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    1. He was the only full blooded Brazilian in this household, but he used his immense wealth to impart a bit of the style of his homeland in the timbers, the stucco and the tile

    2. That is what such a being would impart

    3. All she could impart was information, the action had to come from that side

    4. Lawrence Spelman took advantage of their shared quarters to discuss with Harry certain things he had been wishing to impart

    5. The three of them had immediately donned their uniforms in order to help impart a measure of authority to what they were about to do

    6. He related stories of gangs, fights, stolen cars and the hijacking of a truck, as he tried to impart a sense of how it had been, growing up as Boston ‘Southies’

    7. [Suddenly]…a vast moving panorama spread out before him…Did his people have an understanding that a certain few of those among their generations seemed to have a gift of communication whereby they could impart a wisdom far beyond what any earthly hero could have acquired through a life experience?

    8. He would have to use the symbols of his time that might best simulate what he had witnessed with the aid of qualifiers such as; ‘It was as if, it felt like, it sounded as though,’ in order to impart some small understanding of the vastness of what he had been privileged to witness

    9. Fresh green chillies whole--4 (Whole chillies only impart a lovely flavor to the cuisine and will NOT make it spicy)

    10. is more than willing to reveal and impart His death

    11. ity that I impart to the present event

    12. M: Yes, the reality you impart to it by taking it to be real

    13. Furthermore, he takes pride in continuing to impart to today’s youth through his teaching, the linguistic wealth of his adored Spain and the admirable fertility of its unfading and delectable culture

    14. no news to impart, but her superior used the road trips as an opportunity to try to have

    15. 26 And Moses remained yet with the Lord forty days and forty nights, and the Lord instructed him in statutes and judgments to impart to Israel

    16. ‘lethal’ in anyone’s book, but a few glasses of the stuff did impart a

    17. 26 And Moses remained yet with the Lord forty days and forty nights and the Lord instructed him in statutes and judgments to impart to Israel

    18. She should ask him about the little battle training he and Talus might have managed to impart to the people in spite of the sense of failure she had already gleaned from him, but she could not

    19. When he glances round, desperate to see if she has any wisdom she can impart, the First Elder is running in the other direction, away from the tree of death

    20. Beloved brother in spirit, renowned across all of Christendom for the abundance of your spiritual graces, to you alone have I desired to impart -- and God is our only witness -- by this tear-stained letter, under what a load of misery and what a crushing burden of worldly distractions we are weighted down

    21. BELIEVE that it is undoubtedly God's purpose to impart

    22. intervene in our lives; God will impart the gifts of the Spirit to

    23. Embrace God’s thoughts with delight and expectation; so that He may impart in you creative wealth to release to countless generations

    24. receive all the blessings He is waiting to impart

    25. “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers

    26. If earthly created things can taste that good, how much more do you think the purely spiritual and creative attributes of God taste? Hmm hmm good! Notice how the verses above said that His words are sweeter than honey, and are what we are to live by? His words impart His attributes, so we live by the good tasting attributes of His love!

    27. As He did so I would sense His loving flowing through my being, and then He would often impart revelations into my heart during this time

    28. probable that one of the ways chromosomes impart design is through the

    29. The next 22 years or so (and maybe several more years) were spent off the beaten path and in these pages I have attempted to impart to the reader the enthusiasm and satisfaction we have felt and still feel about this part of my career

    30. And invariably would he tell these distressed mortals about the love of God and impart the information, by various and sundry methods, that they were the children of this loving Father in heaven

    31. Likewise, mindless preoccupation with artha might help man accumulate wealth but it would hardly impart richness to his life

    32. Go then, Simon, teaching and preaching the kingdom, and when you have a man safely and securely within the kingdom, then is the time, when such a one shall come to you with inquiries, to impart instruction having to do with the progressive advancement of the soul within the divine kingdom

    33. It is but natural that the urge to grow and the need to split would have impacted on the plunamic memory to impart a sense of separation to it

    34. 5 While the religion of authority may impart a present feeling of settled security, you pay for such a transient satisfaction the price of the loss of your spiritual freedom and religious liberty

    35. And who can judge -- perhaps this spirit may have something to impart to this generation which other generations have refused to hear?

    36. with loss of will – the truth he did to her impart

    37. He long pondered this talk in the depths of his soul, but he told no man concerning this conference until after Jesus' ascension; and even then he feared to impart the full story of the Master's instruction

    38. all her thoughts and feelings did she impart

    39. that he did to all impart

    40. Nothing rdlects more dearly the meanings we impart to the sexual act formen as

    41. Aerith, the Cetra who had brought about Holy to save the world from Meteor and had died in the doing, still remained as a ghost in the Lifestream that would appear when she was needed by the Planet to impart a thing, or to make certain things went as they should

    42. And to note that, poetry should by all means be used constructively to impart positivity into the lives of all poem lovers

    43. To try to impart a sense of unity and order, and just as importantly to convince others of Jewish authority, writers and editors assembled unrelated passages together in books attributed to “prophets” of centuries past

    44. The gravity sails of the KOSTROMA were only powerful enough to impart to the ship, when at full load, an acceleration of less than two meters per second square, making it look slow and ponderous

    45. Others want to impart as much knowledge as time and money allows

    46. Let no parent squander the opportunity to impart happiness to children

    47. Some of the best wisdom parents can impart to their children is to teach personal responsibility and tolerance of others

    48. ancestors, who would impart advice and wisdom

    49. The red and gold shirts were enjoying a modest success, due impart to their surprise, simultaneous attack

    50. He had no words of comfort to impart, nothing of wisdom or understanding

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    Synonyms for "impart"

    carry channel conduct convey impart transmit give leave pass on add bestow bring contribute lend liberal broad cosmopolitan just equitable unbiased unprejudiced dispassionate detached

    "impart" definitions

    transmit (knowledge or skills)

    bestow a quality on

    transmit or serve as the medium for transmission