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Shitty in a sentence

I have a shitty mom.
He was a shitty husband.
Not for this shitty fog.
It was a shitty thing to do.
It is all still really shitty.
You’re right, it was shitty.
Even the stuff I knew was shitty.

That’s a shitty craving to have.
It’s a shitty way to communicate.
I bet you get a lot of shitty looks.
I was shitty to you with that note.
This weather is pretty shitty?
Those are shitty nylon suitcases man.
All shitty brown, if you’ll pardon.
Got a shitty on mate? asked Stu.
This had turned into a real shitty day.
That’s a shitty thing to say, Nick.
Yeah, it was smart, but still shitty.
That's a very shitty thing to do to a.
That's a shitty idea Archie, we should.
It could be classified as a shitty grin.
This is going to be one hell of a shitty.
It was a really shitty day to spend in county.
Bleach blonde bimbo with a shitty makeup job.
Too bad she had such shitty taste in music.
But she is still such a horrendously shitty mom.
It’s sort of shitty and I don’t recommend it.
And you do twice as shitty job! Cindy barked.
What’s with me and shitty situations as of late?
Reception is shitty around here, she complained.
The weekend mostly goes by in a quick and shitty manner.
What a shitty thing to do, he muttered to himself.
As I chopped vegetables, I told Joe about my shitty day.
If he had a kid, then he’s a really shitty father.
Goddammit, Shitty, what are you doing back there?
I said he was a shitty agent, not a shitty politician.
And I’m sorry that I was shitty to you this morning.
It wasn't his problem if Massie had some shitty attitude.
I can tell you still are wearing shitty clothes by the way.
And who really had the balls to pull off such a shitty or-.

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