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Crappy in a sentence

It was a crappy job.
A crappy lock at that.
Sure, we were in a crappy.
I’m still in a crappy job.
You see, his diet was crappy!.
It was on the crappy side, though.
And my life is nothing but crappy.

It didn’t seem so crappy anymore.
Fatso must have a crappy, nappy.
Maybe this crappy job isn't worth it.
Instead of living a life that's crappy.
Of course they’d put her somewhere crappy.
I quickly realized this would be a crappy test.
Together we’ll rule this crappy little planet.
Every crappy job went to the lowest ranks first.
I don’t care about that…or this crappy world.
Of course she wasn’t just a crappy cock-teaser.
She had this crappy pistol, which jammed all the time.
Child-rearing manuals give crappy advice on this one.
That is what our crappy leaders in society are afraid of.
All wars are crappy, but this one is more crappy than most.
Why was it crappy, you ask? he said, mimicking Colin.
But I was still feeling crappy about my set-to with Wayne L.
I’m still in the crappy part of town, but I can’t have it all.
We've been a prisoner to their crappy and useless products for too.
What a crappy teacher you are, was delivered matter-of-factly by Dr.
Amy grabs your arm and drags you over to some crappy little airport cafe.
The light-bearer, when the door opens, is a fat guy with a crappy moustache.
Mind, Your Eminence, they’re the usual odds and sods with crappy weapons.
Crappy choices, granted, but even crappy choices are better than none at all.
Jeez, what a shitty way to die—in some crappy little dung-hole sleazy diner.
Finally, half under his breath, he murmured, Same reason we all feel crappy.
Can't you accept that you did crappy thing, for once? my rage was growing.
They’d objected, saying that they didn’t mind the crappy partition, as it.
I told him about the crappy original paintings scheme he had for the gallery.
They had been driving for almost another fifteen minutes in the crappy old car on.
They certainly would be more effective than the crappy store of coffee they had in.
I had been in a crappy mood all week because there had been no sign of Oleg and his.
To save yourself years of learning and lots of money wasted on crappy courses simply:.
My mind was still in high gear, boosted by my surging hormones and the whole crappy day.

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