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Replication in a sentence | replication example sentences

  1. The abnormal replication of cells is.
  2. Replication studies, however, have yielded mixed.
  3. It is an exact replication of its earthly counterpart.
  4. Make this divulgation in continuous process of replication.
  5. It was not like the kind of replication he usually practised.

  6. Higher scalability or replication occurs when products are.
  7. Replication is one of the major uses; that’s why we use this.
  8. Vitamin C has been shown to inhibit HIV replication in test tubes.
  9. On the other hand, the amino acid, lysine, inhibits viral replication.
  10. Serving the same function can be replication even if the means is different.
  11. As VCR progresses, the dynamics generated serve as templates for replication.
  12. All synthetic replication these days, but what mattered was the basic association.
  13. Virtual machine replication can be removed by using the Remove-VMReplication cmdlet.
  14. Sounds to me, sir, as if the replication were a complete success—it truly is you.
  15. At supplemental levels of intake lysine interferes with replication of herpes viruses.

  16. The Active Directory replication process relies on time stamps in only certain situations.
  17. It is as if a replication has risen from the dead, a perfect mirror image, nothing within.
  18. Janice was even more extreme in her reaction to the new replication of food and materials.
  19. In this method, replication traffic always travels in one direction, from the PDC to the BDCs.
  20. Zinc preparations have been shown to inhibit the replication of herpes simplex in the test tube.
  21. Combining (1) and (2) logically makes the business case for HF replication and HF beta products.
  22. The example shown in the following screenshot reverses the replication of the virtual machine, VM01:.
  23. It is the most efficient way to discourage replication, by making the process too expensive to set up.
  24. The example shown in the following screenshot resynchronizes replication of the virtual machine, VM01:.
  25. The example shown in the following screenshot gets the replication configuration of the local replica server:.

  26. These tissues have a greater than average need for Vitamin B6 due to the high replication rate of these cells.
  27. This way, if a controller goes offline, replication between all of the other domain controllers is still possible.
  28. The cost of this replication is equal to the sum of all the cash flows resulting from the dynamic hedging process.
  29. Studies indicate that Lipoic Acid inhibits HIV replication by reducing the activity of reverse transcriptase (the.
  30. If you do this, you must manually create site link bridge objects in order to route replication traffic in this way.
  31. Whichever change has the later time stamp is the one that becomes operative when the replication process is completed.
  32. The example shown in the following screenshot gets the replication monitoring details of a virtual machine named VM01:.
  33. Both tool-use and ritual contain the same elements of replication, and repetition… all narrowly controlled and defined.
  34. Sirhan is found guilty amid a replication of the kind of conspiracy theories that trailed his brother’s assassination, i.
  35. Finally, replication events between sites are not automatically triggered by modifications to the Active Directory database.
  36. One can further interpret replication of a binary pattern as the execution of a particular command (make a copy of this in you).
  37. The example shown in the following screenshot gets the replication settings of all the virtual machines in the Replicating state:.
  38. For example, database replication tasks can easily monopolize a WAN link for extended periods of time, delaying normal user activities.
  39. Given an exact replication of any situation by any of your senses can trigger not only emotions but also the associations in your mind.
  40. A single domain can have any number of domain controllers, all of which contain the same information, thanks to the AD replication system.
  41. By default, the site links you create are transitive, meaning that they are bridged together, enabling them to route replication traffic.
  42. One study has found that the antioxidant inhibits the replication of influenza A and B viruses by changing the membrane of the virus cells.
  43. In the same way, if you add a new domain controller, the KCC modifies the replication topology to include it in the data synchronization process.
  44. If we minimally did this, it would free in-class teachers to mentor the students in thinking and cooperating, not rote replication and competition.
  45. You can customize the replication topology of your network by creating your own connections and scheduling the times during which they may be used.
  46. As a rule, the KCC creates a replication topology in which each domain controller is no more than three hops away from any other domain controller.
  47. All replication: replication was invented by the first humans who replicated icons of decapitated heads that anthropologists mistake as ‘beads’.
  48. Second, all replication data transmitted over intersite connections is compressed to minimize the amount of bandwidth utilized by the replication process.
  49. The example shown in the following screenshot resets the replication statistics of all the replication-enabled virtual machines on the local Hyper-V host:.
  50. It seems as if the TCC sequence is acting as a genetic marker which is causing the next replication of the strand to be lengthened with more TTAGGG repeats.
  51. Just as with domains in the same site, Active Directory creates a replication topology between domains in different sites, but with several key differences.
  52. The example shown in the following screenshot gets the replication monitoring details of all the virtual machines that have a replication health as Warning:.
  53. Even though replication of a realized variance or VIX position is not a practical choice for most traders, in theory, it is possible to create such a position.
  54. Because the WAN links between sites are assumed to be slower, Active Directory attempts to minimize the amount of replication traffic that passes between them.
  55. However, sites still appear as objects in Active Directory, along with several other object types that you use to configure your network’s replication topology.
  56. The example shown in the following screenshot removes the replication relationships from all the replication-enabled virtual machines on the local Hyper-V host:.
  57. However, the painting of The Last Supper, has undergone massive restoration work since its creation and is unlikely to be an exact replication of the original work.
  58. Portfolio insurance, or option replication, is a method by which the dynamic hedging process is used to create a position with the same characteristics as an option.
  59. For example, if you have a site link object connecting Site A to Site B and another one connecting Site B to Site C, then Site A can send replication traffic to Site C.
  60. This type of replication enables us to do most option strategies in a variety of ways, and leads to many useful relationships between options and the underlying contract.
  61. But VIX replication requires the purchase of one strip and the sale of the one strip, and it turns out that gamma values of each strip will approximately offset each other.
  62. First, there are fewer connections between domain controllers at different sites than with a site; the three-hop rule is not observed for the intersite replication topology.
  63. The example shown in the following screenshot stops the initial replication of all the virtual machines whose initial replication is in progress on the local replica server:.
  64. While a site link object groups two site objects, a site link bridge object groups two site link objects, making it possible for replication traffic to be routed between them.
  65. However, when a domain controller receives an attribute modification in the replication traffic from another domain controller, it does not modify the property version number.
  66. Many applications that require periodic data replication, including directory services such as Active Directory, enable you to specify when these activities should take place.
  67. A domain controller detects collisions by comparing the attribute values and property version numbers received during a replication event with those stored in its own database.
  68. The reason for dividing a domain into logical units that reflect the physical layout of the network is to control the replication traffic that passes over the slower WAN links.
  69. The attributes of site link objects include various mechanisms for determining when and how often Active Directory should use the link to transmit replication traffic between sites:.
  70. Zinc interferes with viral replication in test tubes, may interfere with the ability of viruses to enter cells of the body, may help immune cells to fight a cold, and may relieve cold.
  71. About four or five days after the combination of egg and sperm trigger cell replication some of those divided cells have formed a protective sack around a group of about 30 inner cells.
  72. A son, being a sexual replication of the father, of necessity tends to express more of the masculine traits that the father has offered than will a girl-child, but there are exceptions.
  73. The relatively slow speed of the average WAN connection also affects the replication process between domain controllers, and for this reason, Active Directory can break up a domain into sites.
  74. The example shown in the following screenshot starts initial replication over the network for all the virtual machines on the local Hyper-V host for which the initial replication is pending:.
  75. Because the domain controllers are all located on the same site, they are assumed to be well connected, and the KCC is willing to expend network bandwidth in the interest of replication speed.
  76. Instead, replication can be scheduled to occur at specified times and intervals to minimize the effect on standard user traffic and to take advantage of lower bandwidth costs during off-hours.
  77. Windows NT domains are replicated using a technique called single master replication, in which a single PDC with read-write capabilities replicates its data to one or more BDCs that are read-only.
  78. Active Directory, for example, enables you to split your internetwork into units called sites and regulate the time and frequency of the replication that occurs between domain controllers at different sites.
  79. Similarly, replication of results by other researchers is as applicable to magical science as to materialistic science: that’s how we learn it in the first place, and how experienced magicians train neophytes).
  80. The example shown in the following screenshot starts initial replication over the network for the virtual machines whose destination path is mentioned, on the local Hyper-V host for which initial replication is pending:.
  81. There is another type of object that you can create in the Inter-Site Transports container, called a site link bridge object, that is designed to make it possible to route replication traffic through one remote site to others.
  82. Whenever an attribute changes, the domain controller increments the USN and stores it with the attribute, whether the change results from direct action by an administrator or replication traffic received from another domain controller.
  83. It’s amazing to think the simple mixing and grouping of atoms that formed molecules as plain and abundant as water has led to the marvelously sophisticated process of precise replication found in animals as diverse as butterflies and whales.
  84. Once you have created objects representing the sites that form your network and the links that connect them, the KCC can create connections that form the replication topology for the entire internetwork, subject to the limitations imposed by the site link object attributes.
  85. Obviously Self is not an identical replication of the Creator, as Self was created with a ‘physical’ body thus experiencing Time, but may be created in the image of the Creator as Spirit (non-atom spiritual energy) and thus experiences Timelessness as an expression and characteristic of the Spirit.
  86. Here is a recap on option pricing using the replication argument: in the classic Black–Scholes–Merton (BSM) world [1] option traders can continuously delta-hedge the market-directional (delta) risk of their options by trading offsetting amounts of the underlying security, and thus create a synthetic risk-free asset.
  87. Replication occurs primarily within domains, but when multiple domains are located at the same site, the KCC also creates connections between the global catalog servers for each domain so that they can exchange information and create a replica of the entire Active Directory containing the subset of attributes that form the binding data.
  88. If hedge funds can be characterized as an asset class, then the list of alternatives may be extended to include managed futures (typically momentum-oriented commodity-trading advisors or CTAs), global tactical asset allocation managers (typically value-oriented investors), active FX, volatility trading, alternative betas and hedge fund replication, as well as investments focused on corporate governance, sustainable development, and shareholder activism.

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