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Displace in a sentence

Only things can displace them from your view.
These objects, lacking determinate places, displace.
To quell incendiary mobs, displace the Chinese, and put ruffians in their stead.
Indeed, we transfer and displace many negative emotions we harbour onto celebrities.
Fat Jack rubbed his eyes to displace the horde of gnats fighting over his excess tears.
He waited in order to allow pure air to displace the foul atmosphere, and then went on.
It was body and mind numbing, and it served to help Ravan displace the pain in his heart.

Swallowing hard to displace the lump that suddenly threatened to choke off his words, Moshe.
I smiled but did not answer, hoping that shortly some other notion would displace the subject from.
At the same time he made an effort to displace the big iron-shod shoe which rested on his treasure.
Consequently, under these conditions it needed to displace only nine–tenths of its volume, hence 1,356.
That is because it was settled by the first wave of settlers, and we have been able to displace all the native life.
It wasn’t as if the odd cask of brandy or case of canned delicacies was likely to displace anything critical these days.
After running her bath (with very little water as she looked as if she would displace a lot) he left the house to buy her some clothes.
Cars going into the air at high speeds have nothing to do with air coming underneath but indicate the amount of space it must displace.
WAR : Bombs displace food clothing and shelter in priority, and imbedded journalists tell stories of what the military wants them to see.
When I became Joe's 'prentice, Orlick was perhaps confirmed in some suspicion that I should displace him; howbeit, he liked me still less.
But, when she realized that it was not easy to displace his music or the girl students, she brought back accounting files from bank to work.
He began by moving his bed, and looked around for anything with which he could pierce the wall, penetrate the moist cement, and displace a stone.
This means that when Terrestrial microbes are present in a certain minimum quantity, they will displace the native Altgeld microflora and microfauna.
But even the novelty and painfulness of his going to a Papistical land could not displace for long Mr and Mrs Clare's natural interest in their son's marriage.
She was about to displace a sink when a uniformed officer yelling through a crack in the door, Detective! The lieutenant wishes to speak with you in his office now.
We're going to try and displace that anger with acceptance, maybe even forgiveness in the coming sessions; because that is the root of where all of your problems lie.
A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder.
In chapter XXII I discuss how Ulysses was envious and how convenient it is for him to displace his envy on to his companions and not recognize it as being inside of himself.
Why would she think my shoulder is out of place? I saw that in a movie one time when a guy could displace his shoulder, and then slam it into a wall to get it back into place.
She was on her own and her only protection was to have her wits about her, to be ready for the challenges ahead and be prepared to displace herself temporarily from her body to cope.
These judicial jewels are to be polished and set to illuminate or displace provisions of our own Constitution that these Justices find to be insufficient, or even repugnant, as written.
In Africa and the East Indies, therefore, it was more difficult to displace the natives, and to extend the European plantations over the greater part of the lands of the original inhabitants.
They took pride in their home and without the expense of youngsters nipping at their heels they were able to fill their lives with activities designed to displace their mutual sense of loss and longing.
In other words, you don’t physically displace anywhere, but everything changes around you, as if by itself, depending on the psychic states which you intentionally form in your Self-Consciousness.
That which formerly appeared as a succession of events then will be viewed as a whole and perfectly related cycle; in this way will circular simultaneity increasingly displace the onetime consciousness of the linear sequence of events.
Every atom forms singularity and the faster the atoms displace space by moving the stronger with the contraction be but also the stronger will the reduction of size of the star be as the star reduces space it occupies and space the star contracts.
Probably, Monsieur Gabelle passed a long night up there, with the distant chateau for fire and candle, and the beating at his door, combined with the joy-ringing, for music; not to mention his having an ill-omened lamp slung across the road before his posting-house gate, which the village showed a lively inclination to displace in his favour.
If you study world history as a whole, in summary, and not in specific periods of time where details interfere with the overall picture, you will be stunned by the fact that the history of mankind has been an incessant murderous and merciless aggression and domination of one country, one race, one tribe by another, to plunder and steal each others wealth and displace them from their land.
But before you make this choice, you should keep in mind that in doing so you will automatically and inevitably begin “to displace” your individual rotation Cycle towards an increasing influence (on your Self-Consciousness) of the creativity spheres of the Entities in which you have interest, enabling you to express fewer and fewer properties common to the NUU-VVU-Forms in your behavior and in your “personal” Life.
A wise system not only creates every next housing unit to be the most comfortably efficient home ever constructed, but also retrofits existing structures to bring them to the same standard, thus reducing waste and production while ever increasing the existence of permanent dwellings, thus decreasing the housing problem until there is a surplus which can meet the demands of any emergency that might suddenly displace any of our global family.
Thus, in some Continuums that resonate with qualities of certain Time Flows, there are higher-priority conditions for a creative realization of Forms only with a certain type of wave Configurations (for example, mainly for UU-VVU-copies of the first four or five — among twelve — karmic Channels of the two lower IISSIIDI-Centers), while UFS manifested in Forms with higher-quality Configurations (or with another degree of dominance of Aspects of some Qualities over others), being pressed by circumstances unfavorable to their creative realization, have to gradually displace into parallel Continuums, in Formo-systems with more favorable conditions for their existence.
It was told him also of their wars and noble acts which they had done among the Galatians and how they had conquered them and brought them under tribute; 3 And what they had done in the country of Spain for the winning of the mines of the silver and gold which is there; 4 And that by their policy and patience they had conquered all the place though it were very far from them; and the kings also that came against them from the uttermost part of the Earth till they had discomfited them and given them a great overthrow so that the rest did give them tribute every year: 5 Beside this how they had discomfited in battle Philip and Perseus King of the Citims with others that lifted up themselves against them and had overcome them: 6 Now also Antiochus the great King of Asia who came against them in battle having an hundred and twenty elephants with horsemen and chariots and a very great army was discomfited by them; 7 And how they took him alive and covenanted that he and such as reigned after him should pay a great tribute and give hostages and that which was agreed on 8 And the country of India and Media and Lydia and of the goodliest countries which they took of him and gave to king Eumenes: 9 Moreover now the Grecians had determined to come and destroy them; 10 And that they having knowledge of it sent against them a certain captain and fighting with them killed many of them and carried away captives their wives and their children and spoiled them and took possession of their lands and pulled down their strong holds and brought them to be their servants to this day: 11 It was told him besides how they destroyed and brought under their dominion all other kingdoms and isles that at any time resisted them; 12 But with their friends and such as relied on them they kept amity and that they had conquered kingdoms both far and near in as much as all that heard of their name were afraid of them: 13 Also that whom they would help to a kingdom those reign; and whom again they would they displace: finally that they were greatly exalted: 14 Yet for all this none of them wore a crown or was clothed in purple to be magnified by it: 15 Moreover how they had made for themselves a senate house in which three hundred and twenty men sat in council daily consulting always for the people to the end they might be well ordered: 16 And that they committed their government to one man every year who ruled over all their country and that all were obedient to that one and that there was neither envy nor emmulation among them.
I appeared to feel the warm breath of it displacing the sleet-laden wind.
Many times they have manipulated third world countries by displacing democracy with a dictatorship.
We already know of the cloth bags that are displacing paper and plastic in grocery and department stores.
They raided the northern frontier of the Han Dynasty for centuries, finally conquering and displacing them as the Chao Dynasty (AD 304–52).
There was nothing constructive to do about work, but the nagging possibility of having overlooked some opportunity kept intruding, displacing all else.
The Genie began to dig; the spade was hurting the ground and displacing it in slices to the side until a crack was done to receive the unexpected coffin.
Ralph can’t fight it for long; it burns him up and he fall backwards against the table, displacing a jug and a plate that fall with a clatter to the stone flooring.
Jamie Moyer (USA), pitching for the Colorado Rockies in April 2012, became the Major League’s oldest winner at 49 years 151 days, displacing a record held by Jack Quinn (USA, 49 years 70 days) for 80 years.
Northern crested caracara (Caracara cheriway): This bold scavenger is one of very few birds to hunt on foot and stay low to the ground, often viciously displacing and stealing from predators such as vultures.
We can understand how it is that dominant forms which spread widely and yield the greatest number of varieties tend to people the world with allied, but modified, descendants; and these will generally succeed in displacing the groups which are their inferiors in the struggle for existence.
Dantes heard joyfully the key grate in the lock; he listened until the sound of steps died away, and then, hastily displacing his bed, saw by the faint light that penetrated into his cell, that he had labored uselessly the previous evening in attacking the stone instead of removing the plaster that surrounded it.
Since others had seized the high seats, Peter thought to choose the lowest, and he did this, not merely in protest against the unseemly pride of his brethren, but with the hope that Jesus, when he should come and see him in the place of least honor, would call him up to a higher one, thus displacing one who had presumed to honor himself.
The Street of the Turks, enriched by well-lit stores with products from abroad, displacing the old bazaars with their bright colors, overflowed on Saturday nights with the crowds of adventurers who bumped into each other among gambling tables, shooting galleries, the alley where the future was guessed and dreams interpreted, and tables of fried food and drinks, and on Sunday mornings there were scattered on the ground bodies that were sometimes those of happy drunkards and more often those of onlookers felled by shots, fists, knives, and bottles during the brawls.
How many of you are unaware that Forever 5000, in an effort to secure adequate nutrition for the e-lites, has contracted with DeadEarth AnDroid to protect your interest in Morganic's Artificial Nature Labfarms in Africa against the nationals and mercenary farmers who have become terrorists squatters on their own land? Displacing millions by stealing farmland for privatized agricultural trusts and corporate eco-reserves and then dropping in processed food supplies from Drone Cross planes turns entire nations into just another accidental concentration camp inadvertently erected by the invisible hand of the self-regulating profit makers.
Will any member of the committee aver that he would have entertained the idea of displacing the gentleman who has always discharged the function of chaplain here, if it had not been suggested to him by parties whose disposition it is to regard every institution of this town as a machinery for carrying out their own views? I tax no man's motives: let them lie between himself and a higher Power; but I do say, that there are influences at work here which are incompatible with genuine independence, and that a crawling servility is usually dictated by circumstances which gentlemen so conducting themselves could not afford either morally or financially to avow.
Johnny felt replaced and displaced.
Some of my items have been displaced.
She felt hopelessly displaced and confused.
I think I just displaced one of my stomachs.
Displaced Homemakers Center in Tompkins County, Inc.
For the women, they peremptorily displaced a family.
Christ! I thought I could impress a displaced Limey.
The energy had also disrupted and displaced the Indian.
The people killed and displaced by Castro is mind boggling.
Marius displaced the bar, and rushed headlong into the garden.
He was like a displaced stag that wanted to lock horns with him.
The best a displaced pet becomes is a beggar, thief or murderer.
The angle at which he saw everything began to be displaced anew.
Hundreds of thousands of people died and millions were displaced.
This is an instance where logic was displaced by the play of words.
Not oblivious to their approach, Yama struck at and displaced the.
All of which were displaced far from their original aisle and shelf.
He wanted to expose injustices and help the vulnerable and displaced.
February brought a series of releases of displaced persons from Camp 146.
The only issue that remained was the problem of the displaced population.
But the realities of his situation soon displaced conjecture on the other.
There was another crack and whumph of displaced air and Tyrus stood before.
Buzzing erratically it oscillated in place while everything around was displaced.
There was a flash and the ‘whumph’ of displaced air, heard and also felt as a.
With cuts in these budgets, there will be displaced workers added to the unemployed.
There are displaced people everywhere; torn from their roots by war, poverty, famine.
Elm brought his hand to his face feeling the displaced nose that he now realized hurt.
It appears they may have either displaced or replaced the Alacaluf in their territory.
With these moving at separate rates, we wander temporally displaced through hybrid worlds.
I suppose one of the reflectors was displaced by the shift, causing the laser to go astray.
Could these people-of-the-north be descendants of the displaced victims of that great flood?
She was annoyed at the fact that her mother’s decision had displaced her sister from Roscrea.
You didn’t know that I was a fugitive sea-dweller displaced to land? Alcyone asked sharply.
Physics was beginning to prove that information could not be destroyed; it would only be displaced.
A cavity may be filled with air, but that air is easily displaced by other objects, such as cement.
Instead, as lumps of ice displaced my guts, I gave a pathetically unconvincing performance of not caring.
In reality I too was a displaced person, unwelcome in my homeland, wandering the planet looking for love.
The present American conservative’s goal is to preserve the Republic that displaced the English monarchy.
In these cases nerves and muscles are paralyzed or carbon monoxide has displaced oxygen in the bloodstream.
She couldn't transfer the love she felt, it would only be displaced affection and Elm wouldn't accept that.
We are not conscious of daylight as that which displaces darkness.
In contact with the fire, it vaporizes, and this vapour displaces the oxygen.
Everytime an object displaces its alocated position in time it forms a new alocated position according to the point in singularity it holds.
The weight that is thus found will be equivalent to the body's weight in air, minus the weight of the volume of water which that object displaces.
The rise of the common man, yearning for a better life for himself and his family, offends them because it displaces their preeminence as the directorate of social and political values.
Any “material” object that displaces in Space and Time moves through impulses: at first, it disappears completely for an instant in one point of space (all its physical parameters “fluctuate” partially and determine its frequency dynamics, and the object transits at this instant into another “adjacent” dimension).
The time flowing bringing motion about where the motion is not about particles escaping but heat escaping in the replacing of the heat density (not the density of the particles forming the material content within the container) but the space that compressed to heat will also bring about that the heat displaces through the container wall to the outside.

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