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Sorry in a sentence | sorry example sentences

  1. Oh, I am so sorry.
  2. I said I was sorry.
  3. I am sorry, but I.
  4. I am sorry, my Remi.
  5. Not as sorry as I am.

  6. So sorry that I had.
  7. Oh! I am so sorry.
  8. I felt sorry for him.
  9. He felt sorry for her.
  10. I'm sorry to hear it.
  11. I am sorry I am late.
  12. I felt sorry for Sid.
  13. I feel sorry for her.
  14. I'm sorry I ran away.
  15. I felt sorry for her.

  16. I feel sorry for him.
  17. Sorry to be so blunt.
  18. Mam, I am so sorry.
  19. I am so sorry, Pat.
  20. I'd felt sorry for it.
  21. Sorry to hear the news.
  22. I cant be more sorry.
  23. I know, and I'm sorry.
  24. I felt sorry for them.
  25. Sorry about the flask.

  26. Sorry about that mate.
  27. I’m so sorry, Mr.
  28. I'm sorry, my dear.
  29. I’m so sorry, Val.
  30. I’m so sorry, Dad.

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