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Terminate in a sentence

Does that terminate our trust?
We have been ordered to terminate.
Terminate him along with the others.
Here terminate the memoirs of Peter Grineff.
That we terminate our visits to the past.
This was the place to terminate Thomas Pierce.
The Board has decided to terminate your work.

End command is simply used to terminate the program.
He had not expected it to terminate as it had done.
Now activated, he could do nothing to terminate it.
Shall we terminate our conference for the night?
I have authorization to terminate you, Lieutenant.
Those of the speech wheel terminate at: (9) the two.
Max feels he has reasonable and just cause to terminate.
The Commonwealth will try and terminate parental rights.
But Fauchelevent was in too great a hurry to terminate this.
It also means they could terminate them earlier if necessary.
He can terminate the deals made to perpetrators on behalf of.
He had never seen the instrument that was to terminate his life.
We determined that the best course was to terminate our service.
But a navy would infallibly terminate in aristocracy and monarchy.
I’ll terminate the co-pilot and help with the bodies as needed.
It occurred to Johnson that he could still terminate this slaughter.
You know that my love for your sister will terminate only with my life.
Unresolved conflicts destroy unity and may terminate in mind disruption.
I could not simply terminate friendships, many held for over a decade.
It would terminate existing states of emergency and grant Congress the.
Can you terminate the link with Data? Doctor Selar asked, forcing.
Lester took the first available break in the conversation to terminate it.
We'll just have to terminate him on the grounds of inadequate performance.
The tenant will be entitled, on receipt of such a notice, to terminate the.
We will not terminate every Chaotic Humanoid that stands before us this night.
If they are, it will mean that you might be required to terminate all of them.
Garcia out, Garcia said, giving Trini a sign to terminate the transmission.
Once the shuttle bay doors close, you can terminate that holographic projection.
The RCMP should immediately suspend him without pay and terminate him and then.
He had then been forced to terminate these cases by referral to a public mental.
Alternatively, the firm could build in an option to terminate the agreement with.
It is decided to terminate the trials and recommend adoption of the new treatment.
If this happens again, we are going to have to terminate your father’s stay with us.
Because of the cost of terminating a E X H I B I T 3.
The long agony of their love was terminating in an ascension.
As he said the virus is little by little terminating his immune system.
This is very similar to function header except the terminating semicolon.
My fighters hence chose to assist in terminating the siege of Tinkerburg.
A firm intending to be sold should also look at the costs of terminating its.
What steps to you plan to take before terminating an employee? ______________.
The Grand Marshall sighed heavily and thanked the source, terminating the link.
It went right on through the heart, terminating in thoracic vertebra number four.
They reached a large crossroads, one great hallway terminating into the middle of another.
The disasters of the war admonish us, we are told, of the necessity of terminating the contest.
The only safe way of terminating useless debate is that followed in the British House of Commons.
The first is that the market must have made a pattern that suggests the current trend could be terminating.
The small range of hills beginning at the south line of Deerfield, and terminating in Gill, deserves description.
Terminating that call, Moore then called his boss to pass the news and obtain permission to advise the President.
Terminating the lives of these millions of beings was surely against Directive doctrine regardless of circumstance.
It is unnecessary for systems to terminate the network layer protocol connections before terminating the PPP connection.
Terminating the dealership relationships and closing down non-performing company stores were helping to improve the business.
Let g(i,S) be the length of a shortest path starting at vertex i, going through all vertices in S, and terminating at vertex 1.
A shout of laughter greeted his entrance; noisy at first, and terminating in Grace Poole’s own goblin ha! ha! Shethen was there.
I meant to rise in order to find some new way of terminating myself, but found instead that I was bound ankle and wrist to the cot.
I had to think of terminating my dead-end job at the institute and think twice as hard how to achieve my objective to get out of Egypt.
The analyst must decide what the chances are of terminating the losses in the future, and view the current price of the stock accordingly.
He drank the spirits and impatiently bade us go; terminating his command with a sequel of horrid imprecations, too bad to repeat or remember.
Any of the factors that can suggest an end of a trend on one time frame (overextension, momentum divergence, specific terminating formations, etc.
The synapses are more or less replaced by functional groups terminating the polymer chains that run lengthwise along the axon’s and dendrite’s surfaces.
If a datagram contains a byte with the value c0, the system alters it to the 2-byte string db dc before transmission to avoid terminating the packet incorrectly.
In the geological map attached to Professor Cleaveland's Mineralogy, the alluvial country bordering on the Gulf of Mexico, is represented as terminating at Natchez.
At the same time, there are safe alternatives to PVC, and rather than terminating operations, a corporation could stay in business and produce a harmless substitute.
After terminating the call and feeling irrationally pleased with herself that she knew how to, she pottered around the house, cleaning and tidying … it was satisfying.
He said he’d checked with his lawyer, who assured him that terminating an employee over a garnishment order was not illegal within the Commonwealth of Virginia, contrary to what Ms.
There did not appear to be important people or institutions, such as customers, employees, or suppliers, who could harm the takeover target by terminating relationships with the company.
In this latter bird the lamellae of the upper mandible are much coarser than in the common duck, almost confluent, about twenty-seven in number on each side, and terminating upward in teeth-like knobs.
Both ends of the line are exposed; the lower end terminating in an eye-splice or loop coming up from the bottom against the side of the tub, and hanging over its edge completely disengaged from everything.
At the bottom was a sunk fence; its sole separation from lonely fields: a winding walk, bordered with laurels and terminating in a giant horse-chestnut, circled at the base by a seat, led down to the fence.
In comparison, weight training strengthens the muscle throughout the range of motion the joint is trained in, causing an increase in physical strength from the initiating through to terminating joint angle.
The method followed by the Barnsdall Oil Company appears therefore clearly open to criticism, since it served merely to terminate the reporting of its refining losses without really terminating the losses themselves.
His heart sank when he saw the shadow of Jalesow’s arm, terminating in the unmistakable blunt outline of an automatic pistol, separate from the solid outline of his shadow on the snow and raise to point at the back of his head.
The Englishman took out a few leather-bound Bibles from his traveling bag, and soon a number of muscular hands, terminating in long black nails, were stretched out toward him, pushing each other aside in order to reach the Testaments.
Although no absolute satisfaction is given to philosophy, either to circumscribe the cause or to limit the effect, the contemplator falls into those unfathomable ecstasies caused by these decompositions of force terminating in unity.
Tomassi then terminated the link.
And then he terminated the call.
It abruptly terminated with a round.
I thanked him and terminated the call.
Instructors had been terminated from.
The comms officer terminated the call.
His life ought to have been terminated.
As the link terminated, Ella and George.
The Andorian terminated the transmission.
Now I know that you are really terminated.
The call was terminated from the other end.
The call has terminated, the car said.
The interview has been terminated at 15:08.
The electrophoresis was terminated in each.
Fine, Klim said, and terminated the call.
The interview has been terminated at….
With a brisk thank you, she terminated.
Pedro always terminated the lives of those pups.
Question: And by whose death was it terminated?
The interview with After Coffman is terminated.
Remember, this template is terminated by a semicolon.
Yes, Klim said, and terminated the conversation.
The sky terminated abruptly, its edge a serrated tear.
Wa then terminated the link and sighed, his heart heavy.
Yaaaa, I said and my yaaaa terminated into a yawn.
It was a year since she had terminated their love affair.
The call terminated and Calvin breathed a sigh of relief.
Dawn, the secretary and receptionist, was gone, terminated.
Boulders’ involvement with the cult was terminated rapidly.
I have found some that were terminated by triedral pyramids.
Jesus’ pre-resurrection practice of worship was terminated.
The communication exchange was terminated, Garcia said.
Farah was nearly jubilant as Kern terminated the communication.
To my knowledge, no other staff has ever been terminated for.
On his orders, one of the other officers terminated the alarm.
By the time that exercise was terminated, day had fully dawned.
Mikhail terminated the conversation and switched off his phone.
Stimulation of dopamine receptors is terminated by reuptake of.
Your life will come to an end just the way a dream is terminated.
As a result, God in Christ terminated the relationship and after.
Thus terminates the day's friendship.
It terminates not far from the line of Vermont.
The treeline terminates at the 1,800 metre level.
He’s still laughing as he terminates the connection.
A rising market often terminates with a frenzy of buying – and.
Algorithm terminates when all vertices are connected into one tree.
Entering 0 terminates the program and forces a branch to the label.
That is at least twice as bad as the act that terminates a pregnancy.
When the link remains idle for a preset time, the connection terminates.
Washington Heights, the Manhattan neighborhood where the bridge terminates.
For identifiers in the same class Ei, the search terminates at the same external node.
In the most desperate situations, death shows up and terminates our classes in School Earth.
It gives an account of his own reign and terminates by invoking the protection of the gods.
Then, in tiny typescript on a postage-stamp section of uncrushed paper, he read: 'Fax message terminates.
Artificial lightning terminates his life before he can regret his blunder, and its considerable consequences.
In fact, when you sell your own shares, that terminates your relationship with the company and its public offerings.
Any given degree, as C, terminates six different concords; a Vth, IIId, and 3d above, and the same intervals below it.
The excavation gradually diminishes in size as you proceed backward, till at 100 feet from the entrance, it terminates.
Usually, this is not difficult: if an uptrend terminates, the market will stop going up, and vice versa for a downtrend.
Nothing in history resembles that quarter of an hour which begins in 1814 and terminates about 1820, with the advent of M.
Final divergence of personality will from the trend of the universes terminates in intellectual isolation, personality segregation.
Also, it terminates the bureaucracy in the economic relations among countries with tributary inspection that regulates the exportation and importation.
This because the unique task allocates the resources dynamicalally when they are required and it turns them available in the market when its execution terminates.
It is absurd to say, that any right is absolute, which is wholly relative to the inclination of another; which lasts only as long as he chooses, and terminates at his nod.
At this place the river passes with a very rapid current directly across the course of a mountain, which terminates abruptly, and forms the precipice on the north bank of the river.
Then the luxuriant swell of flesh that rose from the small of his back, and terminates its double cope at where the thighs are set off, perfectly dazzled one with its watery glistening gloss.
Winding to the southwest, it keeps a course north of the Tennessee river, in some places nearly parallel with it; passes a few miles to the southeast of Huntsville in the Alabama Territory, and not long after terminates.
To reach it you must descend the hill by a blind path, which winds through a thicket of trees, and terminates at the instant when the whole bridge with its broad sides and lofty arch, all of solid rock, appears perfectly in sight.
For instance, imagine that a trading time frame trend terminates into a trading range, the higher time frame has shown multiple trend legs in the same direction, and the higher time frame is now overextended and is showing a momentum divergence.
With this, it puts an end to the use of intermediate coins, it terminates the high cost of the administration of the money, as well as it terminates the devaluations of the coins as economic fundamental to stimulate exportation and to inhibit importation.
The Grand Sewer, which is, it must be remembered, nothing else than the old brook of Menilmontant, terminates, if one ascends it, in a blind sack, that is to say, at its ancient point of departure which was its source, at the foot of the knoll of Menilmontant.
In the form of the anterior termination of the head, the heterodon is remarkable, and a good specific character may be obtained from the orbital scales, which are eleven or twelve in number; the parabolic curve which passes through the eyes, and terminates at the maxillary angles, is also generally present.
The grand range of Alleghany mountains enters Virginia about the 39th degree of north latitude; and, pursuing a southwestern course, spreads out upon the east end of Tennessee, and terminates near the southern boundary line of that state, in the Alabama territory; and about the 34th parallel of north latitude.
From this simple condition, which differs but little from that of a multitude of common flowers, there are endless gradations—to species in which the pollen-mass terminates in a very short, free caudicle—to others in which the caudicle becomes firmly attached to the viscid matter, with the sterile stigma itself much modified.
Your rotation Cycle never terminates: in any skrruullerrt system, “a tragic end” of any of development scenarios is always reprojected into many possible next scenarios that continue the developmental dynamics of that same “personality” in the Direction that most resonates with its Configuration and in which previous dynamics of your rotation Cycle are implemented.
Therefore, and in order to let the spirit come to a stage of minding in the case of knowing the Creator and the Provider, then believe certainly that there is no God but Al'lah and know that all the steering is but in Al'lah's hand, it is necessary to acquaint it with the fact that this lower life which it is pleased and content with, indeed, ends quickly and terminates imminently, and that whatever man collects from it and lives in it, he will surely die and leave it.
If I belong to the oppressive, which is the smallest class, and refuse to submit to the demands of the government, I shall be tried as one who refuses to fulfil his obligations,—I shall be tried, and in case my trial terminates favorably, I shall either be declared not guilty, or I may be dealt with as they treat the Mennonites in Russia—that is, be compelled to serve my term of military service by performing some non-military work; if, on the contrary, an unfavorable verdict is rendered, I shall be condemned to exile or imprisonment for two or three years (I am speaking of cases in Russia); or possibly my term of imprisonment may be longer.

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