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Lousy in a sentence

She was lousy with dough.
I may have been a lousy.
Success is a lousy teacher.
He had a lousy personality.
All we got was that lousy.
What a fuckin' lousy world.
For a few lousy cornfields?

It was old and lousy though.
Boy, was she lousy with rocks.
I had faith in that lousy drug.
All for a lousy hundred dollars.
She gave me a lousy three.
Lousy with them, said Billy.
He was lousy at high school sports.
I got was this lousy bumpersticker.
You ain't no good now, you lousy tart.
Wow! Less than 15% is a lousy figure.
Certainly the Palace was lousy with it.
You ain’t no good now, you lousy tart.
By all accounts I was a lousy mess steward.
Stop wasting your time with lousy prospects.
Lousy sponge baths! And another thing….
It’s been a really lousy couple of weeks.
Lousy swaggering bastard, that's him all over.
It was a lousy film and we knew it could have.
We went lousy, Johnny White noted simply.
Darryl always said what a lousy cook Jonathan was.
God, what lousy timing, just when I need it most.
I'd spent a king's ransom in about two lousy weeks.
He did the same lousy old half gainer all day long.
I'm not kidding, the hotel was lousy with perverts.
If a company has a lousy track record, but a very.
What was lousy about it? You had a lovely lamb chop.
Your last name? That or you’re a lousy speller.
He made lousy coffee, but perfect Heimlich maneuvers.
Her experience was pretty lousy, worse than Tara’s.
Brian looked at him and said, You’re a lousy liar.
How about a job? A really dangerous one with lousy pay.
Three lousy dollars was all that was left in his wallet.
Not but what they're a lousy lot, there's no denying it.

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