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Stinky in a sentence

Stinky finger of hitting on.
Even if it was huge and stinky.
It's very stinky inside the tent.
I’m fat and stinky and ugly.
You don't use stinky sticks nor do I.
Hit the showers ya’ stinky mutts.
With all those stinky boys? Think not.

Stinky, but cute; and so is the kitten.
Stinky, but I still loved to help him unpack.
Ha, ha, ha, stinky you’re not bullet proof.
And yes, it was a stinky wino who spoke with.
I can't tell you how stinky those bodies were.
Like a stinky pea in a pod, wooo weee!.
Sir, what the hell is that stinky smell?
By the way, this judgment will be a stinky one too.
Stinky, slowly turn so that your butt is facing me.
The Montreal Animal Shelter is a very stinky place.
Who was this small, stinky child, and where did my.
Stinky nodded a couple of times and made a mental note.
Steve wished for some cool sneakers for his stinky feet.
Except he will not touch the stinky man's undergarments.
True story and ever since then he has been called Stinky.
Montreal, his trip was very long, and unfortunately stinky.
Tina rolled on her belly and buried her face in the stinky.
Not to mention that his soggy armpits were somewhat stinky.
I fell onto the stinky chocolate fudge while I was walking.
No way, you retard! Where will we hide that stinky log of.
Actually, it was a gargantuan mound of stinky chocolate fudge.
Here comes stinky man now, the imp said, covering his nostrils.
And anyway, as mountaineers say: "Where it is stinky, it's warm".
What are those stinky beasts? he asked in his musical voice.
By the time she covered them in the stinky mess, she finally felt that.
Thus the speed of odor is the limiting factor in this nuthouse stinky universe.
It was like being trapped in the sarcophagus of the stinky socks, she said.
I called out for Stinky to come help me but he was on the other side of the water.
She felt sticky and stinky and wished she could take a shower and brush her teeth.
She was hungry, but not so hungry that she would dip her nose into that stinky muck.
He motioned to Rex to give him the stinky stuff, and applied some to his blistered feet.
He let off an odor that was so stinky that the ball thrower coughed and cover his nose.
So, your face was covered with stinky chocolate fudge and the flies converged upon your face.

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malodorous stinky crappy icky lousy rotten shitty stinking

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