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Riposte in a sentence

1. Jayde was ready with a riposte.
2. Rafael acknowledged the riposte with a twisted grin.
3. And when, during the campaign, a reporter asked what he would do first if elected, he came up with this classic riposte: „Demand a recount.
4. This could mean either the coming of the expected Japanese riposte to their stinging naval defeat of two days ago, or an attempt at deception.
5. Barrad’s sword lashed out with a vicious riposte that hit the giant’s coif, bruising his neck and causing him to fight for air from the blow.
6. The first ranks fell upon Barrad like a wave that would have drowned any normal person, but his movements were practically superhuman – side step, riposte, parry, lunge – two men fell dead.
7. Each time that line came around it was delivered with a different flourish: a swashbuckler’s panache, a black comical riposte, held with a steady gaze, tossed away with a wicked laugh or the ghost of a smile.

8. He gutted the first guard that had rushed off to the alarm with such haste that he had forgotten to don his armour, while at the same time he deflected a well-aimed lunge, sending a vicious riposte across the second guard’s throat.
9. A large axe was swung towards the head of the black cloaked warrior who moved with exceptional speed and precision, surprisingly into the blow, blocking the axe with crossed blades and sending a vicious riposte into the assailant’s face.

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1. And they live to be a hundred, Shelagh riposted.
2. I still prefer The Heretics, another riposted.
3. Posturing defensively in a trice, he barely riposted the headlong charge of multiple attackers.
4. Did I ever say I wasn’t? Cayleb riposted with a chuckle, but then his expression turned serious once more.
1. Crowds of people – mostly women, I notice – bustle about with baskets, their raucous ripostes to the chatter of the costers much as I have seen in some of the street markets of London.

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