandered away.
  99. Moses and Saul wandered back into the galley.
  100. He wandered over to the first door, backed.
  1. John wanders in, dressed now.
  2. My mind wanders back to last night.
  3. My mind wanders on to the Prague trip.
  4. Idly my mind wanders back to the point.
  5. Now while our darling wanders she thinks of.
  6. Sometimes the mind wanders into a dark, dark.
  7. And what of the heart when it wanders on?
  8. Bolt wanders into the photo shop with Al Snafu.
  9. It is amusing how the mind wanders off on its.
  10. As your mind wanders, begin to feel the sensations.
  11. For hours Mary wanders when back in the real world.
  12. His spirit wanders, and so he remains in the coma.
  13. That wanders through the waste air's pathless blue.
  14. Ken wanders up to the end of the bar where Alex is sitting.
  15. Fellow who wanders around a golf course counting the tees.
  16. Kate wanders back into the living room, grinning from ear to ear.
  17. Nowadays our once proud race wanders through Antarloka reduced to.
  18. It will wait until Sarge wanders outside, I whispered to Jack.
  19. A cloud in the upside hills of wonderland wanders outside of the sky.
  20. There is nothing more tragic than a great individual who wanders alone.
  21. Scott wanders into the kitchen, opens the fridge and takes a beer out.
  22. He’s about to say something else, but his gaze wanders across the room.
  23. The man who wanders out of the way of understanding shall remain in the.
  24. Ill pull the fuse in case a rat wanders through and electrocutes himself.
  25. He wanders over, casually, full of cheer at the news he has just been told.
  26. She wanders about in the night, and then lays hands on such food as she takes.
  27. In Oedipus at Colonus, the blind Oedipus wanders the land, accompanied by and.
  28. He wanders around on the grass and breathes deep in the cool early morning fog.
  29. Her legs go numb with cold and her mind wanders, but she tries to simply observe.
  30. My mind wanders as I think of the possibilities… no – I must not go there now.
  31. She's filled with hatred and evil, she wanders the forest in the daylight and at night.
  32. Guillermo the Rich, she that wanders about the wolds here in the dress of a shepherdess.
  33. It is for that reason, and for her pain, that she begins to cry as she wanders the streets.
  34. Allah’s flocks wanders in the desert moving blindly in a world deprived of God’s presence.
  35. You must have some questions, he says as he wanders into the kitchen area, releasing my hand.
  36. At times this mind which wanders in the external world starts introspection and analysis of its.
  37. Her gaze quickly drops and wanders over the royal family beside him, and then it comes back to Loki.
  38. She says her soul or spirit wanders the universe and travels to spirit worlds and different dimensions.
  39. Yonder, said I, in the forest wanders the dreadful bear, fierce and menacing, and yet innocent in it.
  40. A minute later Brett wanders back in to the room and the hooker tells him to lay down on the bed so he does.
  41. No matter where the restless and the unquiet mind wanders, it must be drawn back and made to submit to God alone.
  42. In this case, there seems to be little consistency and the line wanders about as far above as below the zero line.
  43. Roger thinks so too, for Manila can proudly boast of many more wanders than just a dazzling, almost cosmic landscape.
  44. So Yeshua wonders and wanders through the forests of pine, oak, and cypress, ever alert for dangerous animals and thieves.
  45. He wanders over Roman history, and over Greek philosophy and mythology, and finds everywhere crime, impiety and falsehood.
  46. In the Krapivensky district,[6] there wanders a ragged peasant, who during the war was a purchaser of bread for a commissary of stores.
  47. The sheep wanders away, unintentionally; the coin is covered by the dust of time and obscured by the accumulation of the things of men.
  48. Without really thinking about it, he wanders towards the stables, and only comes up short when he spots the great white pain in the ass.
  49. If it be whispered of him that his brain wanders, then nothing he can say will matter to any one ever again, except as a thing to laugh at.
  50. Your body convinces you you want it, and then during it you hardly feel like you’re even there, your mind wanders, the sensations become muted.
  51. A dog wanders out one of the open front doors and one of students kicks at it, misses, nearly falls on his ass while other students laugh and point.
  52. Some Western psychologists hold: The mind that wanders aimlessly can be made to move in a small limited circle only, by the practice of concentration.
  53. Extra gun turrets are being added all around the vessel and Grailem wanders into a large factory unit that is making even more phaser rifles and pistols.
  54. If your mind wanders and you find yourself having second and third thoughts, or even a whole conversation with yourself about the situation, that’s fine.
  55. Such a thing is only a precursory attempt to instill within whoever wanders here a sense of hopelessness that there is nothing when, in reality, there is much here.
  56. Jesus said to him: ‘You are afraid for your life; so you will live forever!’ Ahasuerus cannot die and wanders all over the world, no matter how much he’s bored by it.
  57. The Telang is a short, muddy river that wanders through a flat country of rice fields to the sea; the village stands on the south bank of the river just inside the sand bar at the mouth.
  58. But let me say this, if you play this stupid game any longer, well they can't be held responsible if another crazy old lady wanders out in front of a speeding car, now can they? Think about it.
  59. Mankind wanders through each individual’s life experience like a mole, with senses sufficient only to his limited burrowing existence, and only vaguely aware that there might be something above him, or beyond him.
  60. When a new patient wanders into the office and stretches out to stutter forth a compendious ticker tape of free association, it is up to the psychiatrist immediately beyond, behind and above to decide at just which points of the anatomy the client is in touch with the couch.
  61. We need more than well wishers; we need well diggers and wells filled with clean water to quench the thirst of those coming to the fonts hoping to drink freely of the everlasting waters that even Eartheart does not own, but shares with the Heavens who wanders them where they will.
  62. He stutters and his left eye wanders around uncontrollably, though his good right eye is focused on her slightly open blouse and he wishes he could stop himself, but he can’t and says, Co… Co… Coff… He can tell the poor girl is frightened of him and he wishes she weren’t—he really means no harm.
  63. And there came over him that sensation we all know so well—the same feeling that one has when one can't for the life of one think of the required word; every other word comes up; associations with the right word come up; occasions when one has used the word come up; one wanders round and round the immediate vicinity of the word wanted, but the actual word itself will not appear, though you may break your head to get at it!.
  64. I say nothing of Fantine; she is a dreamer, a musing, thoughtful, pensive person; she is a phantom possessed of the form of a nymph and the modesty of a nun, who has strayed into the life of a grisette, but who takes refuge in illusions, and who sings and prays and gazes into the azure without very well knowing what she sees or what she is doing, and who, with her eyes fixed on heaven, wanders in a garden where there are more birds than are in existence.
  65. One narrates the voyage of Telemachus who is looking for news about his father or, in other words, is looking for the father and the laws that he represents, beyond the maternal laws; the second narrates the transformational voyage that Ulysses undertakes with the help of Zeus, Athena and Hermes as he wanders around the Mediterranean; the third part narrates the preparation and the execution of the massacre of the Suitors, which is what Ulysses wants but which is what, above all, Zeus and Athena want to happen.
  66. A mind wanders the sands,.
  67. Where now she wanders none can tell,.

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