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Icky in a sentence

Nature itself becomes disgusting, icky, alien, feared.
It gives you an icky feeling whenever you are at school.
I like being… with you, Icky, she added with a grin.
Seeing the undulations of her legs working together was a little icky.
He could find no strands of web, but the icky feeling had quickly turned.
She was a bit icky about crossing the ant-lion field, so he raked it smooth and laid the.
She knew the arrangement was wrong, but could describe what was wrong with it no more articulately than to say it was all icky.

My child is definitely not in a deep sleep state when she shouts out Map in order to help Dora find her way over and across the icky, sticky, sand.
Before you know it, she has you sitting on the stool and has begun to apply an icky,.

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