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    1. Bush‘ calculated sop to his Mexican ―friends‖

    2. The SOP in

    3. In view of that, was it possible that the President's request for Whitey's input was just a sop to appease the military and to protect himself from criticism, if it came to that? Whitey sat straight up in the realization that maybe he was being had

    4. It occurred to him he hadn't the faintest idea if there even was a regulation or SOP on the subject

    5. As of now, that is the newest; and, I might add, only, SOP on the subject of flybys

    6. What Jersey failed to mention was the fact that it was also SOP in situations requiring the covering of one’s butt that was now dangerously hanging-out

    7. " Jesus answered: "Already have I told you, even he to whom I gave the sop

    8. " But it was so natural for the host to give a sop to the one who sat next to him on the left that none of them took notice of this, even though the Master had so plainly spoken

    9. Within minutes the bread was used to sop up the last of the grease

    10. The pass words have been changed, per the SOP we put together,” Kitara said

    11. Hannah was busy finishing breakfast: sop

    12. Ailia hadn’t had sop in years, since Aunt Unni thought it was a vile, nasty meal

    13. Now she was eating sop at a Christian table, conversing with the godless, playing second fiddle to a sister she never knew existed

    14. — The status of the current SOP list

    15. If the SOP calls for the line to be flushed before use of the water from that point,

    16. , particulate removal or microbial reduction, and an SOP stating the

    17. Moreover, for them, the Sufi sop of allowing them to nourish their new Islamic ethos in their old Hindu habitats was like having the cake and eating it too

    18. True to their well-established SOP, man(not-so)kind had to dream up the heaven/hell routine so they could leave the consequences of their own actions up to an impersonal “God” and go on doing whatever they felt like in the meantime

    19. I helped sop up the blood with a napkin

    20. “Is it SOP for her to be here, considering it's a U?”

    21. The employer is required to approve the SOP prepared by the

    22. and SOP and for the purpose he may deploy adequate qualified

    23. Now the horror and reality of the bloody apparition hit him and he had to sop and retch in the grass beside the road

    24. As a sop to his vanity, he had taken over Adapa’s old quarters when he had returned to Elannort at the end of the Dark Ages

    25. have little time to sop and think about where their life

    26. Sop: A morsel of food dipped in broth or liquid food, and intended to be eaten

    27. That was just SOP

    28. John's deliberate statement that 'after the sop Satan entered into’ Judas (to>te eishlqen eijv ejkeinon oJ Satanav, xiii

    29. Mrs Bellingham, Mrs Yelverton Barry and the Honourable Mrs Mervyn Talboys rush forward with their handkerchiefs to sop it up

    30. The floor of the trailer has a lot of puddled water that took me quite a while to sop up with my jumpsuit

    31. Neumann Two orders two plates of calves’ liver and eats both, using dark little bread rolls to sop the blood

    32. The sop was so good that Levin gave up the idea of going home

    33. Why had she toyed with the threatening catastrophe? Why toyed with the monster's heart? Why, in a final access of pity, had she insisted on flinging, as a last sop to that demon's soul, her divine song:

    34. As a sop to hurt feelings, I must admit that when I passed through Moorhead, Minnesota, and rattled across the Red River into Fargo on the other side, it was a golden autumn day, the town as traffic-troubled, as neon-plastered, as cluttered and milling with activity as any other up-and-coming town of forty-six thousand souls

    35. "Come, master, taste my sop," said he, kneeling down before the cup

    36. Notwithstanding the sop to his feelings, Trevannion had grasped the significance of this communication, and resented it

    37. There has been a sporadic revival of one or two of these “old comedies” this season, accomplished with that “bargain-counter” atrocity—a sop for vulgar minds—known mischievously as the “all-star-cast

    1. Restaurant, while we were sharing a plate of fries sopped with

    2. The handwriting looks as if a drunken goose danced on the paper with its legs sopped in ink

    3. She sopped up blood with one of the towels and then sprinkled the mildly bitter powder directly onto the neat round wound, all the while hoping that the bullet would not mean this man’s death

    4. Then he cut away dies of bread, sopped one in the gravy and put it in his mouth

    5. Scarlett sopped the wheat cake in the gravy and put it in her mouth

    6. Sopped up the billion-flooded words they heard

    7. I will say it has been burnt, that it has been sopped in water, that I have lost it

    1. By the time he had it in his hands, soiled and sopping wet, the bus had moved on

    2. Fully clothed and sopping wet, he was much heavier than usual

    3. Walking was no easy task: those heavy jeans clung coldly, still sopping wet, and the thought of it started her shivering

    4. We slept where we could, Sir Brian securing two discarded blankets, under which we bivouacked in the sopping grass with some degree of comfort

    5. Sopping wet, he lifted the motorcycle onto its wheels and kicked the switch

    6. standing there, sopping wet, eyes fixed on Celina, features twisted in grief and

    7. "Chuck! What happened? Chuck!" She grasped the handle and burst in, catching him rising from the sink with a sopping washcloth pressed to his face

    8. The sheets were sopping wet with their combined

    9. It was sopping

    10. It’s cold out, but not sopping wet under the enclosure

    11. Drogo leapt from the sea, shaking his sopping wet fur so that it sprayed in a blur of white and blue

    12. “Do you want to go home and change before we meet this guy, Daniel?” Jamie asked, as he looked at my sopping wet clothing

    13. His hair was sopping, as he’d just dunked his head in the water

    14. He passed her sopping mound, her ass, even her clit got no attention as he moved quickly up to her hipbones and tumescent tummy

    15. Come to the fire and take them sopping clothes off this minute, or you'll be laid up as sure as sure----' and pulled her over to the fire; and having got her there, and she saying nothing at all and not resisting, Lizzie stripped off her clothes and shoes and stockings, repeating at frequent intervals as she did so, 'Dear, dear,' and repressing a strong desire to beg her not to take on, lest later, perhaps, her mistress mightn't like her to have noticed she had been crying

    16. Banda stared at the wild-eyed man with his white hair plastered to his skull and his sopping trousers hanging in shreds around his legs

    17. his sopping wet head to his wet clothes

    18. Had he known all along how it would be? Randy could no more answer that question at the moment than he could strike a match with his sopping, shaking fingers

    19. What was that about some young student and a picnic? He creased out the letter at his side, reading it slowly as he chewed, sopping another die of bread in the gravy and raising it to his mouth

    20. He smiled, thinking how good that would feel, to jump right in and come up sopping wet and grinning, with water cascading down his cheeks and through his tangled hair and his tunic clinging sodden to his skin

    21. She was sopping wet from head to foot, her long, dark hair plastered to her back

    22. His cigarettes tasted damp, his suit was moist, his shoes were sopping, but he said nothing

    23. He was brought in, or more correctly carried in, by a sopping and tattered night-cabman

    1. • Use and refine the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for operation, maintenance,

    2. monitoring while deploying all the refined SOPs after the satisfactory completion of phase 1

    3. when the system is operated in accordance with the SOPs

    4. should have developed it’s SOPs for operation of the water system

    5. produce the desired water quality when operated in conformance with the SOPs

    6. in accordance with the SOPs over a long period of time it will consistently produce water of the

    7. Second, there must be data demonstrating that the SOPs are valid and that the system is

    8. ‘Should the government wash off its hands,’ continued Raja Rao, ‘after doling out some sops here and providing a few props there, won’t that amount to a half measure? It has to support them at every stage until their faculties are developed, needing no more crutches

    9. As he halted Sancho came up, and seeing him disposed to attack this well-ordered squadron, said to him, "It would be the height of madness to attempt such an enterprise; remember, senor, that against sops from the brook, and plenty of them, there is no defensive armour in the world, except to stow oneself away under a brass bell; and besides, one should remember that it is rashness, and not valour, for a single man to attack an army that has Death in it, and where emperors fight in person, with angels, good and bad, to help them; and if this reflection will not make you keep quiet, perhaps it will to know for certain that among all these, though they look like kings, princes, and emperors, there is not a single knight-errant

    10. "He's only one of your good little sops who can't help it

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    Synonyms for "sop"

    sop standard operating procedure standard procedure standing operating procedure sops douse dowse drench soak souse soak through cushion absorb incorporate soak up sponge consume devour

    "sop" definitions

    piece of solid food for dipping in a liquid

    a concession given to mollify or placate

    a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely

    give a conciliatory gift or bribe to

    be or become thoroughly soaked or saturated with a liquid

    dip into liquid

    cover with liquid; pour liquid onto