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Comeback in a sentence

is Sanskrit for Comeback.
But I predict a comeback.
She had made her comeback.
I had a comeback lined up.
They’re making a comeback.
'There'll be no comeback with this.
Jason was ready to have a comeback.

But homosexuality is making a comeback.
Suppressing a comeback, I turn and leave.
The Comeback Kid was about to blow a fuse.
"Fuck you, man," that was Grimes' comeback.
Mack bobbed his head, taking in the comeback.
Ha! My sense of humor was making a comeback.
saying she heard Ardara’s plans for a comeback.
Libby, who could not think of a smart comeback and.
Doris returned to high popular standing with her comeback.
He doubted those theories had made a comeback in that time.
Now my brain was free at last and fighting for a comeback.
it all out if they knew that they'd be no chance of comeback.
making a bit of a comeback with some of the Hollywood remakes.
to know basis so the intel crew and of course the comeback kid.
But back in the house he made a major comeback in her evaluation.
the amazing comeback by his team's opponents that resulted in the.
A hot chocolate break will give me a chance to plot my comeback.
One, that the snappy comeback is often delayed to a point it is no.
The Comeback Kid would be needing a remedy for his achy breaky heart.
I looked up at him curiously, Don’t you have a comeback for that?.
The slayer who spit fire shall see his final fate in fire after his comeback.
We made a comeback worthy of everything that SMB is all about, ignited by him.
How can the Comeback Kid come back from the dead? Surely this isn’t The End?.

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Synonyms for comeback

comeback counter rejoinder replication retort return riposte