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Rotten in a sentence

It was rotten and dry.
Jeff was a rotten apple.
The rotten son of a bitch.
Of all the rotten luck.
It was rotten at the core.
I feel rotten doing nothing.
It was worse than rotten.

Sores rotten and full of Worms.
I just wished they WAS rotten.
They're a rotten pair of shoes.
Our gunboats are almost rotten.
That’s a rotten piece of luck.
It’s the whole rotten country.
He kept a rotten one for himself.
It is more rotten, and more evil.
Her teeth were jagged and rotten.
That other smell, rotten? The pier.
He had no pity in his rotten soul.
The heat had made the apple rotten.
He was beyond impure, he was rotten.
It was rotten of George to ask them.
But he's rotten as touchwood by now.
You rotten son of a bitch, Dwayne.
The place smelled of rotten food and.
They both agreed it was a rotten world.
The few she had left yellow and rotten.
There was also something rotten on her.
He was a rotten son of a bitch when.
Diner: I can't eat such a rotten chicken.
They eat the leftovers of rotten animals.
His heart is as rotten as a black Huorn's.
Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten are shadows.
There was a smell of rotten meat and death.
The clouds smell like rotten eggs to Jaden.
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
It’s probably all cooked, cold or rotten.
I had forgotten all about that rotten excuse.
All the kids adore him and spoil him rotten.
The meat he uses is rotten and foul smelling.
Rotten, awful, terrible, pick your adjective.

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