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Impart in a sentence

They are used to impart.
And oft in whispers would impart.
With my spirit that I impart, I.
That is what such a being would impart.
No experiential basis with which to impart wisdom.
BELIEVE that it is undoubtedly God's purpose to impart.
M: Yes, the reality you impart to it by taking it to be real.

Others want to impart as much knowledge as time and money allows.
That is the timeless yog which I now impart to you, because you.
Let no parent squander the opportunity to impart happiness to children.
He had no words of comfort to impart, nothing of wisdom or understanding.
I am trying to impart to you the understanding of how the United States.
They don’t impart moral values or attempt to explain the universe?
All she could impart was information, the action had to come from that side.
Nothing rdlects more dearly the meanings we impart to the sexual act formen as.
Smith's face as he concentrated his thoughts into words and prepared to impart them.
Notice these verse and chapter numbers and the redundant symbolism they impart to the.
It is the Father of all who impart continuance forever and ever to those who are saved.
Pocock wanted the shell to have the fastest possible racing bottom he could impart to it.
And these tales, like the Rollo books, impart much valuable information to the uninitiated.
The two arks of the Bible impart the message that ancient wisdom was placed into specially.
Parables most often impart illustrations of good judgment and/or the weighing of ideas through.
Sometimes these tufts impart a rather brigandish expression to his otherwise solemn countenance.
Blow–To cause to move in a specific direction or way, hence to impart a primary motivation to.
He remembered a movie he’d seen years earlier and decided to use this wisdom to impart on Stu.
Now deceased, the best clinicians in the world have tried to capture and impart his skills to others.
Christianity further used these embellished Hebrew texts as the basis for its own deceptions; to impart.
The red and gold shirts were enjoying a modest success, due impart to their surprise, simultaneous attack.
Many of these financial service credentials are pure window dressing and do not impart a fiduciary duty.
That word impart means to transfer, or to put into someone's life, to bring into them something which they need.
It would be hard to suggest anything that could be read in five minutes that would impart so much to think about.
So in other words we will eat the fruit of the words we speak, and the words we speak can impart something to us.
Paul has spoken, and he said: I really long to come to you, that I might impart to you some spiritual gift.
It is part of the beauty shop's trade to impart such information--at least of a beauty shop in this neighbourhood.
Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, can now start to impart His thoughts and His ways of thinking direct into our minds.
Fresh green chillies whole--4 (Whole chillies only impart a lovely flavor to the cuisine and will NOT make it spicy).
Alpatych, mastering his offended feelings, kept pace with Rostov at a gliding gait and continued to impart his views.
It is enough that you have an overview of what you will impart to the interviewer, and it is better to be spontaneous.
Alpátych, mastering his offended feelings, kept pace with Rostóv at a gliding gait and continued to impart his views.
O wonderful son, that can so astonish a mother! But is there no sequel at the heels of this mother's admiration? Impart.

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