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    1. “Brad, dowse the

    2. I turned the faucet on full cold blast and was about to dowse my

    3. So why don’t we--yeah, dowse that goddamn cross

    4. The sudden disengagement was like a dowse of ice-cold water

    5. Conrad instructed Henrietta to go find a washcloth and dowse it with cold water, while he and Joel placed cushions under Kathy’s head and legs…

    6. “Dowse your Topsail and salute her!” I cried

    1. The wind must have carried the noise as it woke him, no more than an hour after he had sent his apprentice to the poor house and dowsed the fire for sleep

    2. " I dowsed the young god with my best smile

    3. Then the back door light came on and two guys came out carrying a heavy bundle which they took to the incinerator, dowsed it in kerosene and set alight, feeding the roaring flames for about half an hour with great logs of wood

    4. He sucked it clean, dowsed his eye and got it back in place

    5. I dowsed my own will & flicked the switch: B

    1. health checked by dowsing when they had moved in by their new

    2. dowsing, acupuncture and herbal remedies on the rich of the

    3. Carla did the dowsing and

    4. have been cases of owners dowsing their dogs with gasoline and

    5. “Think of it as a cross between an Ouija board and a dowsing rod,” Chandler said

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    dowse dowsing rhabdomancy douse drench soak sop souse

    "dowse" definitions

    searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod

    wet thoroughly

    use a divining rod in search of underground water or metal


    cover with liquid; pour liquid onto